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Friday, February 24, 2006

ummm..hey guys!! ^^

well i got my hair DID yesterday LOL my mom said i'm gonna start getting it one EVERY thursday >.0

i downloaded more naruto and may i say... i have a totally different outlook on one of the characters...so sad..-_-...AND CHRIS!!!! >.o..FOOLS, eh? well i hope tito got you yesterday like he said he would!!! bwhahahahahhaha!...*question meant just for chris* what chapter are you on anyway? i'm on 142 ^^

i'm bored!!! bored bored bored bored bored bored bored!!!...ummm...let's see..

i have a quiz in science today of DA PLANT!!...i drew another pic of roy MUSTANG!! WOO HOO ROY!!! >.0

i don't really have much to psot today...hmmmm....

*hugs sam and michi* HI SAM!!! HI MICHI!!!

in math class we have been having an APSU student come teach us and she's sick.. REALLY REALLY sick ><..well no one likes her LOL
but we made a card for her and i was picked to draw the cover!!!! i drew this on there:


DAMN!! i can't find it >< i'll keep looking though





*sings shinjitsu no uta because it's on someone's site* THANK YOU FOR THE SONG NARUTOBLACKMAIL LOL

this weekend i plan on getting bleach 4,5,and 6 ^^ and sicne i found out about the pirce *thank you chris LOL* i may even ask for 8 ^^

I LOVE YOUR THEME SAM!!!! YAY SAM!!!! YAY KON *points to Chris* hey, Kon!!! XDDDDDDD

Well we did good on our project yesterday ^^ everypne and i mean everyone one of the periods loved my poster!! bwhahahahah!! anime is the way to go!!!!! hehe ^^

well i have a cheerleading competition in march...something... I'M NOT A FRIGG'N PREP!!!! I'M THE FARTHEST THING FROM IT!!

some of you said u would like to see "The Maruice Grant Show" LOLOL XDDDDDDDDDD i'll see if he can submit it to youtube and i''ll see if i can put it on here...*rolls on floor laughing* LOL

well i guess that it!!!

i leanered a new word on monday though..."Emo"...LOL

well nuff said!! xDDD bye bye guys!!

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

No Story LOL

i got board last weekend and drew 4 pics..i drew Risa Hawkeye, Roy Mustang *squeals* LOL, and Jena Havoc from FMA!! and i drew Ritsuka from Loveless ^^ i'll show you guys this weekend...if possible ^^

ok everyone...i got pissed yesterday...like..i comment on all these sites..but i don't even get half of them back..so..i don't ..LOL..

i'm trying to organize and keep track of who i comment on using Microsoft Excel..hope it keep me more organized....

I downloaded more naruto!!! woo hooo!! i'm gonna beat you tito!! bwhahahahah!!!!

about my board..well the project i told you guys about..while my friend was memorizing our lines..hehe..imade it look awesome! *the board i mean* i put a border on it, pics, words in cool font, awesome!! i only put anime pics ^^ lol i put kenshin, ecxel saga, bleach, trigun, azumanga daioh, inuyasha,...and i can't remember anything else ^^ lol

i was going to sing.."Love" by keyshia Cole..but i'm not sure..me and my friend might make up a cheerleading routine or something *shrugs*..oh yeh..for the talent show lol i wanted to sing in japanese but i'm not comfortable singing a different language in front of people :P cet Michi, Sam, Chris, Alex, Tito, and Ellie!!!! HI GUYS!!! XDDDDDD

omg!!! my friend maurice is a freka'n retard!!! he made this thing called "The Maurice Grant Show" and had like stupid stuff on it!! like he was tumbling.and he even made commercial...for one of them i had to run up toi the camera like a retarded person saying..well not retarded..like one of those crack ehad scientist saying "if you drink this water you have hydroglosic elec -lec-TRICITY! i ran up there all messed up LOL i started crazking up!! and you know those startbucks commercial?? he had me, my friend brittney, and my other friend jordan follow him across the floor going. "Dun nu dun nu dun nu , du nu nu MAURICE!! du nu nu nu nu nu" like the one where there saying the guys name lol and he had some people from our team say "I AM MAURICE GRANT!!!" i did it all messed up and start and he was like 'now you see that!! SHE's gonna be a star!!! lol

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

hmmm...not much is happening..i'm working on a project for english and that's about it! ^^

my foot feels better guy s ^^ but still hurts ><

i think this was the gruesome chapter...*shrugs*..-_-

oh yeh.. i don't know what happened but in yesterday's post..like 8 or 9 of my comments got erased..

i commented on 76 posts yesterday..yeh..

Ch. 8 Yuki and Yuiko

Yuiko set Yuki down on a bed and he sat down too. He stared at her. “I may not be able to move, but if I could I would kill you right now…” Yuki said. Yuiko got a serious look on his face. “Do you know why we are here, Yuki?” Yuiko asked. Yuki has barely any energy but she sat up.

“Because you need to feed your sick hunger for blood and killing?” Yuki said. Yuiko scowled. “ We came because Kent killed our whole village…all by himself…” Yuiko said. Yuki got interested and finally looked up. “He used to be a monster…who would feed off the suffering of other people…people would think of him as a demon... so we thought... in order to defeat a demon. We must act like one,” Yuiko said. Yuki stared at him.

“And so…for taking what I cared for the most…I will take what he cares for the most…” Yuiko said. Yuki looked at the ground. She got a freaked look when she realized what he was going to take. She saw Yuiko’s shadow on the floor coming closer. She looked up and Yuiko had the scariest serial killer look in the world. She screamed her head off when he swung his sword. She closed her eyes. Nothing happened. She barely opened her eyes and saw herself on the floor. She sat up and looked around. Kakashi was standing there smiling.

“You totally forgot about me, sis!” Kakashi shouted. “I’m sorry! There are so many characters I forgot who hadn’t been in for a while! Speaking of that!!” Yuki shouted. “Anyways…Yuki stood up. “Yuiko, stop this!” Kakashi shouted. Yuiko had a smirk on his face. He looked at Kent. He raised his sword. “You…wouldn’t…no! He’s unconscious!” Yuki shouted. Yuiko laughed insanely. He swung down and Yuki dove for Kent’s body. Kent slowly opened his eyes and all he saw was blood splatting on the wall. His eyes got wide. Yuki’s body fell on the floor. She just lay there.

“Yuki!” Kakashi shouted. Yuiko scowled. Kakashi hit something and fell straight on his back. Shinkono giggled. The Kent was blown into the wall. They both looked at Yuiko. He picked Yuki up. “Follow us and I’ll kill you,” Yuiko said walking off. Kent stepped forward, but Kakashi pulled him back. “Think about it… he has Yuki,” Kakashi said. Kent stopped.

Yuki was laid on a bed. Yuiko looked at her bleeding. Shinkono knew he didn’t want to strike her. Yuki still didn’t wake up. Yuiko started playing with his fingers in an impatient way. Shinkono watched him act like he had ADHT. He started swinging his arms around and humming to himself. Then all of a sudden he punched the wall.

“Damn it!” Yuiko shouted. He jumped on the bed and got on Yuki. He grabbed her shoulders and shook her. “Wake up!” he screamed. Shinkono watched as Yuiko unknowingly showed his feelings. He stopped and looked at her. He got up and walked towards the door. “Are you done having your spaz attack?” Shinkono asked. Yuiko scowled at him. Yuki opened her eyes.

“Shut up! Damn it!” Yuiko screamed. Yuki stared. “ You’re just mad, because you hurt Yuki,” Shinkono said smiling and noticing Yuki was awake. He wanted Yuki to hear Yuiko admit his love. “Damn right! I don’t know…what I will do if she doesn’t wake up…Shinkono…” Yuiko said calming down quickly and staring at the ground. Yuki assumed that he was thinking of her dying. Yuki quietly got up and walked over to Yuiko. Then all of a sudden she grabbed her stomach and coughed up blood. She fell to her knees and kept coughing, every other cough bringing out blood. Yuiko turned around and bent down to Yuki.

“Yuki! What’s wrong!” he said worried. Yuki covered her mouth and coughed. Blood dripped from her hand. Shinkono walked over to them and put his hand on her shoulder. “Yuki, you need to try to breath or you’re gonna bleed to death,” Shinkono said caring. Yuki lifted her head weakly. She started to breath calmly and then out of nowhere started coughing again. The blood continued. Yuki stood up. They looked at her. She slowly walked over to the door.

“Where are you going?” Yuiko asked. “…I have to see him,” Yuki said. Yuiko scowled at the ground. “Then go…” Yuiko said. Yuki looked at him and then limped out. “Wait…Yuiko, aren’t Shoji and Reno out there?” Shinkono said. Yuiko froze. “Yuki!” he shouted running out of the room. Yuki was farther ahead and stopped when she bumped into something. She looked her with her pale face and empty eyes. There was a man smiling at her.

“Well, hello there…you must be Yuki,” the man said. Yuki stared. “We have strict orders not to let you past this hall…and we take our orders…very seriously…” The boy said.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

All day i've just been downloading naruto manga and reading it!! wow naruto is gonna get really

sorry i didn't comment on you guys yesterday!! myo wasn't working so the post that i was supposed to comment on had already been read ^_^' but i WILL comment today !! ^^

my laziness has caused me to do this because i do not feel like righting it over LOL

Yuki-chan: guess what happened yesterday ^^
Sammich: what?
Yuki-chan: i got 42 comments ^^
Sammich: really? how did you get that?
Yuki-chan: well...u see *puts proffessor glasses on* i only sign the gb's of the people who comment on the posts of the poeple who get the msot comments!!!!
Sammich: ooh
Sammich: well congrats ^^
Yuki-chan: i never would have known if michi hadn't of said something...i joined the conference with ehr and tito and she was like "how'd u get 41 comments?" and i awas like " how did i??...i did??? 0.o" LOL thank you ^^ so wuts up?
Yuki-chan: OMG!! i was cleaing up the room last night and stepped on my scissors X_X
Yuki-chan: so there's this GUGE like slice at the bottom of my foot and it's killing me!!
Sammich: ^^;;
Yuki-chan: HUGE* ><
Sammich: ^^;;; should be careful next time
Yuki-chan: yeh >.0 lol i have done nothing for the passed 3 days but READ READ READ NARUTO!!
Sammich: lol man
Yuki-chan: i put my computer on the floor, along with the keyboard and mouse and put a bunch of blankets on the flors as well!! i layed there and i mean i literally just layed there all weekend!! and read naruto ^^ i got up only to go the the bathroom, eat, and...go to cheerleading rpactice ^^
Yuki-chan: my back was killing me!! ^_^'
Sammich: ^^;
Yuki-chan: awwww hehe ^^ oh yeh! i also read bleach v. 2 and 3 and loveless v. 1!!! iw ent crazy last weekend with manga!!! bwhahahahahah!!! @.<
Sammich: I've been watching bleach all weekened
Yuki-chan: yes i read ^^ i tried to but sometimes i get a bit irritated when i watch it in japanese and miss most of it cuz i'm focussing on the caption thingies ^_^' so i have just been reading it...IT ROCKS!!!

me and sam are chatting right now LOL

Ch. 7 Yuiko Strife

Yuki walked ahead of everyone. “What’s with her?” Yoshi asked. Yuki closed her eyes and tried to hold back her anger. They were talking as if she weren’t even there. Then she bumped into someone. She looked up. Her eyes glittered. Kent looked at her and then looked up as well. Then Yoshi and Michiyo.

“Who’s that?” Yoshi said. The man looked at Yoshi
with devilish eyes. All of a sudden Yoshi
grabbed his neck and fell to the floor. “What’s wrong? He can’t breath!” Michiyo shouted. Tito and Miharu came up and helped with that. Kent never took his eyes off Yuki. Yuki never took her eyes off the man.

“Hey there, cutie,” he said grinning. Kent
scowled. Yuki stared some more. “Mine name is Yuiko, Yuki,” Yuiko said giving Yuki the sexy smile. Yuki smiled back. Kent quickly walked up. “Excuse me, Yuki! Who are you?” Kent scowled. Yuiko softly held Yuki’s hand. “That doesn’t matter any,” Yuiko said. Yuki stepped forward towards Yuiko. His beauty seemed to have her traumatized. She closed her eyes and grinned. Yuiko scowled.

“As if I would do something like that,” Yuki said
smiling. Yuiko smiled. Yuki backed up a little towards Kent and bumped into someone. “Se-“ Yuki could speak. Shinkono had also come and had Kent
in a head- lock. The he twisted his neck and Yuki heard it crack. Her eyes went wide and he froze. She lost all grip on humanity.

“Come with us now, Yuki,” Yuiko said. She transformed again. “Since you won’t come
easily, “Shinkono said pulling Kenji and Ayumi
in. Ayumi was unconscious and Kenji was bleeding from being beat up.

“We’ll kill her,” Yuiko said. Yuki looked at
Ayumi. Kenji had a really pissed off look. He punched Shinkono in the stomach and he jumped over to Yuki. Yuki was trying to hold back her transformation, but the longer she fought the longer and harder it would be for her to revert back to normal.

“Yuki…you have to keep fighting,” Kenji said spitting out the blood in his mouth. He stood up and straight and drew is sword. As he was about to charge, Yuki put her hand on his chest. She had no feeling in her eyes. “Yuki?” Kenji asked.
She grabbed her head. “It hurts, Kenji,” she said crying. Kenji stared at her. Yuki looked Shinkono and Yuiko and hissed. Kenji stared.

“Stop, Yuki!” Kenji shouted. Yuki pushed him back and pounced at them. They smiled. They both attacked, but Yuki dodged. Yuki jumped on Yuiko. She growled and showed her teeth. Yuiko smiled. He leaned forward and kissed Yuki. She stopped. Then she growled harder. Yuiko grinned. She jumped off and hissed. Shinkono walked up to Yuki.

“Why do you fight against us?” Shinkono asked. Yuki was unable to speak. Yuiko whispered in Yuki’s ear. “Kent’s dead now. You have no one to save you now,” Yuiko said. Yuki froze and went back to normal. She fell to her knees. “Yuki…” Kenji said. Shinkono kicked him in the stomach. Yuki sat there. “It seems you’ve lost two men now. Isn’t it?” Yuiko smiled Yuki stared at the ground. “Kent…and Toya,” Shinkono said. Yuki scowled at them. “How do you know Toya?”” Yuki asked. Yuiko got really close to her face with his.

“Because we sent those troops to kill everyone…I
know your anger would eventually lead you here,” Yuiko said. Yuki’s heart stopped beating as soon
as he said that and then started again. “No…it…it couldn’t be…I don’t believe you!” Yuki shouted. Yuiko dropped to his knees and kissed
Yuki. Her eyes got big. Shinkono sighed. “He
always does this…” Shinkono said. Yuiko smiled at her. Yuki scowled. She slapped him in the face.

“I guess I deserve that…” Yuiko said smiling.
Yuki got up and walked over to Kenji. She put his
arm around her neck. “I’m taking him and
everyone else back…follow us and I will kill you,” Yuki said carrying Kenji away. “We just gonna sit here?” Shinkono said. “No, we’ll make her fell like she’s safe…and then get her ourselves…” Yuiko grinned.

Yuki laid the bodies down.

“Ok…Kenji…Ayumi…Yoshi…Michiyo…Tito…Miharu” Yuki
got quiet. She ran outside and saw Kent’s body.
She stared. She slowly walked over there. She bent over to feel his pulse. Her eyes filled with
happiness. “Kent! You’re-“ at that moment a sword slashed at Yuki’s back and she fell unconscious on the floor. Yuiko walked up smiling.

“Look’s like we got two dead fish, Shinkono…so what do you suppose we do to them?” Yuiko
smiled. “I want my revenge on Kent… do what you want with the girl,” Shinkono said drawing his sword. Yuiko got a dirty smirk on his face. “Oh…
don’t worry…I will,” he said. He picked Yuki up
and walked away. Shinkono stared at Kent.

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

hehe ^^ naruto rocked today!!! good luck on ur test naruto!!!! well right now me and tito are downloading naruto manga!!! lol i'm trying to beat him!!! XD he said he's gonna sue me LOL XDDDD

FMA WAS AWESOME!!! pooor lust!! NOOOOOO!!! so thats...greed and lsut gone...sloth we don't know about...pride, wrath, envy is going insane...and gluttony..still as fat as ever!! LOL

oh yeh!! i was bored today so i drew three new pics ^^ riza, roy, and havoc, all from FMA!!!
i'll show you guys later ^^ ...tomorrow ^^

good news!! alex made it there safely ^^ yay bro!!!!

Ch. 6 Celebration of the Dead

Everyone was sitting on a coach watching TV. Apparently they had TV’s back then ~shrug~. Well while everyone was being lazy, especially Kenji who had his own super chair, which was named “Betty”… Don’t ask me why. Lady Ayumi was very happy when she found out about the chair, though.

“EVERYBODY! COME QUICK!” we heard Ayumi shout. We all ran there. When we got to her she was smiling. “What?” Kenji said a bit upset that he had to separate from his chair. “Tonight is very special,” Ayumi said. We all stared. Kenji sighed. “Do you know what she’s talking about?” Yuki asked.

“It’s the night of the Celebration of the Dead…where the dead rise to come visit those. They only come if they died when they didn’t wish too,” Kenji said. Yuki froze. Michiyo looked at her knowing what was wrong. Yuki stepped back.

“Toya…” Yuki said starting to cry. Michiyo walked over to her. Kent followed. “What’s wrong?” Kent asked. Michiyo looked at him. He nodded and walked off. Later on that night while everyone was out partying, Yuki stayed in her room.

“Yuki,” a voice said. She looked around. Then she saw Toya. Her eyes widened. He smiled. But then the door opened and Kent walked in. Toya and Kent stared at each other. “Um… is this a bad time?” Kent asked. Toya looked at him.

“Toya…. this is Kent. Kent…this is Toya…my Fiancé`,” Yuki said. Kent stared and Toya stared. “And who are you?” Toya asked. Kent backed up. He turned around and sighed. “I’m…just a friend,” he said walking off. “He’s more then that isn’t he?” Toya asked. Yuki looked at him.

“We haven’t done anything-“ Yuki said. “That’s fine…I’m dead now. Just because I love you doesn’t mean I can’t let you go…I want you to be happy also,” Toya said smiling. Yuki smiled too. Toya grabbed her hand and pulled her up.

“Let’s go party! Rikku and Mi-Chan are waiting for us!” Toya said. Yuki giggled and they ran off. As they ran off to the party they passed Kent. He was just standing there looking pissed. They kept running. Yuki turned her head and saw him. She felt guilt.

“Come on! Smile, Yuki!” Toya laughed. Yuki smiled. Then they got outside and laughed and partied. “Where is Kent?” Yoshi asked looking sad. “I just passed him. What’s wrong, Yoshi?” Yuki asked. Yoshi had a depressed look on his face. Yuki looked over at Michiyo having fun with Rikku. Yuki knew why he was sad now.

“Hey…it’s ok. I know how you-“ Toya started. Kent barged up and grabbed Yoshi. “We have to go somewhere!” Kent said, “But I want to get to know Rikku!” Yoshi whined. Kent scowled. “Kent?” Toya said. Kent looked at him. “I’m merely trying to spend time with Yuki before I have to go. You are more then welcome to have her after that,” Toya said. Kent looked at him. Then he held out his hand. Toya looked at it. Kent smiled and Toya shook his hand. Yuki smiled. The rest of the night they danced and sang and ate! They had a really great time. But then it was time for Toya and Rikku to leave. Yuki and Michiyo were very sad.

“Why can’t you guys stay for just a tiny weenie bit longer?” Michiyo begged. Yuki just stood there with no feeling but depression. Toya walked over to Yuki. He embraced her. “I promise I will find a way to come and see you again,” Toya said disappearing. Yuki and Toya shared one more kiss before he was gone. Yuki stood there staring at the ground. Michiyo was with Yoshi expressing her feeling. It was a very sad moment…

“Who wants doughnuts?” Kenji shouted. They all looked at him. Ayumi grabbed him by the ear and pulled him away. Kent walked over to Yuki. “Are you feeling ok?” he asked knowing how she felt. Yuki looked at him. “ I am not really sure,” Yuki said. Kent stared at her.

“But I guess what’s done is done right? I mean…I’m with you now…” Yuki said making Kent blush. Yuki went over to him and rested her head on his shoulder. He flinched a little, not used to a woman’s touch. He was scared and not sure of what to do. Yuki closed her eyes. Kent just stood there.

“I…I…” Kent started to say. “Yes?” Yuki asked. Kent got sad. “Nothing... Just forget it…” he said mad at himself. “It’s ok,” Yuki said holding him. He looked at her.

“I know what you were going to say,” Yuki said smiling. Kent got s very shy blush on his face as Yuki fell asleep on him. Kent softly kissed Yuki’s cheek. Michiyo and Rikku were walking down the hall together. Kent picked Yuki up and carried her to her room.

“ I…will always protect you,” Kent said thinking Yuki was asleep. She just barely opened her eyes. “That’s what Toya said…Look what happened to him…” Yuki whispered to herself.

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

hey everyone! yesterday i was at my friends hosue for a birthday party ^^ i had fun!!!!! well..myo stopped working and i was going crazy!!! especialy chris..LOL..he was yelling at the computer :P...well good thing it's working now ^^ well PLEASE PRAY FOR ALEX (DESTINYSSWEETMAN) HE IS ON HIS WAY HOME TODAY!!!!! I HOPE YOU STAY SAFE BRO!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

ok ^^

Ch. 5

Ch. 5 Enemies…or Allies?
“Ok, anyways…where were we?” Tito asked. Miharu shrugged and started torturing Kent and Yoshi. “Kakashi, go help them!” Yuki shouted. Kakashi walked over to her. “No I must save you-,” he said walking into the barrier. “I know. I want you to save me too, but as you can see there’s no way in,” Yuki said trying to hold back the laughter.

“Ok, then. I’ll go help them, “ he said moping off. “No, Let’s get back to the-“ Tito said. He stopped when he noticed Yuki was already out of the barrier and fighting Miharu. “What the-“ Tito said. He ran over and then all 6 of them started fighting. Then arrows started falling out of nowhere. “So is this one of your ticks?” Kent shouted. “What are you talking about? We aren’t doing this,” Tito argued. Yuki walked over and looked over a cliff. Her eyes widened. Every stopped battling and looked too.

“So you mean…these guys weren’t our real enemies?” Yuki said. They stared as the millions of soldiers ran towards them. They all fought. Then an arrow shot from behind. Kent turned around and it his him in the chest. His body flew back. “Kent!” Yuki shouted. “ARGH!” someone yelled. Yuki looked over. She saw them grab Kakashi and then stick a sword through his stomach. His body also fell to the floor. Then next was Miharu and then Tito. She was the only one left. They all surrounded her. She fell to her knees.

“They’re all gone…”Yuki said losing her grip on humanity. She laughed insanely. Then she started to pulsate. Her nails and teeth grew sharper. She grinned and started laughing. Once they were about to attack, Yuki looked up with her golden eyes and growled. Then she got up and pulled a Goku move. She slaughtered each and every one of them and enjoyed it. Once the last body hit the ground. Yuki stared at her hands, which were bleached in blood.

“Yuki…” Someone said. Yuki turned around to see who it was. It was Kakashi. Yuki slowly reverted back and walked over to him. “Kakashi…” Yuki said. Then she quickly checked everyone. They were unconscious but each had a pulse. “Good, you guys are still alive,” Yuki smiled Kakashi and Kent sat up. They all walked over to Yuki. “So how do we get back? None of us have enough energy much less carry everyone back,” Yoshi said. Tito and Miharu looked at each other.

“We shall take you…in case you haven’t noticed we have powers,” Tito said. They said a spell and did some freaky thing with their hands. Then everyone started to glow. “Where are we going?” Miharu asked. “To the Lord’s palace in the West lands,” Yuki said. Kent embraced her. Everyone stared. “Aw!” Kakashi teased. Yuki giggled. Then all of a sudden everyone disappeared. Then they reappeared in the palace right in front of Lord Kenji and Lady Ayumi. They were having a water gun fight. We all stared as they acted like a bunch of children. Lord Kenji stopped when he saw everyone and he turned. Lady Ayumi did not care and kept attacking. It hit Kenji right in the butt.

“AH!” Kenji shouted running in circles. Everyone laughed. Ayumi walked over to them. “ Bring doctors!” Ayumi shouted. Everyone sighed heavily. “We will have all of you fixed up in a-“ She stopped when she saw Tito and Miharu. Ayumi stared directly at Tito. He was silent. Ayumi closed her eyes.

“Everyone, you have a room for you. Those who were here before know where they stay. That leaves only one person who needs to be showed around, “Ayumi said walking off. “Wouldn’t it be two? Counting Tito AND Miharu?” Yuki asked. “No, she must’ve just counted wrong, “Tito smiled. Kenji walked over to Tito and stared at him. “Hello…Father…” Tito said. Everyone looked at him. “You know your mother has been very worried about you. She has been keeping herself up late at night just to see if you come home,” Kanji said frowning.

“ I told you guys I’m not coming back. I have to stay out in the Southern Lands as a Resistance. I know mother did want that as my job, but that’s what I got. You told me never to quit,” Tito said. Kenji looked at him. “You’re right, son. And who is this?” Kenji smiled. “This is my…uh…girl friend…Miharu,” Tito blushed. Miharu bowed. “ It’s an honor to meet you, m’ lord,” Miharu said not making eye contact. Kenji lifted her chin up.

“You will serve as a great mother!” Kenji announced. “WHAT??!?!” Tito and Miharu shouted. “ I know these things…I’m psychic! How do you think Ayumi ended up with such a wonderful man??” Kenji laughed insanely. A pan hit him. “I didn’t end up with you! You ended up with me, Mr. Psychic!” Lady Ayumi shouted. Everyone laughed as Kenji cried in pain in the corner.

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Friday, February 17, 2006

hey everyone!! out of 31 poeple i got 10th place in the spelling bee!!! i could've won though!! i had to spell hydrant and they gave us a baord....but i always second guess myself!! i spelled it correctly on the baord but when i said it out loud i said "ent" instead of ant" i am PISSED!!!! ><


i got BLEACH manga volumes 1-3!!!! omg!! lol

Ch. 4 part 2

They rode and rode and rode, but it was all the same. Yuki fell asleep and fell off her horse. Since she was in front Yoshi and Kent’s horse almost trampled all over her.

“Yuki, please stay awake. We don’t need you getting hurt before we even get to the battle- field,” Kent said. He felt her head and it was burning up. Kent carried Yuki on his horse while Yoshi took her house and had his and hers. They were riding when all of a sudden there was an explosion. They looked to where it came from. Then they saw a bomb coming straight for them. Kent picked Yuki up and jumped out of the way. Yoshi followed.

“What was that?” Kent asked. Then a man came walking up to them. Yuki opened her eyes and saw the man too. She also noticed that Kent was holding her. She sat up. “What’s going on?” Yuki asked. “Someone’s here.” Kent whispered. Yuki stood up. Kent followed. Yoshi stepped closer to them. They all reached for their swords. A girl appeared and also came up. Over a cliff you could see thousands of dead bodies scattered across the land. The man and woman walked closer and closer with wicked smiles on their faces.

“Who are they?” Yoshi asked. “I’m guessing that’s the enemy,” Yuki said unsheathing her sword. She looked into the male eyes and froze. They were blood red. “What’s wrong, Yuki?” Yoshi asked. “I can’t move,” Yuki said. Yoshi touched her shoulder and was blown away. Kent looked up and the male was right in front of him. It spooked him and he jumped back. Yuki was still unable to move.

“Miharu, take care of those two while I handle this one,” The guy said. “Yes, Tito,” Miharu said. Tito walked up to Yuki and stared into her eyes. “You have great evil in you. What is your name?” Tito asked. “It’s Yuki” Yuki said breaking the spell. Tito stepped back and smiled. “You’re also very powerful,” Tito said. Yuki heard grunts and punches. She turned and saw Kent and Yoshi getting beat up.

“Guys!” Yuki shouted. She stepped forward but was pushed back by the barrier. “You can’t help them,” Tito said. Then there was an explosion. When the fog cleared they saw Kakashi. “What is the sexy lord of the eastern lands doing here?” Miharu asked. (Note to everyone: Miharu doesn’t really think Alex is sexy...it’s not that I know of at least -_^…but I just thought this would put humor into the story). Kakashi stopped and looked at Miharu. Everyone stopped and looked at her.

“What!” she shouted getting angry and blushing. “Anyways…Yuki is everyone alright? Sorry I had to stop for doughnuts,” Kakashi said throwing a chocolate covered one to Yuki. “Thank you, Bro,” Yuki said. Everyone was confused.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

i am very happy to hear that everyone enjoys my story ^^ hehe.. IT MAKES ME PROUD!! omg!! i just got done watching anruto!! * i recorded it from saturday*

Naruto: 'i have no idea what's going on, but i'm gonna pretend i do!' LOL that was so funny ^^ well..i'm watching fma right now ^^

well as u can see i changed my theme ^^ BLEACH!! woo hoo!!! ..i'm not sure i like it though...i was in hurry...umm...since i'm in a hurry i won't explain why i got grounded becuase it's a LONG story ^^..but i will on saturday ^^ well okey po! if u guys have any ideas on what i could change my theme to..plz tell me..

i stayed up till 11 to post ^^ well..here's ch. 4!!!!

Ch.4 First Battle

Yuki, Kent, and Yoshi all got up early that morning to get ready for battle. Michiyo got up to encourage Yuki and herself. “I’m don’t want you to go! I’m scared you might get hurt!” Michiyo said following Yuki around her room, as she got dressed. “Thank you for being worried but-“ Yuki said. “I will be there to make sure she doesn’t get hurt,” Kent said appearing behind Yuki.

“AH! What are you doing in here? Can’t you see she’s getting dressed?” Michiyo shouted. “Yeah, we see that,” Yoshi said also appearing. “Hey! Get out!” Michiyo shouted. “But Kent’s in here too!” Yoshi argued. “ I don’t care! Get out!” she screamed. Yoshi ran out terrified of Michiyo. “I’m gonna go. Kent, you help her finish putting on her armor,” Michiyo said smiling and wal

king out. As we talked, Kent put on my uniform. “So are you scared?” Kent asked. “Yeah! I’ve never fought before… I came here for revenge because Lord Kenji’s soldiers killed my…” Yuki stopped. Kent looked at Yuki. “Who?” Kent asked. “My…boyfriend…well my fiancé’…mine and Michiyo’s…”Yuki said. Kent stared at her. Yuki sat there.

“KENT!” Yoshi shouted. Kent left the room to go to Yoshi. Yuki sat down. Kakashi walked in. “After much begging, the lord finally allowed me to go out to battle with you guys ^^” Kakashi smiled. Yuki looked at him. “Are you serious? Why would you ask for something like that?” Yuki shouted. Kakashi smiled.

“Because I can’t let my baby sister go out there without my protection,” Kakashi smiled. Yuki also smiled. Yoshi came in. “It’s time to go you guys!” Yoshi shouted. All four of us met the lord outside. “Ok. You all have horses of your own with all the necessary items. Make sure you all come back. You are our best Samurai’s, on account of this being Yuki’s first battle… now go!” Lord Kenji shouted. They all hopped on their horses and rode off.

“One more thing. Stay safe, guys…” Lord Kenji said. Michiyo stared. “They’ll be alright,” Lady Ayumi said. Michiyo smiled and followed Lady Ayumi inside. Lord Kenji watched us ride off. He was worried that his soldier were not prepared for what they were about to face.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

sorry to those of you who's post i didn't get to... i will MAKE sure i do today.. i was grounded off the computer for a day....i am really sorry..well...here is chapter ..uh..3 part 2 i think...

but first these are the late cards i got ^^

thank you frogger91

thank you surferchic2009

ok on with the fan fic..

Chapter 3 part 2
(Back with Yuki and Kent)

Yuki giggled. “You look funny,” she said smiling. Kent sat there not knowing what to do. He was still on her. She stared at him confused. She sat up and as soon as she was close enough, Kent Put his face closer and kissed her on the lips. Yuki’s eyes got big. Kent held the back of her head up as they kissed.
The chimera came back.

Then it’s skin came off and it was Michiyo and Yoshi. They gave each other a high- five. “It worked!” Michiyo shouted jumping up and down. Yoshi laughed. Kent stopped and looked up. Yuki did too. Mi-Chan laughed innocently. Yoshi waved to us. Kent blushed.
About an hour later we were all called down to dinner. Kent and I went to change. We all met down there. We sat there silently and ate.

“I heard about the little “chimera” incident.” Lord Kenji laughed. Yuki and Kent froze. Then there was a poof and a Yuiko surrounded me. When it cleared there was a kitten. “WHAT!” Yuki shouted. Everyone stared. Lord Kenji smiled. “ I knew it. That’s why I said what I said. You were put under a curse were you not?” Lord Kenji asked.

Yuki jumped up on the table. She walked around. Then Kent poofed. “Now I’m surprised,” Lord Kenji said. “Yuki, didn’t you scratch Kent earlier?” Yoshi asked. Yuki nodded. The fog cleared and he was a kitten also. He was a brown kitten and Yuki was black. Kent jumped on the table and hopped around crazy.

“No! I can’t be a kitten! How will I serve the lord! How will I live! I can’t be cute and cuddly! But I am cute…I still can’t be a cat!” he continued shouted and jumping around. Yuki laid there. Yoshi was laughing so hard he fell out of the chair. Lord Kenji grabbed Kent by is tail and Kent clawed at him. When Kent realized what he had done, he froze.

“Hey, kitty. Do you want to be made into violins?” Lord Kenji threatened. Everyone laughed at them bicker. “No! He’s such a loyal companion…no instruments!” Lady Ayumi shouted. Lord Kenji scowled and set Kent down. Kent smiled and then walked over to me with his butt in the air. Lord Kenji picked up his knife. “Go to your room!” Lady Ayumi shouted.

“But he started it!” Lord Kenji argued. “Don’t make me come over there!” Lady Ayumi shouted again. “Yes, m’ am,” Lord Kenji pouted. He slowly put his knife and walked to his room.

well ttyl ^^ hope everyone has a wonderful day!! and thank u all for giving 19 comments!! hey it's a first time for everything lol

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

i'm grounded so i have to hurry......


here are the cards and my story is after this....

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all my yahoo friends..i'm grounded..so that's why i'm not gonna be on... but i may be able to...here's the list of people again..

ayumi- sesslover18
kenji- lordsesshomaru
yuki- me
tito- tito
michiyo-little inufan
kakashi- destinyssweetman

Ch. 3 New Soldiers

Kent and Yoshi walked back to the Lord’s Hall. “Oh yeah! What’s with that Yuki girl?” Yoshi asked. Kent shrugged. Yuki had woken up and was following them. “Now that I’m in-“ she stopped when she saw Lady Ayumi. “Hello, there ^^. I’m here to dress you up so you look all new. You don’t wan to go around in those torn clothes do you?” Lady Ayumi smiled. I stared. She took me into my room and put a kimono on me. Then she put make-up on me and did my hair. Then we heard a scream. “Michiyo!” Yuki shouted. Yuki ran out the door and saw her playing with Yoshi. She was laughing and jumped around. She stopped when she saw me. Her eyes got big.

“Look at you! All pretty and stuff!” Mi-Chan laughed. Yuki sighed. She turned around and bumped into Kent. Kent kneeled down on one knee. “Forgive me, m’ lady. I should’ve been watching where I was going” Kent said scowling at the ground. “If it pains you that much to be nice to me, then jus don’t talk to me, “ Yuki scowled. She walked off. Kent looked up. “Dude-“ Yoshi said. “I’m just pissed about something, it has nothing to do with you,” Kent said. Yuki stopped. Then Lord Kenji walked in. We all looked at him.

“Well, hello soldiers!” Lord Kenji said. Michiyo and Yuki blinked. “My wife encouraged me to keep you alive, but on one condition. Yuki, You must work for me in our military,” Lord Kenji said smiling. “But that’s not fair!” Michiyo shouted. Lord Kenji looked at her. “ You will be helping my wife with the palace and all the laws and things” Lord Kenji said with a smirk on his face. Kent and Yoshi looked at Yuki.

“Does she get to train or something?” Yoshi asked. “There is no need for her to train” Lord Kenji said. Then the doors burst open and Kakashi jumped in. “Kakashi!” Yuki shouted. Kent scowled. “Who are you?” Lord Kenji asked. “ I am the prince of the Western Lands, Lord Kenji” Kakashi said. Yuki’s eyes widened. Lord Kenji smiled. Kent scowled even more. “What is your business with Yuki?” Kent asked.

“Why do you need to know?” Kent replied. “Because!” Kent shouted drawing his sword. “Don’t fight!” Yuki shouted. “Look, Kent, I know you like me” Yuki said. Kent blushed. “No, I don’t!” Kent said. “Yes, you do. But Kakashi is merely my brother. There is nothing to be jealous about” Yuki said. Kent scowled. “Fine,” he said. “ I came because these two soldiers of yours picked Yuki and Michiyo up off of the street,” Kakashi said. Lord Kenji looked at them.

“My apologies, Prince Kakashi, but they belong to me now,” Lord Kenji said. “Then please allow me to stay here in the Eastern Lands with them,” Kakashi asked. “Of course you can!” Lady C said coming out of nowhere. Kakashi thanked them.
That night when everyone was asleep, Yuki went outside and stared at the sky. Kent walked up and stood next to her. “That was embarrassing!” he scowled. Yuki looked at him.

“Then you shouldn’t have done anything,” Yuki said calmly. Then all of a sudden a giant Chimera appeared. “What the hell!” Kent shouted. He grabbed Yuki’s arm and pulled her. They ran for their lives. Kent stopped when he got to the edge of a balcony. Yuki wasn’t watching and ran into him, causing them both to fall into the garden pond. Kent wiped his eyes and saw he was on top of Yuki. Yuki smiled at him. He stared at her.

(Yoshi and Michiyo)
“Kent as never really fallen in love…so I guess if the time came, he most likely wouldn’t know what to do” Yoshi said. “I’m sure he could think of something ^^,” Mi-Chan smiled.

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