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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 06/24/07:
Welcome to the kingdom

Result Posted on 06/11/07:
The first Japanese band I ever heard, making them close to my heart. P.S. Long live Mana Sama hehehe

Result Posted on 06/02/07:
Kickass song

Result Posted on 12/21/06:
Ain't that the sad truth...

Which Seven Deadly Sin are you?

Envy- You hate everything about yourself. Everyday you wish you were a different person.You will become a stalker, wanting parts of people you can never have.
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Result Posted on 12/05/06:
Look out peoples! Punie's out ta get you next! *looks around sneakily*

What Type of Killer Are You? [cool pictures]

You are an assassin.
That means you are a proffessional and do your job without mixing any emotions in it. In your life you have probably been hurt many times and have gotten some mental scars. This results in you being distant from people. Though many think that you are evil, you are not. What you really are is a person, trying to forget your pain and past. You are the person who never seems to care and that is why being an assassin fits you good. Atleast, that's what people think. Even if you don't care that much for your victims, you still have the ability to care and to generally feel. It is not lost, just a little forgotten. In crowds you tend to not get to noticed, and dress in black or other discrete colours. You don't being in the spotlight and wish people would just leave you alone. But once you do get close to someone you have a hard time letting go and get real down if you loose him/her.

Main weapon: Sniper
Quote:"The walls we build around us to keep out the sadness also keep out the joy" -Jim Rohn
Facial expression: Narrowed eyes
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Result Posted on 09/18/06:
This picture reminds me of Malice Mizer! lol Envy...yeah, I believe it... -glares across the room-

Which deadly sin do you represent? (Angel Sanctuary Pics)

Result Posted on 09/04/06:
-sigh- Guilty as charged-lol. Any other world seems better than this one (most of the time)...to me. Like Final Fantasy! -sigh- If only...

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What Personality Do You Have?
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Result Posted on 08/02/06:

your dragon self (stunning pics and detailed results)

You Are A Shadow Dragon, You are a nocturn creature, you live underground or in dark places. You are independant and solitary, and very rarely in couple(in other words, your better off alone). You are not a good flyer and you would rather walk. Your sight is clear with the star and altered with normal sun light. The spells you use are always darkness and you can guess light and fire ones are dangerous for you. You can spit a cloud that makes your ennemies blind and tired. Your body and your bat like wings are semi-transparent, and your eyes are opal grey.you control: the shadowsstone: hematitquote:"It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more" from J.K. Rolling
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Result Posted on 07/30/06:

You scored as Ida. Your name is Ida, which means : Industrial and A Hard Worker. You want to accomplish things in life, but you know that accomplishements don't come to you on a silver platter. You aren't afraid to work for what you want, and are very efficient in all that you do. People are inspired by your determination, and feel as ease knowing you are handling things.

Result Posted on 07/30/06:
Uh-oh! Noooo!!!! This isn't a good sign!!!! This one's inacurate-yup, has to be...but I love the picture. ^^ Wow! Shares results with only 6%

What type of person is drawn to you? (Amazing anime pics!)

Decent: Because you are looking for the smart, well brought up partner you are most probably going to get someone who was doing the same. Both of you are super determined to earn both of you the perfect life. In the end you will get everything you ever dreamed of and so much more, but you will still be looking for something else. Relationship doesn't matter much between you two as time progresses. At many times it may seem awkward. Both of you need to let go and enjoy the simple pleasures in life and be yourslef because without that you don't have anything. Focus more on the person than other matters. The relationship still has a lot of potential and adventually things will be worked out between you and them.
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