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Wednesday, February 2, 2005


i'm so tired right now -_-, does anybody know when the new episodes of yyh will be airing? not that i'm saying the old are bad, it's just I really wanna see yusuke in his youkai form

^_^ hehe i can't wait!!! well once again i'm off to work T_T it never ends does it? Adios!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2005


hello everyone, i just came back from a funeral in Florida, that's why I haven't posted in a while, plus I have work -_- oh well. how is everyone? i'm ok i guess. well i just wanted to say hello before i go to work ^_^

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Sunday, January 23, 2005


wow it's been a while, no i haven't left, i've just been busy... i still haven't fixed my computer -_- but i'll get to that sooner or later. my brother is becoming very annoyed with me using it but i really don't know why. *sighs* the saturday line up was very good although it's evil of them not to show the new yyh episodes grr to them and RAVE master!!! woot woot ^^

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Sunday, January 16, 2005


ok another poll, i couldn't wait ^_^ ok well choose again and tell why ^^ o yes and please read the 2nd chap below by hieiartemis ^^ thanks!

Haru Souma


Haru Glory

have fun!!

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2nd Chap

wahoo!! the 2nd chapter, made by hieiartemis is here ^^ yay! a poll will be posted later but until then enjoy!!

"Woah, who is that?" a boy said as Kagome walked into her first class. He stood up and stopped Kagome in her path.

"Hello there," he crooned.

"Uh, hi. I'm Kagome Higurashi," she held out her hand. The boy took it to his lips. This caused Kagome to blush and everyone else to stare.

"To you, I'm Kouga. To everyone else, I'm off limits." He smirked, as if he were really smooth.

Inuyasha stumbled in and grimaced as soon as he saw Kagome. His expression changed the second he saw Kouga, however.

"Who are you?" Inuyasha asked as he made his way over to Kagome.

"Get lost, mutt-face," Kouga said as his arrogant smirk returned. Everyone began to howl with laughter.

Where's Sango? Or even a teacher? Kagome thought miserably.

Some of Kouga's obnoxious friends got into the fray.
"Ha! Mutt-face! Does that make the puppy sad?" they yelled, making whimpering noises as well.

Inuyasha clenched his fists and his eyes began to flicker wildly. Kagome shot Inuyasha a surprisingly concerned look, which calmed him down.

Only one other girl wasn't laughing. She was almost the mirror image of Kagome, only she looked more mature and regal. The girl stood up from her seat. Everyone went quiet.

"Miss Archery Master has something to say," Kouga whispered.

"Leave Inuyasha alone," she spoke, her voice flowing. Kagome couldn't seem to catch her breath at that moment.

"What, Kikyo, do you have a crush on him or something?" someone asked. Kikyo sat down without another word.

"Mixed schools are weird..." Kagome said finally. Inuyasha nodded just as the teacher was coming in.

"Everyone, take your seats."

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Saturday, January 15, 2005


did you all take the poll? i forgot to say what it was for hehe. i'm making a crossover fanfic and i couldn't choose either one so i thought i'd let my friends decide (aka you) yea.. well since the fanfic is on hiatus i guess i'll keep doing polls just for the fun of it.. ok same question as below:

yoko kurama



ok and don't forget to explain why!!

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Friday, January 14, 2005


wahoo 3 day weekend!! anywho...poll!! ok i've got a question (guys you can answer this too) Who would you rather have as a boyfriend (and for guys a best friend) and why?

Dark Mousy


Edward Elric

please remember to explain why. Thanks ^^

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Thursday, January 13, 2005


god i'm so tired @_@ well it seems as if my whole family has decided to join the otaku. it's wonderful *swirls finger* oh joy, well it's my brother's turn now, his username is ed the alchemist he was mad yesterday bcuz i wouldn't help him. oh well, talk to you all laters!

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

woot woot ^^

story time!!! (inuyasha this time) ok! here's the deal, like i said so many weeks ago, hieiartemis and I will be writing a story together, the 1st chapter is by me, 2nd by her, 3rd by me and so on and so forth.. so without further interuptions here is the story:

"Mommy, why are we moving?" asked a 6 year old Kagome. Kagome was sitting in the back seat while her mom and dad were in the front. She was wearing a little yellow, summer outfit and she was wearing pigtails.

"We're moving because my best friend is moving, too. She wants for us to be closer together, dear." Kagome's mom turned around and smiled at her.

"Plus, they have a little boy your age you can play with!" Kagome's dad smiled while looking on the road.

"Boys are icky daddy." Kagome said and stuck out her tongue in disgust.

Her parents chucked and drove up to a driveway. "We're here!" Mrs. Higurashi said.

Kagome looked out the window and saw a big 2-story house next to an identical one. They were unpacking, too. *They must be our new neighbors mommy was talking about.* Kagome thought. She got out of the car holding her little teddy bear in her arms.

A little boy came up to her and said, "You still have a teddy bear?"

"Yeah, so what?" Kagome looked at the little boy and thought, "Eww! Boys are icky!" The boy has long black hair and violet eyes.

"Teddy bears are for babies!"

"So what?! Who are you to say they are?" Kagome crossed her arms with her teddy bear in them.

"My name is Inuyasha, and yours?"

"My name is Kagome and do you live over there?" Kagome said and pointed to the house next door.

"Yeah, we just moved here."

*Oh great, he's my neighbor.?* Kagome thought. Then she was shocked when Inuyasha grabbed her teddy bear and ran across the yard with it. "Hey! Give it back!"

"Try and get it!" Inuyasha screamed while running. Kagome tackled him and they rolled around in the grass.

Kagome's and Inuyasha's parents were standing in the middle of the two lawns, "Don't they look so cute together?" Kagome's mom said.

"Yeah they are just too cute!" Inuyasha's mom said. Little did they know that they weren't just rolling around, they were also punching and pulling each others hair WHILE they were rolling around.

"Come on kids, we've got to go unpack. You two can play together later tonight." Inuyasha's dad called.

They got up and glared at each other as they walk back to their empty houses. In their own separate houses, they spent the while day painting all the rooms and unpacked everything into its place. "Wow, isn't it a miracle that we got everything painted and finished?" Kagome's mom said from the kitchen.

"Mommy, what are you making for dinner? And why are you making so much of it?" Kagome asked tugging on her mom's sleeve.

"Well, dear, I'm making fish and the Chang's are coming over for dinner." She smiled and looked down at her daughter.

"Who are the Chang's?" Kagome asked looking all innocent.

"Inuyasha's family, dear. Now go change into something formal for dinner."

"Oh." Kagome sighed and went up to change for dinner. "Great, now I have to play and be friends with him."

"Daddy, why do we have to dress up?" Inuyasha asked his dad as he was fixing Inuyasha's tie.

"Well, son, we have to be formal for this dinner. Don't you want to look nice for their daughter?" Inuyasha's mom said from the bathroom.

"No, she's the ugliest thing I've ever seen!" Inuyasha protested.

"I bet that's not true, I bet you really like her." Inuyasha's dad stood up.

"Yeah, right." Inuyasha said sarcastically and then scoffed.

Inuyasha's mom got out of the bathroom and said, "Let's go, we don't want to be late." They went over to Kagome's house. Kagome was wearing a long red dress and wore a ponytail. She gave a big smile at Inuyasha's parents as a welcome that showed her braces.

*Man, she's ugly.* Inuyasha thought. They all walked over to the table and ate their meal.

"That was delicious Mrs. Higurashi." Inuyasha complimented.

"Why thank you Inuyasha." Kagome's mom answered. The grown ups went into the living room in front of the kitchen and chatted for a long time, mean while, Inuyasha and Kagome went into the living room with the TV on the other side of the house.

They sat on the couch and Kagome was flipping channels, "Hey what do you want to watch?" Kagome sat back on the couch and said it in a bored voice.

"I don't know, what do you think our parents are talking about? They've been talking for nearly an hour now."

"Probably about the stock market, what ever that is and other big people stuff." Kagome said.

Actually, only the mothers were talking, the fathers were watching a football game. "So, Kagome's going to an all girls school?" Inuyasha's mom asked.

"Yes and Inuyasha?s going to an all boys? school?"

Inuyasha was actually excited about the move because his best friend, Miroku, lives right in front of us.

"What a coincidence! Kagome's best friend, Sango, lives right across from our house!"

"Well, when they get to high school, they have to go to the same public school together."

"That's true. But that means they won?t ever see each other until high school! They have different school times and they will either be spending time on their homework or their best friends will come over." Inuyasha's mom said.

"Yeah, but all the surprise will be so much fun!"

"Hey, I know what will add to that fun!"


"Let's have them to have an arranged marriage!" Mrs. Chang said that made the fathers turn around.

"What do you mean an arranged marriage??" Mr. Higurashi asked.

"Well, come on, you saw how much they got along together this morning, it'll be so cute!" Mrs. Higurashi said.

"But let's not tell them until they are a little more mature and can understand all this." Mr. Chang said.

"Alright! We'll see you in 10 years!" Kagome's mom whispered to Inuyasha's mom as they walked out the door.

"Mommy, what did you and the other grown ups talk about for so long?" Inuyasha asked as they walked back to their house.

"Nothing you need to worry about now, dear." Inuyasha's mom smiled.

~10 years later~

They were all 16 now and it's the first day of high school. Miroku went to the all boys school with Inuyasha and Sango went to an all girls school with Kagome. The school was a uniform school. Girls had to wear a blue mini skirt and a blue scarf-type thing. And boys had to wear a navy blue uniform.

"So, it's the first day of public high school." Miroku said to Inuyasha as they walked 6 blocks to school.

"Yeah, I?ll finally get to see that neighbor of mine after 10 years." Inuyasha said.

"Is she hot?"

"How should I know? I haven't seen her for 10 years! But the last time I saw her she was as ugly as a pig."

"Sango, thanks for talking me to school with you, I'm just so nervous about high school." Kagome said to Sango as Sango?s mom was driving them to school.

"Sure, no problem, so am I, we've been to and all girls? school and now we're going to a public school, it's a big change." Sango said as they stepped out of the car. "So, you said your neighbor is going to be here too? So is mine, but I've actually seen him."

"I've seen him, but it was 10 years ago." Kagome corrected. "So who's your neighbor?"

"His name's Miroku, he's such a pervert you couldn?t even believe."

"We're going to walk home together, do you mind? We're going to walk home together as a group; he's bringing his friend along, too."

"Sure, what ever." Kagome said as they went to their first class.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

   yay ^_^

i'm happy after school i went to work for 4 hours then went to the mall to blow off some steam and lookie what i bought!!!

beautiful no? that made my day but now i'm headed back to work
-_- but i love cooking so it's all good. Adios!

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