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Monday, January 18, 2010

   ARRRRRRRGGGG!!!D:< Curse you children's hospital...lol jk>o>
Kyo: Hey what's up?
Me: Well I'm at a children's hospital right now to get a sleep study done and...-.-
Kyo: And?...
Me: Well they let me use the computer but theve blocked me from using Gaia =w=
Kyo: Ha ha ha sucks to be you!XD
Me: Kyo: Dont do that favce it freaks me out *shudders*
Me: Ok and here is the weird thing they havent blocked maple story and yet they blocked gaia!D:< what's up with that??? You can chat with people on maple story too...=w=
Kyo:... You're scaring me...>_>;
Me: stfu! Anyhow sorry Laur I wont be on till 5 pm today because i should get home around then. Also i switched school reason why?...Dont ask...>o> Kyo: Tell us and also didnt i tell you to stop making weird faces?
Me: Ok i'll tell u but i get to keep on making weird faces, deal?
Kyo: *hisses* Fine -.-
Me: Ok so i skipped school at my old school to much and now I have to go to a "special" school for people who do stuff like that...=w=
Kyo: Lmao! Special? Wow. How come you never invite me to skip with you?
Me: Cuz your annoying...>.>;
Kyo: D:<
Me: He he sorry ^.^; oh yeah we're not having a guest today because i feel lazy.=w= Sorry this is a boring post... well laters!
Kyo: Eh? What about questions?
Me: Oh that?... Fine fine but there better be at least one person who answers them...
1. what's your favorite anime series?
2. Favorite maga series?
3. What's the worse thing you've ever done?
4. Do any of you skip school like me?>o> 5. FLYING BANANAS!!!:P
Kyo: ...? wth?>_>;
Me: Oh sorry it's an inside joke with my brother, me, and my ex bf, and my brother's friend...
Kyo: Do I WANT to know?
Me: No probably not but if anyone bothers to ask i'll tell you the funny story...>o>
Kyo: Whatever... later guys...
Me: Baiiiiiiiiiii!<3<3<3
Kyo: >_>; creepy...

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