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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Today i'm going to draw more but i gotta go to church to serve 4:00pm mass so i'll be back on later maybe with a new drawing to load up maybe just maybe!
but yeah i need to get some ideas so i might just draw from manga like fruits basket and others i need to pratice i get my groove back on!
Since it seems like i haven't drawn in a long long time... DX
which is sad i did do some drawings last night but i didn't ink cuz my ink is really really low!
once again i need to go shopping...
but i might not ink and see what happens if i just color a picture......ok that won't work out i might use my special inking tools it's not the pens it's like ummmm.... were u actually buy the liquid ink yeah that stuff i might try that out so i hope u guys have a great day hope my is too^^
and i'll see ya later
have u ever ate too much of the same food and purked!? like maybe the next morning or sometime later lol i have ALOT! it sucks when ya purk up food than u didn't have anything to eat!!!!! DX

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