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Saturday, September 8, 2007


I can't stay on for long because I have to go to work but, I'm just saying that I'm back! And I plan to update as much as possible! -+-Gackt Sayonara-+-

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Monday, June 19, 2006


Ooh! I am so sorry for not updating! And extra sorry to you Ema-chan!! I told you I'd be on a lot more and will you look what I did?! I was gone a long time agian! I am so sorry!!!

Thank you so much Rin-chan (banzaiinu1) for working on my site! It looks wonderful!! Thank you thank you thank you! I love you forever hun!! ^^

But, guess what?? I got that job at Barns and Noble. I notice I put Nobles in my last post. Sorry, I was kinda spacy that day I guess. I had to agree to dye my hair a normal color though. So, I dyed it a dark brown. Well, my friend Sa-chan did it. And guess what? She has a myotaku account now! Ya for sa-chan!! I love calling her Sa-chan. Her name is Savanah and a couple years ago her nickname was Satoshi-chan. Don't ask why. I think another one of our friends popped off with it but, anyway, I call her Sa-chan cuz Savanah and Satoshi both start with 'Sa'. Okay, onto the hair color thingy. My hair was still the same for the first week of working there. It was all blonde/brown and pink streaky...i think. Yeah, it's pretty sad when I can't remember what my hair color was. But, my manager, being as cool as he is, said I just didn't look right with one color and natural colored hair. So, I bleached the left side, front of my hair. I don't really know how to explain it but, it's my bangs I bleached even though my hair is basically the same length now...I'm kind of confusing myself.

But yes! My manager is the coolest in the world! His name is Justin. I call him Nini-kun. ^^ We were joking around a bit ago and I found out that he likes anime and I was trying to say something but it came out as nini and he found it really funny so I call him Nini-Kun now! But only when we are not around costumers becuase that would be unprofessinal! ^^ ...I spelt that wrong...but oh well!

My boyfriend and I went to go see The Omen the other day. He was more scared then I was. He said he had nightmares the night after. Poor guy. But the next day I treated him to Dairy Queen since it was my idea to go see it and he got so scared. It was fun! Because I "accidentaly" flung some of my ice cream at him with my spoon. Then he threw some at me. We were sitting out side and there was also a family sitting out there. 3 little kids and a mother. The mother just looked at us like we were imature but hey! I was having so much fun!! Then I had to go home and change since I had ice cream all over me. And since Blake, thats his name by the way, had ice cream all over him self too, he wore some of my cloths. It was so funny. But we're about the same size any way. Skinny and tall...ish. Can you really count 5 foot 6 as tall? But anyway, I could not stop laughing! And then we found a wig in my mom's room that was blonde and about mid-back length and put it on him. To bad we don't have a camera. It was freaking hilarious! Good times, Good times!

Thats about it for today. Oh wait! I totally forgot to say Sa-chan's username!!! Its Satoshi-chan. So go visit her for me? please? Have a great day everyone!!

-+-Gackt Sayonara-+-

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Saturday, March 25, 2006


I haven't been on in soooo long.

A lot of stuff has happened. I was in my cousins wedding and almost tripped on my dress waking down the ailes.

The dresses were the prettiest things in the world. The were light purple like, almost white. and they were strapless and went down to our feet and trail about an inch behind us. We all also had silver shoes. Those are the two reasons I almost tripped. eheheh

Then, i um...heh got fired from my job at hobby lobby. I was working in the floral department and this woman came up and asked the most rediculous question, I don't even remember what is was now. But, I answered her question and then she went off and then she came back with the same question and I answered her the same way. Well, she came back a third time! And so I said basically, listen lady, do you want me to walk the 20 feet from this counter to get you your fucking flowers?

I mean, they were right there! So, my manager being a dick that hee is fierd me a couple weeks ago for that and not showing up one day because I got a flat tire and couldn't come in. grr

Now onto some good news?

I applied for jobs at Barns And Nobles and our local music store. I had my interview with Barns and Nobles last week so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Other good news, this one guy in my chemistry class asked me out. This was like Feb. 10-ish. He's really cute and nice. And the best part is, he's got hookups with our local bands so we can go watch their gigs and stuff. Now, I"m not going out with him for that. I really like him.

I'll be 17 in 7 days! Oh yeah!

-+-Gackt Sayonara-+-

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Monday, February 20, 2006


It's my first day with this account and if anybody read up in my intro you would find out that I forgot my username and password cuz I haven't been here in four months. And i deleted my old email account with the password in one of the messages. doesn't that just suck?

As you can proly tell, I am obbsessed with Gackt. I like otherJrock bands and singers but Gackt is my favorite. I love hime and Hyde in Moon Child. They work so well together.

I don't know what to say. Oh yeah, heres a good site for info and pics on Gackt. The Gackt Oasis. It's were I got all the images for this here site.

I've made a friend over last night. XD Her MyO username is Blackdragonoffire. She's cool! Go check her site out!

Banzaiinu1 drew me a picture of Gackt. The pic in my background to be exact. Click Here to see the pretty picture.

Thats really all I have to say for today.

Bye bye

-+-Gackt Sayonara-+-

-+-Gackt Sayonara-+-

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