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Monday, February 13, 2006

Chapter 2

Part 2
When they got to the palace, Kent and Yoshi (short for Yoshitsune) brought the girls to their Lord. “Lord Kenji, we brought two prisoner’s for-“ Kent started. “Damn it, Lord Kenji! Where are my Chocolates! I need my chocolates!” Lady Ayumi, Lord Kenji'’s wife, shouted. Lord Kenji sighed. “They are right next to the dog!” he said sarcastically.

“We have no dog!” Lady Ayumi shouted. “Exactly,” Lord Kenji said wiping his mouth and throw the napkin on the floor. The napkin for some reason had chocolate on it. Michiyo giggled. Lady Ayumi saw the two girls. “Well, hello there! I wasn’t expecting any guests,” Lady Ayumi said kindly and smiled. They stared at her. “No, dear. They are prisoners and you are interrupting my interrogation time” Lord Kenji said annoyed.

“Don’t make me come over there,” Lady Ayumi said. “Yes, man” Lord Kenji said sarcastically. Lady Ayumi walked over and sat next to Lord Kenji. Yuki mumbled to herself. “Did you say something peasant?” Lord Kenji said. Yuki scowled. “Yes, I did,” Yuki said. Kent stared at Yuki. “There is no reason that I should’ve have the right to kill your wife” Yuki smirked.
Lord Kenji scowled.

“And why is that?” he asked. “Because you and your bunch of Inus,” Yuki said making Kent scowl at her, “…You came in and killed Michiyo’s and my boyfriend” Yuki scowled. Lord Kenji stood up. Lady Ayumi looked at him. “So why are you here?” Lord Kenji asked. Yuki scowled him and Kent pulled her back. “Is it for revenge?” Lord Kenji smiled. Yuki’s nails grew again. Kent backed up a little. Her teeth were once again pointy and her eyes golden. Lord Kenji smiled and turned around.

“Have them hanged,” he said. Yuki cracked and pounced at the lord. Kent pulled her back. She turned around, hissed, and then slashed at him. He fell to the floor bleeding. Lord Kenji took out his sword. Michiyo’s eyes were wide. “Yuki!” Michiyo shouted. “Kent!” Yoshi shouted. Lord Kenji quickly brought his blade down and sliced at Yuki’s back. She stopped and fell to the floor unconscious. Everyone looked at her and she reverted back to normal.

“She may be of use,” Lord Kenji said. Kent slowly got up. His vision was blurry. “Kent, you will be rewarded for your bravery” Lord Kenji said. Kent nodded. “Take these two ladies to their rooms. Help them if all possible and give them what they ask for. We must make them fell at home,” Lord Kenji said. Kent picked Yuki up and carried her away. Yoshi did the same with Mi-Chan.
Kent sat Yuki on her bed. He also sat down and stared at her. Then Yoshi came to the door.

“Man, are you ok?” he asked. “Yeah, I’m good,” Kent said. He went back to staring at Yuki. “She is pretty…you know I’ll be right back” Yoshi said. “Where are you going?” Kent asked. “I’m gonna go stare at Michiyo,” Yoshi laughed. Kent smiled. “No, man we have to go. We were ordered to just bring them here. Let’s go,” Kent said.

and as for those who asked if they could be in my fan fic.. i already have like 13 ch. of this done.. so if u were to be in it.. u wouldn't see it for a while -_- sorry

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

hey guys!! i can't update my story rght now because i'm at a friends!! i WILL i repeat WILL get to all of ur sites later on today!! i promise!! and the questions aboutt he characters...

The following are people from myo!!!!

kakashi- destinyssweetman
lord kenji- lordsesshomaru
lady ayumi- sesslover18
michiyo- little inufan
tito- tito
miharu- iluvkyokun
yuki- me ^^

toya, reno, shinkono, Yoshi, and the others were all amde up ^^

well i'll ttyg guys later ^^

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

ok i lstened to what some poeple said.. or tried...

Ch.2 Journey
The two walked our of the hut and saw nothing but bodies and burnt down houses. Their clothes were torn and they had nothing. They staggered on. When they got to the entrance of the village Yuki stopped. “So…is this it?” Michiyo asked. Yuki scowled at the ground. “No…not until I have the Lord’s head in my hands…” I said. Michiyo stared at Yuki. Then Yuki started walking and Michiyo followed. They walked on the road not knowing where they were going to go.

“Yuki?” Michiyo asked. Yuki looked at Michiyo. “Yes?” Yuki said. “ I noticed that there were claw marks on the soldiers bodies…what happened?” Michiyo asked. Yuki was silent. “I don’t know” Yuki said looking at her hands which were stained with blood. Yuki scowled. “Yuki, are you alright?” Michiyo asked. “Yes, I am” Yuki smiled. Then they saw some mad walking down the road as well. He had a sword and a fighting kimono on. Yuki stared at him as we walked passed each other. He bumped into Yuki. “I’m sorry miss,” he said politely. “Oh, it’s ok” Yuki said. “Have a nice day!” Michiyo shouted.

He smiled and kept walking. Yuki felt her side pocket. “Hey, you creep!” Yuki shouted running after the samurai. She grabbed him by the collar. “Give me my money back, pick-pocket!” Yuki shouted. He smiled. “Here you go,” he said. Yuki scowled Michiyo laughed. Yuki bit her lip. “Let’s go, Mi-Chan” Yuki said. “Come with us, samurai man!” Michiyo begged. “NO!” Yuki shouted. “Sure” the man said. They walked, Yuki being the only pissed one there. “So what’s you name, Mr. Samurai-Wannabe?” Yuki said.

“It’s Aoioukami Kakashi. You can just call me Kakashi” Kakashi said. Yuki stared. “Your name…” Yuki said. “You have the same last name as Yuki!” Michiyo shouted. Yuki bonked her on the head. “We do, eh? What a coincidence!” Kakashi smiled. Yuki stared at him. “Do you know each other?” Michiyo asked.

“I…I don’t remember…I was with you all my life. Right, Mi-Chan? So if I knew him…then so would you” Yuki said. “But I didn’t know you our first 4 years of birth” Michiyo said. Yuki and Kakashi looked at each other curiously. “Well I do not know my father,” he said. Yuki got a shocked look. “I didn’t know my mother… but my father died…yesterday,” Yuki said.

“As did my mother” Kakashi said. “My father said that my brother was a great samurai…” Yuki said. “As did me mother. She said that my father trained us day and night, but they were split up during the war” Kakashi said. “But then that would make you my-“ an arrow flew straight in front of me. “Yuki!” Kakashi said. Then two men on horses came. Two very hot men. Michiyo and I looked up. “What is your business here? Are you poor?” one of the men asked. Yuki recognized the uniforms as the soldiers who came and destroyed their village.

“No…you Inu’s came and destroyed our village…and all the people in it” Yuki scowled. The guy got off the horse and took out his sword. “What did you call us?” he said putting the blade to Yuki’s neck. Kakashi grabbed the handle of his sword. “ Don’t move or I’ll kill her,” the soldier said. Kakashi scowled. “You are very beautiful,” the soldier said. Yuki scowled. ”As is this one, Kent” the other soldier said staring at Michiyo. “Kent” tied Yuki up. “Yoshitsune, get the girl. We will be taking them with us, wanderer” Kent said. Kakashi unsheathed his sword.

“ I don’t think so. I will not allow you to harm my sister and my friend” Kakashi said. Yuki looked at him. “We could just kill them now. There aren’t much more beautiful woman back at the palace, but we can settle with what we find” Kent grinned. Yuki and Michiyo scowled. Kent put Yuki on his horse and Yoshitsune put Michiyo on his. They jumped on and rode away. “Kakashi!” Yuki shouted. “I’ll come and save you two!” Kakashi shouted.

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Friday, February 10, 2006

ok here is my first chapter ^^::::

Genre: Action, Love, Comedy, Fantasy, and Serious

Setting: Takes place in Kyoto, Japan during the Warring States Era, late 1800’s

Characters: Yuki, Michiyo, Kent, Yuiko, Reno, Shoji, Shinkono, and Yoshitsune, Miharu, Tito, Lady Ayumi, and Lord Kenji, and more…

Ch.1 Bored

Yuki and Michiyo were lying on the floor. “ARGH! It’s so freaking boring here!” Yuki shouted. Michiyo got up, and starting spinning in circles. “I’m bored! I’m bored! The fancy woman’s bored!” she sang. She kept singing and Yuki kept complaining. Then two boys walked up to them. Yuki was doing a head- stand and fell over. Michiyo kept spinning until she ran into one of them. She blinked and looked at him. “ Rikku!” she shouted hugging him. He laughed. “DAMMIT!” Yuki shouted in pain after she hit the floor. She tilted her head back and looked at Michiyo. “Yuki-Chan! They’re here!” she shouted jumping up and down. Yuki got up and saw him. “ Toya!” she shouted hugging him. They all laughed and played around. Toya and Rikku were their boyfriends and soon to be husbands. “My dad left me the family business early! Let’s get married tomorrow!” Toya shouted. “Yeah!” Michiyo joined in. Yuki cried with joy. “Yay! The fancy woman is no longer bored!” Michiyo danced. Then there was an explosion. We all looked at the fire that was started. Then arrows suddenly shot out of nowhere. Soldiers ran in and killed people on the spot. “Come on!” the boys shouted grabbing their girl. They all ran into an abandoned hut. “You two, get in these barrels!” Rikku said. “But what about you guys?” Michiyo asked. “Hurry!” Toya shouted. Yuki and Michiyo quickly got in. Then the door burst open and soldiers ran in. Toya quickly pushed Yuki down and put the cover over her head. Rikku did the same to Michiyo. “Boy! What are you hiding?” the soldier demanded to know. “Nothing!” Toya scowled. The solder walked over to them and pushed him out of the way. He pushed the barrel over and I fell out. “Yuki!” Today shouted. Yuki sat there too terrified to move. Michiyo sat in the barrel praying they would die. Then they pushed the other barrel over and Michiyo fell out. I grabbed Michiyo’s hand. “So you lied?” the soldiers scowled. Toya glared at them. The other solder grabbed Michiyo. “She shall make a fine wife foe me!” he said embracing her. “Let go, you ape!” Michiyo shouted. “Mi-Chan!” Rikku said running towards her. The soldier threw Michiyo and took out his sword. Michiyo hit the wall and fell unconscious. The soldier swung his sword many times and chopped Rikku into pieces. Yuki sat there traumatized, with Rikku’s blood on her. “Yuki!” Toya shouted. She sat there. The soldier walked over to her. He pulled her into him. “And you shall be mine” he said. Toya tackled him. “Run, Yuki! “ Toya shouted. Yuki got up. “Not so fast!” the other solder said. Yuki closed her eyes and tackled him as well knocking him out. She picked Michiyo up and ran out the door. Then she heard a gun- fire. She froze where she was. She slowly kept going. “Run, Yuki!” she remembered him saying. So she ran. She couldn’t help herself. She sat Michiyo down in a safe place and ran straight back. As soon as she ran in, she saw a glare from a sword slice right in front of her. Her eyes widened as tons of blood splattered on her. Toya’s body fell to the floor. Suddenly darkness started to take over Yuki. She dropped her head. “Wench!” the soldier shouted walking towards her. She clenched her fists and then they popped out. Her nails grew longer and her teeth grew sharper. “What are you? Some kind of beats?” the soldier said putting his sword close to my Yuki’s face. Yuki growled. Then she looked up and hissed. She showed her teeth to the soldier. “What the hell?” he shouted. Yuki’s eyes were glowing a golden color. She tackled the soldier and ripped him to pieces. Then she fell to her knees and changed back to normal. She looked at the ground and saw Toya’s body. She grabbed her head and screamed. “AHHHHHHHH!” About 5 hours later, Yuki was awakened by someone constantly moving her. She opened her eyes and saw her. Michiyo had tears running down her face. “Mi-Chan? What’s wrong?” Yuki asked. “Rikku…where is he?” she said. Yuki was silent. Then she remembered her “Transformation”. “They’re gone….” she said. Michiyo sat there. “No…” she said. She hit the wall. Yuki sat there feeling guilty “I didn’t get there in time to save him…” Yuki said her eyes now tearing.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

hey everyone!! well...

my BFF brooke and my other firend Tatiana hate eachother.. they have been but i'm just telling u this...it started out liek this...

Brooke is very "selfish" when it comes to this guy named Chris saylor .. i don't know why so don't ask me LOL..well neways.. they brooke up for the 30 time.. and yes i'm serious.. well.. they broke up and brooke was pissed!!! so.. she signed onto his myspace name and Tatiana had sent chris a message.. something about taking pictures of herself in short shorts.. i can't remember.. but brooke found out and sent a message in chris' s name saying " u ho!!" and a bunch of crap like that! and so.. brooke kept it a secret but tati was like " chris wouldn't say stuff like dat" and so tati knows that brooke did it..but brooke has me keeping it a secret..-_-...

Well now every time they see eachother.. tati tries to fight brooke.. a bunch more stuff happened in between.. "adding" to the fight and spreading rumors and sutff. well today when they were passing eachother when we were going to da buses.. tati went over to brooke adn they started yelling and pushing eachother!! some girl ahd the nerve to say" move!!!! nikki move!!!" and i'm like " i'm brooke's body gaurd!! uc an't be telling me to move because if something happens i need to be able to step in!!1" and she's like" no u don't" and is aid" yes i do" she says this but earlier when the 8th graders wanted to fight me she was all on brooke's side cuz they wnated to fight her too.. but then i guess she got scared and was liek " i'm not involved "....

i didn't want to get involved because/.. i didn't want school tog et messaed up.. but i'ma have to step in if someone messes with brooke... well.yeh LOL

i guess dats it ^^ i heard some people say they wanted to read my fic.. so... tomorrow i will psot it..a nd if u guys like it so far.. i will keep going ^^...sorry to michi and everyone.. it gets kinda gruesome..*cough* LOL
i didn't havee time to comment on everyone's site but i will comment when i get home!!!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

well nothing much has happened here!! umm... i set my alarm clock for the wrong time!!! well.. i think i did... i set it for 12 am...but i didnt end up getting up till about 5 03... i'm really lkucky i'm used to getting up before that because i would've been late!!!! LOL hehe XD...welll.. i wrote this fan fic a while ago...well actually it was a real story ^^ it's had lordsesshomaru, sesslover18, destinyssweetman, iluvkyhokun, little inufan, and tito in it!! and me of course ^^ LOL...well i got to chapter 11...and i really liekd it!!! u can ask alex *destinyssweetman* i was chatting with him and forgot because i was getting so into the story!! lOL..well..if anyone would like to read it please tell me!!.. i think i'll start continuing it ^^

ok!! here was my past lsit of animes i had watched..meaing the FULL series!!

Samurai X
Rurouni kenshin
excel saga
outlaw star
tenchi muyo

i think there was mroe but i forgot LOL here are two that i am adding!!


i love hellsing!! LOL that was like the coolest thing ever!! it was so sad.. when.. ok wait.. it ended with a cliffhanger and there won't be another season LOL so i have no idea what happened in the end!!!

lain..was the freakiest... thing i ahd evr seen.. to tell u the truth i didn't watch all of it.. out of like 5 discs.. i watched 2... all i knew is that people had a suicidel problem and...and that it had someting with the internet ^^ LOL..but....poot!!

i watched sorcerer on the rocks!! that is sooo fraeak'n funny!! i love shiva!! woo hooo!!! i think my mom's boyfriend only had the first disc.. so that was all i could find ^^ but those two epi's wee cool LOL and now i am watching.. umm.. Dirty Pair i beleove!!!.. very funny! i was watching it..but didn't pay much attention becasue i was tired.. but i started again.. and i understand it much more now ^^ i may have updated late.. but i will get to everyone's site who updated!!

bye guys!!

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Monday, February 6, 2006

this s what i said ti left out:

Oh yeh!! There’s this one kid named Jon!! He’s like in the 10th grade is does drugs and gets head and crap...well Brooke. Wasn’t with us when we were warming up and he had her phone. Now I know from experience. That when Jon is doing something. He’s up to no good. So I go up to Jon " You have Brooke’s phone again!! ><" Jon "yep"

Me- give me the phone!! I know you're trying to be nosey and get into her business!!!
No-no!!! Get the fuck away from me!
Me-Jon give me the phone!!
coach shandy- what's wrong?
jon- nuthing.. i'm just looking in brooke's phone..
me-he's trying to be nosey and get into her stuff!! he was doing it at practice too!!!
jon-shut the fuck up!!

as soon as he said that.. he got in trouble..

everyone- don't cuz at nikki!!!

coacuh shandy- watch wat u say!

jon- see.. this one guy is saying shit-

me- see!! he's trying to be nosey!!!!

jon- shut the fuck up nikki! brooke knows i have her phone and she told me to give it to holly!!!!

me- ur such a liar!!

we were screaming back and forth!!!!! then everyone separated us because we were about to fight!!

Jon and me haven't talked since then... later on I asked Brooke if she knew and she was like " he had my phone!!!!!!?!!!?!?

and I was like- bwhahahahahaa i knew it!!!

and brooke looks in ehr phone and gets pissed!! jon sent a message to one of our friends kevin saying " i give good head to this guy jon" and brooke was really pissed!! so was i!! i kenw i was right!!! and so i was like " tell coach tiff" and u see...jon is a drug dealer, fails school, is rude, never shows up to practice, owes the gym tons of money, does it with girls and leaves, and more... tiff got so pissed!! she called him over and cussed the hit out of him!1 he had the nerve to tell her i cussed him out!!! he was like " I didn't send it!!" and coach tiffany was like " bullshit!! it was sent at 8:54, when we were warming up and that's when u had da phone!" i was like - hehe...*evil grin*.. jon had it coming to me.. when he cussed me out and walked off, i was pissed and everyone saw it!!! they were like " ignore him nikki, he's a bastard" i'm happy everyone was on my side ^^ LOL

well newyas.... jon blamed it on someone and now that guys quitting because tiff said something…and jon's most likely quiting too..*sighs* well ima go now ^^ have a great day guys!!

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Sunday, February 5, 2006

!! i'm really really really really tired ^^ LOL

I just got back from my cheerleading competition in Nashville, TN. it's now 2:13 AM!!!

i recored naruto thankfully.. and fma!!! i can't believe sasuke is ios getting beat up by rock lee!!!!! that's not cool!!!! GO SASUKE GO!!!!!...umm..*cough*..Sasuke is so bad ass LOL omg!! he's gonna use the sharingon!!!
woo hoo!!!! go sasuke!!!

ummmm... well...>< ARGH!! SAKURA STOP BLUSHIGN OVER MY SASUKE!!!! DAMN YOU!!!..*coughs*

all of our teams got first place!! that's 5 first place trophies!!!!! isn't that great!! LOL i was really tired!!! my friends brittney, jodi, AND ashley ALL threw up after we competed...*sighs*

hmmm...i think my next theme will either be Bleach or ...hmmm..or Saiyuki!! ^^

i'm really hungry!! ^^ LOL

i commented on everyone who updated!! i didn't think i would be able to do it ^^ i was sooo tired and hungry when i got home!!!


they messed up me, brooke, and maruice's order!!!!

we ordered 2 double cheeseburgers, which would mean two fries, and chicken selects which meant another frie box!!! well we got 1 double cheeseburger, i thing of chicken selects, 2 drinks and i thing of fries!! >< we didn't go back though..

omg!! when we were leaving for the parking place.. Maruice forgot where we parked the car!! and it was in those big parking thngs that have like 6 floors!!! first we walked up in section Blue and i'm like "maurice didn't we park in red?" and he's like " no i saw blue" laTER AFTER WALKING IN 10 FREAK'N CIRCLES WE GO INTO SECTION RED AND THERE IS THE CAR RIGHT WHERE I SAID IT WOULD BE, IN THE CORNER WITH THE WALL ..ummm... i just noticed the caps lock and i don't feel like going back LOL well yeh we finally found the car ^^

ummm...*rolls on floor*..hmmm.. i guess sicne i can't think of anything eklse to say..i will ttyl ^^ i spilt up half of my post and i will psot it tomorrow.. it seemed like i posted too long of a post.. soo... u will see the bad part i am saving for tomorrow!! well ttyl bye ^^

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Saturday, February 4, 2006

hey everyone!! well i'm not gonna make this very long. my friend and i are excersizing and maurice and his friend kris are coming over in a few.

I think this one guy cody is gonna ask me out 0o...he's really really really cool ^^ but he's too afraid to LOL

well i've started a new anime!!! it's called Hellsing!!! it rocks my white socks!! LOL it is like one of the coolest thigs i've ever seen!!!! oh yeh!!!! LOL

i will be using my mom's lap top a lot becuase she has started school and needs our comp for that.. but her mean self just changed her mind and said that she was gonna use the lap top!! it's sooo not fair!!! i was gonna use it in ym room so that i could chat AND watch anime at the same time!!!!

neways..h mmmm.... i don't really have much else to say... I LOVE YOU BRO!!! hehe ^^

please everyone wish my luck on my competition tomorrow!! it's a small one day one so i shall be back around 10 my time.. since i'm in the older age group..senior co-ed..we won't compete till about 9 something..

wells....ummms.....hmmmmm...lemme think ..LOL

oh yeh!!

my field trip went great!! but... i was about to not be able to sit with brooke and jonathan!!!! we all got split up..well brooke and jonathan got to be together >< poot!! well neways!! i ran across the theature and got to sit in the seat behind her ^^ LOL..for those of u who've seen the chonicals of narnia...well the part where the lion dies...everyone was like "oh no! where the lion go??" because his body like disappeared.. and when it got quiet i was all like "he's with jesus!!" and i like screamed it out!! everyone started cracking up and the teachers were all like 'sHHHHH!!!!'. LOL

well i guess that's all ^^ i'll get into bigger details tomorrow ^^ bye guys!!

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Friday, February 3, 2006

well.. i don't really care about dividing my psot rght now... i didn't get to type my post yesterday ebcause Maurice came over and was on the computer till i had to go to bed!!! >< So i'm just thining up stuff at the top of my head!!!

today is our feild trip!! yay!!!!

ummm...my head hurts LOL so i plan on sleeping during the movie. I think i'm sick or something. i have a bad headache...kind alike when i was sick before... when i cough my throat...my nose is stuffy... people were laughing at me in school because i was caring a roll of toilet paper ^^ LOL...my nose would run like every second and i didn't like standing up and going to get to get a tissue!!!

i made sure i visited everyone who updated becaofe i started this post. sammy i love ur wallpapers!!!!

I think ima ask someone to psot on saturday for me if i don't get back in time.. SEE!! my nose is runny again1! now i gotta go get tissue!! >< *runs to bathroom*

k im back ^^ LOL...AHHH!! i feel like ...poot LOL...*inside joke*

we;ll right now i am depating on whether i should psot.. i mean it's really late..so i dought anyone will come and visit.. but anyways.. umm...
i think this should be long enough.. ummmmmm....have a great day everyone!! and stay away rom squirrels!!!! *Chris :P*

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