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Thursday, February 2, 2006


I'm in a hurry so i won't make this lnog!! it's passed my bedtime but my mom is giving me 15 minutes!!!!! i am starting at 10:14!!! let's see if i can make it!!!!! LOL


I was bored and alreayd started thinking of my next theme... i think i might do... tomo..from samurai x and rurouni kenshin!!!! i remember when i first watched the samurai x boxset!!! i fell in love with it!! then i watched ALL of rurouni kenshin and fell in love with it ....AGAIN!! LOL i had adored kenshin when i first started watching it but hten they stopped showing it and my interest just kinda started drifting away!!!/...ummmmm....like my attention span!!!!


this morning when i was leaving my house.. i saw the saddest thing!!...we have a tornado door so i was loking out of it and there was a FAT orange cat just sitting here!!!! it was soo cute!!! :P then i looked at it's nose.. on the top there was blood!!!! ><..i was pisse!! " ima kill whoever did this to the cat!!!". so i quickly run upstairs and get some food. there wasn't much left in da bag..so i grabbed it..w ent outside.. dumped the food out.. pet the cat of course LOL..and then was on my way!!! ...later i find that the thing that did that too the kitty.. was Sasuke -_-...the stray kitty i had been taking care of....i knew he got a lil rough..but it just amde me sad to see a kitty bleeding...-_-..wells... i hope the cat is ok.. it was our neighbor's cat..felix LOL *sniffs* i gota a runny nose ><..well i haven't seen Sasuke in a while but i hope he's ok!!!!*sniffs again* poot ><


it just started up ...-_-...my nose is runny..my head hurts... bad *pain*...well..umm that's all LOL

umm.. i don't really have that much else!!! but.....


i don't know if i told anyone but garage was being made into a room..with carpet and everything..and it got done today!! it looks huge!! my mom made it to be an excersize room >< when it could have been for da kitties!! well neways.. i need to start excersizing more.. so i'm happy it's up!! me and my friend brooke are gonna work out every sunday!!!

Well i guess that's it for me today ^^ bye guys!!

P.S. I wuvs u bro!!! *Alex* *hugs alex*

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Wednesday, February 1, 2006



well...LOl..now that that's done and over with.. umm.. I HAVE A VALENTINE!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!...wellI'm sure if he wants me to say who he is yet..but he does have a myo site...so..umm..next time i chat with him i'll ask..wel...he left the message while i was offline..so...omg..i get really shy!! and i hope he doesn't see this post! LOL...after this i will probably take forever to IM him back because of my dumb shyness >///< *giggles* :P i'm so happy!!! well..he knew i was gonna be alone on Valentine's day..so i think it's just for Valentines day....even so.. I am very happy he is doing this for me!! i am drawing him a picture right now ^^ I really really really really am grateful to you!!!! *hugs my Valentine*

My Daddy!
ok..some of u know how much i despise my father..*sighs*...well i guess he means well..neways.. my mother is making me write him a letter...but i don't know what i'm going to say!! my mind goes blank when i have to do this stuff..and then...as soon as the letter gets mailed..i'm like " i could have said-"...and it just goes on like a durasel battery LOL


Ok..yesterday..i had a lot of comments saying " I want donuts....and so..I have donuts for everyone!! LOL *throws out donuts* and i will be making a donuts banner for everyone as well :P


this just in ^^..i am allowed to tell u who my Valentine is!!!!!..now wut i said before is true...he has a myo site...and he's like my big brother..second oldest to be exact!! *chris is my oldest bro,...and grandpa* LOL..well it's Alex!!! woo hoo!!!! better known as Destinyssweetman !!!!...i've known him for....umm. a while LOL.. and he's part of my myo family!! which consists of Sesslover18, little inufan, lordsesshomaru, and Tito !!! my HUUUUGW family!!..hey.. i spelled huge wrong..and now i'm wondering why i didn't just go back and fix..and now i'm wondering why i am typing this 0o

Ummmmm...yes..so...i will go now ^^ ttgl!!!

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


GOD DAMMIT I'M TURNING INTO A FREAKING PREP! SOMEONE SHOOT ME NOW!! IN FACT...CHRIS SHOOT ME NOW!!! SO U CAN LAUGH AT MY TYPO-NESS AND PREPPINESS!!! LOL XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD April fools!! the real title of the "section" is "BOREDUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM" I just got home from practice and I am chatting with the one and only..BEST twin SIS in da..WORLD!!!! Michiyo!!!!!!! i give u a round of applause!! *claps for michi* woo hoo!!! thank you michi monkey moo moo for updating for me! I lvoe my sissy sis sis michi!! i'm hyper hyper hyper!!!


This whole paragraph or so is dedicated to my loveable older sis, Samantha...who is also Sesslover18 .....Sam...I have one thing to say...

HAHA I GOT DONUTS AND YOU DIDN'T!!!!!!!! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! We were chatting earlier and i told ehr i had a craving for donuts LOL I got powdered donuts!! woo hoo!!!!!!

Competition -_-

There are two things in the world that piss me off...people who talk to much...and missing anime shows ><...I have a cheerleading competition this weekend in Nashville, Tennessee...which will be on a saturday. Now u see i live incalrksville, tennessee..so it's not that far away...so i'm just praying i get home in time to watch naruto..and fma...DAMN U!!!!...ummm. ...*cough* DAMN U I'M NOT A PREP!!!! ...*sighs*..


Inuyashadream..Ruby..i know a girl anmed ruby at our schooll...first question...wut grade are u in..wut school do u go to..and wuts up?? LOL that's funny ^^ well..umm..i just thought i'd say something 0o...00..oo..00...o0

Dream Come True!!!!!

OMG!!!! I WILL DO THIS WHOLE SECTION IS CAPS LOCK!! LOL I WOULD LOVE TO THANK THOSE OF U WHO VISIT MY SITE AND COMMENT!! IT MAKES ME HAPPY THAT I CAN GET 10 COMMENTS 2 DAYS IN A ROW!! THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE!!! *HUGS YOU ALL...CEPT chris...AND tito...lol* *does hugs sam and michi and alex* WOO HOO!!! my MYo family!!!!..and Ellie!! but she hasn't been on lately ^^ I love u too sista!!!!! :P


i am bored 24/7 LOL...so if u wish to be bored with me..just messange me ^^

Aol= nekcat

Yahoo= inuyashafreak321

Hotmail= xXSasuke_WifeyXx


Yay i downloaded limewire!!/......*looks around*...that is all...:P

Okey po i am done!!! so.. i will end with a picie of how i feel!!!

Emotion: Alone

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Monday, January 30, 2006

Yo from Michiyo :P

First off I would like to thank little inufan
for updating for me!!!

Friend's House

Hiya Everyone!! Sorry I didn't update yesterday! I was at my friends hosue...I'm really pissed..because they were supposed to t-vo FMA and Naruto..They forgot about Naruto and most likely forgot about FMA as well...I'll try to watch it on Friday though..*sighs*
BUT!!..i did manage to get to everyoneís site and leave a comment! Well..for my devil inside site ^^ Iíve decided to turn all my others off and I now have a goal to make devil inside my best!! I will NOT turn them back on until I have achieved this goal..so if u send me messages..do them to THIS site.

Field Trip

I know this sounds childish but...WOO HOO FIELD TRIP!! After More then half of a year of waiting..we finally have a field! It will be this Thursday..i think..and we will be going to the Great Escape, a movie theature that's really popular..i live by it ^^ well I'm just really excited !! LOL


Yesterday My friends and I went to the movies and saw Big Mammas House 2!! It was so freak'n funny!!! Well I saw my friend Ruby there and sat with her.. I guess that was wrong ebcause I left my friends and sat with her..

Well as we were leaving..I saw EVERYONE!!! THE POEPLE WHO WANTED TO FIGHT ME AND MY FRIEND, A BUNCH OF MY FRIENDS...EVERYONE!!! I was happy to find out they didn't want to fight me anymore..But it seems like the whole school hates brooke!! *my friends* she's actually..known has the Hoe of the school..but I've changed her a little bit...I think...

Love Countdown

I may have said this before...but I am without comapnionship... I want someone to spend Valentines's Day with so badly!! I can easily get a boyfriend with the sanp of my fingers LOL *jp* But i know a bunch of guys that like me..But i want to find that special one..I want a relationship like..Tito and Michiyo..or Sam and her boyfriend *-_^ LOL*

There have been plenty of times when i could have said something to the guy i liked..but i blew it and now he's with someone else.I won't say who he is..because of circumstances..and i don't want anything to happy bewteen me and my friends...but neways..*changes the subject*


Well I guess i'll go now..wow i must be really bored LOL it's 6: 25 here and i'm not supposed to post for another 5 hours ^^...i think i'll try to get one of my friends to do it...well ttyl guys ^^ Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

New Theme


Well as I was saying *cough* LOL.

Lordsesshomaru's contest!

I have recently been working on my fan fic for Chris's Contest! (Lord sesshoamru if some of you don't know). Well visit his site!! 1). He rocks!!! 2). He's crazy!! 3). He's a great grandpa/brother!! LOL Lordsesshomaru's Site

Well I've never one anything in my whole entire life!! ever!!...on myo..LoL so i am trying extra hard for chris's contest!!!! Well..I did win that one fan fic contest that Alice 19th had. well I either got 2nd or 3rd..but only like 3 poeple entered...


Well...my friend brooke was gonna get in a fight with a bunch of 8th grade girls because of rumors going around the school..like a WHOLE bunch.. well..you know she's like my sister and i have to stick up for her..so i said.. if she needs me i will help..if she doesn' i will stay out of it. but i guess someone told the 8th girls that ima kick their asses WHEN i fight dem!!!...sigh...so now i have a bunch of 8th graders after me... i was so freak'n scared...i heard stuff like they were gonna drag me out of my hosue and beat the shit out of me....2 8th graders on my bus knew about it and so they are gonna help me..i mean big time! LOL they ready to fight!!! LOL plus they got our whole neighborhood helping me :P so i ain't got no worries!!!

well ima go now lol..i hope everyone finds that one special person they gonna spend valentine's day with..i know i still need to -_-

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Bored...But Inuyasha's Got Sword

i'm really bored!~! so i'm just gonna post this!!
"Baby Got Back" Inuyasha style!!

Oh my god, Kagome, look at his sword
It is so big
He looks like one of those priestessí boyfriends
But who understands those demons
They only run from him because he looks like a total ass kicker
I mean his swordÖitís just so big
I canít believe itís just so long
Itís like out there
Heís just so cool!!

I like big swords and I cannot lie
Kagome and Kikyo canít deny
When Inuyasha walks in with and with an itty-bitty sheath and a long thing in your face
You get...killed!
Want to pull it out
Cause you noticed that sword was strong
Deep in the sheath heís wearing
Iím hooked and I canít stop staring
Oh, Inu, I want to get with you and kill some demons
My home girls tried to warn me
But with that sword
You got make me soÖ*didnít think of a word* LOL

Ooh, rub that smooth sword
I want to get in his kimono (fully revised for stuff LOL)
Well use me use me, he is so damn sexy (revised because!)

Iíve seen him killing
The hell with gís chilling
He sweat, wet got it going like a full demon

Iím tired of full demons
Saying they the coolest things
Take the average human girl and ask her that
Heís got to pack much back, so

Ladies (yeah), ladies (yeah)
Has Inuyasha got the sword (hell yeah)
Slice it, slice it, slice it, slice it, slice that Naraku
Inu got sword

(American face with Feudal J booty)

I likeíem long and big
And when Iím throwing a punch
I just canít help myself
Iím actin like like a demon
Now hereís my scandal

I wanna get him home
And ugh, double ugh, ugh
Iím not talking about wooden sword
Cuz wooden things are made for toys
I want them real long and sparkly
So find that sparkly double
Mrs.inuyashaís in trouble
Beggin for a piece of that inu
So Iím looking at Chinese videos
Watching these weaklings walking like ďJoesĒ
U can have them weaklings
I keep my man like inu
A word to the strong soul brothers
I wanna get with ya

Valentine's Day

Well the theme for my Valentine *yes there is someone i really really really really really like ^^ LOL * will hopefully be up by friday..wait that's today.. um..saturday!! LOL

well i'ma in a hurry so i'll go now!! buh bye everyone!!

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

ok i have twenty minutes to type this post!! i'm listening to "Pymp it" by the Black Eyed Peas!!!!!
*sings along* i really really really like dis song!! i'm working on lordsesshomaru's contest right now!!!! i hope i atleast get third..i've never won anything before...so i really want to win this because i really really really love writing stories!! when i first came here to Myo...Alce 19th had a fan fic contest excactly like lordsesshoamru's...only it was a different story we had to continue....i got 2nd place..but we didn't get banners...

*sings solo*
"La-da-di-da-da-di-dy, on the stere-ere-ere-ere-o
Let those speakers blow your mind (blow my mind baby)
Let it go, let it go here we go
La-da-di-da-da-di-dy, on the radi-adi-adi-adi-o
The systemís got me feel so fi-i-i-i-i-i-ine"

i love dat part!!! LOL
well me and my friend are making a commercial for our ADV English class!!! we're working on propoganda's!!! i'm in them group with my best friend and the only anime she likes is naruto and the other girl we're with doesn't like it...but i came up with an idea that we could make "Juke Shirts"...an mp3 players attached to ur shirt and it has like a clasp where u can lift and see what song ur listening to...with cordless headphones!!! so u can be listening to music in school and not get caught...hre is the commercial:


Me, Brooke, and Ebonisha all walk into the class and sit down. Our teacher says " Ok class listen up" We start doing work for about 30 seconds...and then out of nowhere our school bellrings. The song "Pump It" by the Black Eyed Peas starts playing and everyone starts dancing arouind for a little bit..like a whole party and junk starts happening where even da teacher is dancing..but the the bell ringsd again and me, brooke, and ebonisha wake up and find out it was all a dream..because we were listening to the mp3 player and didn't get cuahgt. they leave the class and i say something dumb like.

Nikki: I've got my mp3 player. What's inside you?

than i walk off while the ong starts playing again

who ever wins get 3 free tickets to the movies!! dang i gotta go to school...bye guys!!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

woo..hoo..well i'm in a rush right now. we had write an argument for our parents to try and convince them to do something ...but sadly...mine did not work..i nated that stray cat we've been keep..but my mom won't let me... here's what i wrote......*sigh*

Most and Least Favorite Teachers

I have been thinking about my teachers and their different personalities. I also thought about how some were nice and how some were just down right mean! Thereís always going to be that one teacher that gets mad at you for everything or for just nothing at all. But of course, there will also always be that one teacher that makes you smile all the time. I guess I can just forget about it. I mean, look at me now. They may have been mean, but I have made it through all of my grades. So for that, I am very grateful.

Mrs. Jones has been my most favorite teacher ever! She taught me Social Studies in my 6th grade year. She would always help me with my work. A lot of other teachers would do that, but Social Studies was my worst class. When we would work individually and I would see everyone was bored, I could have the dumbest outburst to interrupt class and make everyone laugh. She would even laugh along with us! I didnít even get in trouble.

I would always ďtortureĒ this one kid in class, Carlos Huesca, because he kept trying to be the teacher. That made me mad because he kept interrupting Mrs. Jones. He would always try to compete with me, but I never knew why. Mrs. Jones would just laugh and say we liked each other. Well, weíre cool this year. Mrs. Jones was like her students in many ways. She didnít like grading work as much as we didnít like doing it. I could tell her anything and she would try to help me out. She was sort of like a second mom. Someone like her would be my ideal teacher.

Now Anonymous would be close to the complete opposite of Mrs. Jones. Anonymous seemed to always be in a bad mood. Anonymous would get mad at people for nothing and she had a short temper. She also has no sense of humor at all! All it is with her is WORK, WORK, WORK! But as much as I hate to admit this, she has gotten better at being happy on days.

She actually laughs a little bit now. Even though, she still makes me sad about school. Mrs. Jones kept everything fun so I wouldnít fall sleep. Anonymous has us do the same boring thing over and over again. I wonít argue with her methods of teaching though because I am on the A/B honor roll (even though that B is in Social Studies). But I guess it could just be me. I mean I said Social Studies wasnít my best subject. Her gloominess just makes my day worse.

Well, overall, I guess both teachers have really helped me through out my years. I guess Anonymous is just trying to prepare us for college. Teachers are very strict and will only get stricter. They both have pushed me hard and helped me to get my act together. I guess you canít really have a least favorite teacher, because in a way, that teacher is helping you. You just canít see it.

tell me.. am a really a bad writer...or is my mom just an asshole..as you cna tell i'm pissed about this...i'm usually the "good kid"...but i got caught..i snuck the cat into my house and when my mom came to tell em goodnight..i got caught...i hate her.. you'd know why if u saw the cat..and it's the reasons she didn't want it...so SHE could look good...she's always thinking about how she looks..and i get yelled at for wanting my hair to et done.... *sigh*..well i'm gonna use my remaining 5 minutes to put this on all my sites..........

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

School Project

For my ADV English class, we have begun to write the outline for our children books. We're going to write Children books and take them to the children at our Elementary school. I'm excited! Mine is about a little girl named Yuki *my rp character*, who lives in Tokyo and loses her little kitten named Pen-Pen. Those of you who have seen neon Genesis Evangelion know who Pen-Pen the penguin is LOL Well anyways...Yuki has a twin sister named Michiyo! Who also happens to be Little Inufan . They have an older brother named Tito! Who also happens to beTito from Myotaku. All three of them have their oldest brother, Alex! Who also happens to be Destinyssweetman from Myotaku! And now i will rap it all up!! Her mom and dad are Samantha, who is Sesslover18 , and Chris, who is Lordsesshomaru .!!!Isn't that cool!!! LOL I my change it around though. Make Sam and Chris my Grandparents, Michiyo and Tito my parents, Alex my Uncle, and Me the kid.Comment and I'll see what i should do!!!

Anime Convention

Ok...some of you may know about my crazy violant plan to destroy Tennessee because it has no anime conventions....Well I lied :3...i found out there will be one in April!!! my mom said i might be able to go!!! i'm so excited!! I'm gonna start saving up my money so I can get some really cool stuff!! maybe they will have FFVII Advent Children like they did at Michiyo's Convention!!!!!

Well i gues that's it!!! i'll end with a pic again!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Monday, January 23, 2006

well i woke up late this morning..because i stayed up until 12:30 watching Neon Genesis Evangelion!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDD i really hope i don't fall asleep in class ^^ i'm really really really really really hungry!! i have 9 minutes until i have to go to the bus stop ^^

i'm sitting here with buttercup *my cat* oh no!! i never pressed pause!! *runs to room* ok i'm back LOL well i'm on the 6th disc of Eva and the 2nd episode..this is getting really good :P

ummm...i don't wanna go to school today!!!!!!...i never wanna go!!! i could use some spaghetti right about now!!!!! chris come sign my gb!!! LOL u too tito, ellie, and miharu!!! and thank you sam and michi :3


well i guess i'l say something boutt this past weekend....me and my friend snuck out of her hosue on friday night to go to a party!!!!!! OMFG!! i felt so guilty...and i'm not the type to do things like that...but it felt...ECXITING!!! LOLOLOLOL i was scared that we were gonna get caughtwhen we got back because our driver said that the living room lights were off *when we left them on*....oh my gosh!! we ran around to the back so her mom wouldn't see us in da front window...it was sooo fun!! then she spent the night at my house on saturday ^^

well i got 4 minutes!!! bye bye guys!!!

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