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Monday, January 24, 2005

well i'm just sitting here,sorry i havn't been coming to too many sites...i've been really lazy lately,i'll ake it to them today....hopefully.i redid my site FINALLY!!!i like it,it looks nice^^well that's it for today bye!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

well i won't be able to vist any sites today due to the fact that i have to study for the stupid exams.My friend lauren,(honey is her nickname),are planning the party she's going to have next month,WOOOOOOOOO hope everybody comes^^and she also invited me to the mountains were there is a bunch of snow, O YEA I WAS THE FIRST PERSON SHE INVITED!!!.well that's it for today gotta go study.

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Friday, January 14, 2005

   so tired
ok procastination is finally over.sorry i havn't been here,i've been blowing off my assignments lately and i waited till yesterday to do them all so yea.i was up till midnight last night and i had to wake up early to finish it all,which i didn't finish it all so i'm glad some of my teachers forgot to collect their assignments.well i've been invite to 2 parties next month,oh yea party time.i hope everybody won't fall asleep early again,that really sucked last time when everybody went to sleep and 11:30 pm and i was up till 1:00 am or so.o well.well talk to you all later.
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Wednesday, January 5, 2005

updating site
well i'm going to redesign my site and forgot to say i'm back in school,grr school
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   i'm back
well i'm getting tired of destroying things on my games so i'm back.yesterday was crazy.i was in clas talking to my friend chastyn and i'm about to go back to my seat,then this one girl says "excuse you!".i apologised and told her next time she could go around then she says "i can't go around your fat ass"i told her i ment go around the desks and she says "fuck you" in my mind i'm going WTF!!!???so i sit down and she says to me"do you take pills"i'm still think wtf and say no,but i bet you do.so she stands up and walks over saying fuck you over and over again ans then she says stop talking shit about me.i told her i'm not the one saying fuck you constantly.then she goes and hits me in the back of the head.my whole right side of my head went numb.i couldn't help but laugh.then she kept saying fuck you.she only got in trouble for all her swearing,later the teacher did find out she hit me,so yea.today i had to go fill out witness forms.well that's all for today goodnight!^^

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Thursday, December 30, 2004

   HAPPY NEW YEAR(well i won't be here for it)
well early happy new year.i won't be here for a few days(well that won't make a difference since i've been gone anyway).well anyhoo the rain finally stopped,damn.i wanted to go for a walk when it was pouring rain but it was 2:00am and my parents would have heard me leave.plus we've got coyotes around here,not that i'm worried psh i want to pet one^^(not make it a pet).well that's about it for today bye!

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Monday, December 27, 2004

weeeeeeeeeee i got some good stuff for christmas^^i got the sims2 hahahahahaha i rule over everyone's lives with that thing^^and i got halo....WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i might not be here for awhile due to me wanting to play with my new games.yesterday we finish our Christmas thing with the rest of the family.it was fun seeing everyone again.my parents went to go see my other relative's house down the street and my cousin danny and uncle david starting pushing my brother back and forth(playfully though).they kept tickling him,it was so funny.later my brother got 2 cheap shop on danny's head when danny wasn't looking.danny's son eathan is so cute...i love his hair it's all messy and curly,and he's not even 1 yet^^.well that's it for today bye!^^

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Saturday, December 25, 2004

   christmas shout-out
ok beyblader came up with this idea so yea.
-i got a Accustic guitar(i wanted electric but o well)
-a new cd player(FINALLY^^)
-koRn's greatest hits
-blade trinity soundtrack(i think they got the wrong soundtrack though)
-Cirque Du Freak books 7+8
-some book called abrarat
well that's it so far and i got a $50 hot topic gift card^^
i'll tell you what else i got when i get back from my grandparents house bye everyone^^

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Friday, December 24, 2004

hey everybody,sorry i didn't get around to going to your sites.my computer wasn't working,now it is since we finally got a virus protection program HAHAHAHA I'M SO HAPPY^^well i have to gp christmas shopping tomarrow(yes i know last minute)but my parents havn't had time to take me since i can't drive,too young.well anyhoo talk to you all later bye!^^

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

well my computer id really fucked up right now HOW DARE IT DEFY ME....AGAIN!!!!grr,well anyhoo i hope this post is able to get through.if it doesn't i'll just type it again...and again...and again till it gets it right,damn computer.sorry for all the people's who's post i couldn't get to because my computer,i did get mostly everyone except about 3.hopefully someone will sign onto aim so i can have someone to talk to becuase i'm so freaking bored,well talk to you all later bye^^

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