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Sunday, February 20, 2005

   my friend shuichi came up with this... do u like?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com shounen ai silly

shounen ai shounen ai love shounen ai
shounen ai shounen ai know my friend is bi
shounen ai shounen ai wonder why some times i cry
shounen ai shounen ai just wonder why
shounen ai shounen ai wish i would just die
shounen ai shounen ai couldn't just sit there and lie
shounen ai shounen ai really wish i could fly
shounen ai shounen ai know where there's a really hot guy
shounen ai shounen ai can't resist strawberry pie
shounen ai shounen ai can't jump very high
shounen ai shounen ai know how to tie
shounen ai shounen ai can't seem to try
shounen ai shounen ai always say 'oh my oh my'
shounen ai shounen ai am going to poke you in the eye
shounen ai shounen ai would love to eat a french fry
shounen ai shounen ai always seem to sigh
shounen ai shounen ai have $50, what shall i buy?
shounen ai shounen ai hate the letter i
shounen ai shounen ai am always high
shounen ai shounen ai now say bu-bye!

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Friday, February 18, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com hey everyone this is for shuichi shindou! even though i e-mailed it to you i wanted to have it saved on my site... so here it goes...

i still love you...

even though you may cling to me and act like an idiot sometimes i still love you... and even though you make me cry i still love you... i wont ever stop loving you and i dont know why... so thats why i still love you even when you make me cry...

ok everyone im gonna go... bye shuichi! hope you liked?

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Monday, February 7, 2005

   ...do you like?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com i thought i would do something new! something not so gloomy... ill probably change it again in a while like maybe to something different in two days or so. but HOW DO YOU LIKE IT? i was trying to do a techno thing with rave but i couldnt find any decent looking stuff so i know it looks crummy but it will get better! i promise!!! lol
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   ...do you like?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com i thought i would do something new! something not so gloomy... ill probably change it again in a while like maybe to something different in two days or so. but HOW DO YOU LIKE IT? i was trying to do a techno thing with rave but i couldnt find any decent looking stuff so i know it looks crummy but it will get better! i promise!!! lol
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   ...do you like?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com i thought i would do something new! something not so gloomy... ill probably change it again in a while like maybe to something different in two days or so. but HOW DO YOU LIKE IT? i was trying to do a techno thing with rave but i couldnt find any decent looking stuff so i know it looks crummy but it will get better! i promise!!! lol
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Friday, February 4, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com oh oh i gotta tell you something really funny and gross that happened on the bus!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok so me and kris sit in the same seat. cliff sat in the seat behind us with autume and kam sits in the seat next to us jack sits with us and brandon sits behind and next to us. kam says someone let me lick their nipple so cliff lifts up his shirt and kam licks his nipple!!!!! and then kam is feeling on all the guys and they are all smaking each others chests and kam is asking everyone for hugs and everyone gives him one or two and its was just a gay fest on the bus. this is what my friend said!

ShounenAiOrDie [6:49 PM]: LOL!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:49 PM]: THAT IS HILARIOUS!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:50 PM]: i know!!!!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:50 PM]: i was right there and me and kris were surrounded bye guys acting gay!!!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:50 PM]: lol
ShounenAiOrDie [6:50 PM]: did u like it/
AngelsanctuaryV [6:51 PM]: sure why not!?
AngelsanctuaryV [6:51 PM]: it was very sexy...
ShounenAiOrDie [6:51 PM]: lol!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:51 PM]: ha ha ha
ShounenAiOrDie [6:51 PM]: thats something i would expect from ryu
lol so that is the freaky thing that happened on the bus today!


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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

   hello! skew suxs!!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com hey everyone! im at skew and it boring... i cant talk and or laugh cuz of an orientation for 8th grade and im a media aid... well yeah im bored! so im just gonna sit here... lol well do any of you have a ds and live near lakewier gardens in belleview florida or go to belleview middle school? cuz im gonna get one and i want to talk to some peoples! lol well right now i have $115 and i need like another $50 so i have to go to work... witch will sux... well just wantn to know i only know about bob and skye/shuichi! lol well ill see you all this afternoon when im at home! love yall byzzzzzzzzzz


p.s ill try to visit more peoples sites but the random member button went bye bye soo... >_< lol

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Monday, January 31, 2005

   WOO WHOO!!!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com OH YEAH! finally it is my b-day! im soo happy! im 13 and im happy! lol well just yeah... ok so today was good. i was too tired though so i fell asleep in every single class eccept lunch! lol on saturday we had my b-day party and kelsey and me kept getting run over by but borders at the skate park!!! my whole left leg is nothing but a big bruise now! lol and her right side. skye got her finger almost snaped in half witch was not funny. and brittany got her finger broken but that was after we left... so it was good and bad! lol well im now reading another gn called remote. and IM SOO MAD AT THE CREATOR OF HOT GIMMICK!!! GET THE 8TH BOOK PUBLISHED ALREADY!!!! MAN I CANT WAIT!!!! lol well i guess ill see you all later! byzzzzzzzzzz
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Thursday, January 27, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com hey everyone! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!! ITS MY MOMS B-DAY!
so sorry if i dont get to get to anyu of your guyses sites!

special love to: deatht-2, shuichi, my mom, cliff, secondsbleed4ever, hotsunslave, sephiroth15, and all my new and good friends so i guess love is shared equilly!

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Sunday, January 23, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com AngelsanctuaryV [5:45 PM]: fine i wont be lovey dovey with her but with you will that make you happy?
ShounenAiOrDie [5:45 PM]: *puppy eyes* yes yuki-kun!
AngelsanctuaryV [5:46 PM]: fine then ill do just that...
ShounenAiOrDie [5:46 PM]: *jumps up and down with excitement*
ShounenAiOrDie [5:46 PM]: *clings* yay yuki-kun!
ShounenAiOrDie [5:47 PM]: your the best!
AngelsanctuaryV [5:47 PM]: *how do i get myself in these situations?*
AngelsanctuaryV [5:47 PM]: yeah... i know...
ShounenAiOrDie [5:47 PM]: now lets go get some strawberry short cake and pocky pocky!!!!!!
AngelsanctuaryV [5:47 PM]: i just got some!
AngelsanctuaryV [5:47 PM]: dont tell me you ate it all!?
ShounenAiOrDie [5:48 PM]: uh.... heh heh....
ShounenAiOrDie [5:48 PM]: woops....
ShounenAiOrDie [5:48 PM]: guess i for got....
AngelsanctuaryV [5:48 PM]: YOU MORON!
ShounenAiOrDie [5:48 PM]: *flinches*
AngelsanctuaryV [5:48 PM]: whatever your buying!
ShounenAiOrDie [5:48 PM]: sorry yuki-kun...
AngelsanctuaryV [5:49 PM]: yeah yeah just hurry...
ShounenAiOrDie [5:49 PM]: okay then ... no problem!
ShounenAiOrDie [5:49 PM]: *tries to push you out the door* ..... JEEZ! YOU WAY A TON!
AngelsanctuaryV [5:49 PM]: SHUT UP NOT I DONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AngelsanctuaryV [5:49 PM]: YOUR JUST WEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ShounenAiOrDie [5:50 PM]: ..... no your just really heavy.....
AngelsanctuaryV [5:51 PM]: *evil eyes*
ShounenAiOrDie [5:51 PM]: *looks at you with an akward face* uh.... yuki-kun? are you okay? it seems somethings bothering you..... maybe...
ShounenAiOrDie [5:51 PM]: heh heh.....
AngelsanctuaryV [5:51 PM]: no...im...fine...
AngelsanctuaryV [5:52 PM]: just go!
ShounenAiOrDie [5:52 PM]: YAY! YUKI-KUN! *clings*
AngelsanctuaryV [5:52 PM]: uhhh
ShounenAiOrDie [5:52 PM]: oh ya i forgot to go to the store again......
AngelsanctuaryV [5:52 PM]: idiot
ShounenAiOrDie [5:53 PM]: *tries to push you again but falls on face*
AngelsanctuaryV [5:53 PM]: serves you right!
ShounenAiOrDie [5:53 PM]: ow... *twich twich*
AngelsanctuaryV [5:53 PM]: here...
AngelsanctuaryV [5:53 PM]: *holds hand down*
ShounenAiOrDie [5:54 PM]: uh heh heh.... *accepts your offering and gets up* *brushes self off*
AngelsanctuaryV [5:54 PM]: you ok?
ShounenAiOrDie [5:54 PM]: wow yuki-kun you seem nice today!
*for once*
AngelsanctuaryV [5:54 PM]: hah hah the bigger they are the harder they fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ShounenAiOrDie [5:55 PM]: >_> *maybe i was wrong...*
ShounenAiOrDie [5:55 PM]: okay then never mind....
AngelsanctuaryV [5:55 PM]: hahah
AngelsanctuaryV [5:55 PM]: ok lets just go
ShounenAiOrDie [5:55 PM]: oh ya i forgot again!
AngelsanctuaryV [5:56 PM]: *walks out*
ShounenAiOrDie [5:56 PM]: *runs out to your car and for gets to stop so i run into the car and fall* ow... *twitch twitch...*
ShounenAiOrDie [5:56 PM]: *gets up....*
AngelsanctuaryV [5:56 PM]: stop running into things!
ShounenAiOrDie [5:56 PM]: woops....
AngelsanctuaryV [5:57 PM]: this car was expensive
ShounenAiOrDie [5:57 PM]: *tries to open car door full force*
AngelsanctuaryV [5:57 PM]: just get in and dont hurt yourself
ShounenAiOrDie [5:57 PM]: it wont open!
ShounenAiOrDie [5:57 PM]: but i cant!
AngelsanctuaryV [5:57 PM]: no duh! moron its not unlocked!
ShounenAiOrDie [5:58 PM]: *tries harder*
ShounenAiOrDie [5:58 PM]: *stops*
AngelsanctuaryV [5:58 PM]: *unlockes car*
AngelsanctuaryV [5:58 PM]: moron...
ShounenAiOrDie [5:58 PM]: oh ya....
ShounenAiOrDie [5:58 PM]: *gets in*
ShounenAiOrDie [5:59 PM]: yay! we're goin' for a car ride !
AngelsanctuaryV [5:59 PM]: *starts car* ok buckel up and well go.
ShounenAiOrDie [5:59 PM]: *jumps up and down*
AngelsanctuaryV [5:59 PM]: we dont want you falling out!

ShounenAiOrDie [5:59 PM]: *buckles up*
AngelsanctuaryV [5:59 PM]: good *drives to the bakery*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:00 PM]: *presses a whole bunch of buttons in the car*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:00 PM]: oh look! this is cool!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:00 PM]: DONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:00 PM]: god!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:00 PM]: ive never seen a map in a car before!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:00 PM]: its touch screen!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:01 PM]: *licks touch screen*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:01 PM]: its called a navigation screen.
AngelsanctuaryV [6:01 PM]: *stops in parking lot*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:01 PM]: *its not like you would care*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:02 PM]: *un buckles and gets out*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:02 PM]: shut up.
ShounenAiOrDie [6:02 PM]: *stretches a bit*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:02 PM]: if i didnt care i wouldnt be with you...
ShounenAiOrDie [6:02 PM]: *jogs in place*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:02 PM]: *gets out*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:02 PM]: ok what the heck are you doing?
ShounenAiOrDie [6:02 PM]: *does a cart wheel*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:03 PM]: *walks into store*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:03 PM]: shuichi come on
ShounenAiOrDie [6:03 PM]: im ready coach!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:03 PM]: oh ya!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:03 PM]: coming!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:03 PM]: remember your paying
ShounenAiOrDie [6:03 PM]: *runs to yuki*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:03 PM]: ya ya i know!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:04 PM]: *walks to the bakery person and askes them for a strawberry short cake*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:04 PM]: ok now what about yourself?
ShounenAiOrDie [6:04 PM]: they dont have pocky here so.....
ShounenAiOrDie [6:04 PM]: we have to go to the regular store!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:04 PM]: yeah they do you moron!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:04 PM]: like walmart or something...
ShounenAiOrDie [6:05 PM]: no they dont yuki look again! *snaps fingers*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:05 PM]: but this is the store we came to earlier...
AngelsanctuaryV [6:06 PM]: oh.. they got sold out...
ShounenAiOrDie [6:06 PM]: *gets the cake from the baker person and sets them on the counter*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:06 PM]: *reaches in pocket*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:06 PM]: how much will that be?
ShounenAiOrDie [6:06 PM]: *still reaching.... now searching...*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:07 PM]: *store clerck* 50 yen
ShounenAiOrDie [6:07 PM]: oh... i thout it was like 1000 yen.....
ShounenAiOrDie [6:07 PM]: *still searching*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:07 PM]: *oh wait yeah sorry*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:07 PM]: 1000 yen
ShounenAiOrDie [6:07 PM]: *chacks other pocket*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:07 PM]: *checks
AngelsanctuaryV [6:07 PM]: wrong sign
ShounenAiOrDie [6:08 PM]: *pulls out pocket*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:08 PM]: shuichi!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:08 PM]: NO MONEY!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:08 PM]: *takes cake and runs out the store*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:08 PM]: GOD!!!!!!!!! you ow me big time for this!!!!!!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:08 PM]: *running down the road*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:08 PM]: *pays store clerck*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:08 PM]: *huff huff huff*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:08 PM]: *walks out of building*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:09 PM]: *a fat bakery person cant catch me!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:09 PM]: *gets in car and follows shuichi*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:09 PM]: ha ha ha!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:09 PM]: *looks to the right*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:09 PM]: oh you didnt get arrested?
ShounenAiOrDie [6:09 PM]: *stops*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:09 PM]: no i payed for it for you you moron!!!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:09 PM]: *stops car*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:09 PM]: now get in
ShounenAiOrDie [6:10 PM]: im sorry.... i know strawberry short cake is your fav so i HAD to get it....
ShounenAiOrDie [6:10 PM]: *gets in*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:10 PM]: you dont just freakin grab the food and run
AngelsanctuaryV [6:10 PM]: what would i do if they caught you on tape found you and arrested you?
ShounenAiOrDie [6:10 PM]: well what else am i suppose to do? eat it, digest it and then serve it?
AngelsanctuaryV [6:10 PM]: ...
ShounenAiOrDie [6:11 PM]: then i know you would bail me out!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:11 PM]: *disgusted look on face*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:11 PM]: how would you know that!?
ShounenAiOrDie [6:11 PM]: because.....
AngelsanctuaryV [6:11 PM]: i could lie and make it so i dont get in trouble also.
ShounenAiOrDie [6:11 PM]: because you are my lover yuki!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:11 PM]: duh!

AngelsanctuaryV [6:11 PM]: then you would be stuck in jail.
AngelsanctuaryV [6:12 PM]: dont always trust paople...
AngelsanctuaryV [6:12 PM]: thats how you get hurt.
ShounenAiOrDie [6:12 PM]: but i know i can trust yuki-kun.....
ShounenAiOrDie [6:12 PM]: right?
AngelsanctuaryV [6:12 PM]: yeah i know im your lover
AngelsanctuaryV [6:12 PM]: and yes
ShounenAiOrDie [6:12 PM]: so... im fine
AngelsanctuaryV [6:13 PM]: if you did get put in jail i might bail you out but if i was another person you would be stuck in jail
ShounenAiOrDie [6:13 PM]: but your not another person! so what your saying makes no sense!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:14 PM]: and i wouldnt have done that just for anybody!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:14 PM]: im just trying to teach you a lesson... just forget about it...
AngelsanctuaryV [6:14 PM]: yeah thanks bye the way.
ShounenAiOrDie [6:15 PM]: >_> oh what are now my teacher?
AngelsanctuaryV [6:15 PM]: no i was just saying...
AngelsanctuaryV [6:15 PM]: forget about it!!!!!!!!!!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:15 PM]: you just trying to make me cry!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:15 PM]: i am gratful for what you did!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:16 PM]: *tears in eyes*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:16 PM]: dont cry!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:16 PM]: please?
ShounenAiOrDie [6:16 PM]: *more tears*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:16 PM]: ill give you a hug?
ShounenAiOrDie [6:16 PM]: *starts bursting out in tears*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:17 PM]: here ill buy all the strawberry pockey you want!? ill do anything just stop crying!?
AngelsanctuaryV [6:17 PM]: *gives shuichi a hug*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:17 PM]: *stops a little but tears still run down*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:18 PM]: *all shiny eyed right now....*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:18 PM]: im sorry i made you cry... you know that i would never leave you in jail. i would do anything to keep you out if anything...and thank you for risking that just for me...
ShounenAiOrDie [6:19 PM]: *looks at you*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:19 PM]: *cling!*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:19 PM]: *allows you to cling*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:19 PM]: at least now your not crying
ShounenAiOrDie [6:19 PM]: *hits wind shield*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:19 PM]: watch where your going!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:19 PM]: ...
ShounenAiOrDie [6:20 PM]: you almost got ina wreck!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:20 PM]: i am!!!!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:20 PM]: *blood on wind shield and its cracked*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:20 PM]: i for got to put on my seat belt yuki......
AngelsanctuaryV [6:20 PM]: SHUICHI ARE YOU OK!?
AngelsanctuaryV [6:21 PM]: *stops car immidiatly*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:21 PM]: hold on dont move
ShounenAiOrDie [6:21 PM]: *hits wind shield agin*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:21 PM]: (from sudden stop)
ShounenAiOrDie [6:21 PM]: heh heh....
AngelsanctuaryV [6:21 PM]: let me look at it.
AngelsanctuaryV [6:21 PM]: what are you laughing at?
AngelsanctuaryV [6:22 PM]: you could die! your shuch a moron!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:23 PM]: heh heh yuki... i thought you didnt care... ya know... your allways so mean... >_>
AngelsanctuaryV [6:23 PM]: whatever...
AngelsanctuaryV [6:23 PM]: *thears shirt and wraps it around the wound*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:23 PM]: here do you need to go to tghe hospital?
ShounenAiOrDie [6:24 PM]: >_< no i dont need to go to the freakin hospital!!!!!!!!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:24 PM]: *trembles in fear*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:24 PM]: what the heck are you trembling for?
ShounenAiOrDie [6:24 PM]: no no no no no no no no!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:24 PM]: no needles no needles!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:24 PM]: god you think everytime you yell im going to hit you or something!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:25 PM]: oh....
ShounenAiOrDie [6:25 PM]: *gets out car and starts running around in circles*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:25 PM]: aaaaaaahhhh! im ganna die!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:25 PM]: needles! save me!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:25 PM]: ok whatever if you dont want to go to the hospital at least let me take you home and take care of it god!...
ShounenAiOrDie [6:26 PM]: *pulls out hair* pleeze dont! i don' like needles!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:26 PM]: *falls over stiff*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:26 PM]: I SAID I WONT TAKE YOU TO THE HOSPITAL!!!!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:26 PM]: SHUICHI!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:26 PM]: *gets out and goes over to shuichi*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:27 PM]: shuichi? shuichi? can you hear me?
AngelsanctuaryV [6:27 PM]: shuichi?
ShounenAiOrDie [6:27 PM]: *qiete voice* i don' like needles*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:27 PM]: lifts up shuichi and carries him over to the car* *buckels him up*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:28 PM]: here come lets go back to my house ill take care of it without the needles
ShounenAiOrDie [6:28 PM]: heh heh.... sorry about the sceen...
ShounenAiOrDie [6:28 PM]: i guess i over react when it comes to docters and stuff
AngelsanctuaryV [6:28 PM]: yeah its ok. you just panicked everyone does...
AngelsanctuaryV [6:29 PM]: *gets in car and starts to drive to home*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:29 PM]: *gets home*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:29 PM]: hey do you need to be carried up or can you walk without running into anything?
AngelsanctuaryV [6:30 PM]: shuichi? shuichi?
AngelsanctuaryV [6:31 PM]: guess that means yes...
ShounenAiOrDie [6:31 PM]: (oh sorry had a phone call)
ShounenAiOrDie [6:31 PM]: uh thanx ......
AngelsanctuaryV [6:32 PM]: *picks you up and takes you to house*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:32 PM]: *lays you on the couch*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:32 PM]: see told you i cared...
ShounenAiOrDie [6:33 PM]: heh heh.... no no im really okay jeez... i just hit the wind shield... no big deal!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:33 PM]: its not as bad as when i cut my finger trying to make dinner for you!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:33 PM]: that one day
ShounenAiOrDie [6:34 PM]: *tiny voice* yes.....
AngelsanctuaryV [6:34 PM]: that was a cut you moron! you could have died or been nocked unconsious from the wind sheild!!!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:34 PM]: just whaever! if you say your going to be ok then ok whever take care of yourself...
ShounenAiOrDie [6:35 PM]: well! you know me yuki! i do stupid.... stuff
ShounenAiOrDie [6:35 PM]: .... fine....
ShounenAiOrDie [6:35 PM]: *sits up*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:35 PM]: *sigh*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:35 PM]: yeah your right you do do stupid stuff...
AngelsanctuaryV [6:35 PM]: what are you sighing about?
ShounenAiOrDie [6:35 PM]: *grabs my stuff* i guess i'll see you tomorrow?....
ShounenAiOrDie [6:36 PM]: *opens door*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:36 PM]: i guess if your leaving i dont care do whatever you want. you want me totake you home?
ShounenAiOrDie [6:36 PM]: *steps out*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:36 PM]: or do you want me to make you a bed out here?
ShounenAiOrDie [6:36 PM]: no.... its not like you care....
ShounenAiOrDie [6:36 PM]: >_>
ShounenAiOrDie [6:36 PM]: you want me to sleep out side!!!!!!!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:36 PM]: oh did you not hear me earlier!?
AngelsanctuaryV [6:37 PM]: i no! not out side in the living room!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:37 PM]: -.-
AngelsanctuaryV [6:37 PM]: i sayd earlier that i do care!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:38 PM]: no.... apperantly not yuki!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:38 PM]: *steps out side and slams door shut*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:38 PM]: *sits on your porche*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:38 PM]: *inside*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:38 PM]: what a moron! cant he see that i was trying to be nice?
AngelsanctuaryV [6:38 PM]: he never listens to me...
ShounenAiOrDie [6:39 PM]: what a jerk! hes so mean!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:39 PM]: i guess thats just him.. maybethats why i like him soo much?
ShounenAiOrDie [6:39 PM]: that yuki!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:39 PM]: *sigh* grrrrrrr
ShounenAiOrDie [6:39 PM]: *stands up*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:39 PM]: *and starts heading home*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:40 PM]: shuichi!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:40 PM]: but i wonder....
ShounenAiOrDie [6:40 PM]: huh?
ShounenAiOrDie [6:40 PM]: oh.... its you.....
ShounenAiOrDie [6:40 PM]: -.-
AngelsanctuaryV [6:40 PM]: i thought you left?
AngelsanctuaryV [6:40 PM]: ok...
AngelsanctuaryV [6:40 PM]: yeah...
ShounenAiOrDie [6:40 PM]: i am leaving......
ShounenAiOrDie [6:40 PM]: *keeps walking*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:40 PM]: ok...ill see you tomorrow...i just heard you yelling my name...
AngelsanctuaryV [6:41 PM]: *turns around and closes door*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:41 PM]: *sigh*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:41 PM]: *sits in the middle of the road*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:41 PM]: ow.... the street light is blnding me....
AngelsanctuaryV [6:42 PM]: *looks out window and sees shuichi in the middle of the road*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:42 PM]: *opens window*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:42 PM]: SHUICHI TYOU MORON!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:42 PM]: just kill me some body......
ShounenAiOrDie [6:42 PM]: *hops up*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:42 PM]: oh what?
AngelsanctuaryV [6:42 PM]: YOUR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!!!!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:42 PM]: DON' CALL ME A MORON!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:42 PM]: YOULL GET RUNOVER!!!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:42 PM]: I KNOW THAT!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:42 PM]: DUUUUH
ShounenAiOrDie [6:42 PM]: I WANT TO!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:42 PM]: *JUMPS OUT WINDOW*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:43 PM]: * car is comming*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:43 PM]: nows my chance!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:43 PM]: *grabs shuichi*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:43 PM]: *and runs out of street*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:43 PM]: you idiot why do you want to kill yourself*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:44 PM]: i would be devistated...
ShounenAiOrDie [6:44 PM]: i .....
ShounenAiOrDie [6:44 PM]: dont know what devistated means......
ShounenAiOrDie [6:44 PM]: ....
ShounenAiOrDie [6:44 PM]: >_>
AngelsanctuaryV [6:45 PM]: that means that my heart would be broken and i would be a body with no soul...
ShounenAiOrDie [6:46 PM]: *brakes into pices like glass*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:46 PM]: no you see? i do care...
AngelsanctuaryV [6:46 PM]: fine... think whatever you want...
AngelsanctuaryV [6:47 PM]: *turns around*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:47 PM]: *sigh*
ShounenAiOrDie [6:47 PM]: okay fine maybe i will.... maybe i should assinate you and try to flush your body....
ShounenAiOrDie [6:47 PM]: i ... cant....
ShounenAiOrDie [6:47 PM]: *clings*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:48 PM]: well at least i know you care about me...
ShounenAiOrDie [6:48 PM]: *man i havent done that in a while....*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:48 PM]: just a little may it be though...
AngelsanctuaryV [6:48 PM]: you havnt clinged for a while...
ShounenAiOrDie [6:49 PM]: what is that supose to mean? just a little may it be though?
AngelsanctuaryV [6:49 PM]: i dont know if you really care about me...
ShounenAiOrDie [6:49 PM]: .....*still clinging*
AngelsanctuaryV [6:50 PM]: i just know that as long as you still cling i know im liked ny you even if it is just a little...
ShounenAiOrDie [6:50 PM]: heh heh! of course i like you yuki-kun!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:51 PM]: not just by your money, your inteligents, your looks (and the other things he mentioned)
ShounenAiOrDie [6:52 PM]: oh and also.... if your still mad at me... pleeeeeze dont hit me okay..... but i.....
AngelsanctuaryV [6:52 PM]: well tahts a good thing. i would hate to be liked only for that!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:52 PM]: why would i be mad at you?
AngelsanctuaryV [6:53 PM]: ( i have to go)
AngelsanctuaryV [6:53 PM]: type what you need really quick)
ShounenAiOrDie [6:53 PM]: *starts nawing on shirt* I SMASHED YOUR STRAWBERRY SHORT CAKE WHEN I WAS MAD AT YOU!!!!!!!!
AngelsanctuaryV [6:53 PM]: (save this)
AngelsanctuaryV [6:54 PM]: (bye shuichi)
ShounenAiOrDie [6:54 PM]: okay! bu bye!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:54 PM]: bye yuki

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