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Saturday, November 6, 2004

   The Promise of an Angel
i planned on what to type in this post but after reading Fuujin-sama's latest post... it was superb! OO; i would say it's one of her greatest post she ever made! so i scrapped the whole idea.. and came up with something new...

but first, i'll tell you what happened earlier...

Fuujin-sama came to the house at already 3pm.. but it's ok though... i still need some sleep...

and the bonding of couples :P

after we ate dinner(short dinner actually), we went to mega to buy a gift for our friend.. which is also her birthday the same date as our anniversary.

but before that... we just dropped by for the meantime on the eb at the foodcourt... we just say hi to some of our friends

after that... we played soul calibur 2, after that we went to our friend... talked about some things... and after that... while on her way home, we dropped by at a convenience store to eat something =)

after getting her home, i went home myself... got home at around 1:45am...

even though the way we celebrated's not that grand compare to our (me and Fuujin-sama's) bday, i'm still happy on the results...

we didn't see each other for a week... and i really miss her.. so i'm so happy when i saw her again...

and besides... this is the first time i ever experienced having a 1st anniversary on relationships.. and luckily... the girl's Fuujin-sama...

so.. i didn't regret anything... all that matters to me is that... we'll always be together...

my love for her never ends...

thanks to the people who helped us... i don't have any time to say your names individually.. but i will some other time...

till next time...

me loves Fuujin-sama infinite times a day! =P

happy anniversary again... i can't wait for next year XD


Souichirou Arima and Yukino Miyazwa from Kare Kano

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Friday, November 5, 2004

   It's been a year...
November 6, 2003 at exactly 3:00 am (+8 GMT Manila Time)

it's been a year.. even though it's just like yesterday... the time's somewhat slow.

even though the road we've been going through's bumpy... and not that smooth...

we made it here... and i'm happy to where i am right now... and to what i have... and that's her

it's me and Fuujin-sama's first anniversary!


i love Fuujin-sama for a year now and i'll love her for the rest of my life...

thanks for staying Fuujin-sama...:)


"I love her because she goes with me regardless of any advantage." -Souichirou Arima [Kare Kano]

Kei and Mizuho from Onegai Teacher

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Sunday, October 31, 2004

i dunno why i'd post but i just feel like it.

hm anyway the day's pretty damn normal.. or i should say boring. i slept the whole day.

we won't be going to the cemetery or to the province this all saints day.

and my forumer side is back. i got addicted to my main blog site's forum ._.'

even though i'm still not 100% myself today, i'm kinda ok compare the last time. i haven't forgotten those problems but i'm not thinking of them for the meantime.

and before i leave i would like to say

Happy Halloween!

even though it's not an official holiday here in the Philippines (we celebrate all saints day, not halloween)

till next time

me loves Fuujin-sama...


ps. sorry i can't visit some sites this past few days, till i set some things straight in myself.. i'll try to comment back to those to posted their comments. thanks

Happy Halloween... Cowboy Bebop Style

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