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Saturday, March 18, 2006

hey guys!! i just got up!! we made it to alabama safely..but i guess i only toldacoupleof peoplewhyi'm here ^^ LOL i have a cheerleading competitionand so yeh...LOL they have computers here!!!!! but no yahoo >< i don't know if i'll be able to visit because its early in the morning and i have to get ready to compete...but i will try!!!! dang it! i have a cricketcell phjone so itdoesn't work anywhere out of tn!!!! i can't wait until i get verion LOL well igottago now!!bye bye guys!!


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Saturday, March 11, 2006

hey guys...reallly really quick post.. i have a cheerleading competition this weekend so i may not be able to comment on sites.. it's a two day, meaning saturday AND sunday, competition. wish me luck guys!!! have a great day! oh yeh! i got 3 new mangas!! princess ai 2 and 3 and bleach 4!!!

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Friday, March 10, 2006

I am really mad right now. I typed something for about 30 minutes and now it's gone!!! I sent a message to Michiyo to post for me and the message I sent didn't go and I didn't have a copy of it!! >< I just want to destroy something right now....

Yay for me!!! My new related arts is Spanish! I get to start learning Spanish!!! WOO HO!!!!

Well. Here it goes.................................*GOD DAMMIT*

Well yesterday at cheerleading practice a girl down out of a stunt and I was punched in the nose...well yeh it hurt but it has happened before. So I tried to ignore the pain and I did...well I tried... I kept practicing for a bit until I couldn't bare the pain. It wouldn't go away and I STILL hadn't stopped crying from when it had been punched. Now the girl didn't mean to punch me and she cried because she felt guilty but it was all her fault.

So I go to my coach and he looks at it and sees that it is swollen. Thankfully one of the girls on the team's mother was a nurse. So my coach had her look at it and she saw that it was swollen. So she told me I needed to call my mom and go to the hospital.... so while I知 waiting for her to come Brooke goes "Nikki your eye's bleeding" and I知 like >.o. so I go look at it and realize that now I have popped a blood vessel in my eye...

So we go to the ER and wait there for like 3 hours!! Then they finally calls us back, the lady looks at it and says "ok go sit out there and the doctor will call you in" so we go back into the waiting room for ANOTHER 3 hours. And then I am finally taken to this room with like a chair and a bed like thing. I was tired so I got a blanket and fell asleep. I was not awoken for another hour!!! And I was awoken by the doctor pushing my nose and saying "does that hurt?" and I知 thinking "WTF DO YOU THINK!!!!!!" but I just say ow...

So he leaves and I fall asleep for another hour and then we are called to go to the X-ray room and I got x-rayed...we sit there for a bit and just sit and sit and sit. Then the lady comes out again..."o.so go get your medicine"blah blah and I知 thinking "WHAT THE HELL IS SHE SAYING!" and then I go "ok...so wets wrong with my nose?" in a very impatient way. She goes "oh it's broken" and goes back to talking about other things... I got irritated real easily because it was like 2 in the morning.

So the amount of time it took for them to say "your nose is broken" was from 7pm to 2 am in the morning!! I got 4 hours of sleep!! I usually go to my bus stop at 6:40 am. And I woke up at 6:30. My mom AND the doctor said don't go to school. But I wanted to go *for some strange. VERY strange reason* so my mom drove me there... I made it threw the day with my 4 hours of sleep ^^ LOL

My nose hurts LOL...so. I知 going to go and finish getting ready!! Bye guys!!!

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Monday, March 6, 2006

okey pokey!!!! thank you to those of you that told me about the english fma episode because i WAS able to watch it ^^ LOL YAY!!! i'm dancing right now!!...ok i stopped..i'm hungry ><...

well..it's like 3:40..i got up a lil early for no reason at all ^_^' oh yeh!!! can u guys look at my new fan art plz?

WELL!! me, ellie-chan, and KIRBY are sharing Sasuke ^^ LOL me and kirby were chatting and i said i was gonna draw a picie with me and sasuke and she goes "NO HE'S MINE!! MINE AND ELLIE'S!!" and i'm like " NO!! SHE TAKES ALL MY MEN FROM ME!! SHE CANNOT HAVE HIM UNLESS SHE GIVES UP INUYASHA FIRST!!!" and then we go into a long conversation with caps lock and large font LOL until she said " SHE HAS ROBOT SASUKE AND I HAVE SASUKE!!!" and i go "FINE!!! THEN I GET SHARINGON SASUKE! CLONE JUTSU!! MINE IS SASUKE CLONE!! BUT SINCE I USED MY SHARINGON..HE'S EXACTLY THE SAME AS URS!! SO U HAVE ORIGINAL AND I HAVE EXACT COPY!!!" and she goes "FINE!" and i go "FINE!!!" and then we say fine about a couple more times LOL

well..i did abosultely nothing this weekend ^^ but play oon the computer, watch anime, and eat!! ^^ isn't that great!!! LOL

*sighs* well.. im gonne have to put up with mrs.poindexter for another week *ARGH!! ><* she called me out in front of everone after we took our test!!!

P- Well Nikki it seems you weren't the only that didn't steady

N- thanx for telling me i failed! *bitch*

little bit of time passes...

N- wait a second! i told you i DID study!~

P- no i thought you said before we took the test that you did but then u said we didn't!

N- no i said i did study!

P- well u didn't fail, but you didn't do as well as i thought you would do

N- *bitch, whore, ho, slut, skank, mutha FUCKAAAAAA!!!!!* FINE!!

wasn't that nice ^_^' well i'll let u read my story now ^^ have a great day everyone!


Ch. 12 Transformation
They all safely got back to the palace. Michiyo, Miharu, Yuki, and Ayumi all slept. Yuiko, Shinkono, Kenji, Kent, Tito, and Kakashi all talked about what they were to do about Reno. 展ewe almost lost to him, Kenji said. 展e almost lost Yuki to him, Kakashi said pissed. 添eah, she may seem like nothing of importance, but- Kenji interrupted Kent.

的 know. I never would致e let them live if I didn稚 think they were important, Kent said. 套Hey Yoshi said. Everyone looked at him. 展hatwhat was he going to do with Michiyo? Yoshi asked. They all thought. 展ellMiharu and I both sensed something in her when we first met you guys, Tito said. 鄭s did II sensed something in both Yuki and Michiyothat痴 why I stayed with them. It was only after that I found out we were siblings, Kakashi said.

鉄hinkono and I knew when she transformed that she was different, Yuiko said. 溺ichiyo痴 power is still hiddenthat痴 why we never really paid attention to it, Kenji said. 展ell, now we know we must watch over both of themWait...he took Ayumi and Miharu as well. Could they all be connected? Shinkono said. Kenji sat down and grinned.

的致e been with that woman for 5 years now and I haven稚 seen one magical thing about her, Kenji laughed. He was hit on the head with a pan. 徹W! he shouted. They looked up and saw Ayumi and Yuki. Yuki was leaning on Ayumi and breathing hard. 的 woke up and went to check up on all of them. Yuki was the only one that seemed to have problems, Ayumi said. Kent quickly rushed over to them. Yuki opened her eyes, which were gray. Her skin was still pale, but she smiled. 滴i, Kent she said still breathing hard. Kent smiled back.

滴ey, Yuki. We were just talking about you, Kent said hating himself, because he could not stop her pain. All the others knew he felt that way. 展hy don稚 I tuck you back in, ok? Kent said. He touched her skin and it was freezing. Her lips were purple. 添ukiyour freezing he said. 哲o, I知 not. I feel just fine, Kent, Yuki said. Kent scowled. Kent embraced Yuki. He sat back down in his chair, wrapped Yuki up in a thick blanket, and sat her on his lap.

鉄oas we were sayingAyumi, Yuki, Michiyo, and Miharu all have something in common, but what? Kenji said. Ayumi had sat down and joined in the conversation while Yuki sat, sleeping, in Kent痴 lap. He constantly checked on her. Miharu came in pushing Michiyo in her wheelchair. Yoshi ran over to her. 溺ichi, are you feeling better? he asked. Michiyo smiled.

哲O! Bring me some cookies! she shouted playing around. Yoshi scowled. 添ou girls feeling better? Tito asked. They all smiled. Michiyo got up out of her wheelchair and ran to Yuki. 展hat the- Miharu said. 徹hyeah I didn稚 really need the wheelchair... I just wanted to know what it was like to ride in one1 Michiyo smiled. Miharu glared at her. Everyone laughed.

添uki! Yuki! Is she ok, Kent? Michiyo asked concerned. Kent gave her an extremely worried look. 鉄he値l be fine, Michiyo. She just needs some restright, Kakashi? Kent asked. Kakashi scowled at the ground. Then the door to the palace opened. Everyone looked. A small white cat was sitting there with an extremely large blue bow. There was also a note around its neck. Kenji walked over to it and read it.

典o the beast of this palace, beauty痴 unknown form. The one who came first, and brought this undying storm, Kenji read. They all looked at the sleeping Yuki. 展hy can稚 I be the beauty thingy? Ayumi whined. 釘ecause first of whichyou池e not a beast on the insideyou are on the outside though. And you most certainly aren稚- Kenji grinned.

擢inish that sentence and you will be sleeping outside with the fishes tonight, Kenji Ayumi said. Kenji shrunk into chibi form. 添es, ma m, Kenji said. Yuki opened her eyes, but just barely. The cat looked at her. They locked eyes. Yuki痴 eyes suddenly look like a cat痴.

塑uki, pick me up and take me to your room. We need to talk alone, the cat said speaking telepathically. 腺ut why? Who are you? Yuki thought doing the same thing. Yuki slowly got up. 添uki, what are you doing? Kent asked. Yuki just walked over to the cat. She picked it up and it purred. She smiled. 添uki? Kent said. Yuki turned. Kent gasped. 的 love cats, Kent, Yuki said smiling. 添ep! She sure does! Michiyo laughed. Everyone else joined.

的知a dog person... Kakashi said. Everyone laughed again. Yuki walked off as they laughed and talked. Kent only stared in awe as Yuki walked off. Kent looked at Kakashi. Kakashi laughed and closed his eyes. He opened them and looked at Kent seriously. He nodded. Kent knew Kakashi knew. Yuki eyes were that of the cats. They all partied for no apparent reason. Kakashi got two drinks and walked over to Kent. Kent was staring up at the stars.

鉄he hasn稚 come out of the room since that thing arrived, Kent scowled. 展e値l check on it once everyone痴 asleep. We don稚 need to be bringing anyone else into this, Kakashi said. Kent nodded.

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Sunday, March 5, 2006

dammit!! i feell asleep and missed fullmetal alchemist!! DAMN ME!!!!!! well..since i am updating about 10 hrs late..i don't expect many comments so i won't say much...well. ig uess i'l post my next chapter.. just to do something...\\\\\

Ch. 11 Those Who Sin, Shall Pay

Yuki opened the door and saw Reno talking to Michiyo痴 bloody unconscious body. Yoshi stared. 鄭nd so...It may kill youIf Yuki doesn稚 kill you already, He said smiling. Yuki grabbed her head and backed up. 添uki, what痴 wrong? Kent asked putting his hand on her shoulder. She snapped at him.

泥ON探 TOUCH ME! she screamed. Kent stared at her. Kakashi looked over at her from the corner. Reno smiled. Michiyo didn稚 have to strength to look up. 套Yuki she said. Yuki looked up at Michiyo. Then she looked at Reno. 展hat did you do to me? She scowled.

展ell...it痴 very simpleas Yuiko told us to guard the outsideI slipped something into you just incase things didn稚 go as planned Reno smiled. Yuki started to transform but fought it. Reno scowled. Then Yuki stopped. Her body went pale, her eyes stayed gray, and she fell to her knees. Reno smirked. Kent scowled. Kakashi also scowled. Everyone else just watched, but Yoshi was sneaking behind to get Michiyo. He got her and brought her down.

Yuki looked up with her gray eyes, disappeared and then reappeared right behind Yoshi. 添oshi! Watch out! Kent shouted. Yoshi turned around and saw Yuki. Yuki was just staring at him, but it gave him the spooks. 添ukidon稚 do thisI have Michiyo in my arms. Let me put her down first, Yoshi said. He slowly sat Michiyo down. Reno grinned.

添uki, show no mercy! he shouted. Yuki痴 eyes turned red and she jumped at Yoshi. Yoshi grabbed Michiyo and ran. 添oshi! Kakashi shouted. Yoshi stopped and threw Michiyo to Kakashi. Yuki didn稚 stop and ran right into him causing the to go out of a window. Michiyo opened her eyes in time to see this. 添uki! Yoshi! Michiyo shouted coughing.

泥amnI値l go! We can稚 leave Ayumi and Kenji here alone, Kakashi. We can稚 leave them with Reno, Kent said. 擢ine. Kenji, Tito, and I will fight Reno. You go get Yuki. We値l watch over Michiyo, Ayumi, and Miharu, Kakashi said. Noyou are like her brotheryou have more of a chance of bringing her back. You go and me and Tito- Kenji stopped as the door opened.

滴e means him, Tito, Shinkono, and I will stay, Yuiko said smiling. Kent nodded. 鏑et痴 go, Kakashi! Kent said. Then they jumped out of the window.
Yuki and Yoshi kept falling until they crashed into the roof of a run down building. Smoke and dust was all over the place. When the smoke cleared Yoshi looked around. His head was bleeding.

泥amnwhere am I? he asked himself. Then he got punched in the stomach. He fell to the floor. Yuki slowly walked over and picked him up by his collar. 添ukiYukstop this. He said with the little energy he had. Yuki got her fist ready and as soon as she was about to punch him, someone grabbed it. Yuki looked back and was punched in the stomach. She got up. Yuki closed her eyes and smiled.

適akashiand Kent? You guys must really want to kill me, she said grinning. They were surprised. 添ou are being hypnotized? Kent asked. Yuki shook her head as she walked toward Kent. Kakashi scowled. 釘ut I am evil.and I guarantee every one of the people you left up there is about to be killed, Yuki said. 溺ichiyo Yoshi said. 展ell, go, Yuki said. Yoshi and Kent jumped off. 展on稚 you get punished for letting us live? Kakashi said. Yuki hugged him.

哲ot as much as I may get punished for doing this, She said. Then she stuck her hand through his chest. His vision got blurry. 添uki he said gripping her shirt because of the pain. Yuki watched as he fell to the floor.

的 must take you to Renoyou are essential to our plan, Yuki said reaching out for Kakashi痴 hand. Out of nowhere he grabbed her and brought her down. 哲o, Yuki. I知 taking you to the others, Kakashi said scowling. He knocked Yuki in the back of her neck and she became unconscious. Kakashi picked her up. Kent jumped back down.

鉄he fell for it? he asked. 土es, but she almost got me, Kakashi said. Kakashi handed Yuki over to Kent. Kent stared at her. He kissed her cheek. 鼎ome on. We have Yuki now so we may be able to save the others before he does anything, Kent said. They jumped up and back into the place they were at. Reno scowled at them.

滴ow were you able to touch her? he asked. 鉄he came willinglymaybe you don稚 have such a powerful grip on her, Kent smiled. Reno glared at him and then disappeared. Kent and Kakashi looked at Miharu, Ayumi, Michiyo, Tito, Kenji, Yuiko, and Shinkono. 10 people and we still weren稚 able to beat him Yuiko scowled. 釘ut you guys got Yuki back! Michiyo smiled.

鄭nd you saved Ayumi, Kenji said embracing her. 展e also saved Miharu, Tito said smiling at her. 鄭nd we got to play the role as good guys, Yuiko laughed. 的 got to see my friend, Shinkono smiled at Kakashi. 鏑et痴 go guys

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Saturday, March 4, 2006

Hey guys!! well sorry I haven't posted in forever ^^ i have been like swallowed by homework the past couple of days :P but it's all good!!! hehe ^^

Welll...sadly..there is no more naruto for me to read.. i read all the way to ch. 297 and then i read the naruto movie..the movie is really cool ^^ So i have read all the narutofan.com has to offer me X3...I hope they get more soon!! because it stopped at a really good part!!!!

well i have beeen watching inuyasha on youtube.com ^^ i'm happy to say that i have gotten to epi 133....but...they only have the first of two episodes: The women who fell in love with Sesshomaru....ARGH!! >< *strangles person anonymous*..of course.. i have only typed in 133 :P so maybe they have it down as 134 and my compaining is useless lol

congrats to those who won...*sighs*...i knew you would win lunarJ ^^ *huggles lunarJ* YAY!! BANZAI!...poot..-_-...im really tired right now... i woke up about 10 minutes ago...and it's 9:42 pm

hmm.. i got a 92 on my pre-algebra test.. we looked voer it and it was just little stuff that i miss ^_^' although i HATE absolutely HATE getting B's...i guess i can live with this one since i have been going really slow latewly with my work..

Shikamaru: yes but...I am proud ..i guess.. you can do better

yuki: >< you're stupid!!!! if i controlled your body we would be MUCH smarter!!!!

me: x.X

Shikamaru: *sighs* *huggle me* Yuki don't say that!

Yuki: it's true ><


well..i'm going to continue working on my fan fic.. i don't think i'll post anymore of it thought.. due to personal reasons ^^

well i guess dats it guys! i'm just sitting here waiting for michi to sign on..she might be invisible though X3

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

i don't have much to say...i woke up late and so i'm in a hurry but i will hurry and comment on who i can.. if i don't comment on your site..then i will do it once i get home ^^

well i do have one thing to say... I WILL FROM THIS DAY FORWARD WORD EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA HARD ON MY WORK!!!!! the reason is so stupid you guys are gonna wanna hit me LOL well..yesterday i printed off a chapter of naruto...chapter 283 ^^ well..on the cover it has shikamaru..and as some of you know i am currently obsessed with him LOL so i look down in math class *3rd period* and he's right there!!! and it's like he says "HEY STUOID!!>< If you don't start doing your work I will hate you forever and ever!!! What's the point?" and I'm like "0.0" so i start involving myself more and i start to understand it more *sighs*...please don't hate me shika-kun.... LOL XP

Ch. 10 The Darkness in an Angel

Everything was quiet. Yuiko looked at his body covered in blood and his hands still on his sword. He slowly looked up. 套Yuki he said. Kent痴 eyes got wide with anger. Yuki! Kakashi shouted. Yuki痴 body fell back and blood covered the floor. Kent grabbed his hand. His nails grew larger and he started to pulsate.

適ent? Kakashi said. Kakashi walked over to him. 擢ight it. You can do it! Kakashi said encouraging him. Then Kent痴 eyes went golden brown and he let out a loud growl. Yuiko stepped back and Shinkono stepped in front of him. Kent shot a glare at Yuiko and growled 適ent! Stop this at once! Kakashi shouted. Kent smacked Kakashi out of the way and pounced at Yuiko. Shinkono jumped in front. Kakashi pushed him out of the way and Kent landed on Yuiko. He started to slash at him like a maniac.

添uiko! Shinkono shouted running to him. Kent jumped him and slashed at him. 適ent, I知 sorry, but I must Kakashi said unsheathing his sword. Kent stopped and stared at Kakashi. 鼎ome onI know you want to, Kakashi said tightly clenching his sword. Kent growled and jumped him. Kent landed on Kakashi, but Kakashi used his sword as a shield to hold him back. Then Yuki got up. They all stared.

滴eywhat happened to me? Yuki said. Kent changed back and stared. 的 think I知 dead, Yuki said sitting criss-cross but floating. 添ou think? Damn! How can we do it if I can稚 even touch you! Kent screamed. They all stared at him. 填hI mean Kent laughed innocently. Yuki was now floating upside down. 敵et down here! Kent ordered. Yuki blinked.

釘ut I don稚 want to! Yuki shouted. 泥on稚 make me come up there! Kent scowled. They locked eyes. Then Yuki smiled and disappeared. Everyone looked around. 鄭tomic Wedgy! Yuki shouted pulling up Kent痴 underwear. 鄭HHHH!!! Kent squealed. Everyone laughed at him. Yuki went around and gave everyone wedgies. 哲ow who痴 laughing? 葱ent said adjusting himself.

溺e, Yuki giggled. All of them sat in a circle while Yuki was swimming through the air. Yuki...come here please, Kakashi said seriously. Yuki got serious and sat down in the middle of them. 鉄o is she stuck like this? Kent asked. They all looked at her. 展ellI don稚 know Kakashi said. Yuiko stared at Yuki and Shinkono sat there thinking.

徹MG! Yuki shouted. They all looked at her. She flew out of the room and the note blew away from her gust of wind. Kakashi looked at the night. 典he girlsKent, everyone! Come on! Kakashi shouted running after Yuki. Then they followed. Yuki kept going. 的 can feel themthey池e in painI have to hurry, She said speeding up. Then she got to a tower. She slowly flew through the wall and saw Tito, Kenji, and Yoshi bleeding and hanging on the wall.

敵uys! she shouted. She flew to them. They were unconscious. She undid Kenji痴 chains and gently laid him on the floor. He woke up, but could not see Yuki for she was invisible. Then he saw Tito and Yoshi being laid down too. 展ho痴 there? he said slowly taking out his sword. His arm gave out because he was so week. Then Yuki appeared.

展here are they? She asked. Kenji was no thinking at the moment as to why Yuki had been invisible. 典hey are upstairsTake me withy you. I must save Ayumi, he said trying to get up. 添esI have to save Michiyo, Yoshi said standing up. 鄭nd I have to save Miharu, Tito said. 添oshi, you carry Tito and I値l get Kenji, Yuki said. She picked him up and they slowly worked their way upstairs. Then Kent, Kakashi, Yuiko, and Shinkono barged in.

添uki! Kent shouted when he spotted her. Then they all heard a scream. Yuki looked up and her eyes turned gray. They all stared at her. 套Michiyo Yuki said. She threw Kenji towards Kakashi and Kent hoping one of them would catch him. Kent caught him. He was almost unconscious. 適enji, you have to stay strong Kent said.

kk ^^ hope you liked it ^^

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Monday, February 27, 2006


hey guys ^^ well not much has happened ^^ i still continued to read naruto!!! it is soooooo ***!!! LOL i won't say anything because i do not want to spoil it ^^

well i have read to chapter 283^^ at first tito was beaing me but then he said he was at 181 and i was only at like 142..so i was like nOOOOOOOO!!!!....and i devised a plan *talks like shikamaru* I gathered up all of the folders and continuously read, chapter to chapter..i keopt this going...and i also used my "I-READ-N-FAST No JUTSU" LOL XP Shikamaru freak'n rocks!!! Him, kakashi, sasuke, and itachi are my favorite ^^ and gaara!!..wait..and kiba..and kankurou..LOL..it could keep going and going and going and going...

and then i remembered..that chris said he was at like 270 or something ^^ so i was also like NOOOOOOOOOO!!! well..you get the point ^^ i read REALLY fast and never left the computer room except to eat and i fell asleep..so like my mind left o.0 LOL U WON'T DEFEAT ME CHRIS AND TITO!! BWHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Sammy-chan!!! I will be getting you something and i hope u like it!! but i will be sending TWO somethins!!!! One i need you to send to that one guy!!!! you know who i'm talking about LOL..i think..0.o...the one that is most like Kon in my drawing that had me, you, tito, sam, and that one guy!!! LOL this will be your christmas presents! and because they cost more then the ones last year did...i am sorry but that may be ur only one's -,_-,...but i will try ^^

well ..remember when my dad said that i could have a cat or dog once he got home? i was thinking...."I WANT AN AKAMARU!!!" Akamaru is the name of Kiba's dog ^^I really want a dog like that! but someone pointed out that i could have an orange cat and name is kyo!! I LOVE KYO!!!!..so i can't decide ...><..i am more of a cat person....but it seems that most of the anime anaimals/ people i like are dogs ><..hense..inuyasha, sesshomaru, kiba, and so on.

i asked my mom about it and she said get a dog because i already have 2 cats..but then i looked at buttercup and she was rolling on the flooor all cute like!!! LOL...but then i thought..."HAMSTER!!!" LOL :P

but until i find out i will keep looking and thinking ^^ hehe!!!! I LOVESHIKAMARU!! *random* XDDDDDDDDD

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

dont' have much to say.. i'm reading naruto and so i'm really busy! well...i'm also getting ready to watch fma..i can't wait ^^ hehe!!!

well i'll leave u with the next chapter of my fan fic i guess..i might come back and change my post once fma is over....

Ch. 9 Dead part 1

Yuiko kept running but was far behind. Shoji walked over to Yuki. He saw she was dripping blood. She coughed and more blood came up. She fell forward and Shoji caught her. 展hat痴 wrong with her, Shoji? Reno asked. Shoji looked at her. Yuiko came up breathing hard from exhaustion. He saw Yuki passed out. 展hat did you do? Yuiko shouted. Shoji looked at him. 鉄he came over here, coughed, and then passed out. I simple caught her and than you came, Shoji said cradling her. Yuiko stared at her.

添ou like her don稚 you? Reno shouted laughing. Yuiko scowled. 敵ive Yuki to me and go back to your posts, Yuiko said taking her. Reno scowled. 展ellif you don稚 want herI値l take herI値l be more than happy to keep her warm all night, Reno said laughing. Yuiko punched him in the stomach. Reno fell to the floor coughing. Yuiko scowled at him and then carried Yuki back to the room. As soon as he got in 7 people showed up. Reno scowled at them and Shoji simply smirked.

展hat did you guys do with Yuki? Michiyo shouted getting angry. She grabbed her stomach in pain. Shoji smiled. 鉄he痴 in the back...dyingwe don稚 know what happened but- before he could finish he was punched in the stomach again by Kent and was punched in the face by Kakashi. Reno fell to the floor. 泥amn it! I don稚 even know you guys! Yuiko and Shinkono are in the room in the back! Reno shouted. Kakashi and Kent glared at him and walked off. Michiyo ran after. Yoshi smiled at them.

展ant to fight me? he asked. Then they started fighting. Kenji showed up and starting fighting too. Michiyo and Ayumi just stared at them. 鼎ome on, Kenji said to Michiyo, Miharu, and Ayumi. They all ran into the room and caught up with Kakashi and Kent. They saw Yuki sleeping on the bed. Every now or then she would cough. 鉄hould we go in? Ayumi asked. Michiyo barged in. Yuiko and Shinkono looked up from the mangas that were reading. Yuiko glared at Kent. Kent glared back. Yuiko got up and set his book down on the table.

展ell, hello, Kent, Yuiko said. Kent walked closer to Yuki. 展hat did you guys to do her? he scowled. 展e did nothingYuiko would not allow her to be harmed, Shinkono said, walking over to Kakashi. 滴ell, old friend, Kakashi said. Shinkono shook his hand and then nodded. Kent watched. 展hy did you guys take her again? Kent asked getting annoyed. 釘ecause you destroyed our village! Yuiko screamed.

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Saturday, February 25, 2006


These are really funny!!! You must watch these!! LOL XDDDDDDD To me number 5 is the funniest!!!!!! WOO HOO!!! If you don't want to read them then skip them and my post is afterwards!!!

Inuyasha Parody 1:: Porn Stash

Inuyasha Parody 2:: Miroku's Breast Exam

Inuyasha Parody 3:: Djibouti Power

Inuyasha Parody 4:: Dfngofoldnipertognsdafndlikn (DNA)

Inuyasha Parody 5:: Inuman

My day was good ^^ i don't feel very...possitive about my science test today...but i guess.. i should try harder..i did some extra credit worth 5 poitns after the test..so maybe that will help me *sighs*..well..

OK SAM!! bwhahahahahha!!! on october 31, 2006....Samantha WILL and i repeat WILL be getting Kon!! if not Kon himself then something involving him!!!!! You would be surprised at the lengths i would go to to make sammy-chan happy ^^ now all i need to know is what do you want, michiyo?

hmmm..let's see..i just got off the phone with my dad from iraq!! he's doing good ^^ and he said we could get a kitten when he got home!! of course..since my mom doesn't want one..it would have to stay at his house..but hey! atleast i get one... bwhahhahahaha!! he will be black and i will name is sasuke!!!! mwhahahahahahah!!!!..i think...or orange..and i will call him kon..hehe..i have forever to think about it ^^ give me some suggestions if you want ^^

well i guess that's all!! i'm getting ready to watch Inuyasha paroday 5 again!! and always remember!!!!

"If you're blue and you don't know where to go to, why don't you go where fashion sits? putt'n on the ritz!!!" LOL - Inuyasha Parody 5!!!!

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