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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

First off, I want to say...."Congrats Shanny!" *throws rice into air*....*watches it fall*....*lands in eyes*

So, I've been sick for the last...oh what...I'll say 5 days. At least, that's how many days I haven't been to 1st hour. My stomach problems have reared their ugly head back in my direction, cause me to miss the first couple hours of school. I missed all day wed. thurs, i only went half, and Friday, I missed 1st hour. So...in short...I'm way behind in pre-cal and really have no idea whats going on.

On Monday, I went and enrolled for my college classes. yeah! I'm officially a student now! I'm taking 16 hours. And the way my schedule is, i have a break inbetween some of my classes. My last class ends at 2 pm. Kinda wierd, I know...but hey...thus is the life of a want to be RadTech. I didn't go to school either today, because I had a doctor appointment early in the day. I got some medicine, both for me stomach, and sinuses, and hopefully will be going back to school tomarrow.

I feel kinda bad, since we had a home soccer game today, and I'm in charge of doing both the JV and Varsity books at home games. Plus, it was against our Rival. *sighs* Oh well...I'm sure our coach got Reid to do it.

Do you guys like the new format? Tell me what you think.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Howdy everyone! I've got some good news! Yeah!! My mom is home! (oh wait, i said that the other day) ^-^! It's just such great news!

I hope that everyone had a great Easter. I got some great things. First off, I got three packages of cookies. I'm only down to two now. ^^; I also got the Outlaw Star Box Set for Easter too. The DVDs are awesome! I wish I could make my DVds as good as that. Random menus are fun!!

Today was an All School Mass. It was interesting at the beginning, the fire alarm went off at the beginning. We where all singing, and the alarm was going off. Everyone was looking around, still singing, until an admisinstrator came and ushered everyone towards the door. I'm sorry, but I thought it was funny. The incense set off the alarm. *giggles* We probably would have still been standing there singing, if he hadn't had made us leave. But oh well...it made 2nd hour shorter :)

I finished PMK last night, and watched the new FMA. I have to admit, I'm glad I didn't give up on PMK. it had a slow beginning, but it got a lot more interesting as the time when, and you got more character development. And Tetsu wasn't that bad of a kid.

How come it seems anime series don't have much closer at the end? I mean, at least my bishi was still alive, and cute as ever, but still? I wanted something more permant to happen between the little puppy, and Saya. *sighs* Oh well...

All I have left to say is...school is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring!!! And... Ed and Al's teacher kicks @ss!!! Love ya all! Bye bye!

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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Guess what everyone!!! My mom is finally come back home today after spending the past two weeks in the hospital down in Texas! I'm so exicited to see her again! I've missed her alot. It sucks just being home with Danny.

Today, I went Easter shopping with my grandma. Wow, there was a lot of people out today! It might have something to do with that new Wal-Mart opening, but dang it was packed. Me and grandma went to Target, and we bought candy. I asked mom what i should get us for Easter, thinking I would have to do everything, and she said "It's being taken care of." lol...it was me and grandma buying candy :) We bought lost of yummy goodies, espically COOKIES! Yeah!! I can eat them tomarrow! Me and Lyndsey will have to go use the ice cream coupons i got. he he ^-^.

I probably won't be on tomarrow, so for all of you out there. Love ya all, and have a great and cookie-filled Easter!!!^^

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Friday, April 9, 2004

Gosh...i'm so bored. Here's a fun quote for ya all.

Miss Mullins: Sorry to interrupt, Mrs. Lemmons said that she heard music coming from the classroom.
Dewey Finn: Uh oh, it looks like Mrs. Lemmons is on crack, right kids?

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Monday, April 5, 2004

Books...and a small fright...
Welcome back to your daily dose of hell. He he...just joking, although that's kinda how i feel right now. I'm currently at school, working on our web site. Look at all the free time i have..whee....well...here's a look back at my weekend. Some of it was a-ok..others sucked.

Sunday i went over to my grandma's house, and had lunch with her and my uncles. It was fun. I played a DDR game with my uncle and won. Then we played the old school games, of Mrs. Pacman, Dig Dug, Galadia, and Phozen...let's just say i kicked his but in all but Dig Dug, which is suppost to be my game...what happened?

I then went to the library and they where having a used book sale. Get a bag full of books for $1! It was awesome! I got like 12 books, mostly murder mysteries, which are my fav. I got two romance ones, just for the fact that I had not read one before, and for like 5 cents each, i think they where worth checking out. :)

Our soccer team one our tournament!! Gold medal for Duo!!! *jumps up and down happily* I did get sunburn but who really cares! We beat the shit out of Newton! *laughs histarically*

Hehe...it just goes to show that even through all of these 12 years of school, Duo still can't spell with shit....

Well, i watched PMK 5 & 6 yesterday, planing on watching 7 today before our next soccer game tonight. I think it will be me pumped up! I watched Twin Spica 3-6 yesterday too. That is a great show! I would recomend it to anyone who likes space stories...its about a girl who dreams about becoming a rocket driver, and it's about her quest to become one. She has to go take a test to become one, and that's where i am right now :).

I can't wait till tonight when FMA comes out, and i can watch more episodes. I wish i could like it to my computer here at school, but that would not be wise. this school has wayyy to many viruses going around.

Well, sorry about the length, but as you can tell I'm SO bored!! At least it's only 10 more mins to lunch, thank goodness. I had a rant ready for today, but I'm just to tired to do that.

Shanny, I hope you get feeling better. And you too Molly. he he I bet Red is having fun! :) See ya all on the flipside!! ;)

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Friday, April 2, 2004

probably worring over nothing....
well...it's been a couple of uneventual, uninsightfull days in the life of Duo. I read SG's post...and then I had to think about it. The edit kinda gave it away i think. But let's recap the rest of the days shall we?

We won our soccer game both tuesday and tonight, so we're on to the finals on Saturday. I really hope we win. we're a good team, and I think we can win City League this year.

School is going so-so. Kinda boring. I find myself not doing anything in Internet and Web Design class right now, cuz I've been done with my section for about a week now, and am done helping out the sports page. I don't want to help the Tour/Hist people, because they are pretty stuck up about what they do. (Don't tell anyone i said taht Art). So i usually just play a game for the hour I'm in that class. Oh great...i just remembered I have a pre-cal quiz tomarrow, and i really don't understand what's going on. Oh well...at least school is ALMOSt over....

In other news, Mom is doing a lot better. Thanks everyone for your support and prayers. She has been able to get up and walk around a bit, and able to go to the bathroom, which is a huge step toward full recovery!

Right now, I'm currently trying to download another episode of PMK so i can catch up to Shanny and Beck..oh wait, you guys are done aren't you? alas...i fall behind yet again.

Yes, i watched the 25th episode of FMA, and cried, but who didn't. I can't wait till Monday so we can hear the new opening and ending songs! They sound like fun!

Molly, sorry you didn't get to go out like you wanted tonight. darn them...
and shanny...ok, i found some stuff, but i don't think it's what we where looking for...I'll give it to you next time your on.

For everyone else, this is your friend, Duo, signing off for the night.

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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Murder on the Bolvd.
back to blue today, what can i say?

Today was pretty interesting. I started off the day...doing nothing really. I then made a new DVD, and went out to the living room to make sure it worked. it did. and I was happy. I then got a call from Art, and we had some trouble finding ourselves something to do, so we called LR. She decided that we should go watch the KU game at AS house. so we went. We watched KU kick some ass, and then we played Clue. Me and Art were so close to winning until someone messed up our turn and we where forced to pass. Both me and Art are really competitive, so it ticked us off for like a min, but we kinda got over it. (kinda is the key word there). So after that I came home, and got on my comp. and did...basically nothing again. Oh i played Sonic, that was fun.

Mom's surgery was yesterday, seeing as how it is now 1 in the morning I can't say today. I'm assuming all went well, cuz dad never called. Oh, I also made a wallpaper today! It's of FMA. It might be listed already down at the bottom of this, but I doubt it will. give it one or two more days. I'm pretty proud of it.

Well, I best be moving along. Sorry for all the abbrs. folks, but my finger hurts for some odd reason...it must be from playing Sonic for an hour....night night!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Happy Days are here again.
*wears Scar-san is my hero button proudly* Well, I just finished watching the latest eposide of FMA. It was very good. I don't want to give anything away, but all I can say is that we finally learn what Ed has wanted to ask Al, and how Al reacts to that. Some other stuff goes on, but I don't want to ruin it.

Well, let's recap the weekend, shall we? Saturday night I went to the club, and well...i'm going to say it was interesting and that's all I'm going to say. Sunday night we had an "*NSYNC night" where we listened to *NSYNC the entire time, and reminished about our grade school days. I only got two hours of sleep that night, and then had to go volenteer at the Boys and Girls Club at 8. Last night was very boring, cuz I really didn't have anything to do. Oh wait, I did have something to do, but no one ever called me to tell me to come over. *sighs* thus is the life I lead.

This afternoon I have to volenteer at the Interfaith Ministries clear on the East/Southeast side of town. I predict it will take at least 20 mins to get there. I hope it will be fun though. I just want to get this volenteering stuff overwith. Hopefully I can do something with my friends again today...but that might be doubtfull considering they forget about me. Alas.....

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Saturday, March 20, 2004

   Just another man-ache saturday.
Trying a different color today folks, do you like?

I would like to thank everyone who gratiously visits my site. Thanks guys! I made it to 200 visits!! *hugs everyone*

I know this is probably a miniscule amount for most of you guys, *points to number 23 and 24 over there* but it's a milestone for me. I feel so loved ^-^!

Last night/this early morning was SO much fun!! I went cosmic bowling with Artemis, her brother, and her two cousins from Ten. I had a great time! I thought the price was pretty reasonable seeing as how we played, what was it, four games? I think that was it. The first game i got second place, with a score of 92 me thinks, then it kinda went downhill. (That always seems to happen.) Art won the next game, and then i think i won the rest. But that's not what really mattered. What mattered was how much fun i had with everyone. It was a blast! You could kinda tell we where getting tired at the end, but that's natural. The last frame we had 30 mins left, so we speed bowled! That's where you don't really set yourself up, you just throw the ball down the lane. One time i was too fast, and my ball hit the little thing that resets the pins. ^^ it made a huge sound! and the ball came rolling back. It was hilarious. I did the best at speed bowlin. My score was 104! that was teh best anyone did all night! I was suprised seeing as how i wasn't really trying. Maybe i should do that more often. humm....

Tonight is going to be great fun again. This time, after mass at 7, me, Art again, and my other friends, espicially one of my best from Colorado, are going out to eat, and then to the club!! I don't know which club we are going to yet, probably either the dance club or the karoke one. I hope and know that tonight will be all kinds of fun. I just hope that I don't have to work the library tomarrow morning. that would stink.

Have a great weekend all! I love ya!!!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

A New Friend
Yet another exciting day in the life of Duo. Today was our senior retreat. It was ok, i guess. Our retreat master was a monk/father from France. He was pretty funny, he had some funny handguestures and stuff. But i don't think i really got anything out of it. (Sorry Art.) He basically said the same things we've been taught since we where little and such. And we also had mass, confession, and adoration, all in that order. I didn't get it. You would think you would have confessoin before mass, but oh well. *throws hands up*

On happier news! I actually did something in soccer today! I was the stopper, so basically i was the trail person they could pass to to get the offense going again. It was fun. It would have been funner if it wasn't so dang cold.

An interesting thing happened yesterday. I came home to find a new fish on my organ. At first I thought "Oh no!! Zero (my first fish) is dead!" so i ran into my room, but he was still laying there. (Zero has been sick and we think he's on the point of death *Cries* he can can't move half his body, and just barely made it to the food when i dropped it in to him.) So i walked out to ask mom what was up. She said she thought Zero was dead, so she bought another one. I then had to make up a name for my new friend, and I bet you can guess what i called him. Yeap...that's right! I named him Duo! Not only because...well...Duo!!! but because he's my second fish. I hope he lives as long as Zero has (a little more than 2 years).

I finally made my DVD last night. It works pretty well, but it kinda cut off a little bit of the bottom of the pic, so the subtitles are kinda hard to read. But alas! It still works, and i can rememdy that. Not bad for my first whack at it!

Next week mom leaves for her surgery. I've already started to help her pack. I just wonder....can i really trust my brother to take care of me for that long? Or will it be the other way around???

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