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Saturday, January 2, 2010

   Pikaaaaaaa!!! (read this post bitch!)
Me: Nice title for my post eh?XD
Kyo: Yeah sure... What's up with that?>_>
Me: Well today our guest will be pikachu!:3
Kyo: Oh god make me barf why dont u?
Me: Oh pikachu isn't at all wut u would imagine...
Me: Oh you'll see... Oh here he is!
Pikachu:Pika pii pii pii?! (what's up bitches?!)
Kyo: O_oo_O
Me: Oh you'll get used to him i think he's rather cute:3
Pikachu: pikaaaaa!!! D:< ( Call me cute one more time and i'll kick your ass bitch!D:<)
Kyo: Ok I've had enough im gonna kick your little punk ass!
Pikachu: Pika pii!>:D (Bring it sucka!>:D)
Kyo: Anytime! I can whoop yo ass!
Me: Uhhh... Kyo i dont think you can he's really strong... stronger than you...>_>
Kyo: pssshh yeah right! Bring it you little douche!
Pikachu: Pika pika pika (Anytime loser)
Kyo: This should be a piece of cake...
Pikachu: *does lightning bolt and throws Kyo to the ground*
Me: KO'd
Kyo: Wtf???!!! This aint over!
Me: Kyo just give it up...>.>;
Kyo: Never!
Me: For me?^_~
Kyo: Damn...ok...
Pikachu: pikachu chu (heh that's what i thought!)
Kyo: Why u little sh-
Me: Anyhow... (stfu guys!D:<) How is everyone? I feel like playing some videogames...
Kyo: *mumbles* Loser...
Me: What did you say? D:<
Kyo: Oh nothing nothing
Me: Ok that's what I thought...^w^
Well guys i gtg but first I have some questions you guys can answer...
1.) TACOS!!!
Kyo: Dude that's not a question!>_>;
Me: Idc
2.) Which is better? Waffles, Pancakes, or French toast?
3.) Isn't Pikachu cute? Didn't excpect him to be evil did you?XD
Pikachu: Pika pika? pika pii... ( What did i say bitch? If you call me cute one more time...)
Me: Oh sorry your just so cute!X3 ^.^;
Pikachu: Ok that's it! *electrocutes*
Kyo: >_>;
Me: Well that's all for now got to run...OWWW!
Kyo: Yeah I'm gonna go run for the hills later...

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