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Monday, July 30, 2007

Food and more

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Yay I servived the sea food!! Luckly they had chicken strips and fries there so I had that xD But my mom made me eat a shrimp and a peice of shell or something got cought in my throught and started gaging x.X But I lived! lol

One of my e-cards I submitted(the shorty one) was in the Featured e-cards for about...um a min. lol but still cool. MyO won't let me see the two comments on them T.T

I had some weird dreams last night about our baby deer turning to flies and flying away then alien robots tried to take over the world xD lol yep no more pop-tarts before bed!

I've also been drawing more pictures. Like one of my friend with birds chasing her, and another of Orihime from bleach dressed as a witch (I was thinking about halloween xD)

Nothing much else is happening, I'm about to go visit some of yalls sites.
See Ya!
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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bordom and Doodles

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Hi everyone! Today has been kind of a lazy day for me. Even though I've been cleaning and feeding deer most of the day lol. I went to sleep at 5:00 AM last night!!! o.O My dad was getting up for work and I just walked by him and said "night!" xD

I submitted 3 e-cards today on here but they havn't showed up yet T.T *waits* I've been meaning to put them up for some time but MyO kept being stupid lol

Ohh Also I was drawing last night (which is partly why I didn't go to sleep till late) I'm working on a drawing of anime versions of me and my friends starting school. I finished drawing me and just one of my friends but I think I can try and fit some more into the pic. Then add a BG ^^

Me and my dad are waiting for my mom to get home so we can go out to eat at Cowboys (this fish resturant) Personally, I hate fish x.X but I gotta go anyway. I also have to try and get a job at Cowboys cause I need the money and theres an opening. I heard there last employee got fired for eating all the fish and shrimp off the buffet xD

Ohhh I just heard someone drive up so I gotta go xD
p.s. I'm gonna try and visit everyone if MyO won't get all wonky lol

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Just chillen

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Hey everyone. My mom left to go work on the flea market and dad's at work so I had to stay home to take care of the deer ^^ Not much is going on really.

MyO finally stopped being stupid today! I don't know what was going on but it hasn't let me comment or view comments in days! But today it suddenly worked! I'm glad it did cause I posted a wallpaper last night and I wanted to see what people said about it.
So ya go check out my wallpaper, I feel like I may do more later.

Everyones been talking about the last HP book and I wanna know what happens!! So I'm going to go to Wal-mart and just read the last paragraph of the book xD I do that with all books really. Like this Pet cemetary book I was reading I flipped to the back and read the last chapter and...the zombies won O.O They took over the world and killed all humans!
I had nightmares of it for weeks lol so I'm selling that book in the flea market xD

Me and my dad got into this big fight yesterday over the stupidest thing xD I was cooking Hambuger helper for supper and he comes in and starts taking over so we just start yelling and stuff XP I didn't turn out good cause he had to come out of no where an mess it up! But really it was fun, we fool around like that all the time.

Nothing much else to tell lol
See Yall later!
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Friday, July 20, 2007

Sweeet ^o^

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Hi guys! I'm really happy cause my aunt bought this old run down bait shop yesterday and we're going to fix it up and have a flea market! I can sell all my old junk and make some money xD It won't need much cleaning but the lady we're renting it from had to put new windows in cause some stupid kids came buy and threw rocks through the old ones. Other than that we're supposed to go up there earler and start sweeping, moping, stuff like that.
I'm not sure how much money I'll have left cause some of all our profit goes out for the rent, then I got some coming out to pay my aunt for my car, THEN I gotta save more money for A-kon *sighs* I'm just gonna have to wait to see the Harry Potter movie xD

Allright, speaking of A-kon, me and my mom figured it up and it could take about a $1000 to go (counting room cost, food, gas, random spending) x.x
Question: Does anyone know another good way to get some money??

Sorry if I don't comment on everyones posts today but Otaku is being really weird and won't let me comment -.- But I'll try again in a minute!

hmmmm anything else....*thinks* My dad saw another baby deer on the road this morning O.O He didn't bring it home though he just got out and put it in the bushes. It had a broken leg and my dad has been putting a guilt trip on me and my mom wanting to go back and get it. But we just can't help it! We're about to start a buisness we can't take care of another little deer with special needs! T.T aww great now I feel guilty XP

See ya later!
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Thursday, July 19, 2007


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Wow I havn't been here in a long time! T.T It's been a very busy summer for me. Right at the end of school we had to move, then right in the middle of the move my dad almost ran over a baby deer. So he jumps out of his truck and catches it! Then it happened again a week later! So now I have two baby deer (one's a doe named Tinkerbell and the other is a buck named Baby Buck Dink ^.^) to take care of lol there still drinking from a bottle but they also LOVE apples!

I also got a new car! I got my permit just a few days ago but my mom is still very nervous about letting me drive. I can't wait to just be able to hop in the car whenever I want to and go wherever!

Also I'm very happy that I may be able to go to A-kon in Dallas next year ^_^ I Pre-registered online the other day cause there really cheap and my dad said if I can earn the money and get good grades in school this year (I'm gonna be in 11th grade! wow!) then I just might get to go. I hope he's home then and not off on a job somewhere cause my mom has allready said she can't drive in Dallas xD
So I'm praying really hard that I'll be able to find a job and start coming up with some money!

Random Stuff~~~

THese are the anime's I really want to watch O.O!!
~Ouran High School Host Club
~Air TV (Vic Mignogna is playing the lead character in the dub ^o^)
~Chrono Crusade

Later guys!
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Sunday, April 22, 2007

More intresting stuff!
Hey guys. The fake car crash was really cool. They didn't actually crash and the juniors and seniors allready knew about which kinda took away from the coolness of it to me -.- It was better than I expected.
The story was that this married couple were coming home from a baby shower cause the wife was 9 months pregnant. When this group of kids coming from prom were driving drunk and hit them killing one of the girls and the pregnant mother. It was vary believable XD The cops, fire department, ambulance, and even a helicopter came. I got some pictures but I'll post them later cause they are really big and I have to shrink them down lol.
The school is really pressing against drunk driving this year. So much so you won't believe what my principle did.
He put a COFFIN in front of the office in the school. Yeah. It had a mirror in and it was suppose to be like you if you drink in drive that'll be you in there...I got pictures of that to! XD
You would think my school was pretty cool but really..this is the most intresting thing thats happened all year XD

So there is a bunch of usless boring information about my life you all can bother to read XD I'm doing a little bleach theme now. Spending alot of time with a bleached obbsesed cousin does things to ya o.o lol But I still got some things I gotta tweak on the site so it's not done just yet.

OMGosh! I can't sleep cause my aunt is spending the night and she keeps snoring! I'll be laying in bed about to go to sleep when I hear a humungose snoting sound and scares me back awake XD Thats why I got on here and updated lol ^^;;

*Sigh* Well I'll go get the ear plugs.
Hope yall are having a great weekend!

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Long time no see!
Hey you guys. It seems like I havn't been on in forever!!! I spent spring break at my aunts house planting strawberrys (mmm I love strawberries! :3) And I've been really busy with school and stuff because I'm working on the school newspaper which is going out tomarrow and there is a fack car crash tomarrow that I have to go take pictures of ^_^
It should be cool only the journalism team now about it so it should be a surprise to everyone. It's suppose to show how drunk driving can happen anywhere. There are going to be actors that look all gory and an actual helecopter and everything XD
Hope you guys are having an awsome day and when I get home I'm gonna visit everyones site ^0^ Stay cool!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Oh yeah and before I forget I'm thinking about changing my theme again. Any Ideas of what it should be?????
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yay for spring!!
Only 2 more days till spring break for me!!! ^o^ I can't wait to sleep, surf the net, chill, ride my forwheeler XD It's gonna be great.

We just got threw with a pizza party in journalism class which was really fun.
Last Sunday me and my friend went to this cool show at this church called Team Impact. Its where these big, muscled up dudes break concrete bricks, concrete bricks that are on fire (:o), and they squished a full can of sprite that sprayed all over us. Oh yeah me and my friend were sitting way up at the front on the floor with the little kids XD lol Our other friend David made us do it lol

Yep so things are pretty cool. I have fell in love with the manga Vampire Knight (thanks to wings of dreams XD) I can't wait for volume two to come out in May!!

See you guys later!!!!

(p.s. Older Garra from shippuuden rocks!!!!! I'm going to make a wallpaper about him ^^)

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Monday, March 12, 2007


Wow I'm really tired and hungry! Darn you daylight savings time lol XP Well I thought today was going to be a disaster cause I got detention for being late to school. The only reason I was late is because our electricity went of during the night and wiped out my clock.
But now It seems like things are turing out pretty good. Detention (which is during lunch here) Gave me time to catch up on homework and hide from this dude who is trying to ask me to prom. lol

Also so far in all my classes we have done nothing. In french and english we watched movies and now Our teacher is out so we're just serfing the internet lisining to Bleach songs ^.^ So yeah today wasn't as bad as I though it would be.

Also after school we may go up to Pine Bluff and get my glasses ^o^ I actually can't wait to be able to see again lol. After that we may go to the mall and buy manga!

Now if only I had some food cause I'm starving ;.; (didn't eat cause of detention)

Hope you guys are having good days too!!!!

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