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Thursday, January 28, 2010

I never blog on here anymore!!! D:

Semester almost finally over. Just one more stupid 2 hour tedious test to go. I can do this!
Beginning of 2nd semester is always the most hectic. Events coming up...
-youth symphony rock concert coming up saterday. I love rock/metal XD
-Marching at Disneyland next week! Finally get to miss school. Can u believe i've been living 2 hours away from Disneyland for almost 3 years and i still haven't been there before? o.O
-Piano recital (screwed -.-)
-youth symphony retreat (yay for missing more days of school!)
-Piano state testing thing (SOOOOO SCREWED....hope i at least pass. ugh)

All this within 1 1/2 months! FUN busy emploi du temps (schedule in french. i need to practice :P)

Good Luck to everyone that's going to take FINALS and hope u did well for the people who already took it! :D

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