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Friday, March 28, 2008

i look down my giant friends list this morning and i can actually get through it.. without havin to hustle... its pretty kewll... but like at the same time i am sad because befroe i left theO for that extended period of time i used to have 13 comments on my posts everyday.. now i am lucky to get 3... wow theO hasreally changed... well.. what to tell u in my life...
my friend Gaby is being really bitchy and idk why.. its just startin to piss me off i can tell u that..
but its not gettin to me..
i dun do anythin at home and at skewl its pretty amazin lol... i go home to relax.. ahhh...now i just beat FFX-2 (i know its late.. but i started late) and now i wanna start a new game(i play my bros game) i get to choose from Radiata Stories or Start Ocean which one dya think i should choose?
so on yesterdays post i totally agree with what CrystalFlute said about people not being able to distort reality from what we wish could be reality (and i emphasize as we, i mean we otakus as well, hehehe) Is it anime's/manga's fault or is it the people that are all-out otaku's, there is another question for you to think about.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

   Queens College Again
so i hae plans to go visit Queens college this tuesday.. what fun..im kinda excited.. yet not if ya know what i mean from yesterdays post... well i have a lot of work head ofme... i kinda dun wannd do it, but then again who does? well i am readin the book the Queens Fool good book kinda erotic but good book, its by the author of the other Boleyn girl..which also was a good book but terrible movie.. the acting was ok but terrible plot... well my parents are away for the weekend and ya know what im gunna do? play Brawl!!!!! damn staight.. and watch anime.. lol...
i go on animenewsnetwork and i read about kids dyin because they are trying to be like their superhero Naruto.. idk what dya guys think about that.. im not gunna post an incident because i already did a while ago i think it was on Valentines Day but what dya guys think?? ill post my opinion tom.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Queens Collgee!!
Hi everyone i know that i havent been here i like forerver but there are things that u need to know.. i am officially going to Queens College!! anyone here go there or is goin there???
thats chiill
soo like im nervous yet mad at the same time cuxz they dun have chinese and japanese... so uhhh im maddd....
yea and my dad and i rnt talkin.. yeaa.....
and lessee i get the house to myself this weekend!!! yeaa... and im think im doin great this semester except for math, and im not even tryin how chill is that??
well yea that the over view..
no stupiest way to die today im too lazy to get it.. lol... and now im gunna g2 ur sites...

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Friday, March 7, 2008

   Long time!!!
So i come itno theO and i see the new layout.. and i am like kewl Adam is making a new look.. however when i try making it around to my backroom... its like wtf?? how the hell am i supposed to get there?? when it comes right down to it i just have to repalce the "the" in theO with "my"... very annoying afer 20 minutes of lookin for a way in trhough theO... actually i feel like i dun know whats goin on anymore... ahh1 >_<.. so buzzy like a bee.. well.. actually i got my computer taken away from me because i disrepsected my dad... and i cant go on.. i have to use my skewl compu.. My dad hast spoken to me in weeks.. no exaggeration in that.. its weird i miss him talkin to me and i dont... cuz when we speak all we do is talk its like a nuclear bomb has just gone off...Well i dun wanna bore u guys with my family problems i got into 2 mroe colleges.. Brookly and Queens...and im still holdin in there wit the Seniorits!! lol.. cant wait til this year ends.. The sites theme isnt ready yet.. btw mainly because i dun know how to get around.. but thats ok u guys can manage right?? im not killlin u with my ugly sense of anime style, ne? well till later i dun wanna tell u everythin.. now... and i need to get to some sites..
heres the stupiest way to die
(28 November 2006, Hall in Tirol, Austria) A man reported missing was found the following morning in a trash compactor, the victim of a self-induced industrial accident. At first, the circumstances surrounding the 48-year-old man's death were hazy. But once the videotape from a monitoring camera was reviewed, all became clear.

The man, who worked for a parcel delivery service, had loaded the hydraulic press with empty boxes and started it up. At that point, the long-time employee walked to the edge of the charging (filling) hole, and used his foot to press the boxes further into the hydraulic trash compactor.

His foot was was seized by the press, and he was drawn into the chamber and crushed. He was not discovered until his colleagues needed to use the press again the next day.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So yesterday my post wanst the best.. obv. because of how quickly i had mad it ... it was 3 min to class and i took the time to make the post.. lool... so now im tellin you in more depth of what happened..over the weekened my parents werent home.. yupp.. i had the house to myself..they had gone to disney world...for a trip that my mother had one off of work.. dun let me get into the details.. and my bro and i satyed home... so once they came backk they got us stuff from Japan/ China.. i got and ipod case, a mirror cute necklaces, candy, even though i can get it cheaper here in NY, a speed racer shirt.. i hope to get it signed by Peter Fernandez, chibi pooh bear figures a purse thingy and other things..
Moving away from that i saw a friend yesterday on the bus ride home that i havent seen in a while, i thought that she was mad at me.. lol. now i know shes not.. lol.. its all goodd.. ^_^..
Heres the stupiest way to die

this is a treat i found this in a source of mine.. but just to show how popular anime is becomin.. and how much we stess ""dun try this at home"
Indonesian Child Dies After Reportedly Imitating Anime
posted on 2008-01-21 11:45 EST
Politician calls for stricter monitoring of television programs

Mutammimul Ula, a Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) member of Indonesia's parliament, has criticized the country's broadcasting regulatory agency for being too lax after a boy allegedly strangled himself while imitating a character from the Naruto anime. Ula called on the agency, which is known as the Komisi Penyiaran Indonesia (KPI or Indonesian Broadcasting Commission), to be more strict in dealing with various television programs. He specifically named Naruto, saying that it "contains violence and caused a boy to take his own life." He adds, "Many people still don't realize that comics are not necessarily for children. That very much depends on the substance."

The KPI's mandate includes setting the rules for content of all programs on broadcast and cable television. However, it has been reduced in recent years to a consultative body.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

   Midterms.. and a new semester
soo hey guys whats up!!!???
so i had my midterms and itthik i did well on them!! yayayayay
and the new semester has started!!! yahhoo... senioritsi '08 in fullthrotlle!!!
my parents came back from their weekend in disney hadda say enjoyed my tme away from them,!!!! lol
nowe its my turn for a vacation.. im gunna g2 my homeland.. Ecuador for feb break!!! holllaa!!
well i saw my friends some tme back and i have to say had a good time with them in the city!!! lol other than that not much to say!! not much to say other than that!! oo0-o0 and i finally got my Uggs!! lol.. later...

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Friday, January 11, 2008

so i dunn care anymore
so obvs i am a senior... and obvs i have senioritis.....

to some extent.. i mean i worked so hard to garner somenthin right?? but its not that bad.. i only am not tryin in math.. and i have always been sore in that area so i take it that it is ok to not do ok in that area right?? so i odun care anymore

Heres the stupiest way to die
(8 February 2005, Caerphilly, Wales) "If Wales wins, I'll cut my balls off," Geoff told his mates at a social club while watching the rugby match between England and its arch-rival. His friends thought the 26-year-old was joking, but after Wales' 11-9 victory over England, he went home, castrated himself with a knife, and walked the length of two rugby fields back to the bar to show his shocked friends the evidence.
It was Wales' first home win over England in 12 years. Geoff was taken to a hospital where he remained "in a seriously ill condition."

Reader Comments:
"No one should be this devoted to his team!"
"They take their sport seriously in Wales!"
"A tad drastic."
"I told you that you Taffs had strange rituals!"
"A little Welsh sport to "lighten" your load...LITERALLY!"
"Never bet while you are pissed!!"
"How pathetic do you have to be to get disqualified for a Darwin?"

Reader Dale says, "He used a (blunt) pair of wire cutters, or so it was reported in the British press. It apparently took him 10 mins to complete his task!!!"

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

so i was on the bus yesterday and i was thinking and lookin at these kids my age enjoyin each others company.. and then i thought about the book Thomas More's Utopia... i know there is no such thing as a Utopia but maybe there could be one if we attenpt it, like care less about things that dun matter in my opinion like expensive bags and stuuff..(i care about these things excessively) like i buy coach and D&B and i wanna Burberry but if we stick to the stuff that we need like food, water clopthin and shelter and other basic needs and each other wouldnt we be ok..??
im gunna post this quest more so if u answeredd it already.. ignore it..
i know i dun normally ask questions... but just tell me one thing that u think that we could live w.o. and still live a fruitful life?
Stupiest way to die!!
(15 February 2005, Rushinga, Zimbabwe) The elephants were trampling Christian's maize field, which he had planted on an elephant trail of long standing. He had to find a way to fight back! Fortunately, there was an old minefield nearby, on the Zimbabwe-Mozambique border. Christian figured a few landmines planted around his field would soon teach the elephants a lesson they would never forget.
Christian may have gotten the idea of using the mines from a couple of incidents that had recently transpired. A local resident had been injured after picking up a landmine while herding cattle the week before. A week before that, another Rushinga man had lost part of his leg after stepping on a landmine. The other villagers saw the writing on the wall, and avoided the landmines.

But Christian realized they were just what he needed. Clearly, these mines could cause great damage to an elephant! He dug up five that had been exposed by recent heavy rains. As he carried them home, the unstable mines detonated, killing Christian instantly.

Then total number of elephants injured? Zero.
Reader Comments:
"Swords into plowshares..."
"Not the best laid plan."
"An electric fence never occurred to him?"
"Elephants 1, Villagers 0. Human stupidity rules again."
"An example of karmic retribution."
"Wildlife Conservation Measures in Zimbabwe"

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

   my weekend
So u ghuys have probably noticed that I duin come on durin the weekend.. that much .. lol well that’s b.c.. I sleep in.. and when I sleep In thaty means I sleep in.. I dun get on the compu until like 3 or sumtimes never.. that’s on the weekend… lol rly bad.. well back to my weekend.. on fri I watched bleach… !!! ahhh… and t.v.. lol… and looked aimlessly for my keys..rly bad actually.. I found on fri that I lost them >_< I should be more prudent…. Well… on sat.. I read the whole sereies of imadoki… and finished them by 3.. and then played FFX… I know im such a losseerrr…. And then watched DEAD SILENCE that movie scared me….a lil… I shoulda scared my bro..hes scared of puppets..lol.. sun.. slept in.. and watched asian dramas.. lol.. and played FFX… and then daddy made quesadillas!!! Lol therye yummy!!
Well heres the stupiest way to die
(5 January 2005, Nebraska) In September of his senior year at the University of Nebraska, 21-year-old Derek wrote an impassioned declaration of independence from seatbelts for his college newspaper. Although "intrusive and ridiculous" seatbelt laws saved 6100 lives a year, according to statistics from the U.S. Congress, Derek concluded with the statement, "If I want to be the jerk that flirts with death, I should be able to do that."
Derek "was a bright young boy, a 4.0" majoring in five subjects and planning to attend law school. He was also smart enough to tutor friends in subjects he didn't even take. But good grades don't equate with common sense.
Derek was returning from a holiday in San Antonio, Texas. The driver of the Ford Explorer and his front seat passenger both wore seatbelts. Only Derek was willing to buck the system, sitting without a seatbelt in the back seat because, in the words of his newspaper column, he belonged to the "die-hard group of non-wearers out there who simply do not wish to buckle up, no matter what the government does."
When the SUV hit a patch of ice, slid off US 80 and rolled several times, Derek, in an involuntary display of his freedom, was thrown from the vehicle. He died at the scene. The other occupants of the SUV, slaves to the seatbelt, survived with minor injuries.
Alcohol was not involved in the accident.

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Friday, January 4, 2008

   hey everyone
so i went home early yesterday.. felt like cuttin.. lol.. jk. i didnt have a ride home so i left durin lunch and got home at 3.. rly sick actually... i just sat home and watched t.v... lol.. and then i watched anime!! lol.. and then i watched GG..Gossip Girl for those of u who dun know.. rly chill actually.. i relaxed and i <33 it..all i needed was a hot chocolate...
lol.. well time for the stupiest way to die
(23 May 2005, Texas) After surf-fishing on Crystal Beach, John was fatigued, but unwilling to call it a night. The full moon threatened to disturbed his nap, so John curled up for forty winks in the darkest place available: underneath his truck, which was parked on the beach.

The next morning, a pickup truck was reported abandoned in the surf off Crystal Beach. A tow truck driver was called in, and had barely moved the pickup a foot, when he found the body of a 37-year-old man embedded in the sand beneath it.

It turned out that the truck was not abandoned, after all. As John slept, time passed and the tide rolled back in. The wet sand shifted beneath the truck's weight, and John was trapped beneath it, unable to escape. The beach became his final resting place.

Reader Debra says, "Crystal Beach is a great place to go on a summer day with a few ice cold beers, to watch the folks with out-of-state license plates fly through the surf, fishtailing and throwing salt-water into the engine compartment. Even funnier is when they park, and watch the tide come in, shifting the sands, burying their axles...!"

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