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Friday, January 12, 2007

   im soo sadd
uhh last night was college night.. uhh what else?? i got home from skewl at 9.5 yea i dun feel like typin too much lol!! haha well anyways i got home and the first thin that i come home is my dog, cookie in pain i was like omfg!! this is rly the last thin that i need in my over bustlin life right now... but i cant be a total bitch.. even tho i dun rly show my own dog luv all the time.. well he was limpin and this mornin when i went to walk him he could barely walk.. i didnt know what to do.. i need to schedule an appointment for the vet.. its just one thing that bothers me.. my mom is goin away for 10 days after my dads bday on the 14th.. so i wont rly have a source of payment.. since mt dad isnt rly aound all the time..but ill; find a way ill just have to take good care of him.. other than my dogs pain i am still gettin alot of work and my midterms are comin up and my AP test consists iof 10 chapters worth of info.. i hafta start studyin.. i know i am gunna fail.. but that doesnt stop me from doin my best.. well hope u all r doin fine.. Ja' ne!!
Heres the stupiest way to die

[Note im not the man, im a grl]
(1985, Montana) Two locals decided to increase their income by illegally transporting shed elk antlers out of Yellowstone Park. The antlers sell for about $7 a pound, and a big set can weigh thirty pounds, making their theft a lucrative venture.

The two men, dollar signs in their eyes, thought long and hard about the best way to get the largest haul of antlers out of the park without being observed. Cars were too risky because there was a ranger checkpoint on the roads. Backpacks couldn't carry enough to make it worth their while. They decided to use a boat.

Well, not exactly a boat. A rubber raft.

These two entrepreneurs decided to take the raft on a nighttime voyage on the Gardiner River, which runs out of Yellowstone and through the town of Gardiner, to minimize their chance of being spotted.

After loading the raft to the bursting point with pointy antlers, the men pushed off and began their journey. It was late springtime, so the river, hazardous in all seasons, now had twice the normal flow of water. They hadn't gone far before they hit some treacherous rapids, and the bouncing antlers punctured the raft.

Deprived of transportation, the men had to fend for themselves against the current. One of the antler thieves swam to shore, hiked the road, and hitched a ride into town. The other was not so lucky. A week later he floated onto a beach used by local sunbathers.

I know because I'm the one who found him, and I was also in the car when my cousin gave his buddy a ride into town the week before.

hahahhaha this is funny, madd dumbasses.. but in a way its sadd

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

   Work overload
Okey so I am so tiired…. I have been studyin tirelessleey.. its madd..annoyin.. and to top it off I am prob still not goin to be getting the grade I am goin to get.. oh well.. how r u guys??
I hope that I can get a good grade like I did last timew.. todcay is college night and I dun like it… I hafta stay in the skewl unitl 8… its not fair!!!! its rly annoyin uhh!!! Oh well im so unlucky… ill stop complaion herws the stupiest way to die
(Late 1989, Australia) A rather impressionable student of kung fu listened with rapt attention when his instructor dramatically informed the class, "Now that you have reached this level in your training, you can kill wild animals with your bare hands!"
The martial arts trainee took the statement as gospel, and headed to the Melbourne zoo to test his mettle with the wildest animal of all: the lion. In the dead of night, he slipped into the zoo, leapt into the lion enclosure, and engaged a suitable king of the jungle in combat.
He would probably have lost a one-on-one fight, but he never got to try. His naive fight plan didn't account for the enthusiasm of the lion's pride for a tender intruder; nor did it give sufficient weight to the possibility that his instructor didn't know what the hell he was talking about.
Zoo employees found his remains -- two arms and hands -- the following morning, with shreds of red fur grasped tightly in his fingers.

I mean rllyy.. how fuckin stupid can u be??

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

hiya ppls
i know that i havent been here in a while but hey thats me i dun have a life..lol.. well i have been thinkin bout colleges...and shit.. lol and i am also thinking a lot about what i may be doin over the summer.. i may just be takin a language class in the city.. itll be fun suttin to look foward to.. lol
and also of course cammpp!!! lol
hmm.. anythin new in skewl?? no noty rly im just overloaded with work and shit... its soo noott kewl its like i barely have any time for myself.. well i am gettin to some of my new years resolutions which is good..lol...
soo heres the thing that i know that u guys have been waitin for.. the stupiest way to die...
(1970s, Northern Ireland) Back in the late 70s, intelligence units in Northern Ireland were issued exploding briefcases to carry sensitive documents. These briefcases were lined with oxygen bricks. To arm the case, one simply removed a small pin next to the handle of the case. Thus armed, an opened case would instantly combust, destroying everything within a meter of it.

Because there was a half-second delay before the bricks ignited, the lids were designed to stop on a spring catch, so that no document could be rescued or photographed before it was destroyed.

To open the case safely, therefore, the sequence was:

1. Make sure the arming pin is in place.
2. Open the case.
3. Using a thin object such as a ruler, push back the spring catch.
4. The case will now open.

I won't embarrass the unit or the female Lance Corporal involved by naming names, but in this particular case, the sequence went as follows:

1. Make sure the arming pin is in place.
2. Open the case.
3. Look for a small thin object to push back the catch.
4. Find none immediately available.
5. Notice that the arming pin is a small thin object.
6. Use the arming pin to push back the catch.
6. Kiss one "intelligence" unit goodbye.

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Saturday, January 6, 2007

heyy hows everyone!!!
im doin well i know i cant get to everyones site..and im suchh a bitch for that but i gottss hw.. to do..maybe ill get to it tonight.. okey??
but yesterday i was with 2 grls all dayy... i came back homesooo tired it was like omg.. i didnt even get to starrt my hw!!! ><
my bones still ache from yesterday.. lol well im lookin into takin a chinese class and maybe a japanese class over the summer.. which could be fun.. imlookin foward to it.. well im judst waitin for the summer to roll about,... lol
i also goootta take my xmas theme down.. uhh so much to doo... i have no life.. ahh dun u just hate it when u plan to do suttin and u never get to it bc of the lil amount of hours in the day???
yeaa thats how i feel o well i better get to my hw.. so i can get 2 ur sites...
heres the stupiest way to die

(September 1989, USSR) The Soviet Union is home to a growing number of psychics and mentalists. One of them, E. Frenkel, became convinced that he could use his powers to stop vehicles in their tracks. He believed that "in extraordinary conditions of a direct threat to my organism, all my reserves will be called into action."

Frenkel started small -- a bicycle here, an automobile there -- before graduating to streetcars. Finally, he devised an ultimate test of his psychic power: he would halt a freight train in its tracks.

The engineer of the train that ran Frenkel over saw him toss his briefcase aside, and step onto the tracks with arms raised, head lowered, and body tensed. The engineer applied the emergency brakes, but it was too late.

The mentalist psyched himself out.

Some ppl r just too much.. i mean rly

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

   heyy how was ur xmas?
how was xmas???
mine was okey i made a video with my cousins that was hilarious.. for those of u that know the shoes thing..it was the first part of that .. lol it was fun doin it!! lol.... i look like shitt in the movie... but it still came out good... lol
i got a camera and $$ and my mom said she would buy me a Juicy bag.. so it wwasnt bad.. and my bro got a Wii.. he was happy.
Here's the clip we had made..

its so hilarious...lol
and tell me bout ur xmas.. well i hope u all had a good. time cuz now i have a shit load of hw to get too XD.. well heres the stupidest way to die
(February 1982, Arizona) Desert marksmen aim their weapons at Saguaro cacti so frequently that Arizona was forced to declare the "sport" a felony. Offenders risk a $100,000 fine and three years in prison. But that doesn't stop sharpshooters like 27-year-old David, who was trying to impress friends when he opened fire on a Saguaro in 1982.

He was killed when it fell on him.

He reportedly fired two slugs from a 16-gauge shotgun at a 27-foot cactus, and began to shout, "Timber!" He only had enough time to utter the first syllable before a 23-foot section of the prickly plant fell and crushed him beneath its spiky skin.

This story was confirmed by a caller to RAdio-Free Wease in Rochester, NY, who swore it happened "years ago" when he lived in Arizona. He placed a call to the Arizona Republic and the operator connected us to editor Tamara Thornton, who clearly rememberd the incident, but said it happened "like fifteen years ago."

Wow ppl these days

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Friday, December 22, 2006

well its the mornin..well no its 12:09

i think that they should make 12:00 part of the mornin....

i should petition that...

well anyways.. i woke up at 8:00
and watched t.v i watched Foster's home for imaginary friends... FMA.. Inuyasha..... Jimmy Neutron and Date Movie..yea i have no life...lolol...
and then i got out of bed...
and eventually got to the compu...
today i am gunna get as much work as possible dun.. not like b4.. im gunna b a good grl (in the last couple of posts i was only sayin)
well i better get to it
heres the stupiests way to die!!

okay this guy was just omg...

(1986, United Kingdom) In 1986 the UK saw its most violent storm in 350 years. Winds exceeded 90 mph, and an incredible amount of damage was done to property and people up and down the UK. Millions of trees were uprooted by the gales.

In Margate in the county of Kent, one unfortunate homeowner had a property bordered by three massive poplars. The wind had felled one, which came to rest across his back garden. Another poplar had been bent over just far enough to lodge its top under the soffit of his roof. The foliage was blocking his upstairs bedroom windows, and something had to be done.

This chap did not own a chainsaw, nor could he reach the trunk of the tree from the house, even when leaning out the window. So he decided to shinny up and saw off the top while sitting astride the trunk, with his feet wedged against the gutter of his roof. He had plenty of time to reflect on the wisdom of his position, as it took him 20 minutes of sawing before the bent tree, which experts estimate held the energy equivalent to small field gun--parted company with the portion trapped by the soffit, and sprang back upright.

His body was found in a neighbor's garden over a mile away. The police surgeon stated that his neck probably broke during the whiplash and he would therefore have known nothing of the impact with the ground.

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

nuttin much to say/...
im gunna do my hww..be a goodd grll..but i have more cards!! yaya!!

well now for the stupiest way to die

(1992, California) Snakes flick their forked tongues in the air to "smell" the world, collecting molecules and analyzing them by pressing thir tongue tips tips them into small olfactory pits. An inebriated twenty-year-old man, apparently unaware of this biological fact, took umbrage when a wild rattlesnake stuck out its tounge at him. Tit for tat! He held the rattler in front of his face and stuck his tongue out right back at it. The snake expressed its displeasure at this turn of events by biting the conveniently offered body part. The toxic venom swelled the man's face and throat, choking him to death.

Major idiot!!!!

Info on snakes:
Experts debate which species of venomous snake is most dangerous. It depends on how irritable the snake is, the toxicity of its venom, whether it delivers the venom reliably, and how likely the snake is to come into contact with humans.

Rattlesnakes certainly rank among the most dangerous of snakes. They often live in close proximity to humans, and some species can be quite irritable, particularly when they are cornered. Rattlesnakes have long, folding fangs which deliver venom deeply into the body. However, some rattlers fail to inject venom into the bite as frequently as 25% of the time. Young rattlesnakes are more likely to deliver a full load of venom, and are therefore more dangerous than their elders.

For those who value their looks as much as their life: remember, rattlesnake venom is disfiguring as well as deadly.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

   hw >_<
man i have 2 weeks off and i have hw>_< oww well ill be a good grl and do my hw....
all it really is is readin....
i have chinese...
i have 2 read draculla
Dr. Jekyll n Mr. Hyde.. and write reports on them
and i hafta do a comparison essay on The Handmaids tale and Brave New World...
i take too many classes...
o welll
better get to it
heres sum cards i gotss

heres the studpiest way to die
(1990's, United States) I heard the following at work in the gun shop. The events described below (if it's not a legend) occurred in the 1990's in the southwest.

A small-time hood (about to be even smaller) broke into the home of a World War Two veteran and stole, among other things, the old G.I.'s .45 automatic pistol, which he used in battle in the 1940's. The hoodlum then reported directly to a local convenience store and proceeded to rob the cashier while brandishing his new pistol. The cashier, no dummy, followed orders and handed over the contents of the register.

Our thug took the money and turned to leave, but suddenly decided he didn't want to leave a witnesses... other than the security camera, that is. He leveled the pistol at the cashier and pulled the trigger.

"CLICK!" went the gun.

At this unexpected development, the puzzled crook looked straight down the barrel of his weapon and uttered the words, "What the...?"

As it turned out, the WWII veteran had WWII vintage ammunition in his WWII vintage pistol. Priming caps over time are known to lose their "spontaneous" nature, particularly if stored improperly, causing what is known as a hang-fire: The primer smolders into a delayed ignition.

Such was the case here.

Just as the puzzled crook had the barrel pointed squarely at his own eye, the hang-fired primer detonated, sending a half-inch chunk of lead and associated hot combustion gases directly into the felon's skull at 900 feet per second.

The range was less than six inches.
The body could only be identified by fingerprints.

As the story was related to me, the police officer who responded to the original gun burglary was also at the scene of the armed robbery. He picked up the .45 and verified the serial number, then returned it to the WWII veteran.

Case closed.

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Monday, December 18, 2006

   FInaally i have my Chisrmtas settin up.
lol lol this weekend i have been doin nuttin!! and i felt so ggood!!! lol
now i can catch up on myt restin!! lol well ya guys now i can visit ya guys!! i hops ya like the theme!!!
i do and it took me a li time cuz my profile wasnt cooperatin... well other than that i cant go drivin cuz my parents wont let mmeee... its meann
and im home byyy myself..we finnaylllyy finished the tree over the weened..lolo....and after i visit sites i am gunna get to hw..
hetres the stupiest way to die!!
Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I embarked on the 3rd Crusade to recapture the Holy Land in the twelfth century. After spending days trudging across the dry summer desert, his army came upon the River Saleph. In his parched state, Frederick threw caution to the wind -- instead of his heavy armor -- and plunged into the river, whereupon he sank to the bottom and drowned.

Attila the Hun was one of the most notorious villains in history. He conquered all of Asia by 450 A.D. by destroying villages and pillaging the countryside. This bloodthirsty man died from a nosebleed on his wedding night. After feasting and toasting his own good fortune, he was too drunk to notice his nose, and he drowned in a snoutful of his own blood.

Tycho Brahe, a sixteenth-century Danish astronomer whose research helped Sir Isaac Newton devise the theory of gravity, died because he didn't make it to the bathroom in time. In that society it was considered an insult to leave the table before the banquet was over. Brahe forgot to relieve himself before the banquet began, then exacerbated matters by imbibing too much alcohol at dinner. Too polite to ask to be excused, he instead allowed his bladder to burst, which killed him slowly and painfully over the next eleven days.

Francis Bacon was an influential statesman, philosopher, writer, and scientist in the sixteenth century. He died while stuffing snow into a chicken. He had been struck by the notion that snow instead of salt might be used to preserve meat. To test his theory he stood outside in the snow and attempted to stuff the bird. The chicken didn't freeze, but Bacon did, prompting the question "Which froze first? The Bacon or the egg?"

Jean-Baptiste Lully, a seventeenth-century composer who wrote music for the king of France, died from an overdose of "musical enthusiasm." While rehearsing for a concert, he became overexcited and drove his baton right through his foot. He succumbed to blood poisoning.

Some treasured Historic Darwins are not true. For instance, the legendary circumstances surrounding the death of a famous female ruler:

Catherine the Great, empress of Russia in the eighteenth century, reputedly had a prodigious appetite for sex. Legend has it that she was killed by her bestiality practices. During one of her frequent conjugal visits with a horse, the rope sling that suspended the animal snapped, and the falling horse crushed the amorous woman. But the truth is that although Catherine had an appetite for sex, she did not indulge with her stallions. The rumor may have been started to undercut her claim to a place in history.

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Friday, December 15, 2006

i think i am satsfied
hi people so i am no loner on theO anymore as i used...which is fine...that doesnt mean i wont visit...now that i have a 2 week recess off of skewl ill surely visit more...and tell you guys whats up!!lol...now i am on a free period and all i can think about is my future.. next year i will be applying to college. and soon i willl be taking the SATs..its rather frightenin.. i would liek to attend NYU..but the comptention there is high... so i wanna try to be realistical.. can i get in? my grades are good i am studyin 2 languages.. i am bilingual.. i pray that i will get in... because i can stay home and still be with my friends and also get the education i want. Not only am i nervous about my future..i am nervous about my present.. right now i am taking 3 advanced classes... i wonder if it may be too mucch, but then again. challenges may be the best for me.

LOL i know i know why do i still hacve a halloween theme upp.. well my advanced classes are takin over my life so i have no time to visti u guys, let alone change my theme. So nopw that i have a lil bit of a break, i can change my theme, so ill do that tonight. and ill send out my cards to you guys.. Merry CHristmas guyyss!!!!

Well now for the stupiest way toi die!!!

(23 October 1993, Illinois) A police officer was trying to show another patrolman how their fellow officer accidentally killed himself, by reenacting the shooting incident a week later. But the 20-year veteran forgot to unload his .357 Magnum and wound up shooting himself in the stomach. He died in a car crash while driving himself to the hospital.

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