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Monday, November 1, 2004

   need ideas
today was just boring to the max,well anyways i need ideas for the new look on my site.c'mon people help me out here let me know what you'd like to see on here.*sits and waits for comments*O.O
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Sunday, October 31, 2004

well today was fun.i went to go see the grudge which in my opinion was funny^^.my friends were all like "becca aren't you scared???"i kept laughing.i don't get how most of my friends can be paranoid.the 3 friends from my school that i invited didn't show up so i was upset about that(my chs friends showed up).we went trick or treating later on and i just got back,it's 8:24 pm right now.well tomarrow i need to change my theme so if you guys have any ideas for me just put them in the comments.i'm thinking of something dark or a band.hhhhhmmm......what else happened today*thinks*oh everyone kept poking my wings and i got stabbed in the neck twice by the pin that was hollind up my wings,which was also choking me,o well.i was the angel of death.i had a pale face,bloody tear drops,all black,and black wings.well that's it for today goodnight.

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   happy holloween
HAPPY HOLLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!today me and my friends are going to see the grudge and walk around the mall in our costumes.i can't wait.tonite i want to go scaring but i still need to find some1 to go with.hhhmmmmmmm..........who should i go with.well that's it for this morning bye!
-Rebecca (12:04am)

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Saturday, October 30, 2004

   *laughs maniacally*
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dress up
it's 11:13 p.m. right now.i just got finished watching uranium,^^ KoRn got the best fuck song,and slipknot got the best music video.well anyways today we ot to dress up for school.i went as the angel of death.i had so much fun,but everyone kept poking my wings.Maki(fallenfromgrace)didn't have a costume so we made her a dead person with some make up and fake blood.i can't wait till sunday,i'm going to see the grudge with my friends,i've been waiting to see that movie for almost 5 months now,and we're going to wear our costumes.to bad xandra(slipknotrulez) missed out today.i wanted to see what she'd dress up as.hmmmmmmmm let's see what e;se happened.um.....well we got pictures so if i get copies of those i might put them on here.well that's about it for today goodnight!

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Saturday, October 23, 2004

I'm back dun dun DUN
hey everyone i'm finally posting.lets see last night we got our asses kicked by temesku canyon at the football game.TVHS got 35 and Temesku got 45,o well i don't suppert TVHS anyways^^.my uncle was here for the ast week and i found out that i might get a guitar,i'm so excited.well i'm leaving to go to my friends house i awhile so bye!sorry for being boring if i am.

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Saturday, October 16, 2004

today was the TVHS vs. CHS football game.both these schools are major rivals.i go to TVHS but i want to go to CHS soooooooooooooo bad.well it's 45 secs until the end of the game and CHS was about to win.when all of a sudden TVHS scores a touchdown.i got so mad.well at least i got to see some of my friends from last year.to bad my 2 best friends didn't show up, we ended up calling them from the game.well that's about it for the game goodnight!
Xandra you were rooting for TVHS!!!GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR*hard poke*P.S.(for Xandra)sorry i broke your necklace hope you can fix it.but still GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!WE LOST*runs off crying*JK

(this is what i had earlier)

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

well my friends are sad again.one of my friends isn't too sad but she is worried about my other friend.my other friend is miserable beyond belief.i need to see them again even though i saw them last weekend.i hope my friend gives her the message i told her.i need to help them again.i'm hoping what they wanted to happen did happen.my friend told me to give a message of what's going on to my neighbor since she is also involved in this.my neighbor said something did happen but doesn't remeber.she has my friend happiness hanging by a string and she doesn't remeber.i'm getting very mad at her.why is everything falling apart after all thats happened to us.something needs to be done i don't want my friends to get hurt.well sorry i bothered you with my endless droning of my problems latley but i need to write it somewhere or i would explode.well that's about it for today bye!

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Sunday, October 10, 2004

yesterday i finally got to see my friends again.my friend had her birthday party.on ly 4 out of the 12 ppl she invited came but it was awsome.they had a jolly junp in the backyard so we had fun in there.she had to keep telling her sisters to get put becuase they weren't allowed in.we played with the balloons for awhile.we made our voice high pitch with all the helium.we were singing chipmunks^^.we also qouted some lines from south park which was also funny.we had lots of fun even though i was worried sick about a bunch of stuff.i think my friend noticed.anyways,before i left we ran around the street screaming.ofcourse this was 8 o clock at night so it was funny.well that's it for yesterday bye!

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Thursday, October 7, 2004

hey i'm just bored and looking for a quike way to update my site so um......how bout we put our top 3 fav. musicians or bands.sry i have nothing to talk about^^;
my top 3 favs. are:
Linkin Park
Avenged Sevenfold
i like lots more though^^

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