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Saturday, October 23, 2004

   you know you watch too much yyh when.. (lol i got this from rekaitentai.net)

-You threaten to send Yuusuke after people who do not-very-nice things to you. (And you believe it's a dang good threat)
-You and your sister, when getting excited about something, yell "Ohhhh!" in unison.
-You flash victory signs whenever you're in a good mood.
-You pose for pictures as though holding out a rei gun.
-You enter a Karaoke contest and sing "Wild Wind" the Kurama/Hiei duet. In gi's, complete with fighting sequence.
-You win the contest ^^;;
-You actually own a real-type plushie of one or more of the characters. (WAII the botan one is so KAWAII!! it even has an oar!)
-You get ticked off if anyone compares it to Dragonball.
-You bought the Japanese manga and have actually sat down and tried to read it.
-You succeeded without taking your frustrations out on inanimate objects.
-You went throught the Japanese Manga and found the names for all the attacks.
-Every time you see alchohol you are reminded of Atsuko or Chuu.
-Every time you see cigarettes you are reminded of Shizuru.
-You try to move like Hiei and only manage to trip and fall and seriously injure yourself. ^^;;
-You try to move like Hiei and suceed. O.o
-You hide flowers in your hair just so you can pretend to be Kurama and pull em out.
-You named your typo demon after a chibi character from the show.
-Everytime you see a cat you pick it up and snuggle it (weather it wants to or not) and squeel, "Eiichi-chan!"
-You glare at the owner when they try to tell you the cat isn't named Eiichi.
-You have actually cosplayed as Botan.
-You would die your hair blue if it wouldn't turn out that awful green color every time you tried.
-You have actually gotten your hair to spike like Hiei's.
-Everytime someone argues with you, you call them one of the youkai's names fromt he show and threaten to take them into custody.
-You have more then 1 stuffed animal whose name is from YYH. (i only have three! honest!)
-you make more then 1 contribution to this list.
-you have more then 1 dream involving any of the characters.
-You have spent hours on end reading translated YYH DJ's.
-You plan on spending most of spring break reading the translated YYH manga.
-You have been given the nickname 'Pacifier no Miko' (does that count?)
-Every time you see someone with a pacifier you have an urge to scream "KOENMA!!!!!!!!!!!"
-You took up gardening.
-You flex your muscles until eyes comes out of your body. O.o
-Cannot wait for death to come.
-Put on fake fox ears.
-You have that dream from the 2nd episode.o_0
-Every time YYh is on, you get all hyped up and get the urge to do back-flips even though you are physically incompetent.
-You and your friends giggle about how kurama or hiei is a major hottie ;)

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