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Thursday, April 21, 2005

why does everyone say that!?!?!?!?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com ok so im at skewl in third period and ben comes up to me and goes what wrong? i go nothihgs wrong. he goes you look sad. i smile im like you always say i always look sad. and he asked cliff and cliff says i always look sad even if i smlie or luagh and stuff. they told me i force myself to smile and stuff....and shuichi and seguchi agrred with them and shuichi added i also look angery...but i dont think i do...i just have a...distant expression...lol but anyways! im so bored...i hae to do a project in geography and its soo boring...but i only have to do the typing and stuff so it doesnt matter...lol well i have nothing to talk about...tell me by the way i type things if i sound sad or not ok? thanks yous! byz!
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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

one heck of a day!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com hey everyone whats up? not that anyone ever comes to my site anywayz...wow i havnt updated in like a little little while lol. but yeah today has been one heck of a day. well i started packing. and then i cried. cuz of me packing for moving. then at skewl i was officially claimed as shuichi's lover lol. and i was claimed as his and if i ever cheated on him i would be dead...it was funny. so i broke up with my bf and now hes all mad and depresed and crap...and at lunch one of my friends were flirting with me and shuichi killed them...lol and cliffyord said hey i got a hole in my pocket wanna feel? and grabbed my hand and put it down his pants...it was scary...lol and now im not feeling well...i lost my voice this morning...till i got to skewl anyways...lol well i gto to go take my boxes over to my dads house ill talk to you laterz! I LOVE YOU SHUICHI!!! oh yeah i look like fame...lol i wanna live forever! im gonna learn how to fly fly! lol well laterz! byz!
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Saturday, April 16, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com man im so bored right now...i watched my friends gravitation dvd's like 20 times...volumes one and two. i was so bored last night cuz i couldnt go with shuichi and ryuichi to the skate park...and now ryuichi is mad at me cuz i called shuichi's house today...::cries:: oh well...but i was so bored last night that everytime they sung a song on the dvd's i copied the lyrics in english and in japanese! XD lol i know im stupid...but yeah ill post one song every two days. k? both english and japanese! yay man i started packing yesterday...im so sad right now im crying...and now my room is like empty...i wish this was all just a dream but i guess its real and i have to deal with it...oh well...ill still get to see my friends...i hope...if not it wont matter anyways...everyone is going different ways anyways...so theres no point! ok well enough with the dramaticness now everyone! lets chear up and get on with our first GRAVITATION song shall we? ok here we go!
Image hosted by PicsPlace.to
gravitation beggining song!
itsu no ma ni ka bokura
nanigenaku deatte
yasashisa yoseatte
kakurenbo wa tsuzukuno
sou sa
no, wanna sell your soul
shareta kiiroi tachi de
no, forget smile again
itsumo odotteteitai dake
nee oikakete oikakete
shiro kaze
nee ka ni natte aini natte
hane hirogetai
nee ii koto mo waru ikite
toki o koetai!

GRAVITATION beggining song
before we knew it
we'd sort of met
gathering kindness together
the hide-n-seek continues
that's right
no, wanna sell your soul
with a fancy yellow touch
no, forget smile again
i just want to be dancing always
hey, chase me, chase me
white breeze
hey, i want to be a cruch, then love
i want to spread my wings
hey, take the good things and the bad
add them all together
divide it by two and live well
i want to transcend time!
well hope you liked it! im gonna go and type them all out so next time i wont have to on here lol. laterz! byz!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

   WACKY DAY!!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com ok so this week at skewl its spirit week. and today was mix match day! lol i wore two different shoes, two different socks (same but diff colors) my jeans rolled up, my silky pj shorts,my sexy boxers then i had my black t-shirt on with my hoody over it and a shirt over that! half my lips were black and the other half red. then one eye had white mascara with a white desending line coming from my eye. and same with the other eye except it was black! lol also we had the talent show today! it was awsome! lol we had a person (some chick) do the napolean dynamite dance! just the way he does it! and people show us a day of american idol! it was hilarious! then we had break dancers. one of my friends played the drums and another had a whole band (rock and roll like) play! we had two people sing to avril lavine and three sing to titanic. two others sing country..(dont know the names of songs)...heh oh yeah and we had other dancers...this was this morning so i cant really remember everything..heh man i went to p.e after the talent show and justin,ben,antonal and this other dude wouldnt stop looking at my makeup...ben and justin said it was awsome but the other two made fun of my socks cuz ive had them for two years and when i put one of each i just now realized they were the same socks just different colors! i feel like a moron! lol wow im just babling...oh yeah! i got to see the first dvd of gravitation and it was awsome! i might get to see the second one tomorrow if seguchi ever desides to watch it!!! seguchi needs to die and so does rage! SHUICHI IS MINE! I LOVE HIM MORE THAN ALL OF YOU COULD IMAGINE!!! heh i think i made my point...wait they dont have sites on here...damn it! oh well at least shuichi will know i think lol well i better go i got 'stuffs' to do...lol just kidding! lol but no i gotta do my h/w k? well ill talk to you laterz! byz!
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Sunday, April 10, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com OMG! ok i was on gaia and my frind said that the people on the news said something really important! lol made no sence but here! indonesia had a third earthquake and scientist are saying this could be a chain thats going to move throughout the whole world. (when battle goes to the middle east is when the end of the world comes for you who didnt know that) (thats why weve been having so many natural disasters happening) they also say that if a volcanoe in africa erupts it will cause another tsunami heading tworads florida and the rest of the east coast of the us. man this sux cuz i live in florida! but yeah thats breaking news that i heard today...maybe i should watch the news more often? lol but anywayz... yeah if u guyz know anymore plx tell me. it would be nice to know more about this. also yay samurai chaploo (i dont know how to spell it) might be airing on adult swim! oh yeah! well i got to go ill try to look at ur guys's sites later! byz!
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Wednesday, April 6, 2005

   im soo mad! again!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com well i got in major trouble AGAIN!!! and bye the same teacher! mrs.miller! i got up to get my planner to write my work in it and she yells at me to put it away and listen to a lame version of a cinderella tale. and i flip out cuz i was already mad at her to begin with. i yelled GOD IT HAS TO DO WITH SKEW! NOT LIKE YESTERDAY! and she just stares at me and walks away to write me up. she told me to step outside and gives me a behavior sitation. she goes 'if u cant erspect me u dont need to be in my class and if u dont stay on track with what we r doing i will take you out and put u in another class.' i would rather be expeled than go to the skewl if she is there! she doesnt have the right to read our personal stuff! i was so pissed. and when my mom saw that she gave me like an hour and half long speach about how im gonan fail in life and all that shit. and now shes all being nice to me like nothing happened! she wont even write a note so i can get the notebook back! gawd! and that has all my personal stuff i dont want people knowing in it! but i guess im ok...my science teacher scared me today...she did a really wiered evil laugh like an evil vilin in a lame anime show...it was wiered cuz she wouldn stop and she was looking directly at me and ryu...oh yeah seguchi let me borrow ddr extreme! its awsome it has kick the can and a song that has part of anal spider in it (from ddr unltramix 2 for xbox) and shuichi let me borrow gravitation #1 dvd! its awsome! they sound way different than i thought though...heh well now im just babbling and stuff so i better go k? ill talk to you later if im not grounded...OH YEAH!!!! hey everyone i have another aol s/n /im/e-mail address thing k? i still have angelsanctuaryv@aol.com but i also have eireyuki@aol.com k? ill talk to u laterz! byz!!!!
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Tuesday, April 5, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com man im soo mad right now! i was in 5th period and my teacher took away one of our six note books we write in! (seguchi,shuichi,me,and some other peoples) lol and she said i couldnt get it back till i got a note from my mom asying to give it back. i was so mad that i killed my arm with my pen and now its all like wiered looking. lol but shuichi had the same teacher next period (6th) and she saw her reading it! the teacher doesnt have any of our damn permission to read our personal stuff! it got me really mad! lol ok anywayz...man im so tired this morning i missed my bus and almost lost one of my contacts...my friend rang the doorbell at like 8:30 and i wasnt even away. so i was hurring and stuff and my contact was being stupid. i was half way to the bus stop and i realized it wasnt in so i went back and i missed the bus. andrew got here and took me to skew. lol and then im all sleeping in class and stuff! lol well i got to go k? love you alls! byz!
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Monday, April 4, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com hey everyone i havnt updated in like three day but theres nothing to update about...um...so whats up? i had to babysit and stuff it was dull....lol ohoh we got my uncle to dress up like a chearleader! it was hilarious! and we got into a wrestling match to! he was count care bears and my 2 cousins little sis and aunt were count shortcake. i was count nightmare! it was fun! lol well....hey do u like my sites kinda new look? i think it looks like shuichi and yuki are underwater...lol and the colors are all like in tune and stuff...dont ask ive had a long day! lol well im probably just gonna be making my site look different but not post as much...if u want to chat with me just go on gaiaonline.com k?

gaia= masteryukikun
runescape= lil yuki

well i guess ill see you laterz! OH YEAH SPRING BREAK IS OVER! I GET TO SEE MY FRIENDS AGAIN!!!
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Saturday, April 2, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com *yawns* im soooo tired! i need sumthing to drink....hey hiei can i have sum? lol oh yeah me and kevin got into a big fight last night....im so sad....he said that he wanted to break up with me and stuff and now he wont even talk to me...*cries* will u guys give me a hug? thanks...ok well yeah i was up all night babysitting my two little cousins and little sis (all 7 and under) *sigh* it was horible...and i just got done playing inuyasha and champions and sumother fighting and racing games with my uncle michel and peoples. and then we wrestled....ouch. that hurt! he picks us up and like throws us into the furniture and stuff....smash1qc i like it better at the pool were it doesnt hurt as much! lol um.....now im cleaning the house befor my mom gets home....im in like a state of depression now....*sigh* oh well.....ok so uh like whats up with u guys? i havnt updated in a while so i dont know....*like three days ago ^^* ok can u tell im bored? great lol well.....I MISS SHUICHI AND RYU SOOO MUCH!!!!! i hate breaks from skew! can this week be anylonger? *dies* no im really gonna die! another day to go also! *dies again* heh well im so bored and i miss all my friends so bad! *mops around* lalalalalalala ok im good well imma let u guys go now and look up stuff for my site k? love you guys!
APRIL FOOLS!!!!! we didnt break up! but he did play that same trick on me! lol laterz

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

   this was to me bye derenzo

Image hosted by Photobucket.com some one else stepps up to take a swing
at the frozen shard i call a heart
as you draw the blade i hear it sing
you strike so true and smart

as the shard begins to crack
a brillant light is brout forth
and im hit with such a smack
now the light begins to morph

into a shape i cant see
but its so warm and cozy
being brout out i am now free
to roam around with u and mozy

i know at times i may seem flickle
but for them as u i really care
as a spring of hopr begins to trickle
ill never know just how well fair.

we havnt come up with a name for it yet but i love it! thanks u for the poem again! it means alot more to me than u know...heh well i got 2 go leaving to go to my moms for easter. love u all! ::gives candy and prez to all my myo friends:: hope u enjoy! ^^

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