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Hey, I'm Kandy and I love anything Japanese. I love people who are Japanese, Japanese food, candy,soda, manga, anime,Hayao Miyazaki, the music, language, japanese art,the people of Japan, japanese films,japanese fashion, japan itself, and finally people who enjoy japan as much as I do! So I'm looking for friends and what better way to make friends who like Japan than on a site made for Japanese fans! So welcome to my site!!! Oh and be warned. I am quite the otaku and blogger!-^u^-

Friday, January 22, 2010

Me: so yeah... I'm in the same situjation as before...-.-
Kyo: Huh?
Me: I am at my dad's workplace and I can't get access to Gaia...>:O
Kyo:...and I should care why?
Me: I never said you had to care I'm just saying...
Kyo: Well I don't care!>_>
ME: Fine! Putting that aside our guest today will be Haruhi from the popular anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya!!! Let's give her a warm welcome!
Kyo: Woo hoo...>_>
Haruhi: ...Are you kidding me? THAT'S the welcome someone as amazing as me gets *flips hair*
Kyo: Who the hell does this chick think she is?
Haruhi: Well before I tell who I am don't you think you should introduce yurself first?Hmph! How rude!
Kyo: >_>; uhhh i already know who you are i just-
Haruhi: Well then let's skip the introductions! Kandy here told me that I would find some kinda of myserious being here?
Kyo: Oh did she? *glares*
Me: He he yeah that's the only way I could get her to come...>O>;
Haruhi: Well where is he?!!! I want to meet this person immediatley!
Me: That would be Kyo that redhead weirdo next to me.
Haruhi: This guy? Well why didnt you say so?! Sorry for being rude earlier Kyo. I'm Haruhi and im in search of aliens,espers, time travlers, or any other weird people or situations that occur!
Kyo: Kandy...this girl is freaking me out...>_>; I she serious?
Haruhi: Of course im serious! Why wouldnt I be?!
Kyo: Ummm idk maybe because you sound crazy, insane, dilusional?
Haruhi: D:< whatever! What is it that makes you so special anyway?>3>
Me: Well watch this... *hugglez Kyo*
Kyo: *transforms into cat* Not cool! Not cool at all!
Haruhi: Awesome! Can he transform at will?
Me: No only when he makes contact with a member of the opposite sex. Shaking hands is fine but no hugs.
Haruhi: Hmmmm interseting.
Kyo: Can you guys stop speaking like I'm not here?
Haruhi: Sorry Kyo this is just too cool!>w<
Kyo: What's cool about it?>_>;
Haruhi: Everything! I wanna be able to do something cool like that!
Me: Please dont wish to hard it might come true...>o>;
*NOTE* when Haruhi wishes hard enough for something to hapen is sometimes happens she doesn't know this and please dont tell her...
Kyo: Can we stop talking about this?
Haruhi: Awwww... boooo!>3>
Me: Yeah Haruhi...Did you know the made an anime about you?
Haruhi: Omg! They did???!!! It's about time someone as awesome as me deserves a show about themselves. So like I'm famous now?
Kyo: I think her ego just got bigger...
Haruhi: Grrrr your so annoying shut up, just shutup!
Kyo: Bitch >_>
Haruhi: Excuse me?!
Me: He he he well while these to argue let's ask some questions...
Haruhi: Ooooooooh! I'll stop fighting with Kyo just let me ask the questions! It sounds like fun!
1. Who has been your favorite guest on Kandy's blog? Pick me please pick me!
2. Are there any alieans, time travlers, or espers on here? If so please report to me immediately!
3. If you guys know who my friend Mikuru is what is your favorite costume I've dressed her up in been?
4. Guys aren't i totally the best?
5. Who watches The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya? You better! If you have'nt look it up( i need to look it up too...)!
Me: Well guys that's all. Later!
Haruhi: Everyone watch my show!!!

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Monday, January 18, 2010

   ARRRRRRRGGGG!!!D:< Curse you children's hospital...lol jk>o>
Kyo: Hey what's up?
Me: Well I'm at a children's hospital right now to get a sleep study done and...-.-
Kyo: And?...
Me: Well they let me use the computer but theve blocked me from using Gaia =w=
Kyo: Ha ha ha sucks to be you!XD
Me: Kyo: Dont do that favce it freaks me out *shudders*
Me: Ok and here is the weird thing they havent blocked maple story and yet they blocked gaia!D:< what's up with that??? You can chat with people on maple story too...=w=
Kyo:... You're scaring me...>_>;
Me: stfu! Anyhow sorry Laur I wont be on till 5 pm today because i should get home around then. Also i switched school reason why?...Dont ask...>o> Kyo: Tell us and also didnt i tell you to stop making weird faces?
Me: Ok i'll tell u but i get to keep on making weird faces, deal?
Kyo: *hisses* Fine -.-
Me: Ok so i skipped school at my old school to much and now I have to go to a "special" school for people who do stuff like that...=w=
Kyo: Lmao! Special? Wow. How come you never invite me to skip with you?
Me: Cuz your annoying...>.>;
Kyo: D:<
Me: He he sorry ^.^; oh yeah we're not having a guest today because i feel lazy.=w= Sorry this is a boring post... well laters!
Kyo: Eh? What about questions?
Me: Oh that?... Fine fine but there better be at least one person who answers them...
1. what's your favorite anime series?
2. Favorite maga series?
3. What's the worse thing you've ever done?
4. Do any of you skip school like me?>o> 5. FLYING BANANAS!!!:P
Kyo: ...? wth?>_>;
Me: Oh sorry it's an inside joke with my brother, me, and my ex bf, and my brother's friend...
Kyo: Do I WANT to know?
Me: No probably not but if anyone bothers to ask i'll tell you the funny story...>o>
Kyo: Whatever... later guys...
Me: Baiiiiiiiiiii!<3<3<3
Kyo: >_>; creepy...

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

   Pikaaaaaaa!!! (read this post bitch!)
Me: Nice title for my post eh?XD
Kyo: Yeah sure... What's up with that?>_>
Me: Well today our guest will be pikachu!:3
Kyo: Oh god make me barf why dont u?
Me: Oh pikachu isn't at all wut u would imagine...
Me: Oh you'll see... Oh here he is!
Pikachu:Pika pii pii pii?! (what's up bitches?!)
Kyo: O_oo_O
Me: Oh you'll get used to him i think he's rather cute:3
Pikachu: pikaaaaa!!! D:< ( Call me cute one more time and i'll kick your ass bitch!D:<)
Kyo: Ok I've had enough im gonna kick your little punk ass!
Pikachu: Pika pii!>:D (Bring it sucka!>:D)
Kyo: Anytime! I can whoop yo ass!
Me: Uhhh... Kyo i dont think you can he's really strong... stronger than you...>_>
Kyo: pssshh yeah right! Bring it you little douche!
Pikachu: Pika pika pika (Anytime loser)
Kyo: This should be a piece of cake...
Pikachu: *does lightning bolt and throws Kyo to the ground*
Me: KO'd
Kyo: Wtf???!!! This aint over!
Me: Kyo just give it up...>.>;
Kyo: Never!
Me: For me?^_~
Kyo: Damn...ok...
Pikachu: pikachu chu (heh that's what i thought!)
Kyo: Why u little sh-
Me: Anyhow... (stfu guys!D:<) How is everyone? I feel like playing some videogames...
Kyo: *mumbles* Loser...
Me: What did you say? D:<
Kyo: Oh nothing nothing
Me: Ok that's what I thought...^w^
Well guys i gtg but first I have some questions you guys can answer...
1.) TACOS!!!
Kyo: Dude that's not a question!>_>;
Me: Idc
2.) Which is better? Waffles, Pancakes, or French toast?
3.) Isn't Pikachu cute? Didn't excpect him to be evil did you?XD
Pikachu: Pika pika? pika pii... ( What did i say bitch? If you call me cute one more time...)
Me: Oh sorry your just so cute!X3 ^.^;
Pikachu: Ok that's it! *electrocutes*
Kyo: >_>;
Me: Well that's all for now got to run...OWWW!
Kyo: Yeah I'm gonna go run for the hills later...

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