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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

taking things for granted
It's sad how we don't think about the things we have that others who deserve it don't have. Something happened today that made me really think.
So in this symphony i'm in there is this amazing player. I can tell you, he's really into music. He is just so good and i admit i was very jealous. I mean he wasn't perfect and he was really annoying at times, but he's really dedicated to what he likes to do. Especially when he has to drive an hour every week just to get to rehearsal. This year was amazing with him around. He just makes rehearsal a little funner. So anyway, we had a piece written for our symphony and the composer wrote a solo specifically for him. Of course i wished it was me but i hardly practice so i was happy for him. He really deserved it. But suddenly, he just stop showing up to rehearsals. At first i thought he was just in vacation. Then i just discovered that he had a situation where he couldn't be in the symphony anymore.
Can you imagine getting the dream solo and then not being able to perform it? That just made me sad... Then i thought about just a few days before a friend of mine didn't want his jazz solo. Even though it was an easy piece, he just decided he didn't want it anymore and tried to give it away because he "just doesn't want it"
Maybe if he knew that there are people out there dying for a solo he would want to play it proudly.If you get something don't take it for granted :/ Practice, work hard and think about the people who work hard at what they love but can't get what you have.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

I never blog on here anymore!!! D:

Semester almost finally over. Just one more stupid 2 hour tedious test to go. I can do this!
Beginning of 2nd semester is always the most hectic. Events coming up...
-youth symphony rock concert coming up saterday. I love rock/metal XD
-Marching at Disneyland next week! Finally get to miss school. Can u believe i've been living 2 hours away from Disneyland for almost 3 years and i still haven't been there before? o.O
-Piano recital (screwed -.-)
-youth symphony retreat (yay for missing more days of school!)
-Piano state testing thing (SOOOOO SCREWED....hope i at least pass. ugh)

All this within 1 1/2 months! FUN busy emploi du temps (schedule in french. i need to practice :P)

Good Luck to everyone that's going to take FINALS and hope u did well for the people who already took it! :D

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