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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


How do you like that game up there XD I'm addicted, I play it all the time in class lol

I'm sad cause I will probly never get to go to an anime convention T.T At least until I'm out on my own with my own car. Cause I don't think there has ever been a anime con where I live o.O The closest one is Dallas, TX but my parents say its still to far away -_- Maybe this summer we'll go on a trip to a state that has an anime con! Hopefully cause I really want to go to one. I wonder what there like?

Well I did a fanart of Risa from DNAngel ^o^ It should show up soon and I like it ^^ Except for a few things lol

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


heehe I'm so sick of school allready. We took this big test thingy and I guessed on half of it lol

Halloween was pretty fun though. Me and my friends went around and scared some of are other friends. I wore this zombie/witch mask.

I can't wait till Christmas!! I'm getting a new computer! *runs around happy* I hope it snows this year. I love snow but we havn't gotton any in like 4 years now T.T

Okay well I'm just bored so I thought I'd post. I've been feeling like drawing latly so I'll probly go home and draw some anime and post it on here ^^ hope its as good as my Krad picuture! (I you havn't seen my Krad fanart go and look at it now!!! >.<) lol
Okay I'll be going now

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Go Billies!
Today we had more festivities for homecoming week at school. At the start of lunch this girl fell down the steps to the cafetiria to go to lunch and busted her head and the ambulence had to come and get her. Me and my friends prayed for her then when the ambulence left the school spirit comeptition began and the freshman -_- we got last place.
Well other than all that today has been a pretty good day. At the spirt competition a bunch of the senior boys took of there shirts and threw them at the crowd and one dude didn't get his shirt back XD some fangirl ran away with it X

Okay I'm only in 3rd block right now so probly later this evening I'll post again when I get home if anything happens lol

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Thursday, October 5, 2006

Not much going on today lol but next week is homecoming week ^_^ Each day of the week we dress up someway and its the only week we can where hats xP. Monday is mourning day (where I think we just dress up in black or something lol) Tuesday is senior citizen day (where we dress up like old peopel) Wendsays is T.V. or commercial day (where we dress up like people on t.v) Thursday is Blue and White day (Our school colors ^^) And I don't know what friday is.
okay well peace out everybody! I'm gonna go do some quizes or something lol XD

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Sunday, October 1, 2006

   Sister Flow

Last night I went to a birthday party with my youth group. It was fun in the evening we ate hot dogs and rotel dip. And me and my friend Jennifer ran around front a swang on the tire swing XD I liked it till her bf popped out of nowhere and started trying to swing me into the tree XP
After that we went on a TWO HOUR HAY RIDE! *sighs* it was about 9:30 when we got back. It was way to long and we didn't even have time to play flashlight tag >.> But it was still fun.
The Youth pastor even gave me a nickname :D My nickname is Sister Flow BD Cause everyone had nicknames lol Jennifers is Momma B and another girls is Lady Hay.
Well after all that I managed to get home in time to watch Trinity blood and Bleach XD lol
okay hope you all have a good week ^_^

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Its Safari Time!!! :D

For all of you who like funny naruto things go here
Its a funny flash video of the akatuski group and this cute safari song XD lol

Nothing much today ^_^ I'm trying to finish this Inuyasha amv. I really like how its going so far, I'm using the song The Kill from 30 seconds to mars.

Ohhhh and I found out I got the highest grade on my math test....a 59F XD We are such geniuses ^_^

*sings* "lalalala We are going on a safari, see the lions from my ferrari lalalala"

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

   quick post!

Naruto Sleepover!!!!! (girls only please) by the_mysticle_fishes
Fav. Color
Fav. Konaoha Ninja
Who you got when you spun the bottle:
Who was mad:
What you watched:Chronicles of Narnia
What made Sasuke laugh:Naruto transformed into a chicken.
Sakura got mad because:Kakashi sat on Sasuke.
Who you woke up next to:
What you said:Oh...hello!
How much fun you had:

*runs around like crazy* I got Kiba-kun!!!! XD He looks good in that pic. That hoodie he wears does not do justice to him. XD

Nothing much happening. It rained alot yesterday and scarred the crap out of me cause I hate thunderstorms >.<
and I still havent started on my geometry homework, I got 32 pages to do XP oh well, I never do my homework or study and I still get better grades than my friends who study there butts of B)

Okay hope you all have a good weekend =^_^=

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Friday, September 15, 2006

   School starts

Ya school started for me about 3weeks ago now. And today we had a peprally and me and my friends were at the edge of the bleechers (can't spell XP) watching, and when it was over my friend turned around and her purse was open! She looked in and some friken idiot stole her cell phone and her last ten dollors!!

Her bf got soooo mad at whoever took it, and we told the principle but he didn't seem to care, he just said that she'd have to get it turned off. >.> pfft.

Well nothing much else happened lol I like all my classes okay. I have Biology, Geomatry, Jounalism, and french this summester. Biology is pretty hard, but I thinks its just becouse I'm to lazy to study T.T Okay thats all XD Yall have a good weekend.

P.S. I'm sooo Happy that there playing Trinity Blood and Bleach on [Adult Swim] now ^^

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

   o.e the bugs are everywhere >.>

There are bugs all in my bed! T.T I think there gone but I'm totally paronoid now... o.e There gonna eat me! Thats the way I am. I hate bugs. Ecspecially cockroaches. I hate them so much I can't even kill them! Cause that crunch sound they make when you squish them makes me want to throw up. NOOoo! Theres another one! okay I killed it. *sighs* no sleep for me tonight.

Well besides the bugs nothings much has happend over summer break. I have a little cactus named Philip (he's my friend XD) and I've drawn some fanart, watched t.v., sleep. I reeeeaally want to see Pirates of the Carabean Dead man's chest. I hear there is a cliffhanger at the end O.O I'm supposed to see it this sunday, hopefully :P

Okay I must go and defeat the evil bug army :K

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

   I hate typing in subjects -..-

Yesterday was pretty boring. I woke up, ate breakfast, dad cused (is that how you spell it?) about how we didn't clean the yard right while he was gone, me and mom went to my aunts house so he could cool down, came back, I ate, watch anime. Yep I hate going to my aunts house cause its allways dark and depressing and it stinks!! It smells like dog pee cause she lets her dog pee anywhere, its so strong you can smell it going up the steps on there porch o.o

My evil cousins are here for the summer! Noo! *twitches* There going to stay for TWO MORE WEEKS and I cant take it. Tori, the oldest brat, is 12 and she puts mountains of make-up on and talks about how shes a cheerleader, and how Texas is just the most perfect place in the world -.- (no offence to anyone who live in Texas)
My aunt and uncle are out $200 a day on them. I can't beilive those brats eat that much! Well maybe today I can sneak away so I don't have to baby sit or anything. I hope loads of cash fall from the skyfor you today XD Bye!

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