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Saturday, February 2, 2008

ok so...
it's boring me so i might just as well make a blog on here and myspace today i watched a movie i forgot what it was called thou..... but fri. i had a snow day YAY!!!!
WOOT! frist ones on the list to be called off from SCHOOL YES!!!!!!
but today i think it's sunday sadly...=[
but my best buddy slept over since we had nothing better to do and we watch girl meets girl it's a anime show i forgot the japanese words but it's very good^^
well i haven't drawn much... sadly since i get lazy my scanner doesn't work so i have to use the camera which sucks ASS!!!!
nothing really happen i got bored so i'm makeing this stupid blog that idk if ppl read but it's takeing up time now
i'm just going to put anything that's on my mind
5 random facts about meh!
1.well i have over 100 manga books they just can't fit into my room sadly...
2. my room can never stay clean it can never ever dam!!!!
3. i love music. music is life to me so is art i could live without food but we need it to be alive i would be skinner if i didn't have food and i'm not saying i'm fat dam it!!!! i'm not fat i'm just not super skinning sadly *sniff*
4. i talk too much about the most random shit ever see i'm doing it right now dam it
5. i like being myself. i like being different that's mean i'm myself and u can't copy me dam it u just can't man!!!! if u do i swear i'll kill ya!!!!! rawr!
now i just posted this on myspace LOL XD
i got bored really fast today but o well who cares
let's see it's like snowy here and gray outside kinda like a cold winter's day here

yeah that's pretty much it well see ya!!!!

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