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Hi! You all can call me Azana or by my username. w/e Any graphics you may see on my site were made by me. If you add me as a friend, please sign the gusetbook so I know you've been here n_n If anyone needs any help with making their site just pm me and I'll help! lol Well enjoy your stay, and thank you all so much for visiting.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Goodness it's been such a long time! I wonder if anybody still visits. lol Ok well I have a request of everyone. Will you please go visit my friend's site?

(html isn't working for some odd reason)

She's really cool and I've taught her basically everything I know about photoshop. Gah I wish my account wasn't suspended. Psh...everything I make is my own >_< but I shall not dwell on the past when I have her to make wallpapers. heh. ok well I have to go to work soon!! Ttyl.

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