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Friday, January 1, 2010

Higurashi AKA When they Cry Pics

Twin : Higurashi by *Lanzenritter on deviantART

Rena4-Higurashi by ~ayasemn on deviantART

when they cry by ~asomeshelby on deviantART

When They Cry by *xephonia on deviantART

+mion+ by !water-color on deviantART

Mion, Rena, Shion: .PIXEL.ART. by =Toffeedraw on deviantART

Higurashi - Twins Maid by *puda-party on deviantART

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   OMG IT'S ME!!! I'M ALIVE!!!
Me: Omg im so sorry guys! I couldnt figure out my password so i couldnt get on for the longest time! i think ill be back on from now on but ive been busy on a website call gaiaonline so i may not always post:/ And Kyo?
Kyo: Wut now?>_>
Me: ummm i love u and all but...
Kyo: ?_?
Me: Ummm... ^.^; I kinda cheatedXD i have a husband on gaia now...>.>
Kyo: WTF???!!!
Me: Yeah...^.^;
Kyo: You know wut f u!D:< <^> ( *.* ) <^>
Me: Uhhh.. k? but wuts that smilie thing supposed to be?
Kyo: Me flicking u off...>_> dumbass...
Me: *punches Kyo*
Kyo: Owww...>_>;
Me: He he! Take that!(> ^.^)>
Kyo: weirdo...
Me: I tae pride in that ty! >3>
Kyo: Np :p
Me: Well guys i gtg back to my husband lauriux1234... LOVE LAURYNAS and yes I'm calling you by ur name is cute right Kyo?
Kyo: If i say no will you hurt me?
Me: Duh!
Kyo: Ok then yes it's a cool name...
Me: Well bai bai guys! Love you all! Kisses! Oh and for those of you who havent seen it watch the anime When they Cry it's now my fave anime series!
Kyo: Wuuuuut?!!! You like it more than Fruits Basket???
Me: Duh...:p i gtg bai!

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Monday, March 16, 2009

   Pictures of the day: Theme, Gir
anime girl in a gir suit Pictures, Images and Photos

Wouldn't it be nice? by ~jazzdabloodypsyco on deviantART

CIR, GIR, or HUMAN by ~zims-lost-soul on deviantART

gir near bunny? by ~ArtistsBlood on deviantART

gir and near by ~ArtistsBlood on deviantART

aww by ~ArtistsBlood on deviantART

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

   Yay! It's Attack Attack! SasukeXNarutoXSakura

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Hope you like

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   This is kawaii!X333

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   An idea
Ummm... you know how they have worlds? I'm thinking of making one that's a blog called Kyoismyhusband how does that sound...?_?
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

   Oh my god! I'm so sorry you guys!!!!!!!TT^TT
I've been sooo mean! I hven't posted in forever! I hope you guys with spread the word that I'm back and add me to your friends! I've been so busy with this being my first year of high school and a-
Kyo: When they hell are you gonna stop talking...>_>
Me: Kyo! You're so meeeeeeeeaaaaaannnnn! TT^TT
Me: Okay well for those of you who forgot I'm Kandera (or you can call me kandy!>u<) and this is Kyo from Fruits Basket who is always is on with me and I always have a guest-
Kyo:*mutters* god...is she bipolar or something?
Me: Wha the hell did you just say???!!D:<
Kyo: Ummm...nothing!!! ^_^; God she's scary!
Me: well anyhow... Kyo is my husband and I always bring on a guest star each time I write and at the end I take questions. Now Kyo, you know what to do next!^u~
Kyo: yeah... so our guest today is Rena from Higarashi: When They Cry...
Rena: Oooooh! Guys I'm so excited to be on here with you guyies^u^ ^u^ ^u^!
Kyo: Oh god she's tons worse than Kandy!
Me: BE NICE!!!!! Oh guys! I G2G!! Sorry! I'll right the rest later so this is where this ends for now!
Kyo: Wtf? You can't do that!>:(
Me: Just did!^u^ XD >:D
Rena: Awww! But I just got here!
Me: Well then play with this damn cat to entertain yourself!
Kyo: Whaaaaaaaaaa!>:(
Rena: Huh?O.o
Me: Hey Kyo! Give Rena a hug!
Kyo: Oh hell n-
Me:*pushes Kyo into Rena*
Kyo in cat form:oh shit!>:(
Kandera: Maybe I shouldn't have done that cause I think I know what's coming next...XD Adowable mode!(Watch When They Cry episode 1 to understand)
Rena: Oh he's sooo cute! -^u^- Can I take him home? Can I? Can I?
Me: Sure ^u^. Be my guest. He he...>:D
Kyo: Oh shit. Hell no! *gets dragged away by Rena*
Me: Have fun guys!XDDD Okay anyway... today since I don't have time to make the questions just plese make comments and ask any questions you want to know so I know your reading this! Thanx! Oh... and wish Ky luck. I hope he's okay with Rena... she can be a bit...crazy at times. Laterz!!!

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

   Another video made for me by DragonDancer778. Enjoy!

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

   I would appreciate it so much if you would watch this video! My friend made it for me!!! Notice that the quiz I took and posted on my site earlier has the picture of one of the picures that show up in this amv! Tell me if you see it!

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