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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

   stupid tv!!

no one likes miguzi right? i sure don't *if you do like it i'm sorry* but i've been informed by my good friends at tvtome that rave master will be airing again on january 22nd everyday at 6:30 p.m. on MIGUZI *shudders* T_T what is this world coming to??? soon they're going to be showing others like it. NOOOOO!!!!! and to top it off the new inuyasha are airing not on saturday, no, but weekdays when hardly anyone will watch unless they have tivo or something to record it, god why do they do this to me?? so i am very angry with cartoon network and adult swim right now.

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Monday, January 10, 2005


not much of a post today...does anyone know when rave master will be on again? i'm not looking foward to the new show called D.I.C.E that toonami will be showing in it's place. but really, any info is good ^_^ thanks so much.. o YEA i added a wallpaper today (fma of course) anywho i have over 7000 people who have downloaded them, that's waayyy over the top! i never would have guessed that many people wow it just amazed me, well thank you all for liking my wallpapers ^_^ *big hug* i never would have made it this far without you guys. so thanks and have a great day!

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Sunday, January 9, 2005


haha what i've got all my materials for creating wallpapers on my brother's computer so i made one, go check it out!! ok besides that, i just wanted to thank everyone who helped me get through this tough part in my life, you guys really did help even if it didn't seem like much, it all added up and so i thank all of you for that. ^_^ well i have to go for now
Adios! one more thing.. new theme!!!!

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Saturday, January 8, 2005

hello all

i guess it's been a while. no? well i guess 4 days isn't too long, but i couldn't stay away forever i love you guys too much ^_^ i'm much better now so i've decided to come back. Unfortunately my computer decided to crash when i made my decision to return so i'm stuck using my brothers, and wallpapers won't be made for a while.. Adios! Much luv

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Monday, January 3, 2005


i'm very sorry to say this, but i will not be able to post in a very long time. it makes me feel sadder the more times i have to say it so this will be the last. the reason is because yesterday my parents died in a car crash and now i'm the legal guardian of my 14 year old sister and 15 year old brother, i'll be working everyday at my job and school will be tough, i'm sorry i have to leave you all for a while but hopefully i will be back, i want to thank all my friends especially the ones who helped me through EVERYTHING. thank you all so much and please have a fun and safe year.goodbye for now and keep smiling.

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Saturday, January 1, 2005


well i hope everyone had a great New years ^_^ i know i did!! i finally got the 2nd Inuyasha movie.. it's soo good!!!! and i got the 5th volume for dnangel, also very good. as for the rest, just random stuff but all is good. 2005 came much faster than i anticipated but it's ok. 18 baby and finally able to vote. you never know, one vote can make all the difference.. bye all and once again Happy New Year

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Friday, December 31, 2004

   : D

it's the 31st!! and that means three things... i added a wallpaper, my theme has changed *like it?*, AND the last one...IT'S MY BDAY!! 18 years old and lovin it ^^ talk to you all later!! One more thing..it's also Inuyasha311's and Zikiya's bday too so go give them a happy comment on their sites!! thanks ^_^ *hugs*

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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Short Post....

okie.. i have two things to say. One, does anybody know where i can get a non fuzzy, decent picture of yusuke in his youkai form? and two please go visit my sister's site.. her username is wolfluver394 she just became a member yesterday and yea. i've been trying to help her out but i think she needs a few friends. Thank you soo much *hugs* (looks over post) hehe i guess it wasn't so short after all ^^

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Tuesday, December 28, 2004


grr my sister is evil...this morning we recieved a package which had dry ice in it. (very fun but it hurts if you touch it too long) anywho she didn't know that, so she picked a piece up and shoved it down my shirt really fast. Unfortunately for me i was wearing a fitted tshirt so the ice stayed there for a while and now i'm here with bandages all around my stomach and back T_T it hurts...

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ok here is what happened yesterday.. my sister wakes me up at 6 am and gives me an early bday present and what is it you ask? The 2nd Inuyasha game which i thought would be a complete waste of time but after 4 hours of ignoring it and 10 mins of staring i finally became bored and decided to play it.. it's a record for me because i beat the whole game in 5 hours *pats self on back* sorry i just had to post this..maybe i'll add it to my accomplishments!!! lol

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