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Friday, November 11, 2005

well, my day off isn't off to the best start. onr thing that was good: i had a dream about yu-gi-oh. and Yami was kissing Tea! ^_^ aww..... lol.
anyways, i kept asking what's going on for breakfast. i want to know so i could plan ahead. i endind up having oatmeal at 11:30. not exactly what i had in mind. i had said before that i could probably tag along with my friend today. i just called, she wasn't there. so, she left without really telling me. i thought she could of at least called or something. now i'm going to be stuck doing nothing at home with my dad. we could go shopping for a new doorbell. wow. that saams like fun. *sarcasam.* sometimes, i feel like i remember things, pay attention, and am smarter that the people i know. one of my friends sometimes doesn't really listen because she's admiring her artwork. and i have a 2-minute stroy. it's really weird. my friend's brains are all mush -_- i'm not saying they're stupid, i'm saying they don't use thier brains a lot. it just bugs me.
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