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Monday, January 15, 2007

   :D *hugs bloggy*

Wow I actually made this blog-thingy ^^ I'm very happy and I can't beilieve it works right XD now I just need a background to match it!

I servived my first week of school! woot. And I've allready had 3 tests XP and in english we're reading 'Lord of the Flies' I think it's an okay story, and I allready now how it ends cause I flipped to the back of the book and read the last paragraph XD I allways do that for some reason.
Also I have to draw a cartoon/comic for the school paper and I have no idea what to do it about >.< Any ideas?
See yall later!!

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Sunday, January 7, 2007


Well my vacation ends monday, So today's my last day to be lazy. ^.^ Vacation's been awsome pretty much. I drew some great fanart of dnangel but my scanner broke XP.

One thing wrong though.
Our school sent a letter telling my dad how to go on the internet and check all my grades from last semester on this new program they got going on ;_; THats what I get for not getting up and checking the mail first XP I made all C's and a B in french. I really need to do better next semester. I think I will since I won't have Biology or Geometry which where my least faverate classes. Yay for english and history!!!! ^.^ (sences weird stares from people) lol XD

I changed my bg again cause the other one was doing that weird photobucket thing so for now its a chibi Inuyasha throwing star's at you all!!! I didn't make it though, I got it from diviant art.

I'll visit sites later! Now I am off to enjoy my last day of vacation! *runs away all hyper and hits head on pole* XP

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Friday, December 29, 2006

me+baking= big mess

I learned today I am not cut out to be a chef XD Today was my moms birthday and she wasn't here today so I tried to make her a birthday cake. lol I had flour everywhere and the cake is kinda lopsided. XD

My dad took me to the river and let me shoot his rifle. Aperently I have really good aim cause I shot all of the water bottles he set up XD

Okay I'm going to go sleep. I feel like I'm getting strep throaght T.T just what I need Ha

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Hope everyone had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Heeey!!! I'm sitting here in journalism kinda bored :/
This friday our group called youth alive is going to walk to the hospital across the street and give the people christmas cards ^_^ That should be fun.
Hmmmm. I just got back from lunch! We had PIZZA! I <3 pizza lol
So how do you guys like my new theme? I was kinda getting bored with the dark background so I wanted to go happier ^_^
Okay God bless everyone! Bye!

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Wow I'v been really busy with school. I've got final exams comeing up and all my classes are really beating us in the head with information XP It's made me so stressed!

Me and my youth group drove 2 hours to a mall in Lousiana to go shopping yesterday lol. I only went to hang out with them, cause I'm broke right now and only brought 5 dollors XD Just enough for the dollor menu at McDonalds lol.

It was really fun. I went into Hot Topic ,cause I've never been in that store, and I all most had a heart attack becuase they had Naruto and Bleach stuff ^o^ It was so cool I wanted to buy a Naruto shirt so bad! I guess for christmas I'll just ask for money so I can go buy what I want.

Well I guess I'll go and enjoy the rest of my weekend and ignore my homework some more lol Bye!

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


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Ugh I'm sick with some kind of cold T.T I'm up all night with it and I can't sleep cause I can't breath through my nose XD *sniff* I guess it's good I got sick over the long thanksgiving week cause I can't consentrait in school when I'm sick.

Me and my friends in Youth Alive went to the church and watched a movie, and prayed. It was fun we had cookies! lol Are youth pastor is hilarious, we'll kidnap people that go to are school useing the church van to get them to church. XD Its so funny.

I am ready for thanksgiving! I want some turkey. My mom allready made nobake cookies. They were really good lol

Okay well I'm going to go try and sleep now lol.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Lunch just ended here and I'm in journalism talking to my friend about a play we're going to do for Youth Alive.

In lunch these two dudes got in a fight and everyone jumped up from there seats and went to see what was going on. Me and my friend both think it's stupid cause now our hour lunch will probly be gone and we'll have to go to homeroom. T.T

Okay well thats all for now I guess lol You guys have a good rest of the day!!

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

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Hey people!! ^o^ Pretty good weekend so far. On Friday my friend called me and wanted me to go to a basket ball game with her at our school. So I went and I was really bored and just played games on my dads cellphone XD

My dad is thinking about us going to colorodo on December 1st and staying up there for a few weeks. I want to (cause it snows up there!!) but I don't know what we'll do about my school. Cause my school is very strict about missing days. Your only allowed 6 or something for the year o.O

Okay well I got to get started on my homework. I have a LOT of it. A biology test monday, geomatry test monday, oral report in french tuesday, and 3 stories for journalism due by tuesday T.T Wish me luck!!

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Friday, November 17, 2006

The glitters are coming!

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I'm so happy today is Friday!! ^o^ My friend is going to a youth convention in another town which unfortonatly I can't go T.T Allwell I'll just stay home and work on my christmas layout for this site! ^_^

My dad came home from Colorodo! :D I knew something was up when I got home from school and the house was CLEAN! o.O lol

Well I'm tired but schools not over yet. I'm about to go to French class. Bye!

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"My nickname ;D)

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