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Monday, October 30, 2006

okey college
so my dad wants me to g2 college and right now im not talkin to my friends( the ones that g2 skewl with me) just because i feel that they are bigg ass assholes... i think that that is more that enough of a reason to not speak to them.. but then again its makin me a lil lonely.. and 1st quarter is about to end... and im beggininng to get a lil nervous...about my grades...and well the guy i like (SilverEagle-san knows) is well not being shy he is just being annoyin as hell..i mean how much time?? ive known this asshole 4 6 fuckin years and he doesnt have the balls to ask me out!! goddamnit!!
its real depressin.....
well other than the fact that i have a depressin life..tomorrow is halloween and i am dressin up! im a bunny!!
and im goin trick or treatin!
well heres the stupiest way to die
Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I embarked on the 3rd Crusade to recapture the Holy Land in the twelfth century. After spending days trudging across the dry summer desert, his army came upon the River Saleph. In his parched state, Frederick threw caution to the wind -- instead of his heavy armor -- and plunged into the river, whereupon he sank to the bottom and drowned.

Attila the Hun was one of the most notorious villains in history. He conquered all of Asia by 450 A.D. by destroying villages and pillaging the countryside. This bloodthirsty man died from a nosebleed on his wedding night. After feasting and toasting his own good fortune, he was too drunk to notice his nose, and he drowned in a snoutful of his own blood.

Tycho Brahe, a sixteenth-century Danish astronomer whose research helped Sir Isaac Newton devise the theory of gravity, died because he didn't make it to the bathroom in time. In that society it was considered an insult to leave the table before the banquet was over. Brahe forgot to relieve himself before the banquet began, then exacerbated matters by imbibing too much alcohol at dinner. Too polite to ask to be excused, he instead allowed his bladder to burst, which killed him slowly and painfully over the next eleven days.

Francis Bacon was an influential statesman, philosopher, writer, and scientist in the sixteenth century. He died while stuffing snow into a chicken. He had been struck by the notion that snow instead of salt might be used to preserve meat. To test his theory he stood outside in the snow and attempted to stuff the bird. The chicken didn't freeze, but Bacon did, prompting the question "Which froze first? The Bacon or the egg?"

Jean-Baptiste Lully, a seventeenth-century composer who wrote music for the king of France, died from an overdose of "musical enthusiasm." While rehearsing for a concert, he became overexcited and drove his baton right through his foot. He succumbed to blood poisoning.

Some treasured Historic Darwins are not true. For instance, the legendary circumstances surrounding the death of a famous female ruler:

Catherine the Great, empress of Russia in the eighteenth century, reputedly had a prodigious appetite for sex. Legend has it that she was killed by her bestiality practices. During one of her frequent conjugal visits with a horse, the rope sling that suspended the animal snapped, and the falling horse crushed the amorous woman. But the truth is that although Catherine had an appetite for sex, she did not indulge with her stallions. The rumor may have been started to undercut her claim to a place in history.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

   i honestly cant think of what to say....
this is weird im sittin here in the skewl computers wonderin what to write..this is madd annoyin....well okey and i can tell u about my college issues maybe pne of u guys can help me.. im a junior in hs... and next year i need to apply to collgees...and honestly i wanna get AWAY! from my house so that way i can obtain sum independence from my parents.. its not like im goin to Mars.. im just goin to another state or out of the city.. and if i get scholarships..which i prob will cuz im smart..even tho i dun act it i am.. and i get good grades... however... my moms like no!! we cant and shes like we r gunna send u to this skewl .. the skewl that she had graduated from...right here in the city..which honestly isnt bad.. however, i want more options.. is that bad?? the skewl she want to send me 2 is 40,000...the skewl im thinkin bout is 15,000 im like WTF????????
am i on crack or is my mom??? she just wants to shelter me.. and i know ui shouldnt but i involve my bor and tell her that if it was him applyin for colleges that se would let him go anywhere.. and then she says no its $$ matters..and i tell her i knpw we hafta take into consideration $$ matters...but rly i can get into a skewl with a scholarship...and i wun die...and there r meal plans inculded in the tuition at the college.., so no prob/..but my mom doesnt have an open mind, and she says these things like ur llegal at 24.. which is bullshit!! im no longer a minor at 18..and i can drink at 21.. so im legal at 21.. i can do w.e at 21..
so my mom just doesnt wamna believe that im no longer 5 years old... well heres the stupiest way to die
Dont try this at home/ ever!!
(11 July 1920, Niagara Falls) To support his wife and 11 children, Charles Stephens, 58-year-old "Demon Barber of Bristol," needed more money than he could make giving shaves and haircuts. Even his sideline as a daredevil, performing high dives and parachute jumps in England, barely helped cover the bills. He needed something big, something to make his reputation. There was nothing bigger and more daredevil-ish than going over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Only two people had ever done it, and lived [check fact].
It didn't matter that one, Annie Taylor, was living in abject poverty or that the other, Bobby Leach, was trying to talk him out of using his heavy Russian oak barrel without first sending it on a test run. Leach's friend, William "Red" Hill, a daredevil whose sideline was rescuing people from Niagara's treacherous waters, also tried to dissuade Charles.

But Charles believed that if he strapped his arms to the side of the barrel and his feet to a large anvil as ballast, he would pop up out of the foam at the bottom of the cataract, safe, and right side up. He knew what he was doing and he was going to do it.

He launched his ungainly craft early one morning, and floated minutes through the rapids toward Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side. 45 minutes after launch, the heavy barrel flew over the brink of the falls. So far, so good. But when Charles hit the water below, the anvil plunged through the bottom of the barrel, carrying most of Charles to the bottom with it. The barrel became stuck behind the falls. It wasn't until much later that the barrel's battered remains floated out into the mist. Attached was Charles' right arm, still strapped down, with his tattoo visible: "Don't Forget Me Annie."

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

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   wow..am i rly unpopular?
okey so my last post as u can see recieved 1 comment!!! am i rly that unpopular now???
i used to b so popular with myO ppls!! aww well im sry its just reality that i am a really bussy person... well other than the fact that i have turned into a really unpopular person in myO and it bgreaks my heart!! i have been watchin ruroken eveyday cuzz i just luv him..watchin him on youtube
yea im startin to watch the series...and i need to buy the movies!!! well i cant wait to get home to watch more!! lol!!! gotta luv anime!! and well im failin Ap Euro..but so is the whiole other class~!!!!lol!!! well ima gunna try to get 2 ur sites!! later!!!
heres the stupuiedest way to die..umm ill post it later

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Friday, October 13, 2006

   well im on again!! loll
im too lazy to go and go work on my hw!! hahahaha!! well thats just plain ol' me!!! lol!!! well lesse... what to say....
i think i might go a lil crazy b.c i have had a lil too much work latetly...burt thats okey i will do okey and i will get everything i want accomplished...
this year i am takin 6 majors, 2 of them honors classes and 1 of them an AP class... i feel right now a lil bit overwhelmed, b.c there is a lot of readin, every night and i get home like aroun 5 everyday..so yea... u can imagine how i feel....most of thr yime the teacvhers go easy on me on the weekends...so yea...thats nicee of them... but stil durin the week its kinda hard..and i barely get time for myself...thats why unlike last year i barely get time to go on theO!! and i can only im my friends for less than an hour.. but itll look good on my resume...so its all good....
well i dun wanna bore u guys with my life... so here the stupiest way to die!!! im gunna do sum h.w **dies** omigosh imagine if i died from an od of hw?? now that would be a stupid way to die!! lol
well here ya go!!
(22 November 1980, Missouri) The Gateway Arch soars 630 feet above the city of St. Louis. Around 9 a.m., a technician entering the park's interpretive center saw an object falling down the north leg of the arch. The object turned out to be Kenneth, 33, who was trying to impress his wife on her birthday.

His plan was to parachute onto the top of the arch. It didn't bother Kenneth that the park service had turned down his request for permission to jump. Kenneth had already made over 1,600 jumps. He knew what he was doing. And a true daredevil never needs permission.

The day dawned with howling winds and bitter cold. The weather would have given most parachutists second thoughts about making a jump. But Kenneth had psyched himself up by watching a documentary on parachute daredevils, and Kenneth knew what he was doing.

He left his wife a note asking her to come and photograph his triumph. At 8:55 a.m. he leapt from a light plane and soared successfully to the top of the monument. He had conquered the Gateway Arch, with his wife watching from the ground!

He grabbed onto the aircraft warning light, to steady himself against the raging wind. The first part of the plan had gone perfectly. Of course it had, Kenneth knew what he was doing. Now came the harder part: getting down.

The arch is hollow, with a viewing area inside, just beneath Kenneth's feet. Perhaps he was looking for a trap-door into the arch, but there was no trap-door. A gust of wind caught his deflated parachute and threw him off balance. He began sliding down the north leg of the arch. About halfway down, he tried to deploy his backup parachute, but it failed.

Another gust caught his parachute and blew him off the arch. He fell the rest of the way, landing head-first in the terrazzo below. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital about one hour after performing his last jump.

And that's what comes from thinking you know what you're doing. Reader Andy says, "Actually this story is older than 1980. I heard about it on a tour of the arch in the 1970s, and it was old then. The would-be parachutist hit the top of the arch at an angle, his chute collapsed, and when he tried to stand and release his chute, a gust of wind pulled him onto the slope. The chute collapsed again,and he left a crater. BUT, the story goes, if the Cardinals were playing a home game, he had a helluva view for a few seconds. Also, you can't fly under the arch, because of a semi-disasterous attempt to do so."

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

   Well feelin better...
well the good thin is that im feelin better. yuppers
i took a test last friday and guess what??? nope i didnt do well on it... i got a 49/ 100 on it!! and yes i am proud dya know why it was an AP test and it was damn hard..i hope to get my AP test grade yp to the 80's by the end ;of the year that is my goal...lol....
well other than that i continue to get used to my 11th grade life.... i feel more worked...but more mature...and im lookijn at a day to take a day off of skewl to look at colleges..and as for my love life... i think that i may just b comin close to bein with the one i luv....or not...im not rly sure....
well herres the stupiest way to die!!!okey this proves that no matter what kinda degree u have u are just a DUMDASS!!!!

Clement Vallandigham was a well-known Northern Democrat who campaigned for states' rights during the Civil War. In 1863 Vallandigham was convicted of treason for his speeches attacking the administration of President Lincoln. He was banished to the South, where he continued to voice his political views.

After the war, Vallandingham became a lawyer. In his last appearance in the courtroom, he represented a client on trial for murder. The accused man's defense was that the victim had drawn his own gun in a fashion that caused it to fire, killing himself. To prove the defense argument, Vallandigham demonstrated the victim's method of drawing a gun--using the loaded evidence gun as his prop. The firearm went off, and he lost his life--but proved his case.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

   Not feelin well!!!!!
Im sry......im just not feelin well and the wrost part is....Columbus Day is comin!! and how could i enjoy my 3 day weekend with bullshit on my mind????
First off my mom wont trust me anymore/..i wont say why she just wont..whihc is a bitch...
and im gettin a lil overwhelmed with skewl work..but i can handle that..i fell as thou i a am bein disrespeced by my friends.,..but i dunno maybe its just me...
i also have alot of other shit on my mind but i would rather not say..b.c they r too personal...
regarless its shit....
well guys im outtie....i hope u guys have a nice day!!
B4 i forget the stupiests way to die
now this is just sad....
(North Carolina, 1987) Ivan, an experienced parachutist with 800 jumps under his belt, was videotaping a private lesson given by an instructor for a single trainee. He had attached the video camera to his helmet so that it would capture the entire day of instruction, and the supporting power supply and recorder were in a heavy satchel slung on his back.

The group went up in the plane, and the instructor led the enthusiastic beginner through preparations for the jump. Ivan carefully documented the lesson, which needed to be perfect for the sake of posterity,

When they reached the jump site, Ivan jumped from the back of the plane and filmed the student and instructor jumping from the front of the plane. A few heartbeats later, tape still running, Ivan realized that he had been so focused on filming the jump that he had forgotten to strap on his own parachute. An FAA spokesperson said that the video equipment strapped to his back may have been mistaken for a parachute.

In the footage salvaged from the camera and spliced together, the student and instructor are shown in freefall befire they pull their ripcords and recede rapidly from view. Then the cameraman's hands reach for his own ripcord. When Ivan realizes he has no ripcord, ergo no chute, his hands are seen to flail about wildly, then the camera pans down towards the approaching earth...

Film from the final stage of the plunge was destroyed on impact.

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Monday, October 2, 2006

Holla IM Back on theO
okey so i wun be on so often and i know the whole site of theO will prob go into a depression b.c. of my absence but dun worry ill try to be on 2 or 3 times a week and guys thank SilverEagle for that!
well i know i cant tell ya guys about my year so ill tell ya guys about my 3 day weekend... well now me a Junior in high skewl..and my bro now a freshmen in hs on friday didnt do shit except watch Ai Yori Aoshi...on Saturday same thin...i did some of my homework.,.on Sunday i went out with friends!! which was fun...and today i was here updatin myO...yea what i do for u guys,.....damnit i missed u guys♥!! well lessee i almost forgot the stupiest way to die...
here u go!! and im outtie!!

Now this shit is funny!!! sum ppl just dun know how to ask

If only he'd asked...

(7 September 1990, Sydney, Australia) Men seem to have an affinity for large trucks. What else can explain the actions of a 34-year-old thief who decided to take possession of the engine of an old Bedford tip-truck?

The truck was parked outside a glass recycling company in Alexandria. It generally takes three men to lift an engine block of this size, but our enterprising pilferer decided that the best way to remove the engine was from below, rather than the conventional out-the-top-with-a-crane technique.

He crawled under the cab and began to loosen the bolts.
If only he'd asked...

(7 September 1990, Sydney, Australia) Men seem to have an affinity for large trucks. What else can explain the actions of a 34-year-old thief who decided to take possession of the engine of an old Bedford tip-truck?

The truck was parked outside a glass recycling company in Alexandria. It generally takes three men to lift an engine block of this size, but our enterprising pilferer decided that the best way to remove the engine was from below, rather than the conventional out-the-top-with-a-crane technique.

He crawled under the cab and began to loosen the bolts.
Suddenly the engine block broke loose and landed on his face, killing him instantly. Police ascertained that he had at least one accomplice, judging by the pool of vomit found under a nearby bush.

An employee discovered his body early the next morning. The manager said that the truck was about to be scrapped. "If he had come and asked me for it, I would have given it to him."

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

   NOthing new..so more quizzes!! lol!!

Who exactly ARE you? (AnImE PiCs)
brought to you by Quizilla

Light is your anime element. You're a passionate,
innocent person. People are drawn to your
innocence and can't help but love you. You
have a hard time saying "no" to
people and are always willing to help out.
You're extremely kind and would never do
anything to hurt someone. You're a diligent,
hard worker and never give up. You don't let
yourself stay angry over things, and usually
don't easily get angered. If you were an anime
character you would control light. Your power
would be to heal.

What is your anime element?
brought to you by Quizilla

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