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Thursday, November 10, 2005

i'm on comcast and i'm posting! lol COOL! i thought i had to do be on AOL to do this.
anyways, today was boring. ok, but boring. in art, i handed in a collage i was working on. it's not the best, i gave myself a D, and i was being nice. but my teacher gave me a C. yeah! how's that for a confinace boost? ^_^ in math, though, i had a mood swing and i felt really pissed off. if i think too much about something, i do that. i got an A on my math test, i thought it was cool, but i that time, i didn't really care. i felt a little better once 3rd hour and lunch came around. i had lasana. yum! ^_^ and my friend gave me a Krispy Kreme doughnut from a classs she had. i figured it was 3rd, since it seemed freash. i was stuffed. 4th hour cam, and nothing really happened there. we started watching Romeo and Juliet. on the balcony scene, Romeo was like a cat! it funny!
when i came home i was offically bored. hopefully, i can tag along with my friend tomorrow, since i have it off and my dad's going to be home all day. my friend said that i only like Mcdonald's fries. i said, "i love McDonald's! duh" she said i didn't like the sandwhiches. because the last time i ate McDonald's, they picked it up. and i thought it waould be good because it was a chicken patty. well, i started tormenting it and everyone's like, "um...i think you can stop killing it now." it had mayo on it. i don't like mayo. >< speaking of Lisa (my friend) i should call her just because i'm bored. maybe she can give me an idea what to do. i'll have to show her all the stuff i found on albinblacksheep.com too. ^_^ it's too funny.
o0o0o1 may i recommend "Do You Have A Grudge?" it's based on The Grudge, and it's SO scary! when i did it the first time, it wasn't that scay, yhe sound was turned down. but this time, it was so much more fun!!!!! it made me jump! O_O ^_^

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