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Friday, June 9, 2006

I went swimming XD


I spent the night last night at my friend jennifers house. It was fun we swam in her pool till 9:30 at night and when it started getting dark bats where coming out. I was like "Awwww look at the cute little bats ^^" Jenny didn't like em' to much though. Then we stayed up and watch a couple movies and went on youtube to look up temples in jeruslem(It was 3:00 in the morning too!) We where so hyper that we went on youtube and litened to phantom of the opera music and twirled around in the compture chairs till 5:00AM! It was awsome ^^.

Well I have to go cause my moms getting mad that she can't get this ledge thing on the bar in the kitchen to come off. Byez!

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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

trying something new


That damn dog a babysat the other day bit my foot T.T And hurt bad and it started bleeding. I was sittling in a lawn chair his my knees at my chin and my toes dangling off the side and the dog goes crazy cause there another dog in the yard and bites me!!

Well I hope everyone else is having a good day. nothing much has happend exept me and my friends started arguing on what was better. Pancakes or Waffels? *cough*pancakes*cough*

I chaned my site! It is dedicaded to Inuyasha and Kagome!!

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Sunday, June 4, 2006

998 channels to chose from o.e

Well schools finally out! It's such a relief!

This morning when I woke up I pulled the little string thing on my light to turn in it on (cause I never use the switch) It wouldn't come on. I was like WTF? I check and the switchy thingy was on so I just thought the light bulb was out, but then after I had left for about 30 min. I came back in and it just popped on. o.o Yep XD

Well my aunt and uncle have gone to texas for a few days so we are going to spend the night at there house and babysit there to winnie dogs. Actully my mom will be babysiting, I will be watching there satalite T.V. XD

My dad was suppose to come home this weekend but his truck tore up so he won't be home till next week ;( I miss him. He's been gone for about *count on fingers* 3 months now. Well I've gotta go. I'm have ramen for lunch XD
P.S. There a new quiz in my quiz results...check it out if ya want.

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

   Only 4 hours of sleep and I'm still hyper...

ONLY 3 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL!!! *hyperventalates* I can't wait! XD I'm out for memorial day tomarrow and then Tuesday and wednsday are review, Thursday are finals, then we don't even have to come to school friday! yay! I about to go to church in like 15 min and I thought I'd post. I put a new amv thingy up there *points up* Like I said. Definetly not enought Krad. Nothing much new. Except I think I have a stalker at school. yep. And he carries a knife around 0.0

I didn't get to sleep till 4:00 in the morning cause I saw a rouche around midnight and it made me paranoid the rest of the night. Ya I hate those bugs. Okay so everyone have a nice day! :D

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


My friend burned the Panic! At the Disco CD for me and its awsome! Yep, me and a couple of friends were talking about dreams in art. I keep dreaming about this one dude a lot. He's a guy in my grade and I don't know why keep dreaming about him o_O Like in the one I had lastnight me and him were sitting in the lunchroom talking about anime. haha.

Here's a question..
Have any of you dreamed of your favorite anime?
I know I have. like about a month ago I dreamed that I was helping Sesshomaru kill these people XD It was cool.
Well I hope all of you have a good day, I guess I have nothing else to do but do homework o.o I never do homework.
P.S. I got my laptop, but the Floppy Drive in its messed up and I'll have to get it fixed.

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

   Ed's a perfect angel...

*yawns* Hello everyone :D wow I havn't posted in a long time. I've been trying to figure out about this site thing, trying to make it look decent.

Well anyway nothing much happened today. To of my best friends have started dating. We were all sitting at the lunch table and then Shane sits next to jennifer and I sit next to Ivonne. Shane likes to embarres (can't spell :P) us alot so when he asked Jenny if she'd go out with him we all just LAUGHED!! haha. Ivonne got out her cell phone a we recorded it XD Me and her laughed for hours after that then she called me and we laughed some more!

Dude, After that up there happened one of my other friends came to us and said there was some dudes with guns shooting people at this crackerbox and they had allready closed down another school here in town. I was like oh snap! Awsome! XD

Ok well I hope everyone has a nice weekend!
P.S. I'm getting a laptop this weekend XD yay!

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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Hellow everyone.

wuz up



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Sunday, April 23, 2006


Well I finally go my DVD's in! DNAngel was awsome. I laughed, I cried, and the ending was great. The InuYasha Movies where awsome too. I was watching the second on in the living room on are big screen TV when my mom walked by while InuYasha was changing into a full demon XD She doesn't "get" InuYasha and her look of confusion and a little freaked was priceless!

Also I hit 100 hits on my site! XD I guess its pretty cool! Thanks everyone for visiting.

I love this video. Yay for Krad and Satoshi!

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

New Layout Thingy

I got a new layout thingy for my site! isn't it perdy!! I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it. But the top parts a little to big and I gotta get it littler some how.

I am soo impationt! I ordered the DNAngel series, and the first two InuYasha movies on eBay so now all I got to do is wait. and wait. and wait. *groans* ok I guess I'll go and...wait some more. Sign my guest book!

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Saturday, April 8, 2006

   o.o meep o.o

My mom is going to get paid either today, tomarrow, or Monday and she's going to give me $50 of it to do whateva I want! She says it will have to be my easter preasent but I don't care. The first thing I'm getting are the first 3 InuYasha movies on DVD from eBay! and maybe the DVD to a diffrent anime series. I don't know which one yet, but I'm think s-cry-ed cause they canceled it on Adult Swim and there were a lot a shows I didn't get to see. Ooooohhhh!!!!! I gotta better Idea what about DNAngel! HaHa I'm overflowing with joy XD My guy friend, Blake is going to be sooo jealous when he sees I got the Inuyasha movies ^^ But before I can do anything I must do something so horrible and foul I sudder at the mere thought.....give my dogs a bath! Nooooo! Sign my guestbook peasss.

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