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Monday, August 10, 2009

IP address
my bro made it so that the internet was blocked every even hour. It was really annoying so i figured out you needed to change the IP address of your computer. It freakin took me forever to figure out how to change it. Some of the instructions online sucks!!!!!!
In the end, i finally figured it out. Only took me an hour. Yay i have internet

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

soccer game was awesome
Loved it. It was so freakin loud. Lol :] Our band should play in soccer games more often. Totally awesome. :] Got myself a free hat.

After the Star Spankle Banner, we played and i was litterally in the middle of the big screen TV. After first i didn't really see me. Then i realized it was wearing exactly as the person on the screen. Was like "oh crap!" -looks down down and hide my face. :P

On the way back, we played Monopoly on iphone. And me and my friend couldn't find another person to play w/ us (the computer was too hard to beat) so we just randomly asked the tenor sax behind us to play. I made a horrible decision. After a few rounds, i realized he was half making out w/ his girlfriend and playing the game w/ us.O.o! My friend and i were like "....wtf" So wrong. After awhile, he just quit. LOL

Anyway, it was a pretty awesome day. Chivas ended up winning. :] 1-0 Got back to school at 11pm. It ROCKED!

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Friday, June 5, 2009

soccer game
Unfortunately, i didn't make it to the tennis team. Oh well...i can always try out again when school starts or next year.
On saterday, our Jazz band is going to some soccer game for the LA Chivas. My band director told us to wear black and white like for a concert. Who the hell wears a white blouse (bow for the guys)and black concert pants to a soccer game?! Stupid heels, it's gonna be freaking cold too. :[
Anyway, hopefully it'll be fun. I have projects to do and i don't want to do it. Math test tomorrow and i'm afraid. got to go!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tennis or Rehearsal- Which?
I don't know which one to do. I have a really important jazz band rehearsal tomorrow because a few high schoolers are going to be playing w/ us. And if i don't show up i there won't be any trombones tomorrow since the other trombone can't play.
On Thursday i have a symphony rehearsal after school and it's also really important because we have to play for the the incoming 6th graders and we hardly rehearsed our symphony piece yet.

I freaking hate this because tennis tryouts is weds and thursday. I'm not going to make it to the team but i want to at least try so i know what i need to work on so i can take lessons and tryout next year. But i CAN"T because of the rehearsals.:[
This whole thing is giving me a FREAKIN HEADACHE because it's all i've been thinking about all day.

I finally came the conclusion that i'll just bring my racket to school tomorrow and go to the first half of Jazz and ditch the second half so i can go to tryouts. Then hope i won't screw up on the national anthem when we play for the soccer team in front of thousands of people next week.

hate it when things intersect w/ my schedual.....headache.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

i had a crush last year. I haven't seen him forever cuz he's not at the same school anymore so i don't like him that much anymore.
For the past few days i've been practicing tennis cuz tennis team tryouts are in a few day. I really needed the practice because i completely suck at tennis and probably won't make it to the team. And while came into the park, i saw him! It was really unexpected. Interesting day.

P.S. Have you ever had a time where there's a bug flying around your house and then there's a really bright, hot lamp that lights up the room. Then as you watch TV or read or whatever, you suddenly hear a ZAP! A few minutes later the whole room smells like BURNT BUGS! Ugh...
That's what the living room smells like right now. Stupid bug

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When was the last time i was here? hi!
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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Awww man! Winter break is over. I'm not ready to go to school. I forgot we had a project and started freaking out....i...don't....like....projects. Plus, my sleeping schedule is still messed up. I couldn't sleep last night and i think i actually fell asleep around 4 or 5am. Woke up around 2:30. Great huh. And guess what! I have school on Monday! Whoo hoo! It's gonna be awesome.(not really)
Not sure what i'm exactly gonna do. I have a feeling i'm gonna be really tired on Monday.

Oh yea! I moved into a bigger house! YES!
NO MORE CRAMPED IN TINY SPACE! Still going to the same school and all that. I enjoy space. I still have to clean my room, but other than that we pretty much unpacked everything! YAY!

I pretty much did nothing all winter break. Stayed up very late at night watching movies and playing wii. Christmas and New Years wasn't very special either. Almost like it never happened. The fact it doesn't snow here makes it not feel very wintery and chirstmasy. It's like never ending fall..Idk it's strange.


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Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm too lazy to blog! T.T even tho i haven't blogged in forever.

I have a concert on tuesday for the symphony orchestra. It was pretty fun.

Random stuff

1. marching and playing trombone at the same time is hard
2. i have school band concert on thursday
3. I think i'm gonna get b's in a few of my classes and my parent's are going kill me
4. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World for Wii is out and i want it really badly
5. i made something for every trombone in my section. I think it's pretty cool (but it's probably not)
6. i want a nail buffer (idk why. probably because it makes my nail really shiny)
7. I want a trigger trombone (more i think about it more i want it)
8. I named my trombone "Buzz" Awesome name, i know. (i'm not weird)
9. I have tortoises living in my tiny room
10. my project group members/friends are coming to my house to do project tomorrow. (note that my house is TINY! And barely has enough walking space let alone 2 more ppl and working space. It should be interesting)


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Thursday, October 2, 2008

car crash
Whoah! I was waiting for the metro bus like usual and suddenly some car runs over a red light while a car was turning. And BOOM! they crash! O.O Right in front of the high school. it was seriously like 'BEEEEEEEEEEEEP!' 'EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE' 'BOOOOOOM!' We the traffic ppl had to stop all the cars to let us in the bus. We had to walk in the middle of the road to get to into the bus. Crazinesss!!

I've notice i've been really talkative lately. I like talk more. And i say 'hi' to bunch of ppl i don't usually talk to. And i've also been more hyper i guess. It all pretty much started tuesday night. I was at the symphony and i was like playing A LOT and during break i was really hyped up and talkative. It was weird.... And now i don't think they hyperness has worn out.
Oh! And while i was there i did something really imbarressing. Maybe i should just keep it to myself cuz ...well.....yea...-.- let's just say i need to ask my band director for some help filing my trombone mute.

SEATING TEST FOR BAND TOMORROW! i'm not to worried. I not a big chair person. I don't know why but it isn't important to me. I think it's because last year i was the only trombone playing in my band class and i always was first. So i don't really get the whole first chair second chair thing. (never really understood) Isn't it just fine if you get Trombone 1?

that's about it. See ya!

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

got ma mute and i'm sick
i got my mute today. This time i got the right mute. (hopefully) Good thing they allowed me to exchange the 'practice' mute with a 'straight' mute. I don't hear a big difference but i guess it sound a little weird. I also got a Mozart book while i was there for piano. It's SOOO THICK!

I had the field trip to the park on Friday. I had a slight cold when i went. It's wasn't as boring as i thought. As soon as we got there we played a few silly games (egg-catch, tug-o-war, musical-towel/chair etc) i got a blister from the tug-o-war. After that played some volleyball (i really suck at it but it was fun) and then went swimming. At some pizza and coke. Played some cards then i played with friends volleyball the rest of the time.
Through out the whole trip i had 3 bottles of water and can of coke (i'm sappose to drink lots of water when i'm sick) I had to the restroom a lot! (jk not that much but everyone and awhile)

So yea...now i'm still sick. *cough cough* I shouldn't have gone swimming on friday. I think the swimming part made the cold worse. I really hope i don't have to miss school tomorrow, but right now i don't feel all that great either. *sigh* we'll see what happens.


I just watch the last episode of code geass! I love it code geass! *wishes it isn't over* I seriously cried !!!!!!!!Spoiler!!!!!!! DON"T READ IF YOU HAVEN"T WATCHED CODE GEASS R2 LAST EPISODE!!!!! IT COMPLETELY SPOILS. IF YOU READ IT WITHOUT WATCHING IT IT"LL BE MADE AT YOU FOREVER!!!!!!!

[SPOILER]AHHHHH! The last episode is so sad! *cries* Lelouch IS a good guy after all! T.T Why must he die!!!!!!! *sob* It's so sad and then Suzaku had to kill him. :g_crying: It's so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lelouch the hero! *sob* *cries* I loves Lelouch! So touching.... everything makes sense now![/SPOILER]

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