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Sunday, March 14, 2004

   A great day in the life of Duo.
I think today has got to be another one of those great days in my life. Sorry, I haven't posted guys, but I've been really busy. A lots being going on. Where should I start?
Let's see...this weekend has been an all-around good time. On Friday, I went to our school's production of "Jekyl and Hyde" It was an awesome show! Edmund, (the main guy) did an awesome job! After the show i went out and congratulated all the actors. I went up to one of my fellow seniors and gave her a hug, but I didn't think she was expecting it. She did an awesome job, and i wanted to congratulate her, seeing as how we had gone to school together but oh well. So I walked over to Cole, who gave me a great hug. I felt so loved! :) After that a couple of friends came over, and we played...oh what did we play...oh yeah! Lemonade Stand! We had a profit of $70!! Go us!! LOL! We then slept till 11:30 in the morning. They left, and I went back to bed, and didn't wake up till it was time to go to church.

Today, I finally figured out how to make my DVD. I only have two more things to encode before I can actually burn it to see if it works. I sure hope it does, other wise my high will slowly sink down to a bottomless low.

Have a great week all! And if your ever bored and want to read a good story, go visit my Harry Potter RPG. It's going great!

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Thursday, March 4, 2004

Trying something new....
Hey everyone...i was told by someone that I needed to post...but I really don't have anything to say. So I'll just add this little quote from my dad at G-ma's O.
*grandma walks in to find grandpa dialing a number on the phone*
"Who are you calling?" grandma asks.
"The devil. You want to talk to him?"

LOL....i thought that was great! You know me...i'm always....well Molly knows!

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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Saddest Eposide
Hey all FMA fans! I had a good idea for one of those contests. Here's what you do, just simply right a comment on who you think the winner is. Ok? Here we go!

We're going for which one of the two eposides listed to you think was the sadest, and had you on the verge of tears? I have only seen 1-8 so far, so this is pretty early in the series. Take your pic:

Eposide Three: Mom.
A pic of MomThis eposide is teh beginning of showing us Ed and Al's past.

Eposide Seven: The Night the Chimera Cries
A pic of NinaThis eposide contains Nina and a dastdarly thing happens.(i don't want to give it away)
Go on and vote!

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Casino Night!!!
Wow!!! What can I say! Last night/this morning was sooooo much fun! It started off a pretty slow day, but it was full of Ed which is always fun! Then I went to mass, and met a friend at my house. We ate Lasanana (sp?), and then waited for another friend to come. I them commenced in showing them the eposides of FMA that I had. I got them hooked! ^-^! After that, the fun really began!!!

The night started off pretty slow, all the booths where full. But we got beads!!!So we went to go play Bingo!! it was fun! And I won!

Then we headed over to the Roulette table, and played that the rest of the night. I won big two times!!! $17,500 Baby!!! Whooo!!!

The night came to a crappy close when the same four people won all of the prizes. I contiune to say it was rigged. *darn those goddard people*

But, we came back home and had fun with some Ballons we stole!! Go us!!!!

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Friday, February 27, 2004

Wow...two posts in one day! This has got to be a record for me! Wow...I can't believe what a good mood I'm in right now! It seems everything in my life is just looking up! Tomarrow is going to be so much fun! And thanks for your comments guys, don't worry It'l be a blast!!!
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Trying for a different color today...what do you think? Wow...today has been an incredible day! Now I can't just wait till its' over. I'm at school right now, and am in Internet and Web Design class. We just finished going out to eat, (which, by the way is not allowed at my school). *giggles* we get special privleges! And that's not all that's happened so far today. I just got word last hour that one of my best friends who was forced to move away is coming back in town next week!!! I'm so excitied. And then next week is also another of my best friends b-days.. So now we both can go clubbin'!!!! *jumps up and down*

Like I said things are going pretty good today. Although i only got like 4 hours of sleep, I'm really hyper! And even though today is fasting day...I still have lots of energy!! *jumps up and down again*

Two classes today with nothing to do. Looks like Amy is not having any homework this weekend! Tomarrow is the Casino Night. It's going to be so much fun! And also a sleepover!!!!

Then we start soccer season on Monday!! WhooO!!!!!

Shanny...FMA is awesome!!! I absuletly love it! Soooo funny!!!! *giggles*
TTYL!!!! Love to ya my buddies!

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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Why is it that when you truly need someone, they're not there?
Good afternoon my fans, or Konechi Wa! I don't think i spelled that right but who really cares at this point. Yesterday I went to the funeral that I'm sure i told some of you about. It was a tough time, a lot of crying. Then these people who I didn't even know kept coming up to me and hugging me. I had no idea who they where. But it's the thought that counts right?
There is one thing that I discintly remember about my uncle, and that is that he loved cats. Well, all animals actually, and they all loved him too. He took great care of his cats, all 30 of them. He helped out the neighborhood by giving the stray cats food, and also having them spade and nuttered, so that way there would not be anymore stray cats that would go without food, or a loving family. He was a great guy, and I will miss him.

I went to my organ lesson yesterday, and my teacher said that I'm ready to play for mass. Now all I need is for Sister to listen to me.

Soccer season starts next monday at 6:00 in the morning. I can't wait!

Have a great day everyone!

Oh, did you hear how they distroyed the Bartman Curse ball? LOL, that's awesome!

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Sunday, February 22, 2004

gosh darnit. I did something and now it won't show the date of my post. grrr....I'm suppost to be the computer genius here people, remember!! Well, had to work another 8 1/2 hours today. *sticks out tongue* Pretty boring, but the excitment of the day mounted when I was asked to cover a break at the service desk. I had to call over the LOD because of a rough guest, and found out that someone was being fired upstairs. Alex and I spectuated for about two hours on who it could have been. what fun that was. We made up these elabrate stories, only to find out it was Paul, the guy that hits on every girl that crosses the carpet into the store. But he was pretty nice, does that make up for anything :).

Sucess mounted to its highest when I came home and found out that my computer is now hooked up to the internet. Now i don't have to go into my bro's room to use his! Yeah!!!

And that's all i have to say about that. :)

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I feel like red today for some odd reason.....maybe it's because I'm in a violent mood. Ok, so I finished my bridge yesterday, well, actually this morning, and I go to take it into class. And well, I take it out of my car, and my best friend who parks next to me comes over to look at it. She comes over and points to it, and all of a sudden it breaks! She says she didn't touch it, and I know she wouldn't lie to me. SO i had to turn in a broken bridge. grrrr...at least my teacher is letting me finish glueing it back together in class. But still, just the entire concept that I have to take time to do it, just pisses me off. I thought I was f***done with the thing!!!! grrr.....

Sorry to rant so much, i'm just kinda mad. At least I have other friends to help me fell better. Thanks you guys. It means a lot.

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Monday, February 16, 2004

Yes! Today is the last day of bridge building! Thank goodness! Although my physics grade might go down, i don't really care at this point. I'm just glad its' finally over. I was working on it today, and I couldn't believe it when i stuck my portable camera on there and the stupid thing didn't break! Yes!!

Well, it seems that now Mom is not the only sick person in the household. Now Dad has some symptoms of the flu bug, and his worrying about everything isn't helping. Medicine cost a lot, but on a lighter note I got to buy some clearence valentines, and now I made a pie! Go me!!!

Like I said yesterday, the count-down for soccer season has begun, and only 7 days till the actual practice. I can't wait. Senior year of soccer...we are sooo going to win State. Those other schools won't even have a chance. *laughs and points finger at other schools* *cough* Kapun *cough* *starts to sing "Kill the wrabbit!"
LOL, I know Katie got that one! *giggles*

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