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Monday, December 20, 2004

   for beyblader
Join Beyblader in the 1st annual Christmas Present Shoutout! On Christmas day, list off your presents for your fellow Otakus to see. Please copy and paste this into your next post to help spread the word to every Otaku!

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WOO 500
woo i got 500 visits from people*does chicken dance*wee.well anyhoo i got a xanga site so if anyone wants to check it out here's the link http://www.xanga.com/private/home.aspx?user=bleeding_lies .if anyone has a xanga site you could put it in the comments so i can check i out ^^
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Sunday, December 19, 2004

You are a dark writer. A fierce and loyal follower
of Poe and the other gothic authors, you LOVE
to instill a sense of revulsion and somewhat
fear in your readers. You love to poke their
brains with logic dealing with the darker side
of the human mind and character. Truly
surprising and a true individual, you'll do
ANYTHING to create a scene. :)

What's YOUR Writing Style?
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not all my writing is dark^^;
your scary vash
You are scary vash. Not saying your ugly and
frighten little kids on on the street ,but you
are so damn itense and dangerous it's down
right scary! No one knows what you'll pull

What Kind of Vash are you today? a trigun quiz
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NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!o well,lol
me as a catgirl
Your me as a catgirl.
A bit strange, a little on the crazy side. You love
mangos and all types of anime. So maybe yoru a
little on the...weird side. You dont give a
DAMN what those other losers think. Congrats,
keep being yourself.

What Anime Cat-girl are you?
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that's me^^

ok well my day so far has been building my brother's bionicle,cleaning the house,and playing video games.i', so bored well talk to you all later bye!

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Saturday, December 18, 2004

   birthday party
today is my friend mattew's birthday party so i'll be going to that in awhile.i'll try to get to all your sites before i go,if i don't i'll try to get back on when i get bak ttyl bye!^^

ddr here i come
i couldn't find the good ddr pics*tear*^^lol

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Friday, December 17, 2004



Created by alison and taken 7950 times on bzoink!

current clothingdark blue shirt,black jeans,drawings on hands
current moodsad,bored,frustrated,excited
current tastespit
current hairbrown
current annoyanceeveryone(well mostly everyone)
current smellpizza
current thing you ought to be doingdrawinf,writing,going for a walk outside in the dark
current jewelryHIM necklace and wristbands from hottopic
current bookCirque Du Freak,Ender's game,Farenhiet 451
current refreshmentwater
current worryfriends at CHS
current crushno one
current favorite celebritycan't choose
current longingto know what's going on
current musicas i lay dying - undefined
current wishto see my friends soon
current lyric in your headwhat's playing on my media player
current makeup (if you're a girl!)foundation
current undergarmentsunderwear
current regretdroping a pinecone on my friends head
current desktop pictureblack rose
current plans for tonight/weekendnothing,sleeping
current cuss word du jourfuck
current disappointmentsome friends at tvhs
current amusementwriting
current IM/person you're talking toshinigami(xanny)
current lovenobody
current obsessionmakinf sure everyone is happy even if i'm not
current avoidancepeople
current thing or things on your wallposters,white wall
current favorite bookDemon in my View
current favorite moviecan't think of one right now

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YES NO SCHOOL FOR 2 WEEKS!!!!*does idiotic dance*WEEEEEEEEEEE.ok with that out of my system.today we had this party in AFA but there was only one bag of ships and a thing of soda^^;so it wasn't to great.but we got to watch fruits basket,lol it's so awsome.maki let me borrow the manga.thnx maki^^.KYO IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKING AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!well i'm really tired so i may go to bed early tonite.there's never anything on tv anyways on friday.well ttyl bye!^^

^my fav pic of Kyo^^

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Thursday, December 16, 2004

update on shooting
ok my friend didn't go to school today but she said when she drove by that there were barely any people in the parking lot.she said there were authorities everywhere and CSI people all over the place.we doubt that the person would do it today since all the cops were there.but they still havn't found the kid.just wanted to update you all on that issue.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Turn images on, you idiot!
Criminal Pyromania

Which Inner Demon (tm) Possesses You?
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yup that's me

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ok just found out from one of my friends that they found a message in the boys bathroom a message.this gay kid is tired of being made fun of so he's going to come shoot people on thursday at the school that i want to go to and all my friends are at.so me and my friends are hoping it won't happen.they havn't found out who it is yet but i doubt they will find them.
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i feel so good right now.my teacher was telling us about one of her fire students who didn't have any money to feed his kids or buy presents,she asked her other fire students to help him out and they voted no.well when she told us,she asked if we could bring at least one can of food for him.well i got toys,books,money,and cans.a whole bunch of people in my school now are starting a donation ring^^on the first day students put in $90 so my teacher was like O.O.tomarrow i'm bringing in more donations for other people.weeee i feel so nice right now even though my back is killing me from carrying all this stuff today,lol.
if maki is reading this i'm still sorry for laughing at you.

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