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Wednesday, November 9, 2005

um...there's not much to say....
i had to take 3 tests today. they were all fairly easy. i took the Romeo and Juliet Final today in english. 100 questions. peice of cake. it was easy. ^_^ i hope i get a good grade on it.
remember that guy i sometimes talk about? the pervert? (lol) well, i think he's not desprate for a girlfriend, i think he likes me. O_o (uh-oh.....) because the last time he asked me out (then my friend) i told him i had my life to dort out. then today, he asked if i had worked out my problems. (he asked me if i was doing anything thursday night. but it was a poker thing. phew. i don't play poker.) but, could it be he cares about me? i'll have this on my hands for a bit.
i went to Fuddrucker's with my family today. i picked on my cousin for liking Tea on Yu-Gi-Oh. (so? i like Yami and Seto. but he doesn't know that! ^_~) he denied it but started chasing me. ^_^ hee hee. that was fun. he's 8, and i'm almost 15. and we fool around like siblings. ^_^ it's cool being looked up to. *thinks*...wait.....
whoa. I'M ALMOST 15! COOL! =D in 33 days!!!! even cooler! but, i'm getting off subjsct.
i'll try to get to everybody's sites today. forgive me if i can't. i don't know how long i'll be on firday. i have it off, but my dad will be here all day. eh, i'll bug Lisa about Yu-Gi-Oh.

i also learned somethings today.....

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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

   Comcast anyone?
antone know how to work the comcast thing? i want to come on my site with lightning speed, but i woun' really let me because the comcast is just started, and i don't have a e-mail yet. it's so confusing. O_o stupid internet. lol
anyways, i'm stilll going to hang around here for at least another week. i just won't be on as much.
TTYL! ^_^

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*sigh* there have been better days
Today was ok. Could have been better. I found out the quote sheet for Romeo and Juliet was due today in English. I didnít have much of it done, and it was 2nd hour. I had until 4th to get it done. i thought it was due at the beginning of the hour. but it wasn't due until the end. (phew) i rushed to get it done anyways. well, this maybe my last post. my dad's getting high-speed internet. he can install it whenever he ants. which brings up 2 problems: one - i may not have this Username and account. but i'll get another one up. and two - awhile back, i accidently made a dent in the wall of the computer room. (the one i'm in now) it's not that big. but it happened when i get mad and slammed the door against the wall. i don't know how to fix it. i thought, pull it out and paint over it. no idea how that'll work. or even happen. this can only lead to bad news. i've made a hole in a wall before.........and i don't like it. i can't spit out the truth, i don't really like my dad that much........ oh man. but it's fixable, and not as noticable as you think. just a little shadow and a little sheetrock broke. Hopefully, nothing will happen, and I can fix it myself. Anyway, back to the Comcast thing. I donít think I can save this account. So, Iíll save my stuff, and be back.

TTYL! ^_^
heck, maybe later today!

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Monday, November 7, 2005

sorry i wasn't on yestrady. i was busy doing stuff. cleaning stuff. if you posted yesterday, i'll get to those. what's up eveybody? i'm fine. at school, english is getting hard! >< i got an F on a test. and part of it was because i didn't have my name on it. *sigh* i'm going to work 5 miilion times harder. gee. that sould be fun. -_- (and in math class, i'm still kind of fending off this one pervert.....) speaking of which, he mentioned 2 times about me going over to his house. O_O never. just because he may have some stuff i like. (Utada Hikaru songs in his computer) does notmean i'm going over there. i barly enven know him! and i'm getting ahead of myself. Oops. *sweatdrop* i told my friend that igot lisa (best friend) an inu yasha plusie. i know she's more into naruto. (she bought vol. 1-4 sunday) but she still loves inuyasha. then that guy said, "i got a Christmas present for you." i got a little chill but tryied to ignore him. eee! he's freaking me out. i think it's just the fact that i don't really trust him.

in other news, i finished a drawing of Joey (YGO) on saturday! ^_^ it's cool! and in english this guy was telling me how to play a guitar. (i can be stupid sometimes. lol) i drew a porr excuse for aguitar, even a banjo, but i got the idea. stardom, here i come!!!!! ok. well, maybe not. ^_~
ps i got another e-card up! yay! it's the one with sango and kirara in it. KIRARA IS SO CUTE! ^_^

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Saturday, November 5, 2005

   I Just Wanted This To Stick Out!
kisara will be there too! this should be interesting.

*starts singing* Seto and Kisara sitting in a tree! K-I-S-...
Kaiba: *comes in the room* SHUT UP!!!
*smirk* ......S-I-N-G!!
Kaiba: *chases*
Me: *runs* I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! I COULDN'T HELP IT! IT WAS JUST A JOKE! ^_^ *runs to the computer and sits down* Safe!
Kaiba: ( ? )

Thereís a little Saturday morning fun for ya. Well, here itís morning.
LMAO ^_^ \>

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   What I Did Today
i worked on working on e-cards. confusing i know. ^_^ before that, i went to hot topic, got the earrings i wanted plus i got my best friend an Inuyasha Plusie. it's so cute! i'll give it to her as a Christmas gift. my dad went to his g/f house and i was home alone. i called my best friend(lisa) but she wasn't home. i left a message and she called back later. so she came over with some magazines. we kept laughing at the fact that these magazines think the world revolves around being hot and having a botfriend. i'll tell you this. i'm not "hot" (i don't think i am. in a positve way) and i don't have a boyfirend and my life is fine. we took some weird quizzes too. then we started talking. for us, there are two different types of us talking. one is talking about stupid stuff. stuff that makes us laugh. then we have a talk about issues in your lives. it's good to open up to someone. ^_^ we first talked about the guys she liked. (i don't have any crushes remember? ^_^) and we got on the subject of what's a swaer word, and then it was guys again. i like talking to her. it's nice to know i have 2 best friends that have seen me lose my cool more than once and are still my friend. i'm not getting all friend mushy am i? i'm just saying i had an awesome day!!!!!!!!! i love talking about stuff with people!!!!

i hope this day doesn't fall downhill. i'm going to visit everyone's sites and watch anime probably until i go to bed. ^_^

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   Our Weekly Trip To Egypt
This is the one part of the week where I sit and talk about Yu-Gi-Oh. ^_^ did everyone like todayís episode? I thought it was good. But the one on last week was a sliver better. See, this is why I want to be in Yugiís little group. I want to travel all over the place and duel a whole bunch of people and go on awesome adventures. I think it would be fun! So Iím guessing next week Yugi and the gang will go back in time with the pharaoh. And..... (if you don't know something about the blue-eyes white dragon, please ignore the next few lines)

kisara will be there too! this should be interesting.

*starts singing* Seto and Kisara sitting in a tree! K-I-S-...
Kaiba: *comes in the room* SHUT UP!!!
*smirk* ......S-I-N-G!!
Kaiba: *chases*
Me: *runs* I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! I COULDN'T HELP IT! IT WAS JUST A JOKE! ^_^ *runs to the computer and sits down* Safe!
Kaiba: ( ? )

Thereís a little Saturday morning fun for ya. Well, here itís morning.

Now onto other animes:
Naruto picks up where it left off with Kakashi being hit in the back. Or shot...I should see the un-edited version. ^_^
InuYasha: What will happen since Kikyoís dead? (and Iím sure my friend will be happy. Kogaís safe.)
FMA I canít remember but I canít wait to see them all. ^_^
Iím going to Hot Topic to get these cool earrings I saw there the last time I was there. Maybe somehow I could ALSO get the inu yasha plusie my best friend wants. OMG you should of seen her reaction! Lol! Iíll have to do my Christmas shopping later. My dad owes me 80 bucks because he hasnít giving me my allowance forever. It would be about 138 about now if I didnít spend any of it. since my bike was stolen, he said Iíd have to pay for it. now heís having second thoughts. Yay! ^_^ itís nice to have a few dollars floating around. Just in case you need it.
Thatís all I have to say for now.

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( i know i posted this one. but if some people didn't see it they can see it now.)

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Friday, November 4, 2005

   i had a good day!!!!!!!!!!
i had a pretty good day today. except in the morning. i couldn't get out of bed! ^_^ i eventually (landed face first in my cereal! that would be funny! if it happened!) but i eventually got ready and was wide awake. i got ton the bus and talked with my friends, lisa and selica. i can't remember what we talked about. probably our freak-o dreams. =D first hour i worked on some homework that was due today. my first class is down staris, and my friend's class is upstaris. i asked to see her homework. (i REALLY needed to see it. i diodn't want to get a zero. i can think for myself ><) so i ran downstaries, got my math h/w, ran back up, and i see my friend sitting there looking at some fan art she did. i'm like, "What the HECK!?!?!? Get your stuff out!" i had no time. she stubled when she snapped back to reality when i told her the 2nd bell had rung. so, once i had the English h/w i RAN back downstars, and getting in the room not even 5 seconds before the bell rang. Wow. fast! i got the h/w done and in. phew. 2 hour, was...interesting. i got a note. someone shuved it in my face. as soon as i grabbed it i thought, "oh crap. love letter." i opened it, wondering. it said "i like you do u like me yes or no (heart) Jimmy H." i don't even know who that was! O_o i just kept it in my backpack. i kept thinking about it. like, "why does someone like me. that's really weird.... freaky!" toward the end of class, i think the note was fake. because a GUY got the samething. if you think about it. the handwriting looke dlike it could be a boy or girl. i figured it was a girl. no, i wasn't heartbroken and it didn't surprise me. (why should i be?) thirs hour was B O R I N G. WE HAD A SPEAKER FROM THE GOVERMENT COME AND TALK TO US. SITTING ON A FOLDABLE METAL CHAIR FOR AND HOUR ISN'T THE GREATEST THING. I KNOW THE GOVERMENT CAN BE GOOD, BUT, I DIDN'T REALLY CARE! I WANTED TO GO TO LUNCH! usually the class has 2nd lunch. but today we had to go to the last lunch. lunch 5. i got to sit with one of my friend and 2 other people who.....i don't really like. 4th hour. english. i rushed to get it done. we're reading Romeo and Juliet. we have to do this study guide on it. the teacher is strict. we have to have, neatness, puntuation, capitalization, complete sentences, and more than one sentence answers. ugh....sometimes it's hard to do that! mainly the last one. the we took a test and read more of the story. when i dropped my stuff off at my locker, my friend heather (one of the people i sit by in 2nd lunch) asked where i was at lunch that day. i jokingly said in a caring voice, "aww...did you guys miss me?" and she's like, "yeah we did! the life of the party wasn't there at lunch!" me? the life of the party? i thought i was the Yu-Gi-Oh fanatic! ^_~ it's nice to feel like someone cares about ya!
the bus ride home. oh man. did that make the day1 lisa was on the bus, when all week she's at driver's ed after school. it's nice to see her again. we were talking about nonsence stuff. then "wake me up when september ends" came on the radio. and lisa wanted us to be quiet so she could hear it. so Selica and i kept buggin her. she wanted to get mad, but hse kept laughing! we started asking her quetions like, "did you know summer has come and passed?" "did you know the innocent can never last" and thisone, "lisa, will you wake me up then september ends." it was really funny. the most fun i've had for a while. it was cool. selica got off, that left lisa and i. or is it me? grammer isn't my best subject! =P anyways, we got on the subjct of this guy she liked. i said, ask him if he has a six pack! and started cracking up. so yeah. it was a good time. ^_^

omg! Yu-Gi-Oh's on tomorrow! i keep forgeting days when i'm at school. on friday;s i always think. ok i have to get up tomorrow. it's so confusing! >< lol
anyways. i don't think this post makes much sence. -_- oh well.


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well, kind of. just follow along.
ur late TO Duel Acadmy! (does this sound firmiliar? lol) ok. if you have seen the first episde of Yu-Gi-Oh GX, pretend you are Jaden.
ok. you're running....running...running...and running some more. you bump into someone. you look, "OMG! IT'S YAMI!!!!"
what do you do ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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Thursday, November 3, 2005


my 6 beginner's e-cards have been sent 100 times! go me! just thought i'd let all you know! lol.

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   . T . H . E . M . E .
Should i have a Thnksgiving theme? or should i have a:
Te'a theme (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
InuYasha theme
some other theme.....
OR should i have a japanese artist theme? ^_^
i can't decide! lol

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