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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 09/14/08:
They're multi colored. Pick them up and feed them

Play with my turtles! Muli colored! Pick them up and feed them!
fashion style
favorite colour
do you suffer insomnia
how much do you love vampiresYou respect vampires but you dont particularly wish to become one, you and vampires have an understanding...they stay away and you dont hurt them
are you a vampirecouldnt be further from a vampire if you tried...did you grow up in a monestry goody two shoes?

Result Posted on 11/12/07:

Your meeting with the characters of "One Piece"!!! (Girls Only) by Pottermania
Your Name
Devil FruitFire fruit! (The one Puma D. Ace ate)
Ruffy Says / ThinksWOW! Your COOL! **amazed** Wanna join my crew?? *She's STRONG! And sooo COOL!!!*
Zorro Says / Thinks**stares** ....... *There's something mysterious about her...*
Usopp Says / ThinksHi, I'm Usopp!!!! The most POWERFUL pirate in the deep blue sea!!! *Did she buy it?!*
Sanji Says / ThinksSanji: Get off, boy! You: I'm not a man! Sanji: **scared to death** Dammit!
Nami Says / ThinksHello, I'm Nami! *She seems nice, AND DAMN she's rich*
Girl or Boy?
:: How Much They (Ruffy and his crew) Like You ::
:: You Join This "Team" ::Redhead Pirate Fleet (Shanks' crew)
:: How Much Your "Team" Likes You ::

Result Posted on 11/12/07:

what the one piece characters think of you and what you look like in anime!!!(GIrls only guys if they must)

you look like this name:anything you want age:16 bf:Ace bff: luffypersonality: youre ver cocky at time but youd rather me use "confident" extremely brave you are and really good at fighting youre actually a very sweet person once you get to know you(thats kinda confusing) cursed fruit:none you fight with ninjaey things wat they think of you:luffy: shes my buddy zoro: shes good to train withnami: i dont know about her she says thing like shes gonna take my money when i sleep im keeping an eye on herusopp:she helps me play pranks on sanjisanji:she beautiful but annoyingchopper: she calls me cute a lot it makes me feel specialrobin:shes a very nice girl, well to me anyway i guess i cant speak for sanjiAce:i luv her a lot i cant stand it when i have to leave to go back to the whitebeard piratesShanks:shes a lovely girl but shes got a mad temperp.s. i modeled this result after my friend's rp character
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Result Posted on 11/11/07:
Not a quiz but who cares!

Result Posted on 10/30/07:

You are L
Congratulations..! You may look a little strange, but who cares?! You're just a genious..! Looks like you're L!

Death Note characters quiz
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Result Posted on 10/30/07:
I"M KIRAAAAAA! This seriously would be the weirdest dream ever.

Your Death Note Dream by Lumary
Your NickName
Where do you sleep?
Dream or Nighmare?
In your dream you meetMikami
He/she says..."Hahaha! You're so funny!"
...and thenHe/she makes love to you
After that youshout "I am KIRA!!!!"
...and he/shestart drinking coca-cola
The most weird thing was...He/she was green in color
You woke up afterMisa fell off the sky
...and you realized thatyour dog ate up your slippers

Result Posted on 08/29/07:
This is pretty cool. The man for me is Kenshin's master.

Which Rurouni Kenshin guy is the man for you?

Seijuro Hiko
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Result Posted on 08/26/07:
Hmmmmm sake.

Your Rurouni Kenshin (OVA) Storyline by Manslayer
Your Name:Otsune Hatayama
You werean alcoolic sake lover
You were born onOctober 20, 1845
Your relationship with others:You are Tomoe's neighbor and childhood friend
Your hidden past:You were born as a slave, but everyone think that who are the member of a famous Samurai familly
Your role in the story:You survived a lot of battles, killed hundred of people, then, many years later you meet a guy named Kenji Himura. You marry him.
The way you died:You died in an epic battle, fighting for the freedom of Japan

Result Posted on 08/26/07:
Don't i look cute! I totally agree with Sasuke and i really do like ramen!

Interview With the Cast of Naruto: Their View of You as a Ninja (w/pix. meant for girls. Sorry, guys! ^_^;;) by Paint_It_Blue
Your Name/Username
Your Favorite Color is
Your Age
You're a Ninja of theHidden Sound Village
Your Appearance
NarutoThinks you are cool cuz you like ramen too.
SasukeThinks you're hot and wants to get to know you better.
SakuraHates u cuz u made fun of her forehead multiple times.
KakashiWould let you see what's under that mask. O.O
NejiSees you as intelligent, calm, and strong- thinks you are the perfect match for him.
TenTenLikes that u use many weapons/tools in battle too.
Rock LeeDislikes you for making fun of his green tights.
KibaIs developing a crush on you- you make him feel all tingly inside. ^^
ShinoFeels that your skills are useless.
HinataWishes she could be more like you- outgoing, friendly, strong, and confident.
ShikamaruThinks you're extremely attractive and a great ninja.
InoThinks you're way below her in terms of looks.
ChoujiLoves you for treating him to his favorite BBQ restaurant.
JiraiyaThinks you would be the perfect subject for his next book. O.o
TsunadeThinks you're just as annoying as Naruto.
OrochimaruThought you were some random civilian.
KabutoPlans to make u disappear from Orochimaru's life.
ItachiWould love to play around with u trapped in one of his genjutsu techniques. (whoa)
KisameHates you for trying to steal Itachi away from him.
GaaraHates you for running away from him and screaming whenever u see him.
TemariWould like u to help at the new Sand Village Academy.
KankuroDoesnt have a clue about your existence.