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Hey! Welcome to my site. I'm not a compter genius, so forgive me, i'm messing around with stuff constantly! I try to change my scheme every week.
I love Japanese music and Yu-Gi-Oh! (and chocolate ice cream. but that's a different story. ^_^) Before you go, Plz sign my Guestbook! I want to make it to 263 signings!!!!!! (just some random number! i also want to make 74 e-cards and 69 wallpapers!!!! and i'm not lowering it!!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

   ~ I Have Some Bad News ~
i can't comment on anybody's sites! i don't know why. this just started early yesterday. -_- maybe it had to do with the whole comcast thing. *sigh* and i still have parental controls! doesn't my dad trust me? and i've never had a pop-up with something gross on it when i didn't have any p.C.s.... i'll have to talk about that with him. i don't want to enter 500 passwords. plus, i can't log out! it says i'm missing some cookies and i don't know why. this hasn't happened before but i'm going to get to the bottom if it. i've set it so all cookies are enabled. but now, it just says "so-and-so.com wants to put a cokkie on you computer." than it asks if i want to refuse or accept it. no, i don't think i've messed this computer up already. i know the bottom of this mess is somewhere on the computer. i just have to find it before something else happens. for now i'll PM everyone who updated this one time. and for now. (i'm pretty sure i can still do that. why couldn't i?)
~-~-~-~-~ : TTYL : ~-~-~-~-~

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

   last night
i just want to say sorry for not getting on last night. if you posted after noon, then i didn't get to yours. i went to my friend's house yesterday. we didn't do much of anything. we went on-line and laughed and watch their roof get redone. (it was fascinating! lol j/k) i told her how once my dad's friend, his son, and his girlfriend were working on your roof. i helped too. i brought the doughnuts! ^_^ anyway, Lisa came to my house and we played Yatzee. she beat me and it was her first game! eh, beginner's luck! ^_~ We watched Ghost Whisperer after that. my dad was on-line the whole time, up until midnight. i couldn't go on because he had shut the computer down, but, that's not the point. he'll flip if i'm on-line after say 10. (i want a laptop!) Lisa was sick, but she came over anyway, but she was feeling a little bit worse. i made us some hot chocolate and it made her feel a little better. (yay!) i made the rest of my cookies, watched Asian/Japanese music videos n_n and slept to Yu-Gi-Oh episodes. it's weird because when someone is talking, it's like part of a dream. and i can feel myself falling asleep! it's weird!!! Anyway...to today's morning yu-gi-oh post....
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   Yu-Gi-Oh! >now in Egypt vision
I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! IT'S JUST BUGGING ME!!!!!!! Mana seemed really cool. i think she's funny. ^_^ she kind of like me. hyper and clueless at times. when ever i see the cartooch Tea gave Yami, i always yell, "CARTOOCH!!!" i don't know why, but it's like that dream i had (last post) when Yami kissed Tea. THEY LIKE EACH OTHER!!!!! and......and.....and i don't know where i was going with this....
um....I want to know what exactly what will happen next episode. i'll wait. no one tell me. ^_^ i thought kaiba was funny in this episode. he kept talking to the Millennium Eye. and since Kaiba's going to egypt, do you think Kisara will be in the next episode as well? o0o0o0o. can't wait.

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Friday, November 11, 2005

well, my day off isn't off to the best start. onr thing that was good: i had a dream about yu-gi-oh. and Yami was kissing Tea! ^_^ aww..... lol.
anyways, i kept asking what's going on for breakfast. i want to know so i could plan ahead. i endind up having oatmeal at 11:30. not exactly what i had in mind. i had said before that i could probably tag along with my friend today. i just called, she wasn't there. so, she left without really telling me. i thought she could of at least called or something. now i'm going to be stuck doing nothing at home with my dad. we could go shopping for a new doorbell. wow. that saams like fun. *sarcasam.* sometimes, i feel like i remember things, pay attention, and am smarter that the people i know. one of my friends sometimes doesn't really listen because she's admiring her artwork. and i have a 2-minute stroy. it's really weird. my friend's brains are all mush -_- i'm not saying they're stupid, i'm saying they don't use thier brains a lot. it just bugs me.
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

i'm on comcast and i'm posting! lol COOL! i thought i had to do be on AOL to do this.
anyways, today was boring. ok, but boring. in art, i handed in a collage i was working on. it's not the best, i gave myself a D, and i was being nice. but my teacher gave me a C. yeah! how's that for a confinace boost? ^_^ in math, though, i had a mood swing and i felt really pissed off. if i think too much about something, i do that. i got an A on my math test, i thought it was cool, but i that time, i didn't really care. i felt a little better once 3rd hour and lunch came around. i had lasana. yum! ^_^ and my friend gave me a Krispy Kreme doughnut from a classs she had. i figured it was 3rd, since it seemed freash. i was stuffed. 4th hour cam, and nothing really happened there. we started watching Romeo and Juliet. on the balcony scene, Romeo was like a cat! it funny!
when i came home i was offically bored. hopefully, i can tag along with my friend tomorrow, since i have it off and my dad's going to be home all day. my friend said that i only like Mcdonald's fries. i said, "i love McDonald's! duh" she said i didn't like the sandwhiches. because the last time i ate McDonald's, they picked it up. and i thought it waould be good because it was a chicken patty. well, i started tormenting it and everyone's like, "um...i think you can stop killing it now." it had mayo on it. i don't like mayo. >< speaking of Lisa (my friend) i should call her just because i'm bored. maybe she can give me an idea what to do. i'll have to show her all the stuff i found on albinblacksheep.com too. ^_^ it's too funny.
o0o0o1 may i recommend "Do You Have A Grudge?" it's based on The Grudge, and it's SO scary! when i did it the first time, it wasn't that scay, yhe sound was turned down. but this time, it was so much more fun!!!!! it made me jump! O_O ^_^

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