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Hello Hello! And Welcome to my site/blog whatever you want to call it.

I'm just a 17 year old trying to get through school and get a decent job. None different from your ordinary teen. Well...in the normal perspective at least.

I seriously am in love with Jrock. To narrow it down, more in love with Gackt. But I've been catching onto Hyde and his band L`Arc~En~Ciel. And a couple more groups/people.

More About Me
My Avatar Name: Jessika
Nickname: Nya-chan (don't ask)
Height: 5' 6"-ish
Weight: 125 lbs
Job: Barns and Noble cashire and other stuffs there...
Intersets: Jrock, Music, Art, Japanese guys
Dislike: The so-labled 'preps', lables, the tuba...*glares*
What You need to know: I will kill for music...especially Jrock. And if you piss me off, bewear. Just kidding. I'm actually a pretty nice person just don't get me mad if you want to be friends. Cuz I hold the most awsome grudges in the world dudes and dudetts.


My Loves
(In order from friends list. If I know your real name, you go as that. If I don't, you go as your username until I figure out your real name!)
Rin-Chan, Ema-Chan, IdiotChosen, Lareine-chan, Sakura-chan, Jennifer-chan, Terra-chan, T-chan

Thank you Rin-chan for making my site look so good! I love it!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Work today was killer! I hate WalMart! It's a good thing I'm trying to find somewhere else to work!

I finally got a start to my project for my class for school. Thank you ema-chaaaaaannnn. :3

I am soooo short on words these days! Nothing exciting is happeneing!

-+-Gackt Sayonara-+-

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