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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hi guys ^^ well once again I spent all day playing Kingdom Hearts LOL

I woke up at around 7-ish AM and then played non-stop until about 10 pm LOL It is a really cool game! I am already WAY past being Half way completed with the game. I have sealed all the worlds and am now Revisiting them..You know what pisses me off? I STILL haven't seen Riku ><...I looked through the WHOLE Guide Book and I did not see Riku's name once! not ONCE! What is wrong with that man? LOL

Well...I'm not really doing anything right now, excpet listening to the Kingdom Hearts Opening song in english- Sanctuary LOL Thank you Sammy-chan for finding it ^^ Me and Sam had a long conversation and she found out why we couldn't find it..The thing says that the song is called Passion..so everytime we looked for it we typed in Passion! LOL XD Funny eh? :P

I'm still working on my Fruits Basket story...I have like 14 or 15 pages done..LOL...I jsut don't feel like posting them ^^

I hate that my Spring Break has been so boring >< Nothing but cleaning, Sleeping, Eating, and playing Kingdom Hearts LOL...But I guess it's better then being at school, eh?

And now I leave you with the Kingdom Hearts Opening in English ^^

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Hey guys ^^ Well I saw Stay Alive about an hour ago...I'm so paranoiad right now LOL...Well..I guess it was good...If you're not afraid of anything ^^

Well Me and Samantha spent a lot of time looking around for the song Passion..well..we were looking for the english version or something LOL...I forgot!!

Well for those of you who have playing KH1..then you'll know what I mean when i say I have Sealed 7 worlds already ^^ Mulan, Disney Catle, Hollow Bastion, Twilight town, Lympus Colloseum, Timeless River, and Beauty and the Beast ^^...up next is Pirates of the Carribean...

something that I thought was weird.. You can summon Chicken Little LOL..I know it makes sense because he IS a disney movie..but still..well..it may just be me LOL..

I don't have much to say..I have a boring day besides the movie..I played KH2 all day, Talked to Samantha a bit, and..well..I guess that's it ^^

Right now i'm chatting with tito..A lot of our others friends aren't on and we only know the reason of 2..well..I'm so bored!! XD LOL I'm hungry too :P

wEll i'll go now ^^ BYE BYE GUYS!

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hey guys!! Well...Guess what I got? I got Kingdom Hearts 2! WOOP WOOP! LOL...Well...I have been playing it for about 6 hrs ^_^'...I don't really have much to say...but...DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH OF A PAIN IT IS TO TRY AND ACT LIKE TOHRU ALL DAY! I MEAN GOSH! LOL...I haven't gotten upset all day, I have been saying "Yes, Ma'm, No, Ma'm" , I fell down the stairs (not on purpose i might add LOL), and I did something that no kid in their right minds should do on a break...I cleaned the whole hosue today! and I mean..YES..THE WHOLE HOUSE!!! I was searching the web and I found this::

Tips on How to Act More Like Tohru Honda:

1.Overreact easily
2.Carry a picture of a dead family member everywhere you go. Protect it.
3.Assume it's all your fault
4.Smile and look happy even if you're not feeling that way
5.Be gullible and believe everything you hear
6.Do random things
7.Help around the house and cook often
8.Be extremely happy when little things happen
9.Love cats
10. Frequently slip, fall, or trip over something

And I was talking to Ellie-chan...I got all these covered! Cept the part about me carrying around a picture of a dead person ^_^'. No body in my family as died ^^...not that I know of o.0

Well today when we went to go get my Game...Thank god i reserved for it because EVERYONE was there to get it...I brought about 7 games to give to them to cover some of the cost...and guess how much money that gave me? $56!!!!!!!!!!!!! So my game was covered for free AND since we got a 20% discount on the Guide book for buying it the day we bought the game...We only had to pay a total of $9 !!!!

My mom bought me 2 chopsticks for my hair ^^...I wish they ahd a Kyo! XDDDDD...but they didn't...So I got my zodiac...The Monkey, Ritsu...and Yuki, the rat. ^^ I wanted to get Shigure, the dog...but she wouldn't let me! and being that I was Tohru today..I didn't argue LOL

well that's all ^^ i'm gonna go finish playing my game some more.

ADDED: 12:55 am

I made a Year of the cat Club! If you want to join simply save the banner and that's it ^^

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

hey guys!! umm.. i apologize 500 times!!! *cries8 i am ao sorry i didn't visit anyone today!!! -_-'..i went to my friends hosue and i got back a lil late and when i saw that it looked like about 895789320759873459872349 number of poeple update i got lazy LOL..well..since u guys liked episode 1..i give you epi 2 ^^ kinda grusom in the beginning LOL

After school, Keiko walked home alone, until Yuki came up, followed by Kyo. “Do you need any help?” Yuki asked. Yuki looked at her and had the most innocent smile. “No, thank you, Yuki,” She said. Yuki smiled. “Well, we’ll see you tomorrow,” he said. They walked off. Keiko opened the door to her house and walked in. she took off her shoes and walked into the room. Then she heard something dripping. She turned around and saw blood. Blood trails lead to the cabinet. She stared at it for a second. Then she slowly opened it and screamed. Inside the cabinet was her little brother. She backed up with her mouth covered and tripped on the chair. She wore glasses and they fell off when she fell. She was crawling on the floor looking for them when she felt a foot. She froze where she was and looked up, knowing either way she wouldn’t be able to see whom it was. She could make out a figure of a body…holding a knife.

She started to breath hard. “Keiko, dear. You didn’t come home last night, we were worried,” said the figure. She sensed something coming towards her and she jumped back, surviving the strike with a long deep cut in her cheek. Then the figure stabbed her in her side. “AHHH!” she screamed. She started crying but was determined to live. She grabbed her brother and ran, not knowing where she was going. She ran and ran and ran, seeing only darkness. Then she got to a forest. The figure was still chasing her. She ran deep into the forest and so did the figure. She squeezed her brother close to her. “I won’t leave you, Kinse,” she said. She stepped back and the figure stepped forward. Then all of a sudden it started to pour down rain. She opened her eyes. Keiko somehow always had an advantage in seeing when it was raining. She saw the figured and hid behind a tree.

She picked up a stick and when the figure was turned around, which was her mother, she stuck the stick through her and she fell to the floor dead. Keiko picked up her brother again. She staggered through the forest. She still held her brother close, so she could feel his heart beat and know he’s still alive. “So, you think Keiko is bipolar?” Shigure smiled. “Yeah! She was scary one minute and a weakling the next!” Kyo shouted as they munched on their take-out. Then they heard a knock on the door. “Kyo, Yuki, get that please,” Shigure said. “But it’s your house!” Kyo shouted pounding the table. “But I don’t want to,” Shigure whined. Yuki sighed and got up. He opened the door and saw Keiko. Her pupils were gone so he could see she could not see. “Keiko!” Yuki shouted. Kyo and Shigure looked. They both smelled blood and ran over to the door. Keiko was breathing hard and blood dripped from both her and her brother.

Kyo’s eyes got big. Yuki grabbed her brother and Shigure ran out to her. “Keiko, come here! What happened?” He shouted. Keiko’s mind was unconscious but her heart was awake. She looked up and saw Kyo staring. She ran to him and embraced him tightly in her arms. Kyo stared. Shigure and Yuki watched her. “She…she was going to kill him, Kyo-kun, and me” Keiko said bursting out with tears that she had been holding in to be strong for her brother. Kyo sat there not knowing what to do, because a girl before had never embraced him. Then it struck him. Someone of the opposite sex that was not part of the Sohma family was embracing him…but he had not transformed into his zodiac animal.

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Monday, March 27, 2006

hiya ^^ hehe..really really short post ^^ well i drew a bunch of pics today and i hope to get them up soon ^^ and i have been watching fruits basket all day..again..LOL...well..my day..has been really boring ^_^' well....i guess i'll go now!!

umm.. i didn't want to post up the first chapter so soon but..ok..my fan fic..well this time.. is the kind..that like continues after the anime is totally done...and..i just made this up LOl..tohru has died of a sickness and then the story goes on ^^the main girl..has been going to their school..only in a different class so she wasn't seen very much..she was always in the shadows and i am bringing her into the light! bwhahahahah!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDD

Episode 1:

“I have to hurry and get back,” Keiko said as she slowly trudged home. She was tired from work. Keiko decided to take a short cut through an alley. Her vision was blurry so she couldn’t see clearly. A dark shadow appeared and pushed her down. “Give me your money or I’ll take it by force,” the figure said. Yuki was sick and could not see who it was. The figure picked her up and threw her against the wall knocking her out. As soon as he was about to take her money, another figure came up and punched him, knocking him out. The other figure walked over to Keiko and picked her up. Keiko just barely opened her eyes and saw that it was a man with black hair that looked very attractive, but then she fell unconscious.

The next morning when she woke up, she was in bed, in a room, in a house that she had never seen before. She tried to get up but her ankle her hurt and so did her head. She rubbed it. “Where am I?” she asked herself. A man walked in. “Well it seems you’re awake now!” A hot man with a hot smile said. Keiko stared. “Who is our guest, Shigure?” another hot man asked walking in. “Yuki?” Keiko said under her breath. Yuki looked at her. Then another guy walked in. “What the hell is with all the noise-“ he stopped when he saw Keiko. “Kyo…” Keiko said again under her breath. ‘This must be the Sohma house…’ Keiko thought to herself. She looked away from them. “I’m sorry for the intrusion. I’ll leave now,” Keiko said, about to stand up, but she fell back down and grabbed her ankle. “You twisted it and hit your head pretty badly,” the oldest said.

Keiko looked at him. “You’re the man from last night,” she said. He smiled. “Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Shigure Sohma and these are my cousins-“ Keiko interrupted him. “Yuki Sohma and Kyo Sohma…” she said. They looked at her. “Are you guys classmates?” Shigure asked. “Yes,” Yuki said. Keiko tried to stand up again but couldn’t. “You should probably just rest for the day, you’re more then welcome to stay here. I’ll take care of you while Yuki and Kyo are at school. We can just tell your parents-“ Keiko stopped him. “My parents…don’t need to know anything,” Keiko said scowling at the ground. “Won’t they be worried?” Shigure asked. Keiko forced herself up and close her eyes as tears rolled down.

“Yuki, go get her clothes and Kyo, go get her backpack,” Shigure said. Keiko went into the room and changed. She limped all the way to school with Yuki and Kyo. Then the Prince Yuki Fan Club came. “WHY ARE YOU WALKING WITH YUKI? JHASJKFLHJKGHJKFHGJFDHGJHGJDHFJGLUEWROIWEQTPBGVUPVPUNETQUE?????” They screeched. Yuki closed her eyes and scowled. “Shut up. You’re voice makes me anger,” Keiko said. They stopped and looked at her. Kyo and Yuki looked at her. “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE???” the squirrel girls shouted. Keiko automatically looked sad. “Leave me alone,” she said a little kinder. They scowled and ran off. Kyo and Yuki watched her on the way to school. They walked into the classroom and then Keiko didn’t speak to them the whole day, as if they had never met.

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

hiya guys!! hmm..well.. i went to the mall today because our cheerleading gym was doing like a show thing where we tumbled and stuff... i have been watching and/or doing something related to fruits basket for 10 hrs!! LOL!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
i even changed my myspace theme to kyo ^^...well.. i have started a fan fic..fruits basket ^_^ i have done one before.. but i wanna do a new one..to tell you the truth.. as i type this.. i jsut remembered i had an old one LOL

i'm really bored right now!!!...umm... my mom wants me to start on my christmas list LOL because my parents are divorced..they can't jsut take out 1,000 dollars and spend it in december.. so she's gonna get some every now and then so she will be ready by christmas time ^^

umm..hmmmm....i don't really have much to say.. i was late posting because i was...watching frutis basket XDDDD LOL...umm.. i think i'm scaring Tito right now o.0 :P LOL

hmmm... i'm happy u all like my new theme!! i tried really hard on it!!

i might go to the movies or mall tomorrow with brooke.. she got back from louiville ealier today ^^

oh yeh if you guys wanna read my fan fic..just tell me.. in all of my fan fics.. i usually take out the main girl..and put me in her place and then retell the whole thing...soo. if u don't like fan fics like that...then don't read it! XP

well i guess that's all and if i think of something i will add it later on!!!

Shigure- "High school girls, Highscool girls! All for MEEEEEE, Highschool girls!! HEHEHE" LOL XDDDDDDDD

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

hey guys! well..at the kast minutes my mom changed her mind so i wasn't able to go see the movie >< i might be able to see it tomorrow now!..well...i'm extremely tried!!,...as you can see i changed my theme AND layout ^^it's not perfecxt.. but if makes me happy!!

yay i'm on spring break!! woo hoo!!! no more shcool!!

i can't wait until tuesday to get kh 2!! LOL

i drew 2 pics in my new inuyasha sctech books ^^ i'm too tired to put them up now i will put them up later ^^ i drew this guy with sesshy ears standing on a arock! i promise you it looks better then it sounds LOL and a girl in japanese school clothes sitting in a desk painting a pisture!!! ..which i have dedicated to Sesslover18!! yay sammy-chan!!

if u guys have any cool ideas for a song to go with ym theme plz tell me! i want to change the one i have now but don't know what to change it too ^^

well i have a huge headache so that's all for the night ^^ hope everyone is having a great friday!!


yay my comments work again!! and i moved them to under the post

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Friday, March 24, 2006

quick post!! i might be going to the movies today to see Stay Alive!! woo hoo!!! i'm gonna be so paranoid after this! yay!! LOL AND i went to the mall yesterday and got a naruto wristband, inuyasha sketch book, and inuyasha pen! woo hoo!! LOL yay! today is my last day, friday! and then spring break! bwhahahhaha!!! XDDDDDDDDDD

this tuesday, for tennessians, kingdom hearts 2 comes out!!! i'm so gonna get it!! LOL but FFVII doesn't come out till like april 29!!..i think that's what the lady said..arpil sumthing ^^

and one last thing...

I LOVE UR THEME AND LAYOUT Chibim !!! i love the song, the theme, and the whole thng dammit!! XDDDDDD i obsessed with ur song now!! LOL

i'm really really really bored!!! so i'm just gonna finish my pizzza!!!! dance around like a monkey!!! and wish i had something to do.....

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

hi guys!! and now for me and michi's fan fic!! XDDDD we made this last night when we were in the conference and we were really bored!! XDDDDDDD LOL

Micheeto: lol
Yuki-chan: hi!!
Micheeto: did ya invite the others?
Micheeto: hi xD
Yuki-chan: it's the michi n nikki conference!!
Micheeto: LOL
Micheeto: sounds like a tv show
Micheeto: or a talk show! XD
Yuki-chan: Yuki: yes!! where we will interview sexii anime guys!! nikki: *sighs* ^_^
Micheeto: lol
Micheeto: I know Yuki! let's do sexy anime guys by ABC!
Yuki-chan: Yuki: first up!! inuyasha oujisama!! *rumered to be his last name* whya re u so damn sexii??
Yuki-chan: OK!!
Yuki-chan: LOL
Micheeto: Let's think of a sexy character with their name starting with the letter A! XD
Yuki-chan: A!!
Micheeto: hmmmmmmmmm
Micheeto: Ayame....
Yuki-chan: anaphase!!
Micheeto: alphonse......
Yuki-chan: wait..that's science..@@
Micheeto: lol
Micheeto: XD
Micheeto: Silly! Anaphase is not a sexy character!
Yuki-chan: LOL XDDD
Micheeto: ummmmmmmm
Micheeto: lol
Yuki-chan: i only know two!! the two u named ^^
Micheeto: lol
Yuki-chan: if i know any others.. i forgot LOL
Yuki-chan: me and my friend played this when i spent the night at her house
Micheeto: there others but folks, we have unfortunately forgotten =D
Micheeto: audience: AWWWWWW
Micheeto: one stupid guy: hey, there's a character! AWW me: you're an idiot. guy: Oo
Micheeto: lol
Micheeto: yay game xD
Micheeto: guy: why am i here, this is a girl's show! me: UNLESS YOU'RE GAY! X3 guy: no i'm not! Oo me: then get out of here! security: *throw him out* ^_^
Yuki-chan: LOL XDD
Yuki-chan: so.let's do..an older version of alphonse ^^.. i guess..
Yuki-chan: wait!!
Yuki-chan: that one site..
Micheeto: vat
Yuki-chan: absolute anime!!
Micheeto: lol
Yuki-chan: i'ma looking! LOL
Micheeto: i can't open a webpage right now lol
Micheeto: my internet is not connecting to the normal webpage Oo;
Micheeto: so i'm just connected to messengers! XD
Yuki-chan: akabane!!!
Micheeto: audience: ALPHONSE! other audience: AYAME!!! one fangirl: DO BOTH! me: no!!! unfortunately, we can only do! =D
Yuki-chan: kuroudo!
Micheeto: lol
Yuki-chan: he's from get backers!! u know him?
Micheeto: no ^^;
Yuki-chan: hm..
Micheeto: i want to watch the anime though! lol
Micheeto: OOH! OOH! LOL
Yuki-chan: well..u wanna see a pic.. we can photo share
Micheeto: Ash from Pokemon! XD
Micheeto: lol
Micheeto: i can't photo share ^^;
Yuki-chan: i loved him when i was in 3rd grade LOL
Micheeto: lol
Micheeto: XD
Yuki-chan: not that either?? dang!!
Micheeto: ^^;;;;
Yuki-chan: ok.let's do ash then since we both know him! ^^
Micheeto: lol
Micheeto: okie xD
Micheeto: Ash Ketchum AKA sometimes.... Ash Ketchup! =D
Yuki-chan: XDDD
Micheeto: lol
Micheeto: n.n
Micheeto: your turn! girls:
Micheeto: girls: go ash.... ^_____^
Yuki-chan: Yuki: ..hmm.. he's kinda young..for my taste.. nikki: o.0!!! YUKI!!! Yuki: what! i'm only telling the truth!
Micheeto: girl: *daydreams and falls off stage*
Micheeto: lol
Yuki-chan: GIR!
Micheeto: lol
Micheeto: girl: @D me: << someone get a stretcher <<;;;
Yuki-chan: LOL
Micheeto: *@D_ xD
Yuki-chan: gir " but i wanted to explode!!"
Micheeto: lol
Micheeto: xD
Yuki-chan: Yuki: okey!! onto B!!
Micheeto: yesh!!
Micheeto: LET'S NAME THE B!
Micheeto: BOBOBO! LOL
Yuki-chan: Yuki: bankotsu, bobobo, ban
Micheeto: *could only come up with him* XD
Micheeto: ummmmm!
Yuki-chan: Yuki: bakura
Micheeto: b.....
Micheeto: @.@/
Micheeto: can't come up with anymore! X3
Yuki-chan: yuki:blue knight from tokyo mew mew!! other known as ichigo's bf!!
Micheeto: <<;
Micheeto: audience: BANKOTSU! one girl: BOBOBO! XD
Micheeto: one other girl: *throws brick at the other girl's head* girl (who said bobobo): X_X
Micheeto: >>'
Yuki-chan: Yuki: o.0...umm.. bankotsu!!! what do we rate him on 1-10??..and someone clean up the blood!!
Micheeto: lol
Micheeto: audience: 8! 2! 10000000000000000!!!!!!!!! >v Micheeto: one girl: GO BOBOBO!
Yuki-chan: Yuki: michiyo? ^^ i give him a 10!!..get her out of here~
Micheeto: girls: *beat up the girl who said bobobo* <<;;;
Micheeto: lol
Micheeto: girl (who said bobo): *gets thrown out*
Micheeto: Bankotsu wields that..... one sword...
Micheeto: lol
Micheeto: i forgot the name x3
Micheeto: banksomething!
Micheeto: YAKITORI! lol
Micheeto: chu let's move on to C! =D
Micheeto: since i can't think of anything else |D;
Yuki-chan: chichiri!!! fushigi yugi!!!
Micheeto: CHAD! chichiri!
Micheeto: ummmmmmm!
Yuki-chan: cougar LOL
Micheeto: lol
Yuki-chan: OMFG!!
Micheeto: vat?!?!? @.@/
Yuki-chan: Yuki: crim!!! VOTE CRIM!!!
Micheeto: lol
Micheeto: Krim from .hack?
Yuki-chan: Yuki: yep yep!! i thought his name was spelled with a k..but they have him here as c LOL
Micheeto: lol
Yuki-chan: so..
Micheeto: CHOJI! LOL
Yuki-chan: XDDDDDDDD
Yuki-chan: hey he looks cute when he's skinny!!
Micheeto: YESHO!
Micheeto: turns hot =D
Yuki-chan: conrad!! from kyo -kara-kaioh!!
Micheeto: never heard of it! X3
Micheeto: ^^;
Yuki-chan: kyou-kara-maioh**
Yuki-chan: ^^
Yuki-chan: Yuki: wanna move on? there are a bunch of D's!!
Micheeto: audience: CHOJI! three girls: GO CHICHIRI! 9 girls: GO CHAD! (one faints) 14 girls: CHOJI! 23 girls: GO CHAD! girls: CHOJI! 22 girls: GO CHICHIRI!
Micheeto: lol
Micheeto: girls: AWWWWWW
Micheeto: one girl: WHO CARES!
Micheeto: girls: *beat that girl up*
Micheeto: girl: *gets thrown out*
Yuki-chan: Yuki: dark, darcia, daisuke, D...we're gonna be out of girls soon! LOL
Micheeto: YESH! lol
Micheeto: we shall have a special character coming soon!
Micheeto: girls: *exclaim*
Micheeto: girls: *start chit chatting*
Micheeto: me: SHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! @_____________@/
Micheeto: girls: *stay quiet*
Micheeto: the special guest.....
Micheeto: girls: *____*
Micheeto: YUKI FROM FURUBA!!!!!
Micheeto: girls: *start screaming*
Yuki-chan: Yuki: o.0 he stole my name!!!! WE WANT KYO!!
Micheeto: lol
Micheeto: girls: WE WANT AKITO!!!!!
Micheeto: girls: HELL NO! WE WANT RITSU!!!!!! <3
Yuki-chan: Yuki leads group: WE WANT PRINCE KYO KUN!!
Micheeto: one girl: I WANT KAKERU! XD
Yuki-chan: Yuki: *coughs8 shigura...*drools*..
Micheeto: one girl: *hugs her kakeru plushy*
Micheeto: shigure: *from backstage*
Micheeto: shigure: DID SOMEONE MENTION ME?!??!!? <3
Micheeto: shigure: *comes out onto the stage*
Yuki-chan: Yuki: *tackles shigura*
Micheeto: welllllllll lookie who it is....
Micheeto: 4 girls: OMG!
Yuki-chan: Yuki: *hisses8 he's mine!!
Micheeto: 4 girls: *start screaming their heads off*
Micheeto: 4 girls: O_o
Yuki-chan: *Nikki: XDDDDDDDD
Micheeto: 4 girls: HECK NO!
Micheeto: 4 girls: COME ON GIRLS!
Micheeto: 4 girls: THAT'S RIGHT! *start going on stage*
Micheeto: me: EH!
Yuki-chan: Yuki: *turns into full demon crazy shit stuff looking bad ass thing* >_<
Micheeto: me: *gets out sword*
Micheeto: *protects shigure* nuh uh X3
Micheeto: girls: O_O
Micheeto: girls: *go back to their seats*
Micheeto: HA!
Yuki-chan: Yuki: *goes mad and starts killing* Nikki: yuki, calm down!!!
Micheeto: you girls... your admission to the show has been...
Micheeto: DECLINED!
Micheeto: *throws 4 girls out*
Micheeto: shigure: AWWWWW why'd you do that?! they were going to give me all the love <3
Yuki-chan: *tackles and snuggles shigure*
Micheeto: shigure: *looks at yuki* nvm, this is ok
Micheeto: shigure: @\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\^
Yuki-chan: Nikki: *LOLROF*
Micheeto: lol
Micheeto: brb!
Yuki-chan: K!
Micheeto: we shall be on a commercial =D
Yuki-chan: Yuki: *starts commercial* >_<
Micheeto: loo
Micheeto: *lol XD
Micheeto: CHUKO!
Micheeto: back to the show! =D
Micheeto: where were we! X3
Yuki-chan: Yuki: YAY!!!
Micheeto: OH YEAH!
Micheeto: WE WERE ON...
Micheeto: girls: D!
Micheeto: girls: DARK!
Micheeto: girls: DAISUKE! <3
Micheeto: Oo;
Yuki-chan: Yuki: darcia, daisuke
Micheeto: um!
Micheeto: OK!
Yuki-chan: Yuki: D
Micheeto: which shall we do! =D
Micheeto: girls: I GO FOR DAISUKE!
Yuki-chan: Yuki: dark and..
Micheeto: 30 girls: WE GO FOR DARK!
Micheeto: girl: BRING MOUSY OUT!
Micheeto: girls: YEAH!
Micheeto: Oo
Micheeto: ummmmmm!
Micheeto: *brings dark out*
Micheeto: dark: hi all =3
Yuki-chan: Yuki: 0.0 *screams like fan girl*
Micheeto: girls: *SCREAM*
Micheeto: dark: whoa, hey hey, calm down! there's plenty of me to go around
Micheeto: Oo lol go dark! x3
Micheeto: dark: ^_^
Yuki-chan: Yuki: *goes into cool dark gotchic type look(princess ai's outfit)* *sexy smile and walks over to dark*
Micheeto: dark: so, why am i here?
Yuki-chan: NikkI: uh oh..here we go..rp mode..*sighs*
Micheeto: dark: ah, hi
Micheeto: lol
Micheeto: dark: *grabs yuki and kisses her*
Micheeto: dark: i don't think we know each other
Yuki-chan: Yuki: *tackles and kisses back* who cares!!
Micheeto: dark:
Micheeto: dark: you're cool
Micheeto: *watches in chair*
Yuki-chan: Yuki:
Yuki-chan: Nikki; so..michi..want me to go get us some fries or something LOL
Micheeto: XD
Micheeto: dark: *looks at time* well, unfortunately...
Yuki-chan: Yuki: *smooches dark* next letter!!
Micheeto: dark: i gotta go, i have a photoshoot, ya know?
Micheeto: lol
Yuki-chan: Yuki: ENVY!!!!!
Yuki-chan: ed!
Yuki-chan: YukI; eiri yuki!!!!!!
Micheeto: lol
Micheeto: so we're on to E!
Micheeto: girls: YUKI!!!!!! EIRI-SENSEI!!!!
Micheeto: whoa, they're cheering Oo girls: WHOOOO!!!!
Yuki-chan: Yuki: AND ENVY!!!
Micheeto: girls: GO ENVY! GO THAT SEXY BOY!
Yuki-chan: *yuki and envy walk out*
Yuki-chan: Hiding guy: ENVY'S A FREAKING GIRL!!
Micheeto: LOL
Yuki-chan: Yuki: *goes mad again*
Yuki-chan: Yuki: i will devour your soul!!
Micheeto: me: it's a gay dude!
Micheeto: guy: NO I'M NOT!
Micheeto: guy: EH!
Micheeto: guy: I'm THE MAINTAINANCE GUY!
Yuki-chan: *Tackles and his about to chew to peices* Nikki: yuki, he;s not worth it!
Yuki-chan: Yuki: *goes good* XDDDD!! &* ROFL!!* GAY!!
Micheeto: lol
Micheeto: guy: @__x *twitch*
Micheeto: eiri yuki: *checks his watch while smoking*
Micheeto: eiri-sensei: hm
Yuki-chan: Yuki: *ats like a girl yuki would like*..wait..he likes guys...man..what a dilemna..
Yuki-chan: acts**
Micheeto: lol
Yuki-chan: Yuki: *hmmm* *uses envy's powers to change inot a GUY yuki would like* there we go -_^!!
Micheeto: xD
Micheeto: eiri yuki: *spits out cigarette and looks at yuki* hotty.
Yuki-chan: YukI: *jumps Yuki dressed up in a puppy costume*
Micheeto: yuki:
Yuki-chan: Yuki*
Micheeto: yuki: *sits down in the chair with yuki around him* OK! now, we go on to... F!
Micheeto: UMMM!!!!!
Yuki-chan: Yuki: umm...
Micheeto: f.. what starts with f..
Yuki-chan: fith hokage..LOL
Yuki-chan: fifth*
Micheeto: lol
Micheeto: XD
Yuki-chan: fletcher!!
Yuki-chan: FMA!
Micheeto: YAY!
Micheeto: girls: WHOO!
Micheeto: *brings out fletcher*
Micheeto: fletcher: hi! :3
Yuki-chan: fujisaki..
Micheeto: girls: WHOOOOOOTT!!!!!
Yuki-chan: from graviation..the new dude that joined..with the green hair
Micheeto: girl: *goes up to fletcher and kisses him*
Micheeto: ummm! i forgot his name! ^^;
Yuki-chan: Yuki: ><
Micheeto: or was that just him? @@/ lol
Yuki-chan: Nikki: o.0
Yuki-chan: Nikki: *goes back to english homework*
Yuki-chan: Nikki: crazy crazy people..LOL
Micheeto: xD
Micheeto: fletcher: i'm not crazy but the girl who just kissed me is @@
Yuki-chan: LOL XDDD
Micheeto: fletcher: *sits down in a nearby chair and listens to conversation* *waves to girl who kissed him*
Yuki-chan: Yuki: g?
Yuki-chan: Yuki: goku!!
Micheeto: YESH!
Micheeto: ummmm!!!
Micheeto: GOTEN!
Micheeto: GOHAN!
Micheeto: ehhhhhhhh!!!
Yuki-chan: GOJYO!!!
Micheeto: lol
Yuki-chan: GASSER~~
Micheeto: YAY!
Micheeto: gatchaman XD 40 year old woman: WHOO HOO!
Yuki-chan: gooji!!! the perverted scientist who likes little girls from excel saga!
Micheeto: lol
Micheeto: xD
Micheeto: *gasser comes out of the backstage* gasser: HI GIRLS!
Micheeto: gasser: *lets out a fart*
Micheeto: girls who are in love with him: <3) so SWEET! other girls: EWWWWWWWWW
Yuki-chan: Nikki: *ROFL* Yuki: he's hot! who cares!
Micheeto: YESH!
Micheeto: *glomps gasser*
Micheeto: gasser: oh looks like the talk show host #2 likes me =3
Micheeto: wee! you're so cool!
Micheeto: gasser: *farts* ^\\\\\\\\\\\\\\^
Micheeto: xD nn *cough cough* @@/
Micheeto: gasser: WELL! i gotta go to the bathroom! SEE YA ALL LADIES! girls: EWWWWWW girls who love him: *dazed* @@
Yuki-chan: Nikki: *STILL ROFL*
Yuki-chan: Yuki: h?
Micheeto: lol
Micheeto: brb! X3
Yuki-chan: K! ^^
Yuki-chan: YAY!!
Micheeto: YAYY!
Micheeto: WEE!
Micheeto: lol
Micheeto: XD
Micheeto: now!
Micheeto: H!
Micheeto: HAORI!
Micheeto: ooh!
Micheeto: that one dude! LOL
Micheeto: ummmmmmmmmm!!!
Micheeto: hitori or something!
Micheeto: ha....
Micheeto: hiiiiii
Micheeto: something...@.@/
Micheeto: HOUJO! LOL
Micheeto: from inuyasha
Yuki-chan: we're hakudoshi!
Yuki-chan: hiroshima!
Yuki-chan: haku from naruto!
Yuki-chan: haku from spirited away!
Micheeto: oh yesh!
Micheeto: lol
Yuki-chan: hiei!
Micheeto: hakudoshi XD
Micheeto: YAY!
Yuki-chan: howl!!!
Yuki-chan: from howl's moving catle!
Yuki-chan: he's so damn sexii! LOL XDD
Micheeto: lol
Yuki-chan: haru glory!!
Yuki-chan: hamtaro!
Yuki-chan: heero!
Yuki-chan: hiro sohma@
Micheeto: LOL
Yuki-chan: sexii hiro from graviation!!
Micheeto: YUKI IS GOING NUTS GIRLS! girl: haha! too much chocolate!
Micheeto: xD
Micheeto: YESH!
Yuki-chan: LOL
Yuki-chan: hatake kakashi!
Yuki-chan: hyuuga neji@
Yuki-chan: i'm cheating by using htier last names LOLO
Micheeto: lol
Micheeto: XD
Yuki-chan: hatsuharu sohma!
Micheeto: YAY!
Micheeto: girls: WOOOOOOOT!
Yuki-chan: hm..dang..well i gotta go to bed now!!!
Yuki-chan: LOL
Micheeto: girl: I LOVE YOU HARU!!!
Micheeto: awww!
Micheeto: *hugs*
Micheeto: bye!!!! oyasumi nasai!!! TT.TT////
Yuki-chan: *hugs ya back* bye bye twin crazy sis! this was the best conference ever!! LOL
Micheeto: LOL
Micheeto: BYE BYE!!!!! ^^/////
Yuki-chan: bye ^^

so as u can see we only got to H!!! hopefully we can continue and today's episode!! LOL

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Monday, March 20, 2006

hey guys!! i'm back from alabama!! well...i didn't get home till like 3 in the morning so my mom didn't make me go to school ^^ LOL ...well it was all ready sad actually..i mean..we got first *both of my teams*...but this was the last competition of the year..and all the sneroirs on highschool..this was there LAST year....*sighs*..i got to ride home with one..and i got to give lots of hugs and kisses to the others.. they promised they would come visit ^^ LOL so i guess i'm a little more happier ^^ i'm gonna leave them all messages on myspace ^^

i'll get to see them all again ^^ because at the end of every cheerleading eyar..we have abanquet where they give out awards and stuff ^^ and well..my mom said that she would make something for them ^^ i hope it turns out well!!

i'm bored now and lsitening to Im so sick by flyleaf....one of the best songs LOL LOLOLOLOL i'm really bored XDDDD well i'll go now ^^ hope u guys have a great day!! i promise to visit everyone today ^^ in fact!!..i will start visiting right now ^^


ok so i made myself go to school!!!! HOW DIUMB AM I?!?!!?!?!! well i don't have that much makeup work LOL..but...hmm.. i guess thats all LOL


after going through 200 million different animes and themes!!..i have finally chosen one LOL i wanted to do an anime i hadn;t done before..but.. i decided to do dnangel again ^^ well neways..comment and tell me what u think plz ^^


ok ^^ well..i thought i'd tell mroe about the competition!! well..about the hotel..we walk in and go to the room and matt goes "so this is nicole's room" and my mom says yeh and i'm thinking ' what the hella re they talking about!!' and then they hand me my key and matt says "so our room should be next door" and i was like 'o0' I GOT A HUGE HOTEL ROOM WITH TWO HUGE BEDS BY MYSELF BWHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!! LOL my mom said she wanted to surprise me ^^ well brooke got to stay in there wiht me because i'm afraid of the dark, afraid of being alone, and afraid of being bored LOL it was really fun ^^

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