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Monday, May 16, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com im so happy guys! i was talking with my mom and she said we might be moving someplace close by shuichi and if we do i dont have to go and live with my dad....but thats not kewl....but anyways! yeah if we do! i dont have to go to ft. king middle and ill still be able to go to belleveiw middle with everyone! -heart- im so happy i hope we can cuz i love them all soo much! more than any other group of friends ive had....a.k.a lovers. lol had to sorry guys well i guess ill talk to you guys later cuz my mom needs to do some skewl work and stuff and im gonna go and play some games lol well love you guys much! ^^ yuki! -heart-
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Sunday, May 15, 2005

   another poem and something good!!!! ^^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com hey you guys! here is another poem from me and jess ok?

Iím trapped inside something I cannot be
But people donít even help
My misery is crawling inside of me
I want to scream and shout

First, I thought I was in love
Turns out that it wasnít true
Second, I got bored
Third, I hurt myself

And these scars donít help much
Cause people find it weird and uncool
I look at them and tell them
ĎHow would you feel if you were me?í

Their eyes look at me
I know what they think
They think Iím crazy
Which isnít true, Iím just being me

It kills to know that your best friend is scared of you
They think your gonna be gone the next day
So when you see them and smile
They get happy, but then crawl back into their darkness of knowing

Lonely is only a question of feeling and faith
Yet I donít feel either
I donít feel anything
Iím numb inside

Nobody can save me from what I feel
Itís my choice, Iím alone
Only to me is what I think
And if you tried, id forbid

But I found love the other day
It brought something Iíve never known
It gave me feeling
It gave me what other people have had

I still donít think love is true until you find what you need
But this person is what makes me happy
Deep down inside, I donít love them
Iím lying and he doesnít know

He thinks Iím just like any other would think
So I sit there and take all this shit
I should be the one crawling into deep despair
Wondering if Iíll ever live

Donít know how I do it
Iím still alive and I keep people from thinking other thoughts
But I still have my desire for death
I know I need help

So Iím giving it all away
Gotta stop. I donít know how
Somebody try and help me
Before I die and go to hell.

but yeah there is that. anyways! im so happy right now! ^^ this moning/we thought it was still night i got my kiss! heh it was....words cannot describe it! im good....shuichi's soft lips against mine and our bodies entwined i was in heaven....i will never forget it! NEVER! but im not too sure shuichi enjoyed it though...didnt seem like it....but oh well i am now the happiest yuki ever and i so wish i could do it again! ^^; ok im gonna shut up about my love life now and let you guys uh...go? oh yeah we ended up staying in bed late this morning and we almost got caught! bol it was funny. so we ended up not going to daytona....but thats ok...cuz i can hang out here with my pet dogs and shuichi! lol well talk to you laters! loves byz!


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Saturday, May 14, 2005

   some poems

Image hosted by Photobucket.com hey guys whats up? here are some poems that me and my friends jess made! ^^ i hope you like them im only gonna put two up today ill put more up later k? loves

She was his angel
Like a porcelain doll
So fradgile
And with his touch
She became real
Their love blossomed
Auntil one day he fell in love
With someone so real
And the porcelain doll broke
Shattering to a hundred peices
Ech peice a memory of their love
The touch which felt so real
Yet was just part of a fantasy
In his angel's heart.

here is the second one

My tear stained face startes to dry
Now my lonely soul starts to cry
Your fringers entwined together, make my heart twist and tear
Your love for another girl makes my life so unfair

I watch as you caress her cheek
The way you touch her makes me weak
Cuz i know i could have been that girl
Where one touch from you makes my stomach twist and curl

I was succumed to you, you had me in suspense
You took away my very last defense
Then you fell in love with her, leaving me alone
Tearing up my heart and having it blown

So as i watch you now, so in love
I put my head high above
Because i know im strong enough to make it through
And fall in love with a non-perfect deau

Perfect is nothing, its all a lie
So i'll laugh when you take off her mask, leaving you to die.

well hope you liked them1 i better go. i have abusy day today and i have to get up extra early and go do a crap load of stuff! lol yay! its finally say-turday! lol sorry if my typing is worse than usual...im trying to type without looking at the keybored....lol (i never took classes to learn how....) so dont make fun of me!
-_- well love you much! -heart- night! -sleeps-


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Thursday, May 12, 2005

   sad sad stroy...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com hey every one whats up? omg im so freaking sad its not even funny....i learned today that one of my good friends named David killed himself last night....i was so sad i was crying on the bus....but i hope he has a better life and is happier. always know he will be in my prayers! ok well.....now i have to go to give his grave some flowers and stuff....this sux...he was really nice to...i never would have thought something was wrong with him....but i guess so....well im not in the modd to say anything else not that i have anything else so ill talk to you guys when i do. laters!

p.s. only 2 more days till sat!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com its rainy and im tired and bored...and for someodd reason im like not being myself and kinda mean to people....im sorry im gonna go take a nap ....laters!
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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

   lookie! pics!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com hey every one! im bored....look at some pics while i find something intertaining to do! ^^ OH YEAH! THE HALO2 ONE ABOVE! I SAW IT AND I COULDNT RESIST! you know its awsome! -heart-
ok well im bored....oh yeah! tomorrow im wearing that scary goth (not really scary) skirt to skewl! ^^; lol AHHHHH! i just brushed my teeth and i used listerine after i did ( i dont usually but im in my peoples room so i did) and my mouth is on fire! -pours bucket of water into mouth- -sniff- it still burns...oh well....oh yeah i swear im gonna write down the furious 8 at 8 this time....not that i can call in but hey whats so bad about that? i want to see whoever theyre giving tickets out to see! XD right now there on #7...#8 was- dave mathews band with american baby....i dont know what this song is called so i cant help you there...heh well! today was so boring i fell asleep in every single class of mine! and i finally ate lunch! (i havnt been eating lately) cliff said he would hurt me if i didnt...the pizza was good! ^^ well nothing more....im having issues putting pictures up! i mean besides on the little picture place at the top with the smileys i got that but i mean extra pictures on your site under it in posts and stuff.....could some one tell me how to do that or something? thanks! ^^ im bored again...and my mouth still hurts...heh well i better go cuz im boring you! love you guys! byz!

C:\Documents and Settings\Cassandra\My Documents\My Pictures.jpg>

p.s. yes shuichi, i do go to yoursite and yes i do know what you planned but i will forget after this drink right here so dont worry! ^^; heh
p.s.s OH YEAH ITS ALMOST THE WEEKEND! not really but hey, i cant wait! ^^

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Monday, May 9, 2005

   hey everyone!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com hey guys whats up? nm here im so freaking bored its not even funny! lol well yes it is....so how did everyones mothers day go? mine was good! ^^ lol
YAY IM SO HAPPY! lol ok this week is gonna be awsome1 lol ok well on wednsday im gonna wear some really freaky looking skirt and stuffs. and on thursday i have to get checked out early so i can go see my little sisters play (shes 7) not that i want to...>.< lol and on friday....IS THE DEBT FREE DANCE! HAHAHAHA! IM GONNA MAKE IT A LIVING HELL! cuz you know what? ....friday the thirteenth is that day...-evil laugh- and i just love friday the thirteenth! ^^ ok but yeah on sat we have to go and piup shuichi and we get to go to my cousins b-day party. (hes like 7) and its a pool party so that will fit in with going to tyhe beach on sunday! ^^ OH YEAH! i get to go to the beach with shuichi! and i might even....get the kiss ive wanted! ^^ heh i know im greedy but what can i say?
heh ok well....then i have to do some random things and stuff and that kinda crap! this is gonna be a good week! i can tell! ^^ well everyone talk with me or something cuz you know how i get when i get bored....laterz! byz! i love you! ok im done...heh!

p.s. do you guys know of any good pics i could use for my bg?
p.s.s. how should i go for a kiss? i know im pillow! X_X leave me alone!!! heh

p.s.s SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST! that was it...heheh

A shadow lerks behind these walls.
No one screams or even calls.
All is silent, then rain pores down.
The people are falling, we yield our frowns.
We hide all our truth, we spred our lies.
And one brakes down, you hear her cryies.
We chase away our hopes and fears.
We wipe away our long lost tears.
We cover up our pride, but slowly we release in side.
We drop down to our knees.
And we start to beg and pleed.
No one listens, so we sit and wait.
Because its time that we execpt our fate.

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Sunday, May 8, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com hey everyone! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! well i have nothing really to talk about...heh well....man i feel sick...i have a headache and im so freaking sore its not even funny! lol but i dont know from what....nevermind....yes i do....XD ok! but yeah i was throwing up earlier...i was asleep most of the day and stuffs...me made my mommy very happy! ^^ i made her a card and gave her the best gift ever! i gave her my love and a hug! weee i know its not much but im broke...heh.... welll im about to get kicked off line so i better go! love yall! byz!

oh yeah i get to go on a date with shuichi over the weekend! ^^ -heart-

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Saturday, May 7, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com well everything is going way better! ^^ shuichi is feeling batter and so am i! ^^ lol i had a good weekend so far. lol i was over at shuichi's house friday night and most of today. we were being pillow! (hint: pillow = retarted) lol its not fair! im not allowed to lie at all around shuichi or hes gonna smack me...but i got his weakness! the cracking of my bones and his little tummy! ^^ heheh i got him now! just so long as he doesnt try and put his finger in my ear again....or something like that....wich reminds me! SCORE 17 SHUICHI! ok everytime we lick each others faces we get a score. shuichi has got....23....and i got 17! lol i know im pillow....lol but yeah im bored now....and im like dead from something....and headache...its not fair! again! lol i was locked outta my house and i made a complete fool of myself! lol im so stupid... well i have nothing else to say....HEY EVERYONE! HAVE A GOOD MOTHERS DAY! ^^ -HEART- BYZ!
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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

   bad bad bad!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com man everything is going wrong....the worst...ok well my week is ok i guess....not sure yet...ive got 2 subs this whole week! lol but not soo good for my friend....ot lover...shuichi isnt feeling well...hes got a soar throat...and is saying he is fat and isnt eating enough food and hes been really tired lately...im worried he might like pass out or something is really wrong with him...he wont tell me so im trying my best to find out whats wrong...but yeah im sad and stuff and i dont want it to be the end! i dont want to leave everyone! i hate my life! im just going to leave forever! i love you guys...but mostly shuichi! bye
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