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Monday, October 22, 2007

21 October 2007
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::Gakkari {Disappointed}::

Lately I feel disconnected. I find it hard to continue trying to find friendly conversation. No one seems to want to listen to me and their eyes wander. So I end up becoming annoyed with friends I thought I had.

Japanese artists are so cute with their blogs: all of the pictures they take with their phones and how they talk about the food they are eating or when they took a nap or went and got their hair done.

Speaking of hair, I got mine cut like Miku's and I love it! First time when the cut actually looks like the picture I gave the person...well, I made a collage (sp?) this time :3
The cosmotologist (sp? lol!) thought Miku was a girl, but I wasn't about to correct her...would have been distracting xDD

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{Fantasy Hearts}

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

13 October 2007
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"Hero Without A Name" ~ An Cafe

::Kappatsu {"Energetic"}::

First things first, I don't care what anyone says, the new An Cafe ROCKS and the new members have proved to be great contributions. P.S. Miku is hot {and is the only guy in Japan who's had braces and is proud of it xDDD}

Kakusei heroism ~THE HERO WITHOUT A "NAME"` By Antic Cafe

Add to My Profile | More Videos

Welcome! Wow, I've been gone so long I, myself, was starting to wonder whether or not I was still alive. {okay bad joke, but I really don't care right now xDD}
It's times like these when I once again realize how much time school takes out of a person's life xDD My humblest apologies to all of you for my prolonged absence. Hey, you have to admit: how well you do in school reflects how well you'll do in life, hands down. Unfortunately, my grades aren't as leveled as they usually are. Pre-Cal is a B+ and Honors Physics is a C as of now -_-; makes me sick just thinking about it. Physics isn't entirely my fault--the guy doesn't teach well and buy the time he's done with a problem, more than half the class isn't paying attention because he's screwed it up 5 bajillion times and has come up with magical formulas and sh--. More than half of us failed the first test. So I have no idea how I'm going to get an A in this class *sigh* I'll try my best.
I'm in the fall play, once again. My character has OCD, which is proving to be difficult to pull off. It's a disorder that one could easily overact, if that makes sense to anyone. This will be my last play in high school. Everyone always gets the same parts. There's the girl who gets the lead, the girl who always gets the teacher/old stuck-up person, and I always get the bit part that has an odd role, which keeps it interesting, but still. I'm tired of all of us being stuck in the same roles every single time. I'm threw.
I went to New York last Thursday-Sunday. Schoolwork wasn't as hard to make up as I thought it would be {I called in sick} and we saw the broadway show "Marry Poppins" which was AMAZING!!!
More on my New York trip in the next post, including pictures of 'arc~en~Ciel--NO JOKE!!!

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"Hero Without A Name" ~ An Cafe
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{Fantasy Hearts}

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

19 September 2007
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"Snow Scene" ~ An Cafe

::Fuyukai {"Uncomfortable"}::

Konbanwa *o-jigi*

Well school has been keeping me pretty darn busy, obviously. I check PM's almost daily though, if any of you are dying to talk to me xDDD

So...I don't know what to say that won't bore you xDD so I guess I'll just say what's on my mind.

A Japanese exchange student is here! :3 Her name is Rio and she'll be staying for the whole year! ZOMG! And today I was wearing a Kyo Sohma shirt and she asked about it, and then I showed her my binder with Anime/Jrocker pictures on it. She knew all of the anime but 1 and she knew 2 of the Jrockers---Gackt preformed at a high school graduation near her house! ZOMGGGGGGGG!!! lol
Oh, I also shocked her when I started practicing Japanese with her. I can't express how excited I was ^.^ so hopefully I'll be able to learn a lot this year about the Japanese culture and language. She's sooooooo kawaii! She's a sophomore {I beleive} and is, like, mucho shorter than me! xDD {and I'm only about 5'2"/5'3" lol}

Now for a more serious topic, I'd really like your advice. There's this friend of mine who is going through a rough time. Abusive time at home as well as his dad serving in Iraq...add on that his great grandparents and grandparents have been passing away these last 1-2 years and he's kind of a mess. He's told me on IM that he loves me and stuff...but I don't know what to do about it...and last night after I logged off he listed things he thought I was...I mean, like "I think you---" and "I wonder--" and the startling thing is he analysed me perfectly. Every ugly thing about me, yet he didn't even know it. He was writting out of frustration, I guess but I have no idea how to handle it now...He keeps saying he wants to kill himself, which I don't want him to do, but does that mean I should back down and submit to going out with him? Gah, high school is so complicated, I swear.

Well, thanks to those of you who listened. I appretiate it.

O-yasumi nasai

P.S. Jung Woo---I've been catching up on your story, but I'm waiting to post comments until I'm completely caught up. I hope you don't mind terribly.

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"Appears (Armin van Buuren remix)" ~ Ayumi Hamasaki
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{Fantasy Hearts}

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

4 September 2007
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"LIPS" ~ Megamasso


Konbanwa *o-jigi*

Well, I got tagged today by "the next FLCL" so...yeah, I'll try to make it interesting, but we'll see.


1. Post these rules
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Tags should write a journal/blog of these facts.
4. At the end of this list 8 more people are tagged and named.
5. Go to their page and leave a comment/message telling them you have tagged them.

::Random Facts::

1. This year I'm dressing in Japanese Visual Kei/Decora styles to school. *shrug* Decided to just go bold I guess.
2. I am officially addicted to Anime Conventions as of July 2007 and want to learn how to sow in order to make my own cospaly outfits :3
3. I'm half Mexican though I have very pale skin, so stupid racist idiots at school insult me with their lame racist jokes and comments without even knowing it.
4. I actually flipped someone off today--right in his face...I kind of surprised myself with that...
5. I'm still afraid of the dark do to my overpowering imagination.
6. People call me a nerd though I don't really consider myself one. I don't study much, I'm just smart. *shrug*
7. I wish I could learn to love others...and truely, truely care about friends or find someone I can't help but connect with. So many have left me without saying goodbye or have shown they'd rather spend time together without me though...so I've forgotten friendship...quite pathetic.
8. I'm trying to learn two languages at the same time {Japanese and Spanish} the first being a personal goal, the second as a school requirement...I'll get back to you on how that turns out...

::Those Tagged::
1. TigerFantasy17
{Ha!!! Now you have to post :3 please? lol}
2. the78thdude
3. XxAerithXx
Weeeeeeeee! Welcome Back ^.^v
4. bLuE eYeS
5. Silver Wolf Shiko
Yup, yup--I still don't know you too well xD
6. akebaneamino
Yo, Mr. Asian! ^.^v
7. CurseoftheZodiac
Umm...I can't remember if you've already been tagged or not, but there ya go xDD
8. Tamako315
Yay for last victim! xDDD hehe, have fun

Hope that was at least slightly entertaining...
Well, I guess that's all I have to say today.

Ja, mata

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"Ashita, Genki ni Naare" ~ Miyavi
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{Fantasy Hearts}

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Sunday, September 2, 2007

1 September 2007
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"Cubic[L/R]ock" ~ Ayabie

::Super Crazy Excited::

Konbanwa! Sumimasen, I haven't been on lately guys {a heartfelt apology goes out to JungWoo--I'll try to catch up on your story as soon as possible, okay? I feel aweful I haven't been on to read it.}

Anywho, I haven't been on due to school/mucho homework and work -_-' I haven't had a weekend since I started school. It's a wonder I even find time to finish homework on the weekends.

Oh! I got an 80GB iPod with two of my paychecks :3 I named her Ayaka {meaning "colorful flower/fragrant/summer"} because the Japanese foreign exchange student I really talked a lot to last spring had that name, and that was a very special experience--especially when she freaked about loving my Kyo Sohma shirt I wore one day xDD

I'm going to another Anime Convention tomorrow with my best friend Kendra. I'll be Rikku and she'll be Lulu {Final Fantasy X}. It's gonna rock.

Sorry, I wrote a lot for not visiting in forever...well, hope I can be on here again soon.


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"LIPS" ~ Megamasso
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{Fantasy Hearts}

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Monday, August 13, 2007

12 August 2007
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"MASK" ~ Dir en grey


Well, I don't have much to say...I have tomorrow {Monday} off woot! so I'll probably go running *shrug*. I'm also going to start up a site where I post various stories I've written, so I'd really appriciate your support.

::Response to Comments::

haha hello kitty huh, sounds super fun! ^-^
wow sorry bout the whole work thing, hope u feel better. hmm....somegirl eh....i shall pay her a visit...maybe hahahahahaha, and might i say it was super nice of u to answer all those people comments...er questions.

Yeah, I've recently discovered how cute she actually is lol. Thanks, but there's no need to feel sorry for me. ^.^ I'm making money--that's all that matters xDD. *bows* And thank you for visiting somegirl. People should always get oodles of comments on their birthday lol. Awww, thank you for the compliment--I always liked it when people would respond to the comments I left them, so I'm kinda picking up the habit I guess ^.^

sora kairi 4ever:
i had a hello kitty backpack...but hello kitty was trying to be a rapper with a tattoo...O_o

Wow that's...kind of disturbing xDD On the backpack I ended up purchasing she's kind of dresssed Kawaii Lolita, but she did originate in Asia, so that makes more sense than a rapper Hello Kitty, right? lol

red cards...? Bad or good? haha....you mentioned gettng lucky so maybe it's different from sports?
kya 80g!! I only have 30g ^^; but I still can't seem to fill it up! Have fun! I also wish that they came in nicer colors but I just buy colored cases or put stickers on mine xDD

Red cards a.k.a. Target credit cards lol, so it's good that I've been getting people to sign up for them. It keeps me from getting threatened to lose my job ^^;;
Yeah, I don't think I'll ever fill up my 80GB...it would probably store everything saved on my computer and more xDD but I figure I might as well spend the extra $100 {between the 30gb and the 80gb} so I'll never have to upgrade to a bigger one *shrug*
lol, but yeah I'm totally buying a silver sharpie {cuz I'm getting a black one} and doodling all over it xDD

Redcard Queen eh? Well that's a XD lovely name! But a new iPod, that's cool. I wish I could find someone who would actually FIX MINE (Apple bastards!!!)
*hunts down everyone who works for the Apple Company and chops their heads off*

Lol, yes a very corny name xDD but oh well haha.
I hope your iPod somehow gets fixed soon! The excuse they gave you was so stupid. Grr.

Silver Wolf Shiko:
Wah! Lucky you! I wish I could get an iPod like that...I only have a 2GB Nano that's silver. D= Oh well, it carries all of my Jrock, so I'm happy with it! ^-^
There's these awesome messenger bags that I want that I saw at Wal*Mart the last time we went. They had a black Pirates of the Caribbean one with hot pink dragons on it, and a really awesome black Tinkerbell one. I wonder if I can find them at Target...I never really caught on to Hello Kitty. ^^; We're going school shopping next weekend, so I get some new clothes and stuff then. I hope to find some black and white stripped knee-high socks at Hot Topic, like the ones Ryouhei sometimes wears. ^o^

Yeah, it's taking me two paychecks {4 weeks worth of work} to buy it ^^;; but it'll be worth it. Much better than a portable CD player xDD
OMG I want that Pirates/Hot Pink dragon bag!!! Hot Pink is my new favorite color :3 {blame Miyavi-kun} I know Target has an Asian kind of tote bag of Pirates with a skull and caligraphy, but it's not in the back to school section, it's in the luggage section *don't ask me why lol*
Yeah, I've just recently caught on to Hello Kitty...all part of my "Asian Obesssion" that keeps on exploding xDD And probably because she's associated with hot pink much of the time xDDDD
Hope you are able to find those knee-high socks! I've been wanting some myself, but alas I don't know when I will next find myself in Hot Topic *sigh*

xDDDD thanks soo much for the card!!! it was adorable!
awe! i love hello kitty! it's so cute!
they need to make something called "what's up puppy" *gasp* i will be the greator of that! xD

Aww, so glad you enjoyed the card! ^.^
Yesh, Hello Kitty is very cute. I totally need to get a plushie now xDD
OMG "what's up puppy" sounds sooooo cute--I'm dead serious I would totally buy him! :3

{goodnight...cuz I'm posting late-ish}

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"Promised Land" ~ L'arc~en~Ciel
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{Fantasy Hearts}

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

11 August 2007
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"Kousou Saisai" ~ Karma Shenjing


First of all, a very Happy Birthday!!! to somegirl so go visit her and wish her an awesome day, alright?

I really, really didn't want to go to work today {Saturday}. I got another Red Card...woo.hoo. *sarcastic* and now the jerk of a supervisor is all buddy-buddy calling me the Red Card Queen. Give me a break...

This next Friday I can finally buy my 80GB iPod--woot! I only wish they sold them in the Nano colors. I'd totally get the hot pink or the blue...oh well, I guess.

I got some school supplies today, including two Hello Kitty folders hehe--and I'm getting a cute Hello Kitty backpack tomorrow as well cuz they're going on sale :3 We don't really have money right now for new clothes, but eh that whole "new band-to-school-outfit thing is overrated.

:Response to Comments:

Sorry I haven't done this in a while...

I'd really like to know how u get to hearing about these AMAZING BANDS! Trust me you've got amazing taste in music. * looks in admiration. HEEHEE i'll ttyl, u have cool pics on ur site. XD

lol, well this one I found on www.lokisa.com because they're featuring their CD right now. Awwww! Thanks for the compliment ^.^ I just enjoy interesting music and interesting voices, so I'm nothing special haha. Arigatou gozaimasu *bows*

Oh and don't worry XD the "head injury" I mentioned is just cuz I bumped my head on the ladder when I went swimming with my friend the other day XD! Just moron Jungy, have no worries! Lmao!

lol ohh! haha, and I commented on that post too xDD Well, glad your headache went away then. ^.^

congrats on the prizes.. that seems cheep of target though -.-; lol
...i think i've heard of them before but not a lot about them..
oh cool! put on of their songs up sometime!^^

Yes, I think that's pretty cheap of Target too xDD but hey, better than nothing *shrug*
I'll put some of their music up when I put up the theme of them.

Silver Wolf Shiko:
OoooOOOooo...I think I've heard about them before...is the lead singer a girl? If so, then I definitely have. Just haven't listened to them yet. xD Hee, and yes, the comment button is working today! =D
Ryouppei!!!! *huggles* Ah, the chanele Miyavi was on is called IMF (International Music Feed). I know for sure if you have Dish Network and have America's top 200, it'll be on there. I have Direct TV, so I miss out on all the foreign music goodness. ;__;

Nah, the main singer isn't a girl, but that's cool to hear there's a JRock band that DOES have a female lead singer!
Aww, I don't think I have that channel *sniffle* I'll have to look it up though, definately! Thanks ^.-

Congrats and good job about your work^^ You have good conversational skills ne? I would probabaly be like meh _ _;...
I like bands like that....ones that combine different types of music to make a unique soune...like Malice Mizer rock and classic....xDDD

Arigatou gozaimasu, but in all truths I just got lucky getting the Red Cards, for the most part
OMG I love bands like that too--like I told AngelicCat, I'm really into interesting music. The singer's voice doesn't have to be totally amazing if I find it unique, and same with the music a band makes.
<3 Malice Mizer forevs! Miss them terribly *sniffle*

Nice! I know that my friends have quotas for the credit card things. That band sounds freaking awesome! If you get those sent to you via im...can you send them to me too? I really love Traditional remakes. Well...that's what I call them anyway.

Yeah, I'll totally send over the songs next time we're online at the same time.

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people talking
:Time End:

{Fantasy Hearts}

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Friday, August 10, 2007

10 August 2007
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{OMG mid-day post!}
:Listening to:
"Shiki Gakuodori" ~ Karma Shenjing

::Happily Rockin'::

I'm very excited today ^.^ Why?

1. I got three people to sign up for Target credit cards meaning I got three grabbag prizes and a $5 gift card--woot! xDD

2. I've stumbled upon a new, fantastically awesome band! They're called Karma Shenjing and are new to the whole Japanese Rock scene. What makes them unique is that they combine both traditional Japanese music with JRock--OMG it is soooo beautiful to listen to!! They also have a very wonderful style of dress. It's still Visual Kei but with a slight twist--the material of their clothing is the beautiful silks of traditional kimonos!!! OMG drop dead gorgeous!!!!!
Best of all, my friend got her hands on the songs so she's sending them to me via Messenger! *squeek*
I'm definately changing my theme to them next :3

Have an awesome Friday everyone! Oh, and thanks to the people who commented via pm the other day...I'm hoping the comment button works today *crosses fingers*

:Listening to:
"Tenkuu Hyoubou" ~ Karma Shenjing
:Time End:

{Fantasy Hearts}

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

8 August 2007
{in California}
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"Kekkon Shiki no Uta ~Kisetsu Hazure no Wedding March~ (Solo)" ~ Miyavi


What kind of Cookies n' Cream ice cream tastes like Egg Nog?!?!? Eh, I ate it anywho o_O

Moving on--work was good today. The jerk of a supervisor was there, but there was also a really, really nice supervisor I had never worked with before, so that was pleasant. ^.^

I feel bad cuz I havnen't been studying much Japanese in the past five days...I'll try studying at night again, I seem to learn more in the late hours.

Here's my school schedule for those interested:

1st ~ Pre-Calculus
2nd ~ Concert Choir
3rd ~ Honors Physics
4th ~ Spanish 1
5th ~ US History
6th ~ English

I'm excited for the new year to start. Feels like it's gonna rock this year. Hopefully I'm not wrong. I start Wednesday.

Yesturday I went to see Transformers with my brother, sister, and cousin and it was pretty good. The CGs are excellent and I really love watching Shia Lebeouf {sorry, sp} preform. He reminds me of an old classmate too lol.

I'm feeling much healthier now that I'm running a lot again. I've only lost about 2 pounds, but feeling much healthier feels really good.

I'm going to the mall tomorrow to buy some Asian shoes. I seriously almost glomped the sign posted outside the shop when I saw they'd be getting them. Some of the text on the add was even in Hiragana--woot! I'm also heading over to Barnes and Noble to see if the new issue of PurpleSky magazine is out--cuz it has Miayvi on the cover :3

Sorry it's a long post again; believe me I try to keep them short lol

:Listening to:
"Always" ~ Blink 182
{lol, wow English song...but now I'm lovesick xDD jk}
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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

6 August 2007
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{yes, early. I'm writing on Word right now}
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"Hoshi Furi Hachi Nite" ~ Megamasso


Well I'm better today. In reality I was better a few minutes after posting. Sorry about that, by the way. I know it sounded extremely immature with all of the cussing and whining and whatnot, but my annoyance got the best of me at the time which just happened to be my regular posting time. Just one of those blah days, I guess and the girl that was boasting about "The Love of Her Life" already irritates me enough without such talk: so there you have it. Angry, immature, babyish post.

To be completely honest, I'd rather wait until after high school to get a boyfriend. I know that sounds stupid comparing it to what I said yesterday, but when I'm in a solid state of mind I know this is true. I just wouldn't want to waste my time or have to deal with having boyfriends in high school because, honestly, how many "high school sweethearts" actually stay together for the rest of their lives? On top of that, I'd rather just kiss the man I end up marrying. I understand that's practically impossible to accomplish, but I'll just see how things go in a few years.

Sorry, this is turning into a lengthy post, but theirs this relatively new band I'd like to introduce you guys to. They're called Megamasso and the PV below is of one of their newest singles "Hoshi Furi Hachi Nite". Some of you may recognize the guitarist, Ryouhei, from the band Ayabie. He ended up leaving Ayabie in 2006 and formed Megamasso, which has produced as excellent a variety of songs as Ayabie has, I think. The quality of the video is lacking, but that's what's expected of YouTube. I especially like this PV because when one of my internet friends showed it to me {about a month ago now} she said when Ryouhei is sitting/lying on the moon, he reminded her of me...so that was kinda sweet ^.^

Thanks to all who commented yesterday {10 of you}. Love ya heaps.

:Listening to:
"Namida Neko" ~ Megamasso
:Time End:
:Time Posted:

{Fantasy Hearts}

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