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Friday, December 10, 2004

Chap 2

here is chap 2 if u haven't read chap 1 then it's right below this ^^ enjoy!

The camera was fuzzy for a moment, then showed Hiei’s face covered in little band-aids and bruises. He looked around with shifty eyes, then turned to the camera.

“Hello. I’m back with Hiei Cam,” Hiei said, this time in a fake Australian accent. “It has now been three days since the kitsune specimen broke the camera. But all’s well now, I only got a few scratches... and I thought silver was a soft metal! Apparantly that’s not the case with Kurama’s hairbrush. Botan has gotten Yusuke and Kuwabara to stay a bit longer, considering they both got beaten up pretty bad. We are now outside his door in the dead hours of the night to see just how his hair stays slicked back- even during fights. What kind of hair gel does he use?!”

Hiei turned the camera around to show the spirit-detective’s door. It showed a sign on it saying:

Yusuke’s Room. Keep Out.
(This includes you and your camera, Hiei)

“Ooh... that’s harsh,” Hiei said. “Oh, well!” And with that, the door swung open and Hiei darted inside. The camera then showed a sign that was hanging from the ceiling. This one said:

I told you to STAY OUT Hiei.
Now slowly turn around and walk out the door
and close it, and you won’t be even more maimed.

“He acts like I can’t be trusted...” Hiei said in a mock tone of sadness, ignoring his accent. “Anyway,” Hiei said, tearing down the sign, revealing a room much like Yusuke has at home, “now we are going to search for his hair gel.” Hiei moved over to the dresser. “Aha! Here’s a bottle of super glue! Wait... super glue? How in the world does he get this out? Oh, wait, here’s a piece of paper. ‘Hiei, I know you’re going to come looking for my secret hair gel recipe, so here it is: I’M NOT TELLING!!! Ha ha ha!’ Well, how rude! He should know better than that. We’ll just have to do some good ol’ spy work.”

The camera went blank.


The camera was fuzzy for a moment, then it focused on Hiei.

“Ok!” Hiei said in a loud whisper (still in that fake Aussie accent). “I have mounted the camera on the light fixture in Yusuke’s room. It is out of sight if he happens to look up, but it catches everything that goes on. So, we should be able to tell what Yusuke does to his hair every morning. He should be waking up soon now, so I’ll be leaving to protect my health and well being if he should happen to find me.” Hiei walked out of view and the door made a sound as it closed just as Yusuke woke up.

Yusuke sat up and stretched. He noticed a note at the end of his bed.

Yusuke: I took it upon myself to look out for my health to leave
without doing anything.

“Well, good for him. He actually did something someone told him to do,” Yusuke said. “Now, time to do my hair!”

ok i promise the next chap WON'T be focused on hair @_@ lol see ya laters!

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Thursday, December 9, 2004

   Story!! Chapter 1

ok this story was written by me and a friend so here it goes:

::Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei are all camping out at Koenma’s after a mission. Botan insisted that Yusuke and Kuwabara stay for a while and rest before returning to the living world. They reluctantly agreed.::

Hiei slunk through the dark, deserted halls. He had a camera in hand, and an evil grin on his face. He went up to a certain kitsune’s door and switched the camera on. The camera showed the door, then swung around to show Hiei.

"It is now 4:55 in the morning, exactly five minutes before Kurama wakes up," he whispered in a totally fake British accent. He paused and looked around with shifty eyes, insinuating that it was very dangerous country. " ‘Why does Kurama wake up so early?’ you wonder. Well, you are about to find out on this exclusive Hiei Cam!" he said, still in that fake British accent.

The camera swung around again to show the door. Hiei’s hand came into view as he silently turned the doorknob and swung the door open. The camera showed a room where almost everything was either pink or red, with a few hints of green and white here and there.

The camera swung around to show a sweatdropping Hiei. "Weird..." Hiei said, forgetting about his British accent. He composed himself and went back to his British accent. "Ok... now we are going to station ourselves so that this kitsune specimen doesn’t see us when he wakes up."

The camera swung around again to show the view of the room. Hiei moved over to stand behind a Roman column in one of the corners, by the door to the bathroom. "It is now 4:59 and counting," Hiei whispered.

Suddenly, a dim light came on in a (guess what) pink hue and soft classical music started to play. Kurama slowly sat up in his French-looking four poster bed, yawned, and stretched. He threw back the covers and sat on the edge of the bed. He was wearing white silk pajamas. He slipped into his matching white silk slippers and stood up and stretched again. He started walking toward the camera and into the bathroom.

"Well... it seems that Kurama likes to wake up in a very... uh... zen way..." Hiei whispered. He crept up to the wall beside the bathroom and half put the camera in, revealing a large room in the same color scheme as the bedroom. Kurama was standing in front of a huge, silver framed floor mirror with a silver hairbrush in hand. He held up the brush to his face and blew on the tip of it like those cowboys do with their pistols. Then he started to brush.

"One... two... three..." Kurama counted the brush strokes.

Hiei pulled the camera back around the corner and turned it so it faced him. "It seems as if the kitsune specimen is brushing his hair and is actually counting the brush strokes one by one..." He put the camera back inside the opening of the door.

"... ten... eleven... twelve..." Kurama counted on.

Half an hour and a very disgruntled Hiei later...

"... nine thousand nine hundred and ninety eight... nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine... ten thousand!" Kurama exclaimed, tossing his hair over his shoulder and putting the hair brush down on the vanity (mahogany, pink marble top). He opened one of the drawers to the vanity and pulled out a single red rose. He lifted up the back of his hair and stuck it in.

"That should do it!" Kurama said and turned to walk out of the bathroom, only to see a camera pointed at him. He calmly turned around, grabbed the brush off the vanity, and turned to walk toward the camera again. He walked around the camera and out of its line of vision.

"Hiei!!" Kurama yelled. (Keep in mind, Kurama’s ‘yelling’ isn’t very loud, considering he’s almost never angry)

Hiei had a deer and the headlights look for a moment, then turned the camera to show Kurama.

"Hiei! Turn that damned thing off! How long have you been sitting there?!" Kurama yelled again.

"It seems as if the kitsune specimen has discovered us..." Hiei said in the fake accent.

"Kitsune specimen? Turn that camera off, Hiei! Hiei!"

"Well, now that you’ve caught us, do you mind answering a couple of questions?"

"Hiei, I-"

Hiei cut him off. "Good. Now then, why do you spend so much time brushing your hair?"

"Well, because I always like to look my best, and…" He shook his head. "Hiei, I think that camera’s gone to your head. Besides, you’re going to wear out all the batteries. You know Botan gave you that camera to tape missions. Now turn it off," Kurama said.

"No!" Hiei said, pulling the camera a little closer to him, as if to protect it.

Kurama tackled the camera and the last thing that was heard was Hiei’s protesting as it went fuzzy.

Chapter 2 should be up tomorrow or the next ^^ hope ya enjoyed!

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hello every1 i'll be posting my story up a bit later like around 3:00 e.s.t ^^ hope ya can come and read it! instead of the mix i'm just doing a yyh one it'll be a comedy ^_~

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Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Samurai Deeper Kyo

New anime i just saw *well for me it's new* cuz i've never seen it b4. anyways.. yea it's called Samurai Deeper Kyo!! and it's very good if you haven't seen it before i recommend it ^_~

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Tuesday, December 7, 2004


eww stupid parents are making me go to florida next weekend. >_< grr i have to miss all the shows!!!! will somebody fill me in when i get back? i'd appreciate it greatly. ahhhh

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Monday, December 6, 2004

   10 Commandments of a teenager

10 Commandments of a Teenager!!!

1) thou shall not sneak out when parents
are sleeping.

(why wait?)

2)thou shall not do drugz

(alcohol last longer)

3)thou shall not steel from k-mart.

(Wal*Mart has a bigger selection)

4)thou shall not get arrested for

(destruction has a bigger effect)

5)thou shall not steel from thy parents.

(every-1 knows grandma has more money)

6)thou shall not get in fights.

(just start them)

7)thou shall not skip class.

(just take the whole day off)

8)thou shall not strip in class.

(hooters pays more)

9)thou shall not think about having sex.

(as nike sayz just do it)

10)thou shall not help old ladies cross
the street.

(just leave them in the middle)

lol i thought that's funny ^^

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hello there. how is everyone today? i don't have much to post but i'll be adding wallpapers later today. for all jewish people hannukah starts tomorrow!!!! yay. hmm...have a nice day and i'll talk to ya laters ^_~

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Sunday, December 5, 2004

   la di da

yea it's sunday -_- i'm bored. how are you? i added new wallpapers today.. i'll probably make more. any wallpaper requests?

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Saturday, December 4, 2004

   new theme!!

hello all ^^ how's it going? i decided dnangel had it's time now for fma!!! wahoo yea so what do u think?

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   friday night

omigod did anyone care to watch gundam seed, or .hack??? i took care yes i did.. gundam seed was great and sad *as usual* and .hack was funny balmung!! *glomps*

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