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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

   shuichi and mine(yuki's)conversation!!! aim!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com AngelsanctuaryV [7:03 PM]: is shuichi shindou there?
ShounenAiOrDie [7:03 PM]: hey yuki-kun!

AngelsanctuaryV [7:03 PM]: hello.
AngelsanctuaryV [7:03 PM]: what are you doing?
ShounenAiOrDie [7:03 PM]: lol looking at fma stuff
AngelsanctuaryV [7:04 PM]: kewl!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:04 PM]: also did we have home work in mr. meneties class?
ShounenAiOrDie [7:04 PM]: i dont think we did........
AngelsanctuaryV [7:04 PM]: nope mot that i know of not taht i go to ur skewl!
AngelsanctuaryV [7:04 PM]: 6 pm!
AngelsanctuaryV [7:05 PM]: s
ShounenAiOrDie [7:05 PM]: heh heh.......
ShounenAiOrDie [7:06 PM]: did u see your entry on mo?
AngelsanctuaryV [7:06 PM]: no online slave!...
AngelsanctuaryV [7:06 PM]: lol
AngelsanctuaryV [7:06 PM]: no
ShounenAiOrDie [7:06 PM]: lol that was funny
ShounenAiOrDie [7:06 PM]: i signed your guest book.......
AngelsanctuaryV [7:07 PM]: i know!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:07 PM]: did you read something about shuichi and yuki?
AngelsanctuaryV [7:07 PM]: im getting there!
AngelsanctuaryV [7:07 PM]: yeah i think
ShounenAiOrDie [7:07 PM]: lol
ShounenAiOrDie [7:08 PM]: lol
ShounenAiOrDie [7:08 PM]: okay ive made more questions for the contest!
AngelsanctuaryV [7:09 PM]: really!? when are we going to be able to take the test?
ShounenAiOrDie [7:09 PM]: not any time soon..... but im ganna get people to help me make it up!
AngelsanctuaryV [7:10 PM]: i wanna help!
AngelsanctuaryV [7:10 PM]: again!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:10 PM]: no!
AngelsanctuaryV [7:10 PM]: ok!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:10 PM]: then you will know the answers!
AngelsanctuaryV [7:10 PM]: you cannot boss yuki around!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:11 PM]: ggrrrrrr.....
ShounenAiOrDie [7:11 PM]: *sigh*
AngelsanctuaryV [7:11 PM]: morom...
ShounenAiOrDie [7:11 PM]: fine.....
AngelsanctuaryV [7:11 PM]: fine what?
ShounenAiOrDie [7:11 PM]: but you still cant help me make the quiz!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:11 PM]: morom?
AngelsanctuaryV [7:11 PM]: whatever
AngelsanctuaryV [7:12 PM]: MORON!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:13 PM]: you can help but that means you cant take the quiz cuz you will get them all right which gives you an atvantage to win the prize.....
ShounenAiOrDie [7:13 PM]: wow.....
ShounenAiOrDie [7:13 PM]: i actually made a logical statement......
AngelsanctuaryV [7:13 PM]: it takes you a long time to type things...fine i wont help
AngelsanctuaryV [7:13 PM]: hmhm
ShounenAiOrDie [7:14 PM]: no it duznt....
ShounenAiOrDie [7:14 PM]: i just hesitated cuz i was trying to think......
AngelsanctuaryV [7:15 PM]: yes it does! then why did it keep saying shounenaiordie is typing!?
ShounenAiOrDie [7:16 PM]: what are u talking about?
ShounenAiOrDie [7:16 PM]: cuz i have to press the send button
ShounenAiOrDie [7:16 PM]: ShounenAiOrDie [7:19 PM]: i just hesitated cuz i was trying to think......
ShounenAiOrDie [7:16 PM]: there!
AngelsanctuaryV [7:16 PM]: why do you have a pic of us in anime form making out on ur site?
AngelsanctuaryV [7:17 PM]: p.s where did you get it!?
AngelsanctuaryV [7:17 PM]: lololololololol
ShounenAiOrDie [7:17 PM]: lmfao!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:17 PM]: i fell out ma cher!
AngelsanctuaryV [7:18 PM]: i cant breath or talk correctly now!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:18 PM]: lol
AngelsanctuaryV [7:18 PM]: ok im good. but no... seriously, where did you get it from?
ShounenAiOrDie [7:19 PM]: i dunno... i fwagot.....
ShounenAiOrDie [7:19 PM]: im taking a gravitation quiz......
AngelsanctuaryV [7:19 PM]: U DIMWIT!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:19 PM]: well im seeing if they have 1
ShounenAiOrDie [7:21 PM]: SHUT UP ERIE!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:21 PM]: lol im taking a quiz on gravitation!!!!!!!
AngelsanctuaryV [7:21 PM]: *i found a picture of inuyasha playing the keybored*
ShounenAiOrDie [7:22 PM]: lol
AngelsanctuaryV [7:23 PM]: i found gravitation arvitars!!!!!!!!!
AngelsanctuaryV [7:23 PM]: im gonna put one as yuki and shuichi!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:24 PM]: WHAT? WHERE?????!!!!!!!
AngelsanctuaryV [7:25 PM]: google
AngelsanctuaryV [7:25 PM]: type in yuki and shuichi few last pages
AngelsanctuaryV [7:26 PM]: shuichis gonna dress up like a dog in one of the books!!!!!!!!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:26 PM]: LOL!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:28 PM]: but the cross dressing is funnyeir!
AngelsanctuaryV [7:29 PM]: you cling to much!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:30 PM]: *clings to yuki like a turtle*
ShounenAiOrDie [7:30 PM]: im going out with shuichi..... thats what it said!
AngelsanctuaryV [7:31 PM]: go to google type in gravitation and go to page 2 look at the third row and 3rd pic to the right!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:31 PM]: okay!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:32 PM]: Full Metal Alchemist
ShounenAiOrDie [7:32 PM]: go here!
AngelsanctuaryV [7:32 PM]: did you go there?
ShounenAiOrDie [7:33 PM]: no
ShounenAiOrDie [7:33 PM]: i was posting some thing
ShounenAiOrDie [7:33 PM]: hold on
ShounenAiOrDie [7:33 PM]: and i will
ShounenAiOrDie [7:34 PM]: im on a total of 5 sites
AngelsanctuaryV [7:34 PM]: on myo?
ShounenAiOrDie [7:34 PM]: no on aol
ShounenAiOrDie [7:34 PM]: now im on 6
ShounenAiOrDie [7:34 PM]: lol
ShounenAiOrDie [7:36 PM]: THAT WAS SO COOOOOOL!
AngelsanctuaryV [7:36 PM]: what was?
AngelsanctuaryV [7:37 PM]: my new arvitar is going to be very wrong! it is yuki and shuichi making out! dont take it personal its just the best they had...
ShounenAiOrDie [7:38 PM]: oh oh! i want it!
AngelsanctuaryV [7:38 PM]: no
ShounenAiOrDie [7:38 PM]: i just wanna save it *cries*
AngelsanctuaryV [7:39 PM]: it is little save it on from my site
ShounenAiOrDie [7:40 PM]: okay yay! *cling*
AngelsanctuaryV [7:41 PM]: ur embarracing me...
ShounenAiOrDie [7:41 PM]: oh.... oh ya.... *stops*
AngelsanctuaryV [7:41 PM]: lol
ShounenAiOrDie [7:42 PM]: naw uh! u still have your nemo pic!
AngelsanctuaryV [7:43 PM]: im working on it!!!!!
AngelsanctuaryV [7:43 PM]: go look at that one picture i tokld u to!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:43 PM]: ok ok
AngelsanctuaryV [7:44 PM]: iys not working!!!!!!!!!!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:45 PM]: it must be too big? its 150 x 150 pixles
AngelsanctuaryV [7:45 PM]: no littler
AngelsanctuaryV [7:46 PM]: did u look at the fricken picture!?
ShounenAiOrDie [7:46 PM]: is it in jpeg format?
ShounenAiOrDie [7:46 PM]: no......
AngelsanctuaryV [7:46 PM]: i saved it first but its not working
ShounenAiOrDie [7:46 PM]: ok lemme seee.........
ShounenAiOrDie [7:46 PM]: hold on
ShounenAiOrDie [7:48 PM]: nope... don' see it
AngelsanctuaryV [7:48 PM]: type in gravitation! 2nd page third row 3rd picture the one thats blue!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:49 PM]: YA! I KNOW!!!!!!!
AngelsanctuaryV [7:49 PM]: tahts the one im talking about not the make out one!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:50 PM]: ya but most of em have an x on them.... *cries*
AngelsanctuaryV [7:50 PM]: lol
ShounenAiOrDie [7:52 PM]: *clings*
AngelsanctuaryV [7:52 PM]: god!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:53 PM]: lol
AngelsanctuaryV [7:54 PM]: he has on outfit on like teh sailor moons!!!!!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:54 PM]: lol *clings more*
ShounenAiOrDie [7:54 PM]: lol
ShounenAiOrDie [7:57 PM]: lol okay im ganna go!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:57 PM]: bu bye yuki kun!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:57 PM]: *clings*
AngelsanctuaryV [7:57 PM]: ok bye shuichi!
ShounenAiOrDie [7:58 PM]: wait... not yet....
AngelsanctuaryV [7:58 PM]: :/
AngelsanctuaryV [7:58 PM]: yay
ShounenAiOrDie [7:59 PM]: lol *cling*
AngelsanctuaryV [7:59 PM]: ~_~
ShounenAiOrDie [7:59 PM]: :-D
ShounenAiOrDie [7:59 PM]: okay okay! bu bye my little yuki kun!

ShounenAiOrDie [7:59 PM]: ha ha ha! thats wat u get!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:00 PM]: and yes i will hit you tomorrow!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:00 PM]: fufufufu
AngelsanctuaryV [8:00 PM]: GOOD BUY SHICHI BOY!!!!!!!!!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:01 PM]: * double clings*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:01 PM]: yea right! you probably will even forget to hit me tomorrow...
AngelsanctuaryV [8:01 PM]: ~_~ ~_~ you do cling to much!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:01 PM]: ..... >_> welll.......
ShounenAiOrDie [8:01 PM]: i'll write it down!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:02 PM]: *triplw clings*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:02 PM]: CRAP!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:02 PM]: what?
AngelsanctuaryV [8:02 PM]: what did i do to diserve you?
AngelsanctuaryV [8:02 PM]: hahahaha
ShounenAiOrDie [8:03 PM]: what?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:03 PM]: hey!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:04 PM]: what is that supose to mean?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:04 PM]: oh come on!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:04 PM]: nothing...
ShounenAiOrDie [8:04 PM]: don' be like that yuki
ShounenAiOrDie [8:04 PM]: *cries*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:04 PM]: oh come on what?
AngelsanctuaryV [8:04 PM]: AW COME ON NOW! DONT FREAKIN CRY!!!!!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:05 PM]: please for me?
AngelsanctuaryV [8:06 PM]: HELLO!

ShounenAiOrDie [8:06 PM]: *still crying*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:07 PM]: u really are an idiot...
ShounenAiOrDie [8:07 PM]: b-b-but yuki *in a tiny voice*

AngelsanctuaryV [8:07 PM]: what?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:08 PM]: *in a really really tiny voice* i uh
AngelsanctuaryV [8:08 PM]: you what? *kindly*
ShounenAiOrDie [8:08 PM]: *clings* im sorry my wittle yuki kun
AngelsanctuaryV [8:09 PM]: falls over!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:09 PM]: ENOUGH WITH THE CLINGING!111
ShounenAiOrDie [8:09 PM]: *pins u to the ground and starts licking you like a chahua chahua!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:09 PM]: *
AngelsanctuaryV [8:10 PM]: ...
ShounenAiOrDie [8:10 PM]: *stops*
ShounenAiOrDie [8:10 PM]: uh yuki kun?
AngelsanctuaryV [8:11 PM]: yes.
ShounenAiOrDie [8:11 PM]: is..... something wrong?
AngelsanctuaryV [8:11 PM]: no im good...
ShounenAiOrDie [8:11 PM]: heh heh....
ShounenAiOrDie [8:12 PM]: *runs around in circle with you in the middle*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:13 PM]: gets dizzy and falls on back
ShounenAiOrDie [8:13 PM]: hey look at my site on skyerainofsorrow real quike!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:13 PM]: .... quikc
ShounenAiOrDie [8:13 PM]: .... quikie?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:13 PM]: quick?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:13 PM]: ya!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:13 PM]: quick!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:13 PM]: quick what?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:13 PM]: or is it qiuck?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:14 PM]: ShounenAiOrDie [8:18 PM]: hey look at my site on skyerainofsorrow real quike!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:14 PM]: yes
ShounenAiOrDie [8:14 PM]: yes what?
AngelsanctuaryV [8:14 PM]: it is
AngelsanctuaryV [8:14 PM]: what happen to rp?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:14 PM]: it is what?
AngelsanctuaryV [8:14 PM]: it was fun!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:15 PM]: oh sorry *cries* *in mind* i AM an idiot! but i cant let yuki know! *sits on the couch*
ShounenAiOrDie [8:16 PM]: *looks at you*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:16 PM]: ok what was with the sudden outburst of hyperness?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:16 PM]: *hesitation....*
ShounenAiOrDie [8:16 PM]: *jumps up and down on your highly expensive couch*
ShounenAiOrDie [8:17 PM]: hey yuki!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:17 PM]: *jumps off*
ShounenAiOrDie [8:17 PM]: wanna go get some strawberry pocky?
AngelsanctuaryV [8:18 PM]: stares at shuichi
ShounenAiOrDie [8:18 PM]: hmmm.....
AngelsanctuaryV [8:18 PM]: i dont like pockey, i like shortcake!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:18 PM]: heh heh oh ya i fore got....
AngelsanctuaryV [8:18 PM]: (nice post-i commented)
ShounenAiOrDie [8:18 PM]: no wait no i didnt!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:19 PM]: (lol)
AngelsanctuaryV [8:19 PM]: then why did you ask!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:20 PM]: i dont... know
AngelsanctuaryV [8:20 PM]: shuichi? *sweet voice* are you ok?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:20 PM]: oh well!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:21 PM]: uh ya.... why do you ask? *hesitates* um.... yuki?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:21 PM]: err! never mind! lets go!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:21 PM]: huh?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:21 PM]: (i commented myself....)
ShounenAiOrDie [8:21 PM]: i said lets go!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:21 PM]: (lol)
ShounenAiOrDie [8:21 PM]: we can can 2 boxes of strawberry short cake if you like....?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:22 PM]: (its really wrong.... but funny [its not what you think okay?])
AngelsanctuaryV [8:22 PM]: sure 1 of each, shortcake and pockey...
ShounenAiOrDie [8:22 PM]: yay! *clings*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:23 PM]: here we go again
ShounenAiOrDie [8:23 PM]: *runs into the door*
ShounenAiOrDie [8:23 PM]: *falls*
ShounenAiOrDie [8:23 PM]: i.....
ShounenAiOrDie [8:23 PM]: fore got
ShounenAiOrDie [8:23 PM]: to......
ShounenAiOrDie [8:23 PM]: open..... d~o~o~r
AngelsanctuaryV [8:24 PM]: nice one you moron!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:24 PM]: wanna rp in the chat on my site? we can let every one read it!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:25 PM]: *gets up off the florr* heh heh.... *opens door* yuki's go first!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:25 PM]: ok.
AngelsanctuaryV [8:26 PM]: yeah thanks shuichi. ill allow one free cling
ShounenAiOrDie [8:26 PM]: yay! *clings really really really really tight*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:26 PM]: ok thats a little to tight!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:27 PM]: pats shuichi on teh head
ShounenAiOrDie [8:27 PM]: *stops* heh heh okay my yuki kun! to the chat we go! *hops into the internet*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:28 PM]: *steals ur avatar
ShounenAiOrDie [8:28 PM]: *and into the chat....*
ShounenAiOrDie [8:28 PM]: NOOOOOOOOO!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:28 PM]: DONT YOU THEIF!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:28 PM]: please theyll be matching! you can hit me three times tomorrow!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:28 PM]: NO!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:29 PM]: to late!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:29 PM]: nto to put on my site
ShounenAiOrDie [8:29 PM]: I HATE YOU YUKI!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:29 PM]: NONONONONONO
ShounenAiOrDie [8:29 PM]: YUKIYUKIYUKI!!!!!!1
AngelsanctuaryV [8:29 PM]: u cant hate me for long...
ShounenAiOrDie [8:29 PM]: DAMN IT YUKI!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:29 PM]: OH? WHO SAID?
AngelsanctuaryV [8:30 PM]: dang! all i did was save it, not make it mine
ShounenAiOrDie [8:30 PM]: *cries really hard*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:30 PM]: i said
ShounenAiOrDie [8:31 PM]: *in a little voice and sniffles* b-b-but you said you w-wuold take my avi yuki......
ShounenAiOrDie [8:31 PM]: and .... and.......
ShounenAiOrDie [8:31 PM]: put it on the site...... *sniffles*
ShounenAiOrDie [8:31 PM]: which makes you a thief......
AngelsanctuaryV [8:31 PM]: take it not put it on my site you dimwit.*sweet voice* you need to not jump to conclusions so quickly...
ShounenAiOrDie [8:31 PM]: *is about to cry again*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:31 PM]: man dont cry...
ShounenAiOrDie [8:32 PM]: *cries anyway*
ShounenAiOrDie [8:32 PM]: yuki!!!!!! *still crying*
ShounenAiOrDie [8:32 PM]: *runs away into the chat!* if you want me then come and get me yuki-kun!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:32 PM]: if it makes you feel better im in the chatter box
AngelsanctuaryV [8:33 PM]: im sorry i got u all upset but its not my fault that the avi is so attracting
ShounenAiOrDie [8:34 PM]: what? your nemo pic?
AngelsanctuaryV [8:34 PM]: no the gravi one. and it wont let me chat
ShounenAiOrDie [8:34 PM]: me niether
ShounenAiOrDie [8:35 PM]: okay so im
ShounenAiOrDie [8:35 PM]: .... every one is crowding the comp.......
AngelsanctuaryV [8:35 PM]: lol
ShounenAiOrDie [8:35 PM]: not funny yuki......
ShounenAiOrDie [8:35 PM]: >_<
ShounenAiOrDie [8:35 PM]: lolaphant
ShounenAiOrDie [8:36 PM]: okay back to role playing
AngelsanctuaryV [8:36 PM]: well its not my fault shuichi
ShounenAiOrDie [8:36 PM]: so where were we?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:36 PM]: oh ya
AngelsanctuaryV [8:36 PM]: what happened to the shortcake?
AngelsanctuaryV [8:36 PM]: im hungry...
AngelsanctuaryV [8:36 PM]: (im going to post this on my site)
ShounenAiOrDie [8:36 PM]: oh ya! *runs out the door*
ShounenAiOrDie [8:36 PM]: lol so am i!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:37 PM]: u stole my idea!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:37 PM]: YOU IDIOT WERE AT THE STORE!!!!!!!!!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:37 PM]: grr you yuki!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:37 PM]: oh ya!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:37 PM]: *runs back to the store*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:37 PM]: *im with a moron*
ShounenAiOrDie [8:37 PM]: *1 hour later*.......
AngelsanctuaryV [8:37 PM]: ill order!

ShounenAiOrDie [8:38 PM]: *...... 2 hours later.....*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:38 PM]: ok my turn!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:38 PM]: *still no sign of shuichi*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:38 PM]: ut too slow!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:39 PM]: never mind! im confused!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:39 PM]: were is taht damn shuichi
AngelsanctuaryV [8:39 PM]: SHUICHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:39 PM]: *no response*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:40 PM]: whatever ill take one box of strawberry shortcake and 1 box of strawberry pockey please
ShounenAiOrDie [8:40 PM]: *still.... no response....*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:40 PM]: *maybe hes went home to wait*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:41 PM]: *back home*
ShounenAiOrDie [8:41 PM]: YUUUUKI!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:41 PM]: SHUICHI!!!!!!!!!!!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:41 PM]: i was waiting!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:41 PM]: *runs to you nervous like*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:41 PM]: why didnt you come back!?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:41 PM]: eh heh...... uh ya....
ShounenAiOrDie [8:41 PM]: well uh....
AngelsanctuaryV [8:41 PM]: uh...yeah... what?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:41 PM]: OH! your sister wanted you ya!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:42 PM]: *nervous even more....*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:42 PM]: whatever here is ur pockey...
AngelsanctuaryV [8:42 PM]: ill be back in amin
AngelsanctuaryV [8:42 PM]: were is she?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:42 PM]: *snatches pocky, goes into a dark corner and eats pocky*
ShounenAiOrDie [8:43 PM]: *looks back* uh well....
AngelsanctuaryV [8:43 PM]: *takes a bite of shortcake*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:43 PM]: yeah?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:43 PM]: *runs out of your house and went to mine*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:43 PM]: *man*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:43 PM]: *goes to shuichi's house*
ShounenAiOrDie [8:44 PM]: *whoo! that was close*
ShounenAiOrDie [8:44 PM]: *lays back in bed*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:44 PM]: what the heck did you do that for?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:44 PM]: *gets up suprised*
ShounenAiOrDie [8:44 PM]: wha-what?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:44 PM]: how did you get here?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:45 PM]: i didnt here a knock ya know......
AngelsanctuaryV [8:45 PM]: uh.. i walked.
AngelsanctuaryV [8:45 PM]: you left the door open so i figured what the heck?
AngelsanctuaryV [8:45 PM]: you do it all the time to me.
ShounenAiOrDie [8:45 PM]: oh ya i fore got...
AngelsanctuaryV [8:45 PM]: idiot!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:46 PM]: uh ..... ya.....
AngelsanctuaryV [8:46 PM]: *sits*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:46 PM]: why did you run?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:46 PM]: ....... *sigh*
ShounenAiOrDie [8:46 PM]: um *hesitates* nothing!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:46 PM]: yeah right!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:46 PM]: usually u run to me not away from me!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:47 PM]: you are being strange today...
ShounenAiOrDie [8:47 PM]: OKAY! IM SORRY YUKI-KUN!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:47 PM]: ok...
AngelsanctuaryV [8:47 PM]: so are you going to tell me what my sistr wanted?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:47 PM]: no....
ShounenAiOrDie [8:48 PM]: I MEAN
ShounenAiOrDie [8:48 PM]: yes!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:48 PM]: what do you mean NO!?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:48 PM]: heh heh heh.....
AngelsanctuaryV [8:48 PM]: you better tell me! i bought you pockey!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:48 PM]: *jumps on you*
ShounenAiOrDie [8:48 PM]: well im a kangaru!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:48 PM]: ok...
ShounenAiOrDie [8:48 PM]: ha! beat that!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:48 PM]: you r acting strange today!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:49 PM]: fine! rollesso im on top!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:49 PM]: now tell me!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:49 PM]: i don' have any thing against you.....
ShounenAiOrDie [8:50 PM]: so there

AngelsanctuaryV [8:50 PM]: what does that have to do with thsi?
AngelsanctuaryV [8:50 PM]: ok but that doesnt answer my question.
ShounenAiOrDie [8:50 PM]: yes it does.... sorta.....
ShounenAiOrDie [8:51 PM]: i guess....
ShounenAiOrDie [8:51 PM]: i dont know!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:51 PM]: tell me the whole thing and i might get off...
ShounenAiOrDie [8:51 PM]: your heavy.....
AngelsanctuaryV [8:51 PM]: SHUT UP!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:51 PM]: okay but pleeeeeze promise me you wont get mad.....
AngelsanctuaryV [8:52 PM]: i promise.
ShounenAiOrDie [8:52 PM]: okay uh......
ShounenAiOrDie [8:52 PM]: *sigh*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:53 PM]: *rolls off and falls on back*
ShounenAiOrDie [8:53 PM]: *in a tiny voice* i just thought you would like it better home made.... ya know....
AngelsanctuaryV [8:53 PM]: YOU WHAT?
AngelsanctuaryV [8:54 PM]: *stuck in postition from shock*
ShounenAiOrDie [8:54 PM]: heh heh heh....
ShounenAiOrDie [8:54 PM]: you promised yuki!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:54 PM]: yuki-kun!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:54 PM]: ok fine!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:54 PM]: (i gatta soon)
AngelsanctuaryV [8:54 PM]: i wont get mad.
ShounenAiOrDie [8:54 PM]: (like in 3 minutes)
ShounenAiOrDie [8:55 PM]: yay! *clings*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:55 PM]: snaps out of position
ShounenAiOrDie [8:55 PM]: *and hugs you, then dances around*
AngelsanctuaryV [8:55 PM]: like you says your heavy too...
ShounenAiOrDie [8:55 PM]: yay! yuki-kun didnt get mad for once!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:55 PM]: huh?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:55 PM]: heh heh..... not really
AngelsanctuaryV [8:56 PM]: nothing...
AngelsanctuaryV [8:56 PM]: I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU WANT ME TO LEAVE OR WHAT!?
ShounenAiOrDie [8:56 PM]: *tiny voice* no.....
AngelsanctuaryV [8:56 PM]: ok sorroy...
ShounenAiOrDie [8:57 PM]: im sawie little yuki-kun......
AngelsanctuaryV [8:57 PM]: but anyways i can get a new kitchen i dont care...
ShounenAiOrDie [8:57 PM]: i'll do anyfing to make you not be mad at me.....
AngelsanctuaryV [8:57 PM]: i was only kidding ur light dont worry.
AngelsanctuaryV [8:57 PM]: ok
ShounenAiOrDie [8:58 PM]: yay! but your still heavy.....
ShounenAiOrDie [8:58 PM]: >_<
AngelsanctuaryV [8:58 PM]: how rude!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:58 PM]: *tiny voice* uh.... yes?
AngelsanctuaryV [8:58 PM]: and here im trying to be nice to you!
ShounenAiOrDie [8:59 PM]: I HATE YOU YUKI!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:59 PM]: no i hate her!
AngelsanctuaryV [8:59 PM]: what you want me to be lovey-dovey with you?
ShounenAiOrDie [9:00 PM]: *puppy eyes* yes...
AngelsanctuaryV [9:00 PM]: *falls on bed from yelling*
ShounenAiOrDie [9:00 PM]: oh no! yuki - kun!
AngelsanctuaryV [9:00 PM]: im ok!
AngelsanctuaryV [9:00 PM]: just hurt my head!
ShounenAiOrDie [9:00 PM]: (man! i gatta go!)
ShounenAiOrDie [9:01 PM]: (bye yuki!)
AngelsanctuaryV [9:01 PM]: ok we will finish this tomorrow. ill save it then post it up later!@
ShounenAiOrDie [9:01 PM]: (hey call me and maybe we can rp on the phone?)
ShounenAiOrDie [9:01 PM]: okay! bye!
AngelsanctuaryV [9:01 PM]: buy shuichi boy!
ShounenAiOrDie [9:01 PM]: bye yuki-baby!
AngelsanctuaryV [9:02 PM]: bye!
AngelsanctuaryV [9:03 PM]: fine i wont be lovey dovey with her but with you. will that make you happy?

her after note today!(that aim was from last night)
YAY!I GET TO PUNISH YUKI-KUN! with a hit or a super cling!...hmm...thats a hard decision! heh heh! lol when i read your notes i get a weird thougth or feeling! lol like "cassandra" is not cassandra but yuki cuz cassandra's dead! or duznt exizt! weird huh? do you get that feeling? i dunno...so anyways LATERZ! SHUICHI SHINDOU!!!

me- yes shuichi i do get these feelings! sorry to say i do think that your not alive anymore but that teh pretend of being shuichi xhindou has taken over and made you and me forget about eachothers real selfs! so to answer your question one more time, yes i do get those strange thoughts and or feelings...

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Saturday, January 15, 2005

   hello my peoples!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com yo so skye is finally back on myo! well skye robin and i are on a never ending quest to find cliffs house! ok thats done if you caught on i took tah off of drawn together! lol i love that show! ling ling is awsome! ok so im bored and im just bored. well today robin is over and we are acxting like idiots. on a never ending quest to find cliffs house well im bored and are going to go find cliffs house after we go clean and get raedy! lol here is the japanese word of the day!

japanese word of the day:: abunai- threatening.

ill tell you i f we find his house! sees yas l8rs!


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Thursday, January 13, 2005

this suxs!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com ok so i had to stay home to babysit and didnt get to see my friends. then i get on teh computer yo find out that hotsunslave cant have a site on my otaku anymore! my day totaly suxs! well screw my idea for question of the day im going for japanese word of the day! lol ill start today itll be from my long japanese list and itll be in abc order so yeah. i have the kewliest idea! ok so in the future they should have a bunch of hollowgrams of all anime characters ever thought of! then if you got their chip you could like make an actual living anime character! that would be so awsome! wouldnt it? ok well i have to go! ill sees yalls tomorrow!

japanese of the day:: abayo=casual goodbye, kinda like "see ya"

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Sunday, January 9, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com ok so i have like maybe 3 questions i need help on! no not skewl but anime like and crap! lol well the friest one is on the INUYASHA game (the new one) HOW THE HECK DO YOU SAVE!? ive spent maybe 7 hours in the last two days trying to figure out how to save! if you own the INUYASHA game and know how to save please tell me! also me and my two friends are having an argument. so here is a survey to help me out! ok so its about FULL METAL ALCHAMIST. my friend robin says that the show is lame. and me and skye say its a awsome show! well i would like to know from you guys if you think it a good show or a lame show! please reply! ok so today i wont be here ill be in talahasee so i might not be able to reply today to anything! so like sorry. lol well i met another fello freak today! well i have to go! ill see all of my good myo friends later! byzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

QUESTION OF THE DAY! ::What is that fluffy thing tat Sesshoumaru wears?::

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Thursday, January 6, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com ok so today was the bomb! lol i had the cooliest time! and im soo scared too! man my friend said that befor i leave that i have to do something at his house first! man im freaked out! LOL well i hate jonny! i found out that my online friend that supposedly said they hate anime now likes it all of a sudden! lol well im really tired and i have a ton of manga to read! and my egg baby died on tues the day i first get it! i mean come on babies dont die if u flick the or hold them! god i hate egg babies! DIE! ALL OF U! lol just kidding! mine was gay looking anyways. so whats up with all of u? i think im going to start putting a question of the day up fom now on!STARTING TODAY! lol well ill do the question of the day now because i am going to go and eat dinner in a few! SALAD AND HOT DOGS HERE I COME! LOL

?)have u guys ever read the graphic novel GRAVITAION?
if u have comment and tell me if u liked it or not!

goood bye now!

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Monday, January 3, 2005

   just bored howd ur day go?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com alright well hi everyones!!!!!!!! i am so happy for some odd reason! lol ok so my friend gave me six graphic novels that i have to read bye tomorrow morning in homeroom! (hot gimmick 1&2, othello 1&2, and gravitation 1&2) i have already read four of them. im on the 5th! yay im almost done! well robin wouldnt stop calling me cliff today because i asked her to hold one of my papers till tomorrow and thats what cliff does to me all the time. then in 4th she said "cassandra! stop reading manga and do ur freakin work!" the teacher heard her and laughed! skye ran around the whole lunch room today like an idiot. cliff wasnt here today. probably stoned or something. i got a modeling thing in the mail today. they want me to tryout for modeling. i dont know if i want to or not. and i am tired of typing so ill go. actually im going to tell u that if u have not read hot gimmick yet, then u are so behind! (not to be offencive) it is the kewliest! man u have to read it! also othello! well now ill leave! byuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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Sunday, January 2, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com hey HAPPY NEW YEAR! *uhoh! im a little late but...* lol well thatnk u everyone that commented on my other post! i feel much better! nadf yes hotsunslave i care about u to! i will miss u also! lol well i womt be able to aim anyone for about a year! witch sux ass! lol well ill be able to e-mail u all. ill miss u sephiroth15 and skyerainofsorrow, lethica, and secondsbleedforever! well i got to go. sorry. i have to go pack! ill see u guys tomorrow! byzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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Thursday, December 30, 2004

   *sadly* hi...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com hey everyone. sorry i havnt updated alot lately. ive been sad. i just got really bad news. we might loose our house we r moving and i wont see skye robin or brittany or cliff anymore after jan! so im really upset. well i have to move to my dads for a year and switch schools. then i have to move to orlando and be even more farthure from my friends and then skye is moving. robin is going to be by herself. sorry robin! and i got THE FREAKIN FLU THIS MORNING! ok so yeasterday i was at the mall with robin and skye and we basically stayed at the electronic butic all day and hung out with a worker there named daniel. (we called him dan the man) he was thursty so we got him a sprite and he gave us free magz. it was kewl.allright well WOULD U LIKE TO PLAY A GAME OF LUCK HIT? HOW BOUT A GAME OF LUCKY HIT? *SURE* ITS 50 DOLLARS AND THE RULE IS...* YEP YEP I KNOW IT ALL* LOL SURE SURE SURE SURE! LOL WELL I FEEL A LITTLE BETTER! I NEED SOME COMPONY MAN. I GOT A KEY CHAIN THAT SAYS *damn caps* ok well it says "time is never wasted when ur wasted all the time" its funny! lol and another one that says "BITE ME litteraly" lol well im going to go. my time is almost up so see yas laters!ALOS HAPPY DAY BEFOR NEW YEARS eVE EVE! LOL were going to have 10000 balloons fall on our heads tomoorw at 12:00 midnight!
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Sunday, December 26, 2004


Image hosted by Photobucket.com this is the 12 days of christmas songs that skyerainofsorrow and me made over the phone
on the 1st day of christmas inuyasha gave to me his red kimono just for me
on the 2nd day of christmaskenshin gave to me 2 reverse blade swords
and inuyashas red kimono just for me
on the 3rd day of christmas yusuke gave to me 3 spirit items
2 reverse blade swords
and inuyashas red kimono just for me
on the 4th day of christmas naruto gave to me 4 fox tails
3 spirit items
2 reverse blade swords
and inuyashas red kimono just for me
on the 5th day of christmas vash gave to me 5 PIECES OF GUM!
4 fox tails
3 spirit items
2 reverse blade swords
and inuyashas red kimono just for me
on the 6th day of christmas yoh gave to me 6 spirit guides
4 fox tails
3 spirit items
2 reverse blade swords
and inuyashas red kimono just for me
on the 7th day of christmas edward gave to me 7 alchemy signd
6 spirit guides
4 fox tails
3spirit items
2 reverse blade swords
and inuyashas red kimono just for me
on the 8th day of christmas kiba gave to me 8 howls of paradise
7 alchemy signs
6 spirit guides
4 fox tails
3 spirit items
2 reverse blade swords
and inuyashas red kimono just for me
on the 9th day of christmas tsukasa gave to me 9 fat grunties
8 howls of paradise
7 alchemy signs
6 spirit guides
4 fox tails
3 spirit items
2 reverse blade swords
and inuyashas red kinomo just for me
on the 10th day of christmas spike gave to me 10 raw eggs
9 fat grunties
8howls of paradise
7 alchemy signs
6 spirit guides
4 fox tails
3 spirit items
2 reverse blade swords
and inuyashas red kimono just for me
on the 11th day of christmas robin gave to me 11 lit candles
10 raw eggs
9 fat grunties
8 howls of paradise
7 alchemy signs
6 spirit guide
4 fox tails
3 spirit items
2 reverse blade swords
and inuyashas kimono just for me
on the
12 day of christmas toru gave to me 12 zodiac symbols
11 lit candles
10 raw eggs
9 fat grunties
8 howls of paradise
7 alchemy signs
6 spirit guides
4 fox tails
3 spirit items
2 reverse blade swords
and inuyashas red kimono just for me!!!!!!!!
1st=sesshomaru=fluffy fur shaw just for me
2=inuyasha=2packs of raman
3=kagome=3 bow and arrows
4=kikyo=4 soul colectors
5=shippo=5 mushrooms!
6=miroku=6 bs on the but
7=sango=7 acks on the face
8=kilala=8 licks on the the cheak
9=naraku=9 poison insects
10=kagura=10 flying feathers
11=kouga=11 mini fur skirts
12=jaken=12 ways to kill rin


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Image hosted by Photobucket.com lol well yup i was really busy yesterday that i couldnt get on the computer. but i got off grounding on christmas eve! lol well i just wanted to lately wish everyone and ONE DAY LATE CHRISTMAS! i feel bad man i didnt get any of my friends on my o a present! srry! well i want to know what everyone else got! tell me tell me tell me! lol ill tell u the major things i got ok? ok. well i got a futon(couch and bed in one, not like a regular couch but,u know what i mean!) tv,dvd player,japanese pajamas(from japan) SKATEBOARD! a bunch of nightmare befor x-mas stuff! a little heavy metal snowman from spencers. the inuyasha game! guilty gear x2 for x-box with x-box live,lava lamp and new cd player! (i snaped my other one in half,headset ones) new marlyn manson cd! greenday international superhits and I CANT REMEMBER THE REST! LOL stupid me but im seriouce i want to know what u guys got so tell me! byzzzzzzzzzzzzz *goes to check up on friends*
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