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Thursday, January 4, 2007

~In a world of magic and wonder your amount of courage and wisdom is but your only limit~

Hey. Haven't changed my site yet...I'll probably change it to Final Fantasy XII since I got the Collector's Edition for Christmas and have been playing it (yay!)

I'm going to Barnes and Noble in a few minutes cuz I got a gift card for Christmas as well :D *waves the gift card in front of your face* and you know what that means---Manga!!! ^^

Well, I didn't sleep at all last night. *sigh* My closest internet friend is getting bored of me...I believe...or at least I feel...that I'm being replaced with someone she thinks is funnier and she has more in common with that we met a few days ago... *sigh* I guess that's all I have to say today...

~ Fantasy Hearts

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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

~If I was your princess, then why did you never return my glass slipper?~

Hello one and all! ^^ I've been gone for forever! (sorry) and I won't be able to comment today either cuz we have to clean the house for some inspection thingy or other -_- so just wanted to say I'm still alive (laugh)

Oh! Changed my site yesterday...I was hella emo...but now I'm better much, so I'll probably change it again :D but who knows

See ya

~ Fantasy Hearts

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

~Sometimes a dream is all that you have left to hold on to~

One more sleep til Christmas! ^^ Hehe, I'm still not very excited though dang it!!! It'll hit me later, I'm sure though. ^^ It's just a bit late this year.

Well, I'm gonna try to make a Christmas card for everyone today *blush* It's soooo late, so I'm very sorry...but it's my first Christmas on Otaku, so I was totally unaware so many people sent those cute e-cards out!!!

To Jung Woo and Wings of Dream: I'm also gonna try to make those buttons for the OLS today...gotta find the perfect pic though. ^^

I'm glad that a lot of people have actually seen A Muppets Christmas Carol before!!! ^^ I didn't think it was that well-known.

I've been crying a lot the past few days...I guess I've been needing to cry for a while though...hehe, I've just been crying during movies: The Muppets Christmas Carol, Finding Neverland (both awesome, awesome movies *thumbs up*)

Well, must go now. Happy Christmas Eve! ^^ (or even Christmas already for my Australian friends. ^^)

~ Fantasy Hearts

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

~Sometimes a dream is all that you have left to hold on to~

Woot! It's Saturday!!! The day before the day before Christmas!!! *puts on party hat and rings a bell* Woot woot! hehe

Sorry I haven't really been commenting lately, but I plan to make it to everyone's sites today! ^^

My mom, brother, and I watched "A Muppet's Christmas Carol" last night! ^^ Have any of you seen it? It's a darling take on Charles Dickens' classic story and includes 100s of muppets as well as real life actors! I recommend you all see it. ^^ I can NEVER keep from crying when watching it though! Poor little Tiny Tim! *sad face* (who, in this version, is a cute little muppet froggy--the son of Kermit the Frog who stars as Bob Cratchet) We watch it every year, usually on Christmas Eve, but my mom has to work Christmas Eve this year *sniffle* so we watched it last night instead. ^^ I MIGHT change my site to a Muppets Christmas theme (just to get into the mood of Christmas ^^ yay!)

Enjoy your Saturday everyone! ^^

~ Fantasy Hearts

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Friday, December 22, 2006

~Sometimes a dream is all that you have left to hold on to~

UGH! School is out y'all!!!!! hehe, YES!!! I got out yesturday...after 3 hours of Algebra 2 -_- I wasn't even able to finish that final either, I had to leave cuz my dad needed the car to go to work. >< One of the smartest girls in our class said it took her about 4 1/2 hours to finish it too...so I'm basically screwed in that class...and the Honor's Chemistry final was harder than I thought it would be too....not to mention it didn't help that I was recovering from the flu anywho...

But none of that matters now!!! I'm freeeeeeeeee!!! Wooot! (well, for a few weeks that is ><) and there's a big box under the Christmas tree for muah! XDDDDD Hehe....and something came in the mail a while ago and I had to go to my room...so you know what that means---imports! Woot woot! ^^

Well, not much more to say, lol, how is everyone's Friday? Hope you enjoy! ^^

~ Fantasy Hearts

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

~Sometimes a dream is all that you have left to hold on to~

Well guess how my finals were today? Ugh! I threw up this morning...a lot...then I had to go to school and take my P.E. final (we had to preform a dance that we've been learning) and then I went home...I'll have to make up my Algebra 2 final sometime afterschool this week *sigh*

I really don't feel good right now...my stomach really hurts and all I've eaten is an apple today (even though I usually only eat dinner now...) I might end up throwing up again...and I feel really weak; can't even walk straight...

I guess I feel better emotionally though...my friend Justin is trying to help me with that...he's very kind...

Well, I might or might not comment today...might just try to go back to sleep...

~ Fantasy Hearts

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Monday, December 18, 2006

~Sometimes a dream is all that you have left to hold on to~

Quick post again tonight (yeah, it's late, I know -_-')

Hehe, I had a record on my last post though! A wopping 12 comments for me! WOOT! ^^ Thank you sooo much! I love all of you guys! ^^

Well...in other news...I'm hitting kind of a low again...

I just get so stressed and lonely and mad at myself and depressed and--ugh! -_- I result to doing things that aren't all that healthy for my body either...

Yesturday (it's still Monday for me right now)....December 17th *sigh* 4th month anniversary of the disapearance of a prince...but unlike a princess, he has no glass slipper to obtain a clue from...to chase after...and I hate myself all the more because I keep hoping for the happily ever after that's never coming...

~ Fantasy Hearts

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

~Sometimes a dream is all that you have left to hold on to~

Wow, didn't know so many people would miss the song that much! o.o Unfortunately the website I get the code from isn't working now! *sniffle* So you'll have to click on the player below to hear it--sorry.

Well, my brother flies in from New York City (he's attending college there) at 12am (I'm posting at 9:17pm, Saturday) for the winter break...so I might not be on very much this week (not to mention finals) so I'm umm...apologizing ahead of time--lol!

Not much else to say, so have a wonderful Sunday everyone! ^^

~ Fantasy Hearts

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

~Sometimes a dream is all that you have left to hold on to~

Phew! Dang it! >< I'm sooo sorry people. *sigh* So much homework...my history test actually went fairly well today, and he's gonna let us finish it on Monday, so that's good...can study more now...then start studying for finals -_-

I'm very pleased with this site at the moment though *nods* I really do love Miyavi's music *squeak* (even though it's not on today---takes too long to loud the song AND comic...sorry)

Oh!!! My comic! *squeeeeee!!!* It's not COMPLETELY done---I have, like, two little blocks to do still, but I wanted to show you guys today ^^ I love it...it's not very good, but I think my friend Liz will like it (it's gonna be her Christmas card) The comic is posted below...it might be kinda big....

*sigh* Well, sorry I haven't been a very good friend lately -_- I had a TON of tests this week...so...sorry.

~ Fantasy Hearts

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Friday, December 15, 2006

~Sometimes a dream is all that you have left to hold on to~

Sorry, didn't get to visit again yesturday--but I did the day before and hope to today. I've been kind of MIA, but finals are coming up, so...yeah. Gotta study.

Well, here was my Thursday in a nutshell:
~ Woke up pretty late...and still didn't feel rested (haven't been sleeping well)
~ Algebra 2: Test--the whole class thinks they've failed...which everyone probably has cuz nobody knew what they were doing during the test.
~ Honor's Chemistry: Test--it was pretty easy, as it always is. Luckily that class comes easy to me...everything just clicks.
~ Lunch: Test--yeah I know...I had to make up an Algebra 2 quiz that I had missed when I was absent a while back...
~ English: (No test, thankfully -_-' hehe)Test Review, however...and planning for our group project final thingy--oh joy! -_-

Oh yeah...I have a test in History tomorrow...shit. I didn't study either...that's gonna suck.

Plus I have finals in all of my classes next week...so basically two weeks of finals.

Hmm...what else. Oh yeah! Michael is starting to try to get friendly with me again. -_- My friends are getting concerned...he was kind of starting to stalk me before...and now he's changed his schedule so that he's in two of my classes...shit. (sorry about the language, I'm kind of stressed right now...)

Oh! I'm so happy though! (laugh) I'm making a comic! *bows* It's gonna be my Christmas card to my dear friend Liz. ^^ I'm kind of almost done too! YESSS! I might have it up later today, or tomorrow for sure. ^^ Me sooo happy with it so far! Haha, didn't think I had it in me, but yup...

Oh! I've finished changing my theme for now--MIYAVI-KINS!!! *cheers* Haha, I've been especially enjoying his music on the ride home from school, even though I only have about 12 songs of his *sniffle* but yeah. Hope you guys like it. ^^ Still not sure if I'll change my site to a Christmas theme or not...not much time left so probably not.

Mkay, I've talked enough for one day--sorry.

~ Fantasy Hearts

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