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Hajimemashite! ="Nice to meet you!"= Thanks for stopping by my Otaku. I'm a very open person + love making friends! I view art portfolios only upon request + ask you return the favor. I delete users on my friends list if they have not been active in 3 months. If they contact me, I'll add 'em again--I understand we all have breaks from theO, but hate when my list gets cluttery, capeesh? 0(=^.^=)0 Other than that, get to know me!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I think I'm mainly going to use just theotaku to post now. I'll still visit here for the people who don't have a 'world' yet, but I don't much feel like posting the same thing on two different sites. My 'world' is called Fantasy Hearts, so hope to see you there ^.^
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