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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Well, I just finished watching FMA 31, and I have to say...things are becoming a little bit clearer. Not to mention more deep. I think I finally understood something that I was wondering about for a while. (And no, it wasn't the fact that Envy is actually a guy), it had to do with Sloth. Let's just say that the fact that the Humonclous are made because of people trying to do human transmutations has something to do with it.

Well, so far I have one vote to post my story, (thanks Red! You rock!), which I might start the characters in a couple of days. If you haven't already told me, please do.

Today was pretty boring at school, but I finished another of my animations. I'm still trying to get them to load properly, so hopefully by tomarrow I can have them up. Thanks for the help last night SG! It really got me thinking. Hopefully we can go at it again tonight! ^^

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Sunday, May 9, 2004

Uncle Arthur Made Me Do It!!!!
In answer to Aurus' question, yes I am Native American, but not that much. I believe I'm like 1/32 or something like that. Both my grandparents on my father's side have native blood in them, which you can easily tell my looking at my grandmother. Back in the 1800's it was illegal to marry a native american, so even though my great-great grandpa married one, we have no proff of it.

Back on topic, yeah...so me and Katie ended up not going to the festival, as she has already said in her post, we ended up just staying at home and watching anime instead. I was ok with it, seeing as how she didn't feel so good. The girl was tired! I would be too if I had to do three performances. Oh wait...I might have to next year....ha ha he.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers! (which I doubt anyone who reads this is), but you know, there's got to be one out there. I mean, we all have mothers! I bet even your imaginary friend has one! *thinks of something she just added to her novel* HAHA!

Yeah, so what have I been doing most of today....besides spending time with my mom and grandma that is? well...I made another DVD, and in the process of making another one. Also, I'm going to start a new show tomarrow, which looks promising.

I'm thinking about, just for the hell of it, starting to post my book on this page. Tell me what you think. Would you be willing to read it?

Well, I'm off to Lyndsey's house to practice our 2gether rutine for tomarrow's adidtions. (gosh I can't spell). Talk to ya all later.

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Saturday, May 8, 2004

So, the other day I went to Eagle Espirit. It was very good! You did an awesome job Katie! Some of your expressions just craked me up.

The River Festival started yesterday. Although I didn't go to the Sundown Parade, I went to the evening fireworks with my grandma. It's kinda wierd...they never had fireworks at the beginning before, but now they have started something new. They say the finale fireworks are going to be twice as big as last years. I can't wait! Just to see the fireworks I walked 2 miles round trip from my grandma's house, down the river, and under the Kellog Bridge. The fireworks were good, but I expected more. There was only about 5 mins worth of it.

Today I'm going to celebrate my heritage, sort of, by going to the Native American Rendevous thing at the River Festival. It should be fun. Then I want to go make a bear at the Teddy Station. So many things to do, and so little time! Have a great weekend all!
Love ya!

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Thursday, May 6, 2004

Well, nothing all that interesting has been happening lately. I'm waitng for the end of school, which 10 days is taking forever. Tonight? I'm going to go see Katie-chan in Eagle Espirit! I think I'll wear my Yellow Submarine shirt.

Also, new song. Hope you enjoy.

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Monday, May 3, 2004

I had to add this. This little animation might be a littl long, but it is sooo funny! Steve's awesome animation
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Easy Going, and not so easy going....
Looky! Duo actually felt like formating her text today! w00t! It's been an interesting weekend, let's recap! :)

  • Friday: Finally! A day in which i didn't have to wake up early to go to school! Why you ask? Because it was class of the year day, that's why! And of course, Seniors win! What did I do on friday? Oh yeah! I went to Lyndsey's house to practice our Project Graduation talent show thing. At first we thought of doing *NSYNC, (we're doing lip-sincing and dancing), but after trying for an hour to learn their moves, we gave up. So I suggested 2gether, (I think that's how you spell it). I'll try to find the song to put up. After spending about 5 hours at her house, I went to the library to pick up what I had on hold, the series, Fushigi Yugi, which my new pic is from. While at the library I met Katie and Ann, and they decided to come over and start watching it. So, that's what I did most of the night.

  • Saturday: After waking up around 10 so I could get my hair done, I went to Erin's house and got ready for Prom with my group. We watched Mulan, (why? Cuz it's an awesome movie!!) and then went to mass, to eat, and then to Prom. It was fun, and then we went to after prom, where I won around $20. Not bad for just playing a couple of games, and doing Karokee. Then sleepover at 5 in the morning!! ^^

  • Sunday: Well, considering I didn't wake up till around noon, today was not a productive day. I basically sat around the house, did laundry, and watched some more of the series. w00t.

  • Today: I went to school, and was bored off my ass. I slept in two of my classes, probably because of lack of sleep, but more the fact that THERE WAS NOTHING TO DO! My teachers talked, and I didn't listen. I had other things to do....what i don't know...draw that picture in my notebook, take a nap, I'll let you decide. Even soccer practice was boring tonight. *sighs* At least I have Steve to keep me company.

That was my intersting day. Yes, exciting i know. I need to go figure out how to encode these files. *goes off to do nothing*

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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Ok, so I finally got a song to work on my site, even though it is not the one that I wanted. *sighs* no matter what I tried, the song wouldn't load. *cries* oh well, you guys should know it anyway. It's the "Brothers" song. It makes me want to cry.

Also something new, as you can see I added a couple more buttons. And Molly, the link to mine doesn't work on your site.

Some good news on the front, I got an "A" on my last pre-cal test, we did rollover buttons in internet and web design today, and I GOT ANOTHER SCHOLARSHIP!!! Yeah!!! I think next year is going to be fun! At least I hope so.

I hope you liked my question Beck! ^^ Questions? You can ask them, I guess I'll play too, but don't expect any good answers. I may be a writer, but I'm not to quick on my feet. (Oh wait...I play soccer....>_<.)

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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Yeah! I got it to work! *jumps up and down happily* So, I'm in internet and web class right now, again today. Our teacher took our web site to our principle, who liked our design. But some people, not my area of course *wink*, so we'll wait a couple more days to put it up on the internet. Woo hoo!

I watched the newest FMA last night, and was trying to figure out what was going on. "The truth"? what is ed-o talking about? Maybe I just try to understand the storyline too much. I Love the show! Its one of the greatest! Poor Ed-o and Al...they had such a hard life. *cries along with the sad music* Well, it's about time for lunch, and I'm really hungry. Cookies! Here I come!!!

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They took away the cool editing!! *cries* I can't use my century gothic anymore! *cries again* I wish I could get my sad music to play, cuz that's now i feel right now. Maybe I can get them to work...*goes to try*
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Friday, April 23, 2004

All Your Bases Are Belong to Us!
*sings* All your bases are belong to us! Heh..such a great video, and song too! Wow...Duo is sooo bored.

Let's see...I think i shall recite my interesting day so far:

In a galazy not so far away from the planet of Kansas, a young maiden was forced to be awaken by the awefullest noise in the world...the noise of teh EVIL INVADOR ALARM CLOCK! which, by the due chance of unparalleled luck, was set to go off at 5:45. The young maiden rose, and beat the shit out of it. "Why am I cast into such an ungrateful world?" she asked herself as she rose and headed for the bathroom.
After being clothed, she drove the short, safe drive down a couple of blocks, and across the street to her 'wonderful' school. She parked in her stall, and walked over to the Small Gym, so called because it is smaller than the Big Gym. There, at the brisk time of 6:15 in the morning, she helped the other poor confused seniors, who had yet to do a service project, unload the Red Cross Truck. That....only took 15 mins. "What a waste of a perfectly good morning!" she thought to herself as she walked into the school, grabbed her bookbag, and for sake of something else to do, started to work on her Physics problems. (Which...she stopped after two) *come on...who actually wants to do homework at 6:45 in the morning?!?!*

ahh...I'm not inspired anymore....So then I went I sat in the commons, talking to my friends, and then finally went to class. I'm in fourth hour now. After lunch, we have a speaker. After that, I'm going home to watch a couple episodes of Scrapped Princess. I like this show! Not only is it funny, but it has a good storyline too! ^-^. Well...i should probably be doing something productive since here comes my teacher. Catch ya all later! ^^

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