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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

~~Gackt is currently being owned by Miyavi~~

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"Senor Senora Senorita" ~ Miyavi {LIVE @ LFX [01.18.06]}
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"Eeep! 8DDD"

Konbanwa! I apologize for disappearing again *laugh* sorry, but it's in my nature.
Well, I was very happy to hear that you all enjoyed my little dedication/celebration of Gackt on Independence Day {his birthday, as we fans know it} It was quite entertaining trying to throw it all together in the 10 minutes I had XDDD

Anywho! I got my first pay check Friday! *mimics Miyavi's trademark noise* but the thing is {eek} I don't know what to do with all of it! I finally figured out which Miyavi CD I wanted to purchase first, and it turns out MYV*POPS won {it includes some of my very favorite Miyavi songs that I don't own already XDD}

A very exciting announcement for those of you who do not know yet {shame on you *laugh*}


All on the same stage. S.K.I.N. is here! Wooo! For all of you lucky ducks who got to see them at Anime Expo 2007, congratulations. You have officially recieved my loathsome vibes lol, jk but seriously, good for you ^.^ I cannot WAIT for this band to hit America again and if any of you would like to keep up-to-date on their actions, the official American site is
Online Videos by Veoh.com

End time: 22:11 {lol, yes I get distracted 8DDD}

*Fantasy Hearts*

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Well, decided to post again today...so yeah lol here I go:

Sorry I've been away. It's because
1. I get lazy like that
2. I've still been watching anime online XDD Right now I'm working on D.N. Angel, Black Cat, and Death Note...and I'm still waiting for the 25th episode of Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge to be fan-subbed *sniffle* it's torture I tell you, torture! *laugh*

My first week at Target was pretty good. I mean, how could the prospect of getting moolah NOT be motivating lol but everyone has been really nice and people are typically understanding if the cash register goes bonkers or whatever. I won't get my first paycheck for another two weeks though *sniffle* but it'll hopefully be in the 300s, according to my calculations 8DD.

Let's see...I'm gonna be off Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday because my parents are going camping by the beach and best of all I'll be staying at tofu-chan's house! Wooooot! XDD Haha, we can get so hyper or laugh at the dumbest things--it is simply amazing.

Today I go in to get a physical because, apparently, you're supposed to get one every so often *shrugs* but it's not gonna be like...a full-blown physical. They're just gonna measure my height, weight, blood pressure. All the usual info that doctors take from little kids. I am definately passing up on the shots this time around though, just cuz I have to go to work about an hour after my doctor's appointment and I don't want my arms to be really sore. Luggage is on sale this week too -_-;;

Well, before this post gets extremely boring much, I'll be responding to comments:

inkenyo 2.0: Hahaha! You know what--I feel greatly honored having reminded you of Sana Kurada of Kodocha ^.^ I love how random that show is--plus her birthday is the day before mine! How cool is that?!?!? haha

JungWoo: Please forgive me for apologizing all the time *bows* hehehe! jk, jk And yes, Kadajie is very pretty as well. Gah! You know what, I've been hearing so much about Ouran High Host Club or whatever wayyy too much now lol--so I must, must look it up online! XDD Thanks Jungy for helping the anime obsession, thanks ;P

123ZAKURA123: To answer your question, no I've never been to an anime convention before, but my first one will be in July--woot!

TigerFantasy17: Haha! Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge is quite addicting, isn't it? XDD If "kyara" means character, my favorite would have to be Sunako-chan, although I must say my favorite part of all time is when Takenaga-kun is yelling for the phone at the end of Valentine's Day. I swear I was rolling on the floor laughing myself hoarse for about 15 minutes: "Denwa, DENWAAA!" LOL!

Alright, gotta go.

Mata Atode

{Fantasy Hearts}

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Fantasy: Wow, what a week *rubs eyes* and it's not even close to being over yet. Sumimasen, I know I missed visiting some people’s sites, but I’m trying—I'm trying. *yawns*
Kyouhei: Work went well, though. You even talked to people on your lunch and while waiting for your ride home on your second day.
Fantasy: O.O
Kyouhei: *blink*
Fantasy: …and when did you get here?!?!
Kyouhei: Replacement duty. *hands her a slip*
Fantasy: SICK?!?!? OMG what happened?!? Oh my Sephy, what’s wrong with your super-human Jenova cells?!? *runs around, yelling frantically* Tasukete! Kyuukyuusha o yonde kudasaiiiiiii!!! Please anyone TASUKETEEEEEEEEE----
Kyouhei: *trips her* Just let him be *crosses arms* he’ll be fine.
Fantasy: T.T Kyouhei-kun *looks up at him*
Kyouhei: *sparkles*
Fantasy: Aaaaaack! Brilliant Creature! Don’t come any closer!!!! *collapses due to a nose-bleed*
Kyouhei: You’re going to get fired if you start bleeding all over the place.
Fantasy: I did get cut at work the other day.
Kyouhei: Nani?!?!
Fantasy: It was only a small cut on my knuckle, but I felt kinda guilty not noticing it until I was on my lunch break.
Kyouhei: Daijob? *sparkles*
Fantasy: *grabs a tissue for her streaming nose* Hai, arigato Kyouhei-kun. Oh! Gomenisai! Everyone, this is Kyouhei-kun from Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (The Wallflower). *bows*
Kyouhei: Hey *waves shortly, sparkling*
Fantasy: Anywho—it feels good to know that I’m finally making some money. ^.^
Kyouhei: Bonzai! Now you can buy me food! *beams* Food, food! Now! :3
Fantasy: No *glares seriously* now I can save up for anime convention purchases and my cosplay costumes.
Kyouhei: Pural?
Fantasy: Hai. The convention is three days long and I would like to go as Kyo Sohma, Sunako Nakahara, and Rukia Kuchiki.
Kyouhei: S…S-Sunako-chan?
Fantasy: Hai! *beams*
Kyouhei: Nande? Nande?!?! One Sunako-chan is enough to deal with @_@
Fantasy: *laugh* and your rent if you fail her *smirk* Aww, but you know you love her! *poke*
Kyouhei: *looks away* I do not.

Fantasy: Moving on, a lot of people have been saying that I've been hyper lately ^^;; I guess that's kind of true...I don't know. When I go through an emotion, I don't just feel it, I live it. When I'm happy, I'm entirely happy, and when I'm depressed, I get extremely depressed. Unfortunately I change emotions pretty quickly. I'm not bi-polar or anything cuz every teen's life has extreme emotions, right? I don't know...it's probably not so good for my heart though. Sometimes I experience what feels like heart murmurs (when the heart skips a beat) or when my pulse quickens for a few seconds like my heart is having to overwork itself. I don't know if I imagine that though...and I don't know if it's due to the fainting spells I had when I was younger...but I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.
Kyouhei: Geez, don't have to get all deep and sinister on them.

Fantasy: Oop! Gomen, gomen! Hey guess what Kyouhei!
Kyouhei: What?
Fantasy: I am now on episode 25 of YNSH (lol, sounds sooo hard-core XDD)
Kyouhei: Kanpai!
Fantasy: I know *wide grin* But I’m very sad to hear there are only 25 episodes *sniffle* I will surely miss it…probably the most I’ve ever missed an anime series although I haven’t completely seen very many…
Kyouhei: I miss Sunako’s cooking already. T.T Oh the fried shrimp...
Fantasy: *smacks him on the back* Told ya you loved her! *scampers away giggling*
Kyouhei: That’s it! Come here Punie-chan! *runs after her*
Fantasy: *Sunako-chan giggle*
Kyouhei: Stop that!!!
Fantasy: *Su-chan giggle giggle* Mata atode!

~Have you ever been to an anime convention?
~If so, as what character?
~Have any questions for me?
~Do you think my posts are too long? XDD

@Fantasy Hearts@

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fantasy: Hello everyone! ^.^
Sephiroth: And what are you so happy about today?
Fantasy: Sephiroth, my love you came back to me! *glomp*
Sephiroth:ACK! Psh, yeah--how else will you get peeps to visit your site?
Fantasy: Eep! You said peeps! *points and laughs* So my brainwashing is helping? Mwahhaahahaha! By the way, I got 11 comments on my own yesturday *beams* So you're unneeded. *shoose him away*
Sephiroth: *pouts* That's hurtful.
Fantasy: *pokes him* Moving on, orientation at Target went very well. OMG I was sooo nervous, but everyone else attending that session was about my age too, hehe ^^;; so that was comforting.
Sephiroth: *sincerely* Congratulations!
Fantasy: Daww! *hugs* OMG Sephy, guess what time it is!
Sephiroth: -_-;; What time is it?
Fantasy: *jumps in the air* RESPONSE TO COMMENTS!
Sephiroth: *falls over* ...amazing ><
Fantasy: *holds up her pointer finger* Keep in mind this segment might be quite long for I had 11 comments ^.- Thanks so much everyone! *hugs* hehe

To FunkyArtMonkey: There are about three sites I use to view anime *laugh* I guess you could say I "shop around" for quality. Veoh.com is very good and so is Guba.com. I also visit Myspace.com and YouTube.com. Crunchyroll.com has very poor quality (at least on my computer) and YouTube has the second worst quality. Let the obsession of anime begin! ^.^

To Tamako315: Yay you can comment! *does a victory dance* Haha, and yes, you! *points* are the one who has triggered this Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge addiction!!! lol, I thanked you in a post not too long ago for posting a video of it on your site as well XDD I'm only on episode 17 though lol. I shall thank you again *bows*

To Siaras Kaiba: Yes, I beleive I did ask for a code, but I ended up finding it lol but thanks. ^.^

To the78thdude: LOL 3 friends who work at Target?!?! Haha, well it is supposed to be a really good place to work at..wow, I don't know how many times I heard Target's goal to be "The Best Company Ever" in oreintation today LOL!

To hollow eyes: Awwwww! *hugs* Thanks so much for the compliment! I'm glad I've found such a great friend in you! And I'm pretty sure I'll be needing to talk you up on your offer. *hugs* Thanks for being there for me!

To Hatsu Zatsu: Yeah, I didn't sign up to work very many hours--I do want some summer vacation as well! haha Good luck getting a job at Starbucks or PacSun if you decide to ^.^ Hehe, I'm only on episode 7 of D.N. Angel, but I love it ^.^ Daisuke reminds me of Sora (Kingdom Hearts) sooooooo much! hahaha

Fantasy: Again thanks to everyone who commented and wished me luck in my orientation!!!
Sephiroth: I think they get the point.
Fantasy: *pushes him into his bed* Mkay, bedtime for you Mr. Grumpy-pants. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is my first day on the job woot! *crosses fingers* Punie's gonna be makin' some moneh! *beams*
Sephiroth: *hugging his teddy* Yeah, yeah, yeah we heard ya yesturday.
Fantasy: *puts his thumb in his mouth* Night night Sephy!
Sephiroth: Goodni-- *snores softly, sucking his thumb*
Fantasy: *turns off the light and closes the door behind her*

@Fantasy Hearts@

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Bleak, bleak site again *sigh* Kind of depressing, eh? lol...I'll have to work on it one of these days XDDD

Well, I start my job at Target tomorrow (Monday) at 9:00am--orientation is 3 hours!!! At least they're paying me during that time though *beams* It's my first job, so I'm pretty psyched, but that also means that...I won't be around here much, or at least I don't think I will be. I haven't been lately, so I apologize for that--I just recently got hooked on three anime shows: Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (The Wallflower), DN Angel (I FINALLY found it online!!!), and Black Cat--woot! And since my parents time how long I use the computer, my precious time has been given up to those obsessions *laugh*

Hope everyone enjoys your week and hopefully I'll be able to come on here at least a few times a week. Au Revoir

~ Fantasy Hearts ~

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Scratched the layout. Oh well, I've been in a black disposition for a while now anyways...

I don't have anything important to say today...well, I never really have but I guess you're still visiting. I guess I've taken it for granted too...so thanks, I really appriciate it. Without you guys I don't know where I'd be at in life...I know from past experiences that I can never truely know any of you, since you can be whoever you want to be online...I'm not saying I don't trust any of you, but these friendships...they aren't part of reality. So I guess thanks for taking me away from reality...for at least a chance to take a breath...

Do any of you know what anime he is from? I'm really interested in watching it.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fantasy: *walks in* Hola peeps! Sorry a few of you have to read a cut-off post again today >< I promise if I can't figure it out I'll ditch the layout cuz I, personally, would find it mucho annoying to have to guess what words are getting cut off.
Yesturday I participated in my first ever car wash fundraiser--yay! It was for our high school's music department and I signed up because I'm joining chior next year ^.^ It was pretty darn fun, and I was grateful that when I was there none of the girls who were also there were dressed like little sluts like the typical car washes that you pass today. And OMG there was this really really cute guy! Gah!! *drool*
Sephiroth (still tied to the pole): *rolls eyes* oh no, what ever did you do?
Fantasy: I actually talked to him!!! XDD A year or two ago I would have been too shy to, but yup I was able to ask him two questions ^.^
Sephiroth: congratulations.
Fantasy: *punches his shoulder* buck up buster! You should be celebrating! Once I finally get a boyfriend, I'll release you from polie here *grin*
Sephiroth: *mumble grumble* Gonna spend an eternity on a stupid pole.
Fantasy: *hugs him* And with your favorite person!!!
Sephiroth: So? What happened with the kid?
Fantasy: Being a freshman this next year, he was more interested in messing around with the senior guys than talk to girls -_-' He did answer my questions though! XDDD
Sephiroth: Wow, you really are pathetic.
Fantasy: Hey, without girls like me you wouldn't have a purpose.
Sephiroth: *glares* That's hurtful.
Fantasy: The truth hurts, my friend. *pokes him*
Sephiroth: *glares* Didn't you have anything else to talk about?
Fantasy: *thinks* Oh! Yeeup. *beams*
Sephiroth: Thank Jenova!
Fantasy: I watched the first episode of Death Note the other day. I don't know what all of the hulubaloo is about. I'm unsure how they could possibly extend the plot of this one, but then again anime usually finds random ways of continuing XDD or there's a sudden twist somehow. I don't know, but I'll give it a try.
Fantasy: *looks over at Sephiroth* ... *evil smirk*
Sephiroth: O.O what?
Fantasy: This concludes our broadcast for today. See you all back here tomorrow and enjoy the rest of your Sunday. *tip-toes over to Sephiroth and starts braiding his hair*
Sephiroth: ...why me?!?!? T.T

~ Fantasy Hearts ~

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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Fantasy: Guesss who's back!!! Meeeeeeee!!!!
Sephiroth: Well this your site, Captain Obvious.
Fantasy: That's Miss Leutenant General Secret Agent Punie to you, Mr. Threatens-the-Site-Manager-if-He-is-Not-Featured-on-Her-Site.
Sephiroth: Hey, it worked...softy *smirk*
Fantasy: -_-;;
Fantasy: *pokes him* XDDD
Sephiroth: *colapses from shock*
Fantasy: Mwahahaaha!
Anywho, today's kind of a long post cuz I really feel like talking to myself *laugh*, just ta warn ya.
In my absence because of school, I forgot to tell you guys I got my first ever wall scroll! *beams* It puuuuuurty. See for yourself: wall scroll. (The date on the picture is, of course, not on the wall scroll, our camera just likes feeling smart, so stamps that on all of the pictures we take--quite annoying) It's of Squall and Rinoa cuz they're such a cute couple ^.^
Sephiroth: *rolls eyes* And you're just a hopeless romantic like that.
Fantasy: *hugs him* I know! Which is why you're here to keep me company!
Sephiroth: *tries to squirm out of the hug* That's what emo Cloud is for!!!
Fantasy: Dawww! You just don't see Sephy, you're just as emo as he is! And almost just as cute *smiles*
Sephiroth: Almost? T.T
Fantasy: Yeah...you're a villan/weird alien child cute; he's a spikey blonde/gaga-drool cute.
Sephiroth: Whatever *grumble mumbles* So...you picked Yuna to be your site's theme why?
Fantasy: Dunno, I made this layout a while ago, I just couldn't figure out how to put it onto Otaku successfully...and I still don't know if it's okay--so please peeps, tell me in your comments if my site looks wacky (or if you can't see all three colmns and whatnot)
Sephiroth: Which it probably does since she still sucks at html coding.
Fantasy: *glares* don't make me hug you again. Besides, I'm the one making your name blue every time you talk, so bleh--be grateful!
In other news! Hmm..alright, I don't want to bore you or make too long of a post so you end up just reading half of it XDDD I'll continue tomorrow woot!
Sephiroth: So I can go now?
Fantasy: You are dismissed *bows and walks away*
Sephiroth: Umm...Punie? Punie, you kind of tied me to this pole....Punie? Punie get back here!!!! Wah, I'm stuck T.T

~ Fantasy Hearts ~

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Quick post while I'm at it *laugh*

Last night was fun--we ended up just playing video games all night long instead of watching any movies--I have a blister from Guitar Hero XDD I only stayed till midnight though, cuz my mom and I wanted to walk to church the following morning for daily mass.

Anywho, I'm off to clean my room, hopefully *crosses fingers* It's gotten pretty darn bad...it's disgusting to be in there, actually just cuz you can only see about a third of my floor *shiver* so hopefully I'll be able to get in there and not get distracted before I finish (which usually happens) and vacuum and stuff--then I'll have my room back, yay!

Wow, that must have been so interesting for you to read...

I think I might start playing FFXII again. For some reason I keep on playing one day for a good few hours, then not playing again for a few weeks *laugh* I guess I'm just not too keen on the "evil twin" plot line...it's just that that stupid little "oh I have an evil twin" excuse crap is used wayyyy too often...and I like Tetsuya Nomura's character design much much better than this other guys (whose name I'm not to interested in looking up, sorry)

well, enjoy your...what is it today? lol, summer hits and I forget what day of the week it is. Well, have an awesome day.

~ Fantasy Hearts ~

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hello world! haha, yes, I know I am posting very late. XDD

I'm enjoying being able to visit everyone's sites again--summer is sooo nice ^.^

Well, thanks for the good luck wishes for me yesturday--I passed the written driving test woot!!! So all I have to do now is take the behind-the-wheel courses with an instructor and start driving. Joy!

Well, on short notice I'll be heading up to my good friend Mandie's house to join her and my other great friend Vanessa in a movie night hehehe! So that'll be fun...even though she has two small dogs and I hate pets >< Awh yes, the sacrafices you make for friends...anywho, enjoy the rest of today and have an awesome day tomorrow everyone! *hugs all*

And thanks for 9 comments yesturday XDDD

~ Fantasy Hearts ~

Oh crap! Just to let you all know, I've started watching Black Cat--woot! I saw the first episode on youtube this morning ^.^ I only wish youtube had DN Angel episodes *sniffle* Mkay bye now!

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