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Wednesday, January 5, 2005

   i'm back
well i'm getting tired of destroying things on my games so i'm back.yesterday was crazy.i was in clas talking to my friend chastyn and i'm about to go back to my seat,then this one girl says "excuse you!".i apologised and told her next time she could go around then she says "i can't go around your fat ass"i told her i ment go around the desks and she says "fuck you" in my mind i'm going WTF!!!???so i sit down and she says to me"do you take pills"i'm still think wtf and say no,but i bet you do.so she stands up and walks over saying fuck you over and over again ans then she says stop talking shit about me.i told her i'm not the one saying fuck you constantly.then she goes and hits me in the back of the head.my whole right side of my head went numb.i couldn't help but laugh.then she kept saying fuck you.she only got in trouble for all her swearing,later the teacher did find out she hit me,so yea.today i had to go fill out witness forms.well that's all for today goodnight!^^

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